Scam letter(s) from Anna Derkach to Buck (USA)

Letter 1
Hello lovely friend Buck !
I was very admired, when has received your letter. Who that in other country, for thousand kilometers thinks of me!
I am happy to have photos you and your relatives. It is a pity that yours a uncle is not present in alive. I am sure that he was the good man.
Please inform me that or about a climate of your country, it would be very interesting to me to learn about it. In the summer in us - very warm, temperature changes from 30 up to 2 degrees, and winter very cold, on the average from -15 up to 20, and in northern regions of Russia even up to -30,40 degrees With.
Now weather in Cheboksary becomes warmer, days the sunshine. Temperature changes from +2 up to + 8 C.
I did not tell to you about the apartment, we live with the brother on the third floor, in our apartment 3 rooms, my room, room of the brother Sasha, room for the visitors, kitchen and bath a room. My room though also small, but very cosy, room for the visitors larger, than our rooms with the brother. In a room for the visitors there is a TV set, soft furniture, sofa, 2 armchairs, book case and case for glass and porcelain utensils. In my room also there is a book case, with set of the interesting books, encyclopedias and magazines.
I constantly look behind cleanliness and order in our apartment, each Sunday I make general cleaning, mine a floor, I wipe furniture from a dust, I tidy up things of the brother, which he leaves where has got, but I understand him, with his girl Tanya we try to accustom it to the order. But nevertheless he sometimes wash even utensils and to prepare meal and helps to induce the order, once he has solved to make to me a surprise and has prepared very tasty salad, it was very pleasant! And you are able to prepare or even of time in life prepared what or?
Large you write to you a thank for that that to me. By the letters you remove to me mood, it would be desirable certainly to have a lot of opportunities to write to you, but while will be available all as now. I shall wait from you of the fast letter. Sincerely yours your friend from Russia Anna.
Letter 2
It again Anna. On the TV set have announced that today July 4 in your country marks a holiday "Day of independence "
I want to congratulate you on this holiday and I wish wonderfully to lead this day and to have the large rest. As I hope that you will not forget about me and I shall receive your letter today.
I am glad that I have friend as you!!!!! Your girlfriend from Russia Anna.
Letter 3
Hello, my lovely friend Buck!
I thank you for your letter. It is tested in each offer of hightemperature of your soul. We rather quickly find mutual understanding, and it - most important factor for me. Certainly any researches of the man of understanding in dialogue. Though it and is complex, you see, that we live in the various countries, for thousand kilometers from each other, with various culture, to a standard of living e.t.c. And we speak in various languages, but I am sure this problem, which is possible for permitting. How you think?
How the holiday in your country has passed?
I hope that you had many happy instants this day and have received good rest!
Today in evening we with the girlfriend Alfia were included in theatre. There there was a premiere at play A.P.Chehova " a Cherry garden ". Chehov- the large Russian author of the nineteenth century.
We have remained, are pleased with game of the actors, it was pleasant very much to us. Excellent weather today was, sun shine.
And we went to go for a walk on spring park
In general, day has passed not poorly.
I very much as like to go in cinema. We with my brother each month practically go in cinemas. There was some more no time, that I have not remained is pleased. Most of all I like comedies and animated cartoons. The next week we necessarily shall go with my brother her to a cinema. You like to look cinema? What genres of films like you? Than you like to be engaged in free from job time? One of my liked hobbies in free from job time knitting.
Most of all I like to knit warm jackets and caps. When you to me sent the photo, I have paid attention to your sizes of a body, now I to you shall knit a sweater. As soon as I shall connect yours a sweater,, then if probably I shall send you by a parce. I hope, that she necessarily is pleasant to you. I shall finish the letter, and I shall wait from you of the answer. Your Russian girlfriend Anna.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Buck! I thank you for your remarkable letter. How your mood? How your working day has passed?
My working day has passed very well, though I and am slightly tired, but was very pleased with walk with children on a nature.
Also I very much like to go with children at excursion, for example: in library, in a printing house, in the airport, in a zoo e.t.c It not only walk entertaining, but also at the same time interesting, thus children I open for myself a lot of new.
Probably it is the most good moments in my work!
It happens, that frequently it is necessary to work in 2 changes, since 7 mornings till 7 evenings, it is necessary to replace with time of holiday of the colleagues on work or by illness and, as I not behind the husband, me frequently ask to replace the colleagues on work, certainly very much I get tired, and earned payment of 2 thousand roubles per one month, that in dollars almost 70 and pay not regularly.
Very much it is pleasant to children and me to carry out various celebratory entertainments: it is New Year, holiday for the daddy of February 23, where children read verses, sing songs, dance, give gifts made by the hands to the daddies and the grandfathers.
