Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Levada to Nekon (Iceland)

Letter 1
Hello, I hope you have not forgotten me?
We started our chat on the dating site. You wrote your email address for me to continue our conversation. I hope you have not changed your mind and can we continue our connection?
Letter 2
Hi Nekon. Thanks for your reply. My name is Anastasia, abbreviated as Nastya. Sorry for the long wait with my answer.
I am interested to know more about you, your life and your true goals for future life.
My intentions are serious and I''m only interested in sincere communication and acquaintance. I want to meet a man who wants to create a strong family. If you are interested in communicating with me, our views and thoughts on life coincide, I will be very glad to continue our acquaintance.
I will be waiting for your sincere reply.
Letter 3
Nekon, thanks for your quick reply.
Now a little about me, I was born on November 15, 1982 and live in the city of Votkinsk. This is Russia, the Republic of Udmurtia. My profile on the site indicates that I live in Finland, but it was a necessary measure, because registering on the site and indicating the country of residence of Russia it is impossible to register. I don't know what this is connected with, but that's why I resorted to such measures and indicated the neighboring country.
I am also interested to know the name of the city or place in Iceland where you live? Does he have any special places?
I understand perfectly well that distance does not play a small role in building relationships between people, but in our time it is not so significant. Because we live in the modern world, there are airplanes, trains and many other vehicles with which you can get to any place on our planet. For me, the main goal is to find my love and soul mate. If feelings and thoughts are mutual, then all obstacles can be overcome. Do you agree with me or do you have a different opinion on this?
I apologize, but I want to emphasize once again that my intentions are serious. Therefore, I ask you to take our communication seriously!
For me, the actions of a man are very important and whether he is responsible for his words.
Nekon, at this stage of our communication, I am not ready to communicate on Skype. We know each other too little, so I want to continue our communication by email.
I wish you a wonderful continuation of the day.
Letter 4

Hi Nekon! How are you?
I am really pleased that communication between us and we exchange letters several times already. I read the contents of your letters with interest. Of course it's hard to open up and share personal life and other intimate moments with a complete stranger, but I want the relationship between us and communication to be built from the very beginning on trust and sincerity.
Your new letter is full of questions, but I don't understand why you are in such a hurry? I thought that with each new day and letter to each other, we will gradually learn about us and develop our connection.
Do not get me wrong, I really want to understand what kind of person you are, how you relate to me and to our acquaintance! That is why I want to gradually open up and tell you about myself, my past, present, about my family, work and about everything that interests you.
I will answer all your questions, but it will be gradual, and not immediately. I now have the feeling that I am being interrogated. Of course I know how far our countries are from each other and I also want to emphasize that I am not looking for a profitable relationship with a man. Financial independence is of course very important in our world, but for me it is secondary. For me, the main thing in a man is his internal component, as well as the actions of a man and whether he is responsible for his words! I am not attracted to Asians, Arabs and other races. Of course I show interest in a man if he is European. But the most important thing is not race, but the attitude of a person towards people and everything that surrounds him. Thank you for your knowledge of my English. I was interested in learning English back in school and continued to improve after I graduated.
Unfortunately, my lunch break is coming to an end and I will end my letter on this. Sorry that I didn't answer all your questions, but in any case we will get to know each other better and I'll be happy to tell you more about myself, my life and I will answer all your questions.
Looking forward to your reply. I want you to send me your photos too! I will be very pleased.
Letter 5
Hi Nekon, how are you?
Why are you ignoring my requests to send me your photos? I will be very pleased to see you in the photo, because I really like you!
In the last letter, I told you that I had a bad experience of dating a man on the Internet. I think it will be interesting to you if I tell you this story.
A few years ago, I met a man on a dating site and we started communication. As it turned out, he was from Bulgaria. We talked for a long time and finally decided to meet in real life. He invited me to Bulgaria, explaining this by the fact that he has a very important job and he cannot leave the country, so I needed to fly myself. He said that as soon as I flew to him, he would cover all my expenses, including the expenses that were on the trip to him. Of course, I believed him and spent all my savings on a trip to Bulgaria.
