Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Tokareva to Austin (USA)
Letter 1
I am very tender and romantic lady. Also I am very smart and wise, so if you are looking for a mature woman, who is ready for serious relationships, this is me. I love cooking and reading. Also I love my job) I love talking care about homeless animals.
I am looking for a real man with strong family values, who will love spending time with me. I would like to meet a sociable and purposeful person with a sense of humor. My man should be strong and love hugs. If you are seriously oriented, I am waiting for you, my soul-mate. I hope we have a lot in common.
Letter 2
Hello. Its Yana. Good day. How are your day? I this many a day not look at my email. I was glad to see yours letter. Sorry that I not reply you earlier.
I will send to you my photo. I'm open to something acquaintance and feel ready to change my life. If you like my photo write me back. But I'm interested in long lasting relations. I'm a good girl, but unfortunately very lonely. Maybe it sounds silly, but its real. What city do you live in? Hope you say more about you. Can you send me your photo? I'm waiting for your answer.
Letter 3
Hi. I am very glad you wrote to me. Yesterday I spent the whole day thinking, like you my photo or not.
Write to you or not. I was a little nervous because it was a new experience for me.
I'm in a good mood today. I hope that you, too, have a good day. Yesterday I worked a lot in the gym, and now my butt elastic as a nut)
I do not know why, but today I have a very positive mood. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you write to me. I am very pleased!
It's nice that you like my photo) So I go to the gym to use, and I have the results.
Can you tell me more about how people live in your country? What weather do you have? How many places of interest? What kind of food do you like?
I would like to tell you more about my work. as you already know, I work as a teacher. I love my job, because it is associated with creativity.
The teacher is not my main profession. I have a diploma of pediatrician. I went to the doctor 6 years, and tried very hard, but it was all in vain.
When I found a job in the profession, I was offered a very small salary. I live alone, and with a salary of a pediatrician, I would have died of starvation.
Therefore, it was necessary for me to look for another job. It's unfair that pediatricians earn very little !!! Do you agree with me? They treat children !!! Horror.
Probably, this is possible only in Russia. But I do not lose hope, and I think I'm going to work in a profession and I will treat children. I apply for an internship in your country. and I will soon come back.
I still do not know exactly where I'm going to take an internship. This will tell me when I arrive.
Maybe in the future we will be able to you to arrange our meeting.
For a long time I was doing my training documents for the trip. I can not say when I'll organize the flight to your country.
But it will happen in the near future.
Upon arrival in the country, I met my internship Curator. There I was to allocate a room to stay, and will give some money to stay.
Can you tell me more about your job? Do you like what you do? Maybe you have some kind of a dream? I'll be glad to know about it.
I think that today is a good day. I hope that you're waiting for my letter.
I send you a few of my photos. I have to go now. Till tomorrow.
Letter 4

Hello. I had a hard day at work. I am sure that your day was much better. I'm right? how's your day? All right?
I feel that you sincerely write to me and I'm wondering for you. I am very pleased that we have started our relationship. My life is now changed.
Every morning I think about what you write me a new letter or not. I think about what you're doing now at this moment.
It's a new feeling for me, and I like it. We know each other a little time, but I'm starting to feel that I can trust you. It's important for me.
Thank you to write me honestly all that I ask. the most important thing in a relationship for you?
For me the most important thing is communication, trust, respect and support. If all this is in a relationship, any problems and disagreements can be resolved.
But the problems are in any, even the most ideal way. Do you agree with me?
I really want to find a man whom I can trust and who will love and respect me. I respect my choice, my decision and support me in everything. I did not tell you about my family. Only now I understand it. It's also very important. Do you agree?
I have no brothers and no sisters. I was an only child. Now I'm all alone. Mom give birth to me when she was in '41. My dad at that moment was 44 years old.
They are a very long time could not have a baby. I loved my parents. It pains me to say it, but my father died 7 years ago, and my mother died five years ago.
When she was to give birth to me, the doctors said it was a miracle that at this age they have a healthy baby. It was me!
I miss my parents and I love them very much!
When I was 28 I was all alone. It was very difficult, but it taught me to be strong and try to be independent.
I have best friend. Her name is Xenia. We often meet and I talk about everything. I want to tell her about you the next time.
I wonder what she would say to me) Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of my life now and I see my future.
My dream is to live with a beloved man, pediatrician and educate children. I am 33 years old and I want to create strong family.
I realized that now is the most important for me.
I'm sorry that I ask you again, but I must do it. You look for a serious relationship? Are you ready for this?
I very much hope that you honestly answer me this question. It is very important for me. I hope you understand this.
I can give you my phone number. This is not a problem for me. But you can call me and write SMS.
My good phone was stolen two weeks ago in the gym. Someone hack my closet in the dressing room when I was at the gym.
I wrote a statement to the police. They said that to do my best to find my phone. I very much hope that they can do it.
I go buy yourself the cheapest mobile phone. I can call him and write the sms he did not support the Internet. This is a simple Nokia 105.
I hope that you can understand it. I'm sorry that all this happened. For me it is also very frustrating.
I will be waiting for your letter.
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