On March 8, female day for the mums and the grandmothers children with pleasure give all that that, that have learned them here, in children's establishment.
You asked me some questions and in end of this letter I want to answer it.
I studied to play on a guitar approximately 3 years back. Once with the friends we went on a nature to fry sausages and evening before a fire one of my girlfriends of a beginning to sing and to play on a guitar. It pleasantly has surprised and has carried away me. The guitar sounded so beautifully and is melodious that I would like itself to study to play. I have asked my girlfriend to teach me and she has agreed. I have appeared the good schoolgirl and till now I can well play. I hope that when or I shall play for you, what you think of it?
Yes, I would like to visit USA. I never before had of travels and it is my dream from the childhood. In genera it is everything, that I
would like to tell to you in this letter, I shall wait for your
letter, it is strong whole, Anna.
Letter 5
It is very pleasant to me again to receive your letter.
Today I spend night at Alfia. I have come to her in this evening to write to you the letter. My girlfriend today have dismissed from work, and all because of what? That is why that she has left from work for 20 minutes that will be seen with the favourite man, and this favourite man has told her that he is not yet ready to the serious attitudes before I can not her today leave one. It is one more case after which I was disappointed in the attitudes between the man and woman.
Behind a window there is a rain and me becomes so sadly, it would be muchbetter there is a house, to embrace each other and to look as Drops of a rain pour in a window. It would be desirable to dream of what or, it would be desirable that at this moment who that was a line and warmed by the heat, touched by the gentle hands me. But unfortunately at present we not together.
But nevertheless now all my ideas only about you and this night know that I shall think of you. I see in the sky, among dark clouds the lonely moon, I see in it an outline of your face.
Now I think, that is very good that I have got acquainted with you, let even we did not see each other actually, let between us large distance. I do not know that occurs to me, my soul is torn to you, I have what that strange, inexplicable feelings. Close the eyes and do not think of anything bad, let you will be left by all problems and care.
Present that we beside. You feel me, my touch of hands, my gentle kiss.
These verses, which I have composed yesterday at night for you:
I think of that,
As the rivers will ********* into the seas.
And in drops of dew which is flowing down in a palm I see,
As slowly beams, merge in transparent dawn,
Also I think that we live 2 thousand years,
You to me will touch in dream,
As breath of stars in silence.
I feel gentle your light,
Even through 2 thousand years.
I think of that,
As the sky will ********* into me.
And where that far I see being reflected you,
Tell me that that aloud, you never can tell,
I again shall depart, and you one will stay to wait.
You to me will touch in dream,
As breath of stars in silence.
I feel gentle your light,
Even through 2 thousand years.
Put me on a wind
Also close on an instant of an eye,
Having overlooked the doubts
I shall tell to you about love.
I think that the stars are not able to hide,
That they feel, about that all night to me will whisper.
You think of me,
And I shall read in the sky the answer.
When it will fly, let even through thousand years....
Whether I know in a rhyme these verses in English will sound, but general sense I think be clear to you.
With impatience I shall wait from you of the speed letter, yours is strong whole,Anna.
Letter 6
Hello my sensitive and gentle Buck! It was very interesting to me to read your letter. How your mood?
You have good taste. I like your choice concerning houses. When you will live there? You have any other photos?
Today I went with the brother in cinema, on a premiere of film "Gangs New York's " in the main role Leonardo Di Caprio, in this actor it is pleasant more to me as he executes the role in films, instead of his appearance, as to other girl.
I not so liked film, I did not want to go on this film, but Sasha has insisted on, in general I wanted to descend on film "my large Greek wedding " to me told about very much this film, that it very interesting, we have agreed with the brother, if I go with him on " Gangs New York's ", it will go with me on film " my large Greek wedding ". I think that you looked these films and it is not necessary to tell about film, which I looked, it is better once to see, than hundred times to hear (Russian saying) are correct. When be To me would like to go in cinema with you my lovely friend both to sit beside and to keep for hands, it so is romantic, in life of the people there are no these feelings! Be can per one perfect day we shall look each other in eyes and admit love! Probably I write many nonsenses, but it is all that I think and is open I speak you. Understand to me there is no close friend, to which I can tell that or. Our friendship becomes more and more close! I am overflowed with emotions. What you think, whether our meeting further is possible in general? I hope, what yes!
I shall look forward to hearing from you, your girlfriend Anna is strong whole.
Letter 7
Hello mine gentle Buck !!!! I am very glad to receive news from you. As your mood, how your health?
To me is very lonely and is sad, I very much have become missed, I think of you.
I just now have an opportunity to write to you this letter. It is a pity that sometimes there are situations because of which I can not write to you. Alfia only today has come back home. It is a pity to me to look at her. Alfia strongly experiences because of death of the mother, but she keeps adequately in this heavy for her of a situation.