It seemed to me that everything was real between us. But as it turned out, it was just an illusion and a few days later it turned out that he was married! I was shocked and did not understand why he did this to me. Fortunately, there was no intimacy between us. I came back home and broke off all kinds of contacts with this person. I was only in Bulgaria, I have never been to other countries.
This situation taught me to be careful in dealing with a man, especially on the Internet. A lot of time has passed and now I again decided to try to find my love on the Internet. My close girlfriend, who found her love on social networks, motivated me to this step. I sincerely believe that I should be lucky and I will meet the man of my dreams.
I hope I did not disappoint you with my recognition of past experiences? I want to ask you again, are you really looking for a serious relationship?
Tell me about your dating experiences? How long have you been using dating online?
Have you tried to find a woman in your country?
Nekon, I also had experience with a man from my country. But this is a completely different story. If you are interested in this and you are ready to listen to me, I will tell you about this in the next letter.
As for my family, I am the only child in the family and I have neither brothers nor sisters. I live in an apartment with my grandmother and look after her. A little later I will definitely tell you about my family in more detail.
Now I need to prepare dinner, then I will take a shower and go to bed. What are your plans for tonight and tomorrow?
I wish you a wonderful mood for a good evening, I am waiting for photos and letters from you.
Your friend, Nastya
Letter 6
Hi Nekon. Thank you for your photos, I am very pleased to see you in the photo.
I like that our communication and acquaintance is developing. We get used to each other and every day my interest in you grows. I hope that this is mutual and our acquaintance was not an accident. I am ready to develop our communication.
I want you to know that I have never been married and I have no children. A year ago, I broke up with a man with whom I lived for six months together. We met him at work. He was one of the employees of our organization. The fact is that he was constantly on business trips and we did not see him for several weeks. Later it turned out that he was cheating on me with another woman. I learned about this from his correspondence and phone calls. I could not forgive the betrayal and treason. Although she had feelings of love for him. I was very hurt and for a long time I was depressed. After some time, he quit his job and moved to another city. It became much easier for me to survive this parting. Nothing has connected us for a long time and I have no feelings for this person. I am completely open to new relationships and ready to start a family. Only I am very afraid to be deceived again. Most of all I do not want to worry about everything that I had in the past and how I had a hard time. Therefore, I ask you not to offend me. Be honest with me to the end.
Nekon, I want to tell you about my work, but I understand that it will be better if I do this in the next letter. If you want to ask me about something, you can feel free to ask me about everything that interests you.
By the way, I don't know if the Russian SIM card receives calls from abroad, because I have never encountered this before and had no phone calls from abroad.
Now I wish you a good mood and a successful start to the work week.
Your friend Nastya
Letter 7
Hi Nekon, how are you? How is your day? Thank you for your short letter and explanation of why you did not write me a more detailed and long letter.
Then I will tell you a little to tell you about my work. So, I work as an accountant in one state institution in our city. We have a very good and friendly team. All my colleagues are women who already have a family, children, a home. Looking at them, I also really want to create a strong and friendly family.
Of course I have a hobby! I love sports, and I try to visit the fitness room when I'm free from work and home chores. Maybe that''s why I look younger than my age? Do you agree? I am convinced that playing sports is very useful and a person looks younger than his age! How do you feel about sport? Perhaps you have favorite sports?
Nekon, it's very easy for me to communicate with you. Do I feel mutual interest and sympathy from you, or does it all seem to me?:) I must continue to work. I am sending you a photo from work. I hope you will like it!
Waiting for your reply and new photos:)
I wish you a good day and good mood
Letter 8
Hello Nekon. Everything is fine with me, my working day is quite calm and measured. Yesterday I told you about my work, so I will not repeat myself today and write to you again about what I do. My lunch ended an hour ago. I do not eat fast food, because it is a very high-calorie food that can adversely affect my figure. I cook at home, and we also have a local dining room, which also has delicious homemade food.
