Letter(s) from Sylwia Kazimierczak to Richard (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

As we agreed having a while of free time i decided to write an email to you hun....i still have a mess in my head and in my feelings as well so plz dont expect that i will answer on all your questions at once hun...i felt very special that week we spend together and i loved being treated that way by a man...right now im questioned by my family how it was and if im going to see you again...well i would like to be able to answer even myself on my question hun....plz dont think that im not going to see you at all..it doesnt mean that....i just need to put all those feeling and all that happened in the right,correct one order...im hoping that i will do it as fast as possible...i like being with you and i like feeling when im treated like a woman should be treated by a man...that what makes me happy...i believe i can trust you and that i will be safe with you...what im scared of is just the future...i mean if we go together how we will manage with all those problems including thos e financial ones???thats why i asked you seriously about thinking of coming back to work again hun...if i go to a proper job and you would the same (i mean a job with going out not earning the money via the computer) then im sure we will be ok with sorting all with the money and most of the problems will gone...im sure that the rest we can manage hun...even your being afraid with going out to places and being afraid of people...i will be then there for you to help you to defeat all of them...that how my thoughts look at the moment hun...i promise to speak to you as soon as possible Rich...and hope that we will manage to sort all our problems as well...kisses and lots of love for you my man...your Sylwia:-))))