Scam letter(s) from Diana Drozdova to Stephane (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello Mark,
Thank you for your letters! At once I want to apologize for the awful English language. You told me some things about you and now its my turn to tell you about me.
I live in Moscow it's a very beautiful city, and also capital of Russia. I do not love the big cities, with pleasure would live where be behind city or in village, is closer to the nature. You get tired very strongly from noise city and vanities.
I have finished the Moscow pharmaceutical institute and now as the pharmacist I work in a drugstore. I like my work, I have many friends, but completely happy I can feel myself, when I shall find the true and unique love!!!
I very seriously concern to search of second half and creation of family .I very strong believe in marriage my dream is to be able to live close to the nature and find my big and beautiful love? I'm strong by spirit and by character, full of will to search for the truth, conscience pureness and beauty of human relations. Everything,beautiful on this earth.
There are many different features, of my personality, but the main one is honesty and sincerity. I am going to be completely sincere with you and expect the some attitude from you. It is very hard to write about itself, I never possessed literary talent :-))) therefore it will be easier to me to write if you will ask questions. Ask me all that to you interestingly to know about me, I with pleasure shall answer you.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
My best wishes to you! Diana.
Letter 2
Hello dear Mark,
What beauties!!!!!!! Never more beautifully I saw an eye of your younger daughter!!! Wonderful girls!
At me now so it is joyful on soul. I all pending our meeting. If only was everything is all right with the visa that nothing has prevented us to meet!!!!
For arrival, you choose dates which are convenient for you. I at any time can take some days off.
Yesterday I was in agency on rent of habitation, learned for apartments. Is not present what problems with rent, I have looked photos of several apartments, they very good and cosy. In city centre, very convenient arrangement is completely not far from the Kremlin. Cost 50 evro in day.
The apartment needs to be paid and by that to reserve 5 days prior to arrival.
Can silly test it such tender feelings to the person who never saw. But I test to you very strong love and tenderness.
Yours, Diana.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Mark,
Thanks lovely for your gentle letters.Two times today went in the Internet of cafe and could not send for you the letter, there were what that problems with a server.At once I shall tell the most important news. I was in OVIR and here that to me there have told. I can issue for you the invitation, but his registration as to me have told, will occupy about 2 months. It very long. Still to me have told, that it to do not necessarily, for opening the visa to you you will enough specify to what address in Moscow to live. You can specify either my home address, or the address of a rented apartment. I shall write these addresses below. By the way, this apartment, is very conveniently located, and very conveniently it is possible to reach my house. I would like, that you have stayed longer, come on January, 11, and you will leave 18, and can to you you is pleasant also will want to remain.:-)))))))
Mum, Natasha and my brother, too with the big impatience wait for you. Mum has taken from me the promise, that we every day shall come home to have dinner, she wants to show all culinary skill.:-))) My brother and his wife, will have wedding in church. It is very well-known church in Moscow, her only recently have constructed anew. The old church was destroyed Germans during Great domestic war. This church refers to - the Temple of the Christ of the Savior. There inexpressible beauty! You will have opportunity to look Russian ritual of wedding, it is very beautiful! They invite you. Wedding will be on February, 27.
Today has specially looked, what rate of euro, in relation to I cut.1 euros - 34,70 Russian roubles. I at all have no representation as looks euro.:-)))) In Russia always were in a course the American dollars, to euro we have not got used yet.
In this letter I shall tell a little about that as I spend the free time.
I very much am fond of yoga. I not the big admirer of sports, therefore yoga for me that is necessary for me. The yoga allows to work not only above the muscles, but also above soul. With the help of yoga, I have found peace of mind and have learned to operate the emotions and at me extraordinary flexibility and plastic has developed.
So I recommend !!
At me it is a lot of friends, and we try to use any opportunity to meet. A free time we spend on miscellaneous. Very much frequently we go on different concerts, exhibitions or simply we walk on city. Frequently we leave for city, Near Moscow very beautiful woods. I very much like to be on the nature, it is possible to relax and distract completely from city vanity.
At me very much sated life and me not when to miss. But all the same it cannot replace the most important in a life. I think, that if beside there is no person with which you can share all of charm of a life, the person cannot count itself happy.
I think, that if that that and was kept from classical values which should be praised to the skies highly it is values family. They the most real form of perfection of a public life. Skill to live among people it always system of compromises. As, communicating with others to not destroy itself as the person, to not exterminate. In my opinion, there is only one form which is adapted on the present to keep the human person, to reproduce her, to develop is a family.
In the letter I shall not tell to you about the room, I want that you have seen it! I shall tell just such quantity flowers, you anywhere did not see!
I have two favourite girlfriends of whom I was friends since the childhood.
Both of them, through the Internet have got acquainted with the husbands.
One has left, one year ago, and the second 2 years ago. The first Svetlana, she lives in London, they already have child. The second lives in America, in Chicago, too has the child. They are really very happy!! Every year come to Russia, we necessarily meet, we are constantly copied and we keep in contact.It they have persuaded me to place the data on the Internet.:-))))
When be I necessarily you with them I shall introduce. They will like you!!!
Kiss from me the beauties of daughters!!!I wait for your letter, With tenderness, Diana. PS. My home address:
Moscow 111673,
Novokosinskaya str.23, apt.159.
Pirojnikova Diana. (drozdova- nik in Internet)
Here the address of a rented apartment, just in case if is required: Russia,
Tverskaya str.147, apt.18.
Letter 4
Dear Mark,
Lovely I too was very glad to speak by with you to phone, to hear your slightly excited voice:-))))
Do not experience please if I at once cannot answer. Know that all my ideas only about you.