I want to tell you that you swallowed my loneliness. Now I know that within a few thousand kilometers there is a person to whom I am not indifferent and we can communicate about everything. For me, these are indescribable feelings and new emotions! It's like I met a soul mate.
I promised you that I would tell you about my family. I think you will be interested to know this.
I am the only child in the family and I have neither brothers nor sisters. All my childhood and youth my grandmother raised me. She gave me all the motherly love and warmth. She took care of me and raised me as her own daughter. She completely replaced my parents.
I was very young when my father passed away. He was drafted into the army, at the same time the war in Afghanistan began. He went to war and was tragically killed in hostilities. Perhaps you know something about this war? After this tragic event in our family, I lost my mother. When my dad died, my mother got a ****** and died a year after my father died. She loved dad very much and could not bear such grief and loss of her beloved. I was very small at that time. My grandmother spoke about those tragic events in my family when I grew up. Of course, the loss of parents in childhood is a huge loss in my life. When I found out about this, I locked myself in and thinking about it. It was a psychological trauma of childhood, which I was able to overcome thanks to my grandmother. My grandmother tried very hard for me to grow up in love and not feel like an inferior child. I madly love my grandmother. Now she is already very old, she is 85 years old. I live with her and take care of her health. I consider that it is my duty.
Many years have passed since the death of my parents. The most expensive person for me is my grandmother and I will do everything so that she lives happily ever after.
Nekon, I understand that this is a very sad story that happened to my family. I hope this will be the last sad story that we tell each other about. I believe that only positive communication and positive emotions awaits us ahead!
I am also very interested in learning more about your family. Perhaps you have some kind of family tradition? Do you like spending time with your family? What is your favorite family holiday? I'm interested in everything related to you and your life.
Sometimes you ask a lot of questions that I just don't have enough time to answer. Therefore, I ask you not to be offended by me and be patient, okay? :)) Unfortunately I do not have photos when I''m in the pool, so I am sending you my usual photos.
I wish you good day
Letter 9
Hello dear Nekon
I am in a good mood because I see your new letter. My health is also in order. I get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with you. Are you experiencing the same as me?
I feel that sympathy for each other is emerging between us. Every day I increasingly need to communicate with you. Before you go to bed in my head more and more thoughts appear about you, about how we could spend time together, talking on different topics, walk in the park and enjoy each other''s company. Sometimes in my head I imagine your kiss, which you can give me when you meet. I feel that you are a very sincere, kind man and have bright feelings for me. I also want to tell you that I am very pleased to communicate with you and thoughts appear in my head about meeting you in real life.
My dear, I was very interested and of course sad to hear a story about your family. The war separated you many years ago, but I''m glad that after many years you found your parents and keep in touch with them. I am glad that everything ended well and you and your parents are now safe.
Nekon I want to share my ideas about how I see the relationship between a man and a woman, I think it will be interesting for you to know my opinion!
I think that the relationship between a man and a woman should be built on mutual sympathy and trust in each other! Mutual respect is also the basis for strong and long-term relationships between people. I want to fully trust the man and be sure that this is mutual. I should feel that between us is not only passion, but something more. In my upbringing, I am a very faithful person. If my man is honest and loyal to me. I am ready to sacrifice a lot, even moving to another country, just to be together.
I like the way we communicate, and you?
I want us to be honest with each other from beginning to end and always share thoughts that concern us or delight us. I feel that your intentions for me are serious. I hope that everything will be fine and we will come to something in common. I am sending you a photo, I hope you like it!
I will wait for your letter!
Kiss, Nastya
Letter 10
My dear Nekon.
Every day I think more about you! You appeared in my life and I again feel attractive. It was as if I came to life again and the world around us began to sparkle with new colors.
Of course, my work colleagues began to notice changes in me. My girlfriend, she works with me, started asking about my personal life. I could not restrain the joy of our communication with you and of course I told her that I met such a wonderful person like you!
