Scam letter(s) from Olga Banykina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello. My name is Olha, I live in Ukraine. I want to break my loneliness and find a good man.
Soon I will arrive in your country and it would be great to meet a reliable, decent man.
If you are a single man and want to find a girl with whom you can spend a great time together, then we can get to know each other better.
I am looking for a man with similar views on life and interests. Of course I can still talk about why I'm looking for a man in your country, but I'll leave it for our next letters.
I will try to make our communication interesting and diverse, and we can exchange photos until we meet each other.
We must study each other in detail and fully, only then can we understand whether we are suitable for each other or not.
If you want to meet me, just write to me. Maybe I'm the one you've been looking for. I'm sending you some pictures.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Olha
Letter 2
Hello Jim! I am very glad to see your letter, I hope that we will be able to continue our communication,get to know each other better.
I want you to always read my letters carefully, because your opinion is important to me.
Not like when you ignore me, not answer my questions, I think that is not fair to spend a lot of time, to write you a letter, and in response to only a few lines from you, so please respect my time and my work to write you a letter.
Now let's talk about good things! ) I am a student at a Financial University majoring in " Management and Financial control".
I will explain in more detail in the next letter and explain why I should arrive in your country in the near future.
In relations I appreciate sincerity, so just want to say that I make money by dancing Striptease. Please do not confuse, I'm not a **********, I don't sleep with men for money.
In the ********** where I work, men can not touch the girls, I undress only *******.
Dance for me is an art and I do not consider it shameful, especially since this is a temporary job, and in the future I want to get a normal job in your country.
I hope that my work does not contradict your moral principles and we will be able to continue our communication. I hope that you will be interested not only my intimate photo but also me as a person. I will be very hurt and hurt if you only need my photos.
I do not mind such photos and will send them with great pleasure if I feel your interest in me and our communication.
Please don't hurry me with candid photos, I want to open up for you like a flower, gradually, especially since first I have to get to know you more through the letter.
I don't know any information about you and I'd be interested to know more about you. Tell me about your country? About your city where you live?
Please do not forget to answer my questions, it is very important for me and I will be very curious to know what you think about all that I wrote.
It is impossible to tell about my whole life in one letter, so with each letter I will write more information about myself.
Now I will finish the letter and send it to you as soon as possible, I am impatient to receive a new letter from you. Olga
Letter 3
Greetings Jim!
Thank you for your photo, I really liked it, I will be glad if you send your new photos in every letter.
I was waiting for your letter and of course it was important for me to know your reaction to the fact that I dance Striptease. I love to dance and listen to good music.
My favorite songs in Striptease: Neneh Cherry - "Woman", Sam Brown - "Stop", have you ever heard?
If we meet each other in the future, I would love to make you nice and dance for you show Striptease. You want?
I have no secrets from you and in the very first letter I told you about my work, because I believe that sincerity is very important and I always tell the truth.
Thank you for not judging me and I hope that our communication will develop with each letter, at least I would like to.
Now I will tell you more about myself: My real name is Olha, but my friend call me Olga, I am 27 years old, my birthday is 11.08.1992, I live in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. My growth of 159 cm and weight of 51 kg.
I'm an orphan, I've never seen my parents, my parents put me in an orphanage right after I was born. I've never tried to find them, there's no information.
Of course, these were difficult years for me and in the future I would like to help orphanages, because I know how hard it is for children there.
In our country, the state helps such children and immediately after I received my primary education in the orphanage, I enrolled in a free education at the University.
The state also allocated me an apartment in which I live now, it is a small apartment, but it is enough for a comfortable life. In apartment I live one and she my property.
I guess you have a question for me, why am I looking for a man in your country? My past relationship ended 1.5 years ago and I decided I didn't want a relationship with a man in Ukraine, because I plan to leave Ukraine forever. Get my practice, get a normal job, because I don't want to keep Stripping.
My ex cheated on me with another girl, I couldn't deal with it, which is why sincerity and trust in a relationship are important to me.
Now I'm not looking for something serious, just want to meet a man with whom you can talk nice, go to the cinema, Museum, cafe or just stay home to make love. In any case, we will see where our relationship will lead!
Especially since I'm graduating from University, this is the last year and now I have to practice in your country. My documents should be ready soon, there is no exact information where I will be in your country, but first I have to arrive in your capital, there will be 2 weeks, and then I can choose any other city in your country, or stay with in capital. Of course I will be provided with free food and accommodation, the Ukraine state will take care of everything. More details about all this I'll tell you in my next letter. Very soon I will be in your country, that's why I want to meet a man in your country, which will be 3 months and very glad that I met you.
I think the letter turned out too big and you are tired of reading it :) Please write me what you think about all this, I would very much like to know Your opinion.
I hope to get an answer from you soon. I am sending you new pictures and hope they impress you:)
I know that my photos are not very candid, but with each subsequent letter, my photos will be more open. Olga
Letter 4

Hi Jim! Thank you for your letter, I get great pleasure when I read your letters, I like to get to know you more with each letter.
Please do not worry if I did not immediately respond to your letter, as soon as I have the opportunity I will immediately respond to your letter.
In the last letter I forgot to tell you that my friend Mariya helps me to make photos, we were together in a shelter and know each other since early childhood, she is my best friend who I can trust with all my secrets, problems and she always helps me. Did you like my photos? It's hard to say why I like to undress and take photos, probably so I reflect my personality.
Probably the last letter, I tell you a little about the purpose of my trip. Today I want to tell you more about it. Hope with my bad English you understand what I write here :)
I have to start from far away, but it is important to understand. You know that I live in Dnepropetrovsk, but my nationality Chuvash, not Ukrainian.
Our nationality is not so numerous, about 1.435000 people in the world, and they are scattered throughout Ukraine and other countries.
Chuvash are part of the Finno-Ugric origin. This Hungarians, Finns, Lapps, Estonian, Mari, Komi and many other nationalities.
All ethnic Finno-Ugric group always help each other, and even in Europe there is State aid program for the citizens of Ukraine, who has the Finno-Ugric origin for the preservation of cultural heritage and language. And I got into this program.
Representatives contacted my university, learning about my progress, as well as the fact that I am an orphan, they decided to offer me an international student exchange and work practice on.
But also of a few students in the competition I win the grant, which includes payment visa and tickets, plus 10.000 Euro for expenses during your stay in your country.
Money I can spend on your own and get it when arriving in Canada .
I will need to come to the capital and get the money in the embassy. All travel, accommodation and subsistence and clothing and anything else that I might need for 3 months in your country as I also get help from the program.
In the capital I'll just 2 weeks, when all the formalities, and when I get the money I will be able to choose a city for my practice and have a place of my practice in economics and management.
Of course the choice is not accidental, I will be given a list of organizations that can take me to practice. But I already know that I can choose almost any city.
All movements also pay program. All expenses with flies, with all travel and accommodation expenses in your country and the food and everything that you may need.
What can I say, I'm very lucky! And I'm grateful to the people who work in these organizations and try to give people a chance at a better life, to express themselves and their potential.
I just can not believe my luck :)
I hope all this was not too boring for you and you're not disappointed in the reason I write to you, I just wanted to find a friend in your country. But I think I found something more!
I want to send you my new photos, more openly. Hope it will not disappoint you. I want you to enjoy!
I look forward to your reply and your thoughts about what I wrote!
Kiss you, Olga
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