When you will come, where I you shall lead the first place on excursion there will be an Internet of cafe from which I write to you letters.:-))
Sometimes it is necessary to stand 1 hour or two while the free computer will be exempted. There up to such degree it is smoked, that after 5 minutes of stay, the head starts to be ill and to cry eyes:-)))
Kiss you, Diana.
Letter 5
Hello dear Mark,
Some days of us with family were not at home, we had a rest behind city. Mum near Moscow has small small house, near to a wood, there so is healthy. Fine air, silence, me always so is a pity from to leave there. We always mark there New year! Near to the huge fur-tree home grows, every year we decorate her. I do not know as will be farther, but I very much would like when be to stay there with you.
I was very glad to hear today your voice! I have not absolutely understood, you have received my yesterday's letters and card whether or not?
You so are far from me, so it is not a pity to me that I could wish you happy birthday! I have prepared for you for a gift and congratulations. When you will come we shall celebrate your day a birth once again! All right, lovely!
Yours, Diana.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Mark,
I so am happy that have got acquainted with you. I now became on so much sensitive, my life from a small pond turns to ocean! My life is filled with love and pleasure and exciting expectation of our meeting. When two persons feel and think in immense synchronism, as if breathing together, one soul in two bodies is a love and harmony, it is paradise in relations. I feel that waited and searched for you all life.I never saw you, but already I love you and your remarkable and beautiful daughters. I so would like to make friends with them. I am overflown with feelings to you.
Lovely today I have received a package on mail. It is such pleasant surprise.
Thanks you huge! To me very much like to perfume!!!! With sweets we today all together drank tea. I and my family with impatience we wait for you!!
I now had very intense week, on work there was an audit, everyone were in the big voltage. Though you know that everything is all right, but all the same you suffer.
I kiss you and your small beauties!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Mark,
Lovely you do not imagine with what impatience I wait for you. As it is not a pity that I can hasten time to go faster.
Thanks lovely that has called me, I always come in such excitement when I hear your voice. I so suffer from for the English language, it is so much to you all would be desirable to tell and I do not know as it to sound English language.
Every minute I think of you where you now and than I am engaged, try to present you. Lovely, lovely, lovely,Mark!!!
Mark,I do not know conveniently it whether or not, but Natasha of me has assured that everything is all right. We with Natasha want to address to you with one request.
The matter is that on December, 1 my mum will have day a birth. We wanted to present her the sewing machine. We have found the good German sewing machine, but her price simply space, she costs 900 euros. The manager of shop has told, that in Germany she costs 299 euros.
If for you it is possible also you will not complicate it to make, I shall write to you the name and number of this machine, buy please it for us and send by mail UPS, they deliver sendings during 4 days.
I can send you of money on the Western Union or I shall pay then an apartment which we shall rent, as for you it is better.Do not experience please, we shall pay both cost of the machine and the postage, in any case it will be cheaper, than to buy her in Moscow.
Mum simply dreams of this machine, we so want to make for her a surprise.!
The name and number :
Singer "Omega 5070"Super-Automatik.
Write to me and call,
With tenderness,
yours, Diana.
Letter 8
Hello dear Mark,
Lovely thanks you huge, that you has not refused to help us! We so are grateful to you. Mum will shine with happiness.
How has passed a concert? I hope that you have received the sea of pleasure!!!!!
You know about what I think now. Knowingly I waited all this time the true love. I always trusted, that in a life to happen to me that that fine. My heart sings now and dances.......
In Moscow has dropped out a lot of snow. There have come terrible days:-)))
Snow clean only in city centre where there are tourists!:-)) the ***** knee-deep, awful fuses on roads. Yesterday was late for work at the whole o'clock. And this nightmare will proceed all the winter long.
You in my heart,
With tenderness,
Letter 9
Hello my dear Mark,
I now have 2 hours free from work time and I have come to the Internet of cafe to write to you. At us has flooded a chemist's warehouse, now pump out water and to us have allowed 2 hours to take a walk, while the drugstore will be closed.
Thanks that has called me today, I always am glad when I hear your voice.
Today in the morning Natasha only has had time to tell that that Mark does not call, as you at once have called.:-)))
Lovely to me so not dexterously, you absolutely do not have free time, and we force you to run in searches of the sewing machine. The model is not so essentially important it. Let there will be other machine that she was modern and multipurpose for homework.
I've seen a middle range model at 350 Euros. It isn't a professional model but the shop assistant told me it's a good model for work at home.
I think that it is the most good variant.
Lovely, I wait for your phone call in the evening.
I dream of you!!!!!!!!!
With tenderness,
Letter 10
Hello my dear Mark,
I want that you knew, that after we have got acquainted, you started to call to me and we have agreed to meet, I have not written more to whom any letter. It is the truth. I do not know than can our meeting will end, I want to trust in the best. If at us that that will fail, only in this case I shall write to whom that still. Now you the unique person with which I talk and I correspond.
You know several days ago at me there was a unpleasant conversation with the manager the Internet of cafe. Business in that, I have no access to the Internet. I have brought to the manager the photos and the questionnaire and where and on what sites and agencies he places my data. I come in cafe to me give my letters, I write the answer and honey agarics I give his manager.
I have told to the manager, that while I do not want to correspond with anybody and he has told that has removed my questionnaire .? me there is no computer, I cannot check up it. But several days ago, me on the post address letters from men have started to come. They write that have bought my address on the Internet. The address correct, but a surname not mine. I have shown it to the manager and have tried that that to find out, but he has told that it does not concern me, as he earns money and so on. I do not know that it for games. But while I do not have other way to write to you.
Lovely, only know, that you to him unique the man with which I now have relations. I very much wait for you.
Yours, Diana.
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