I said that you are a very decent and honest man and it is very interesting for me to communicate with you. I feel a soul mate in you and I have a craving for you. My girlfriend was very happy about this. She wants me to find happiness and create my own family. Of course, she reacted with caution to the fact that we met on the Internet and is worried that I already had a bad experience several years ago. She asks me to be careful. She does not want to see me unhappy again. Nevertheless, I am convinced that this will not happen again to me. Because your attitude towards me indicates that you are serious and ready to start a family. I want to believe you and be calm!
I often see happy couples and kindly envy these couples. It seems to me that if we have the opportunity to meet and we see each other, we will be the happiest couple!
Nekon, I like you, and in my head there are thoughts of meeting in the future. Do you have a lot of thoughts about me? What are your plans for the near future? What do you want the most?
I hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to meet. Because nothing can replace real communication in real life. You agree with me?
I tell you honestly that your letters bring me joy! In the evening, before going to bed, I think of you.
Nekon, I hope that someday I can touch you and feel the warmth of your hands!
My iPhone brand phone. Now I am sending you a photo taken last night when I was at home.
Kiss, Nastya
Letter 11
Hello dear Nekon.
Every day I open my mailbox and know that I will receive your new letter. I always read everything that you write for me with great joy and a smile on my face. My image appears before my eyes, as if you were next to me at the moment when I read your letter. You have become very close to me and I really can trust you.
Yesterday I talked about everything that happens in my life and about our acquaintance to my grandmother. Nekon, I think you will not mind?
I told her that I met you, how we met about our communication with you. My grandmother was very happy about this news and a smile appeared on her face. I told her that I want to meet with you and I feel support and mutual interest from you. You want to meet me too, am I right? My grandmother told me that lately she has seen how happy I am, she felt something good and is glad that you make me a happy person. Of course, my grandmother advised me not to rush to conclusions and not to rush. She worries about my life and wishes me to find feminine happiness. She doesn't want me to make a mistake, as happened in the past and asks me to always make decisions wisely, and not rely only on feelings and sympathies.
My grandmother is the most dear to me man and I can not hide from her everything that happens in my life. I hope you take a good look at this news. Nekon, do you think I''m not in a hurry? Did I do the right thing by telling my grandmother about our relationship? It is very important for me that you understand me and support me in all my endeavors. I need your opinion and your support. For me, getting to know you is very serious! I do not want more disappointments in life. Do you understand me?
Now I'm most interested in your opinion! Am I in a hurry with conclusions? I don't think that communicating via email for a long time is much better than a real meeting, so I want to go to another stage and organize our meeting in the near future. If I prepare a Schengen visa, I can travel throughout Europe. As for talking on Skype, I can not install it on my phone. When I download this application, some error appears on my screen and the Skype application does not install. Therefore, we can communicate by email.
I wish you a pleasant day and a good evening Blowing you a kiss Your Nastya
Letter 12
Dear Nekon. I have a great mood, health and well-being. I slept well tonight, I also managed to have a good rest on weekends at home and in the company of my grandmother. By the way, my grandmother does not like to be photographed, so I can not send you our joint photo.
Every day I am more and more convinced that you are a man with whom I would like to have a relationship. After your last letter, I realized that I want to meet you in real life. What do you think about that? Do you think we are ready for this step? We need to discuss this right now and decide how to further develop our relationship. Do you think I''m in a hurry and act frivolously now?
I am convinced that only a meeting in real life will give us an understanding of our compatibility. You agree with me? I want to invite you to come to me. I say right away that you understand, I live with my grandmother, so I can't leave you in my apartment. Therefore, the best option for you would be to stay in a hotel. Of course this is not hospitable of me, but you must understand me!
I ask you to come to me for 1 month, if you can, then stay for a longer period. From September 2, my vacation begins. It will last 28 days. I think this is the right time for our meeting. We will spend time together and enjoy communicating with each other. You will meet my grandmother and see the place where I live. Darling, I just want to get to know you better, so we need to spend enough time together. I''m sure you will like it very much!
Nekon, I will make any decision of yours and understand if this is impossible for you. It's just that our communication at a distance can last a very long time, but only a meeting in real life will let us know if we can be together or not. I think you should agree with me. I sincerely want our communication to move to another stage. If you feel and think the same way, then I really hope for your positive answer!
