Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Poteriaiko to Austin (USA)
Letter 1
Helo my new friend , I beg you to look through this letter and try to understand its purport. It won't take you a lot of time. Then you may decide.
I saw your elecronic mail on dating web page years ago but I didn't dare to you.
You can call me Svitlana. I'm 37yo.. My country is Ukraine. I am a professional dental technician and dentist. I produce dentures, implants and look after teeth.
I am independent, self-sufficient and self-confident women. I really hope to find a man who is stronger and more clever than me. My last relationship finished 1 year ago because he cheated on me. I am absolutely serious in my intentions, I hope to find a serious man. You can ask why on the Internet? I can answer such a question. Because in real life , men don't know the meaning of the word. Many years no one undertands that a lady needs to be sought and protected. Many men do not want to prersent even one flower and want to reach quick sex at once.
Is it okay???
As you understand, for me this is not the first attempt to find a worthy lover on the Internet. I am going to tell a little about my experience. I got several responses from men when I was registered on on web sites.The majority begin to ask me about some kind of stupid and terrible conspiracies on the Internet, and even suggest me to prove the reality of my intentions. Why shall I justify myself and prove something ?? Yes, I read a lot of slop on the Internet. I always have one thing to tell. Why are you telling me this ??? I am an fair women and I am not hiding anything, and if you are afraid to write to me, it would be better not to type , as I want to meet a confident man.
I have done nothing unfair to anyone to make out my sincerity.
What am I lwanting to find in a man? This is a grey matter, a sense of humor and tendresse.
At the end of my letter, I want to say that I'm already sick of insecure and complex men and perverts on the Internet who need only sex. I think this is my last effort to meet a man.
I will leave a try, only to someone who is finally tired of being alone and is going to change his life for the better and have a relationship based on love and trust.
I guess I said such an amount of unpleasant but, but this is my experience on the Internet.
I am not that twenty years old, I am an adult and I do not have time for silly games.
I hope that my words will never scare a real and self-confident man.
I have nothing to do but hope you are the only one I am waiting for and looking for. I will wait for your answer.
If you react me, in this case in my following mail I am going to tell you more about myself. If you decide to send me an e-mail, I plead you to tell me where you inhabit, your location and your amusement. I sincerely desire to know more about you. I promise that I will every time answer you and narrate you a lot about my life. this is my email ..!
yr Svitlana
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