Scam letter(s) from Larisa Radchenko to John (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hello john!
I understand your fears and it is a pity to me, that I have forced you to doubt. I too heard about bad histories on the Internet and I deeply condemn these women who have deceived men. I do not play with feelings because I know, what pain it delivers. I felt this pain and I do not want to deliver it to other people! I do not sell the soul for some dollars! If I have asked you about the help, it means to me now it is really necessary and except for you, I have nobody to address. I have felt, that you for me very close person, my firm shoulder and a support for which I can always expect and I can tell to you everything, that to me occurs, because I am sure, that we have happened not. The destiny has given us chance and we should them take advantage. We should trust each other, it was not as though difficult for us. I want. That you have believed. That you for me mean also I much want to be with you. It - true! Decide itself what to do with me and if I have offended you excuse. As before, I shall hope only for myself. Larisa
Letter 2
Hello my dear John!
Believe me and you will not be disappointed. True only in us with you.
At me pure ideas and puresomeone will estimate me simply as the weak woman and the good person. I very much want, that you have believed me and at us something has turned out. It is not necessary to pay attention to slander of ***** people. They frequently write to the Ukrainian girls to have a good time and humiliate. Knowing, that him anything for it will not be. And in the country they are afraid to show the distortions because there they will be punished.
Let's begin our attitudes{relations} with a pure sheet and trust. I am open before you.
Thanks that has agreed to help me all the same. I very much am grateful for it to you and very much I appreciate you as the person. Thanks for trust. I shall come to Monday to receive your letter with a surprise.
Yours Larisa Larisa Sherbalist
Ul. Stroiteley 56-38,
Poltava region
Letter 3
Hello my dear John!
Thanks for trust. You at all do not imagine, as it is important for me and as it is pleasant. Let's certainly all bad forget and we shall be adjusted on a new and pure wave.
I shall never deceive you and to bring.
Why in your this letter so it is a lot of mistakes? Half of words I has not understood. You wrote the last letters normally. I have understood, that you ask about trip. Certainly, I want to meet you. But I have not understood your words - Money I shall receive either tonight or tomorrow and at once to you I shall write about it. I once again thank you, my pleasure. Today at me fine day!
Yours Larisa
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