Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Veselova to Austin (USA)
Letter 1
Good day! How is your day?

I wrote you this messege because I'am got your mail address at an international dating-website.
Im a alone woman, Im really want to meet a men for a relationships, so I'm turned to a dating-service.
I paid a little money for their agency. They showed a lot of profiles of single guys and I am chose you!
I'm would like to know more about you! I'am have hope, you like to me and you too will want to know me better!
Ooohhh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself..
I am Anna.
I from Russia Federation.
I am really hope that youwill reciprocate me and you'will response for me!
This is my personal-email address:
I am wish you have a good day and look forward to your respond!
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jack! How are you?
I am very glad that you answered my letter. Thanks for you take the time to answer. Now I would like to say more about myself, I really don't know how interesting my life is for you, but I think if you are not interested, tell me about it, okay?
I understand that we live far from each other, but I still hope that you are not afraid.
I am a woman with heart and soul. And if yours Interest is not limited by distance or boundaries, I am really very happy.
My name is Anna, as you already know. I am 30 years old. I was born December 27, 1988. I was born in the city of Asbest in Russia, where I went to school until the age of 18. Then i went to Asbest Economic College. I graduated from college in the accounting profession.
Now I have a diploma and I work in the NEBO shopping center for the sale of women's clothing in the city Asbestos I love this job, I like to communicate with people, and it is very important for me. You will be surprised probably because I'm alone and still could not find the man of your dreams? And why did I come here and write about myself? There are probably many reasons for this!
I did not have time for men while studying, and I wanted to get an education make a career now for 30 years and I think that life passes. Like so much more I want to love and be loved. That is why I am here!
I would like to know why are you here? What are your reasons? Are you alone like me?
I sent you my photo. I hope, you like it!
And I look forward to your photos ...
Hope we share the photos ...
I hope you were not sad in this letter? (smiles)
Your new friend Anna.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jack!!!
How are you today? I hope you are fine. I feel good too because you wrote to me.
I am very glad that you are responding to my letters! I just want to write more about myself today!
Now I would like to write about my parents, my father left us when I was 8 years old. This is very difficult to think about.
I am ready to give everything to my father to return to us.
I am one child in the family, and all my mother's love, of course, was directed at me.
I had a very happy childhood. My mother did everything to have a happy childhood!
Now my height is 169 cm, weight 55 kg. I have green eyes and I am a brunette!
Now, as I said, I live alone, I am an independent girl. Now I want to find a man with whom I can find happiness and with whom I can connect my future life. I am a very active person, I do not like it to stand still, I really like sports and pay a lot of attention to my figure and my beauty.
Every girl wants to look beautiful and wants a man to pay attention to her, and I am no exception.
I do aerobics three times a week.
I also like to dance, and I can't say that I dance well.
in the life of every person, I think, there are times when he reflects on life, on what he did and what to do. Now I dream of a family and a happy family life.
Jack do you dream?
I also spend a lot of time reading books, I think that reading books is much more useful than watching TV.
watch TV, and the more I read, the more I study and increase knowledge in a certain area.
I read Russian writers more and especially like reading books by the writer Akhmatova.
Since I live alone, I need to cook alone, I cook myself, and over the years I have learned how to cook different dishes.
My mom especially likes my "kitchen". She comes to me on a visit and we spend the weekend together. Do you know that Russian cuisine is very different from the cuisines of other countries?
I love to cook a variety of delicious dishes.
Jack, tell me about family, hobbies, I think you care too much about life.
And I want to send you these photos! This is a sport. (Smile)
Now I need a letter to close. I will be waiting for your letter.
Your Anna!
Letter 4

Hi my dear Jack!!! I was very happy when I saw your letter in my email. It is so nice of you!
I was waiting for your letter !!! I want to apologize for the errors in my letters.
Now I want to talk with you about me, my family in detail.
My mom is very smart and smart, she was always an example for me my mother is a teacher, she teaches literature. My mom is a very funny person and she is right creates a festive mood. We have a very strong relationship in our family, we care each other and love each other very much.
I grew up in a very friendly environment and very family oriented because my mother did her best to guide me that way. I love to travel, but I have never been abroad.
I like to watch travel TV shows and read magazines about foreign countries.
My favorite color is blue. I really like this color! I think you can agree with me why This color is really beautiful and looks good on me !!! Please write me your favorite color and why, okay?
I think, first of all, I need to know everything about my man with whom I want to spend my life. I hope you understand me.
This may not be right, but I'm afraid to make a mistake. I understand that this is not a life without errors, but ...
Please try to believe me and understand me.
I would like to know more about your character, I want to know more about you.
When I was in college, my teacher I was a simple and gullible girl, and someone could use it for their own purposes.
I can tell you that I am a sociable and proactive woman. I like to be in a circle of cheerful and smart friends.
But, unfortunately, I did not find with whom I could share my life.
complains that her husband did not return home or returned drunk.
It's too hard for me to hear their moans every day. I do not want to live the life in which they live.
That's why I want to find someone from another country, where, in my opinion, Relations with women are more respectful.
I graduated from college five years ago. I am also a very kind girl, I always help people when they need my help.
Sometimes even at your own expense! I love honesty in people, I always say what I think, I always say everything from the heart. And I do not like to be deceived, I always say that the bitter truth is better than the sweet lie! I am a very strong girl, although there are times when I want to complain with someone in a shirt and in these moments it is very difficult for me. But we are not talking about sad things. I have a great sense of humor I love to enjoy life, I like to relax and love to travel.
I want to send you my photo.
I was on an excursion of Russian culture.
Your Anna
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jack!!!! how are you doing these days?
I'm fine. I hope you are well. I am very pleased that you think of me.
We are getting closer every day. I'm so happy that I met you. I hope you want to know me better.
As for me, I want to know everything about you. I want to know how you spend your day that you do your work, I told you that I really love my work.
I love children very much, but I told you that I have no children, and I have never been married.
I want to ask you some personal questions. How do you feel about religion?
Do you believe in God? I go to church, sometimes I ask God for protection from the wicked, from evil and from injustice.
I have the right to live a happy life, to love and be loved.
I think you think the same thing. I want to tell you when I get your letters I begin to shine with happiness, my heart begins to beat faster.
start beating faster when I think of you. Do you think this is possible?
I think so. I want to ask you to send me some photos so that I feel that you are next to me.
I like to watch travel series and read books. Many people travel all over the world and in foreign countries, but I have never been abroad.
Only the cities I visited are Novosibirsk and Anapa.
I would like to visit a gallery with paintings and admire beautiful works of art.
I love everything beautiful, I just want to be pure love, without lies and deceit, betrayal and distrust. I will take care of the person I love.
A man who loves me should be kind and gentle. You probably think that I want too much.
But I imagine that I ask only about the most important things in life. I think every woman in this world dreams of it.
See, I was so close to happiness, and everything was destroyed in a second. I do not want to go this again.
Two years ago I met a man, and everything was fine, we were with him for about a year, but at some point everything was broken.
Once, when I was returning home from work, I saw him across the road with another woman.
They sat on a bench and hugged, kissed. At that time I felt pain, and the soul as a part of me simply evaporated.
And I don't want to try again, please don't hurt me ...
I understand that we must trust people, but I see so much evil, lies and deceit in this world.
My mother says that I should be open to other people. I agree with her because I trust my mother.
And I would like to send you a short video with a greeting.
I will end here. I will look forward to your letter with great impatience.
All your letters are full of warm and sweet words. In my opinion, we have become much closer to each other.
I send you my most tender kiss. Good afternoon, full of joy and smiles.
With love Anna !!!!!!
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