I hope that during absence of my letters you have not forgotten me and our attitudes will develop further. It is a pity that I have no the own computer. I would be happy to write to you some letters per day, but I can not do it. Alfia lives in the other area of city and I have an opportunity to visit her only once per day.
My brother has left again for other city on work, he will return only in 3 days. As I already also wrote to you he drives heavy lorries and delivers various cargoes in other cities of Russia. I yesterday spoke with he concerning you. He has no anything against our attitudes, he wishes to us happiness. It was verypleasant to me to tell about you,. It will be very terrible by one is at the night in an apartment. I from childhood am afraid there is one, when I was small I sometimes night came to sleep to the mum, and now I sleep one, and so it would be desirable that you were near to me, I have not enough caress and tenderness.
On my sight, you likely set to yourselves a question, why I you took you? Why I have decided to continue the life with the citizen from other country? To me would like to you to answer your questions. I have decided to write to you, because, on my sight, you, that man, which I waited for, and about which dreamed all life. You the man, which likes to work, which knows how to make so that to his liked girl it was good together with you. You do not use a plenty of alcohol, you do not accept drugs. You the charm is simple. Certainly, I up to the our relations had liked man. But we with him have parted, because he wanted me constantly to drag in a bed, he did not like me, to him the *** was necessary only. You understand me correctly, I nothing have against *** in the relations between the man and woman, but me would like, that my prince was careful, and that he liked me. I with him has parted still because he changed to me with other women, to say with the prostitutes more precisely. Still there is one reason, on which I have decided to meet the foreign man. The majority of the men in Russia at present use much alcohol, he very badly influences them. They become aggressive and malicious.
Set of the women in Russia suffer for this reason. I suffer I can not a lie and change. To me would like, that in the our relations there was only truth. I assure you, that from my party there will be a trust and mutual understanding. Now I have met, with you and I am very glad to our acquaintance. You about which I dreamed.
You my ideal! I think, that at us with you all will be good..
With impatience I shall wait you of the speed letter, yours is strong whole,Anna.
Letter 8
Hello my new friend Buck! I am glad, that you have answered my letter to you. It is very pleasant to me to receive from you news. I for the first time in the life of a beginning to write to whom that of the letter.
You certainly ask me,why I have decided to correspond with the man from other state?
I the very sociable man, I have no a plenty of the friends, I would like to find the friend and even more from other state, and me would very much like to support the our friendly attitudes.
You likely with me will be agree. I do not hope on our what that the serious attitudes, but I think, that the time will show. In the first letter to you to me would like to tell to you about my life. As I already wrote to you to me 28 years. At present I work as the tutor in children's establishment. I bring up children in the age of from 3 till 7 years. I prepare children to school, and to their further future life. You, certainly will have set of questions in relation to my work, but me would like to tell to you about all more in detail in following my letters. My formation maximum. I have finished Cheboksarsky pedagogical institute. I think. That I have a good trade. More in detail I shall tell about the work in the following letters. I think, that certainly at you the plenty of questions will appear concerning me, but I shall ask you, that you were patient, in the our attitudes. I as hope, that we with you necessarily shall find general language, because I very much would like it. I shall try to tell to you in the letters about everything, that you would like to hear from me, but also me would like to learn about you maximal. Please, write in the letters on all. For me it is very surprising to support connection with the man from other state. In the letters I to you shall try to answer all your questions. To me would like you to ask in the our attitudes, what they would not be, about trust and understanding. I assure you in that. That I with you I shall be honour, and me would like you to ask, that you never deceived me. If to you will hardly you to me can tell about all your problems, which disturb you. At present to me much would be to you to be told, I promise you, that I shall write to you necessarily about the city, about the trade, and friends, family, and much other about what you would want to know about me. I hope. That it will be pleasant to you to receive from me the letters. I very much would like, that you wrote to me as it is possible frequently. In this letter I shall send you necessarily photo, I think, that it is pleasant to you. Please if you can, on the answer to my letter send to me the photo. At present I have no a plenty of photos, but I am necessary on I try to make a plenty of photos. Excuse, please, me for my English language, I know it not so well. But not looking on it I can talk in English, and write to you the letters. I when wrote to you this letter I did not use the interpreter, but for me there is a plenty of which words I understand, and I on the computer have interpreter, and I hope, that you will not be against I shall use sometimes interpreter, when I shall write to you the letters. As I shall study in the English language, when I shall read your letters. I shall finish the letter to you, In this letter I send you the photo. I hope to receive from you news again. I shall wait from you of the speed letter. Your Russian friend Anna.
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