Letter(s) from Anna Romanova to Garry (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my love!!!!! !!! GarryI am very glad to receive your letter. I love your letters!!!Was healthy to read your letter in Russian. Without them a life it not a life. I to miss you these days that could not write to you. As you guess, did not work internet the center, and I could not write to you. One of my familiar does not have output in internet, and a plenty does not have even computer. Therefore with this business to help me not to whom. I would like not that to you to write every day I would like to talk to you, to look you in the face, to speak you tender words. I wrote to you that at me soon holiday and I recently went in school and on road have seen agency, have gone to learn{find out} what in general the prices, to go to America, and I have hardly constrained tears when has learned what prices, have hardly waited, while to me all told. I do not have not enough equally half and to me of them to not save up still long years five. In general, I have come to school, all in tears and my children even were frightened and have stayed all lesson silently. I all to think, that it is possible to make. You know, I to write to you what prices it is the visa 400 $ and tickets 1000 $. I have asked why the visa such expensive on what to me have told that in the summer too much wishing to leave and besides registration of the visa includes still more many documents. And all of them cost money. Therefore at them the whole package deal and if to do separately that to me will be even more dear. About tickets I like to not doubt as already someone spoke me what exactly such prices and even more. To me in agency have told that if to do through everything, that is to make out the visa and to order through them tickets that so will be much cheaper. 1000 $ return tickets will cost. It is such horror lovely. At me for all life it is saved up 600 $ and I still can find dollars 200 $ from force. But it is more me to not find precisely and my dream to arrive to you to be failed? I cannot to me so is insulting. Write to me, what you to think of it all and write to me also, whether such prices are possible ? At me holiday to begin already almost soon in 2 weeks I just would have time to issue for this time the visa. I shall wait for your letter loved. I shall wait for it very much. Yours Anna.