I am sending a few photos, I think you''ll be glad.
I look forward to hearing!
Kiss, Nastya
Letter 13
Hello dear Nekon.
I want to thank you for the photos that you sent me and I really see that your passport has expired, so you need a lot of time to prepare the necessary documents and a visa to travel to me in Russia. In no case do I doubt you and your sincerity. I am pleased that you want to meet with me. It''s a good news! Thank you for inviting me to visit you in Iceland during my vacation. This is a great idea and we don't have to wait until winter. I am pleased to realize that our feelings and thoughts are mutual. I understand that it is difficult for you to come to me. I want to believe that we will find a way to meet!
I need to think carefully and consult with my grandmother about your invitation to visit you in Iceland.
Our communication and acquaintance with you has become for me much more than just email correspondence. You are attentive to me and my letters. I feel your support and respect for myself. For me it is very valuable and I am happy that I met you.
At the very beginning of our correspondence, I told you that I had a bad experience with a man from Bulgaria! Most of all I do not want to repeat the previous mistakes. I want to tell you about how it was and what I am most afraid of.
When I decided that I would fly to his country to meet, I began to prepare documents. I paid all the expenses myself. I had savings. With each salary I put aside little by little to make repairs in the bathroom. I completely repaid the flight and the return trip. I also paid all the expenses associated with the preparation of documents myself. He said that he would return all the money spent when I was next to him. I trusted him completely and believed in his words.
When I arrived in Bulgaria, I was accommodated in a hotel room, which he had reserved for me. We talked nicely and walked around the city and suddenly he admitted to me that he was married and had a family and a child. I could not believe my ears and at first thought it was some kind of joke. But he showed me a photograph of his wife and son and said that now their relationship is not the best period and he decided to find adventure on the Internet.
He played with me and manipulated my trust in him. All this turned out to be a complete deception. It is good that we had no intimacy with him !! Thank God that I had all the documents and a return ticket for the plane. It was a terrible adventure that I never want to remember again. Not only have I completely spent all my savings. I was betrayed by a person whom I trusted and thought that everything was serious with us.
Of course you are a completely different person, I sincerely believe that you are not capable of such terrible things. Nevertheless, it is difficult for me to decide on such a step. I have to think it over.
I really want to have a meeting with you when I have a vacation. But there is fear and excitement in my head. I already experienced these feelings and do not want to be unhappy again. Promise me that do not offend me!
With love, Nastya
Letter 14
Hello my dear Nekon. You always ask me the same questions! Of course I think about you constantly and imagine your touches, kisses and hugs. You do not believe me? Every day before going to bed, I throw about you and how we will feel good together.
You didn't like my last photo? I have regular eyebrows, just a little make-up. I also want to tell you that I do not have tattoos, so you can not worry.
I have very important information for you! Please read my letter very carefully and tell me everything you think about my decision!
Over the past few days, my thoughts about the possibility of our meeting in real life have not left my head. I understand that you cannot come to me and be with me throughout my vacation. I thought for a long time, thought, I had a conversation with my grandmother about our meeting. She told me that I am an adult and I have the right to decide for myself what to do in this situation. So I decided that I want to fly to you myself. Are you happy for this news? Do you support my decision?
Nekon, this decision was not easy for me. For me, a trip to you is a very serious step, so be honest with me to the end and never lie to me! I decide on a very risky step, I ask you not to let me down.
My vacation starts on September 2. This is a great opportunity to come to you! We need to take this chance and take risks, sometimes we need to take risks in order to be happy. It is possible to communicate virtually by exchanging letters for a very long time, but only a meeting in real life will allow us to get to know each other for real. I'm tired of virtual communication, I really want to be with you in real life, and not just communicate with you on the Internet. You agree with me? I am sure that right now we should try and understand whether we are suitable for each other or not. I feel that we will be well together! Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to use Skype, because I use a working computer to communicate with you, and all personal correspondence and communication are generally prohibited. Every day I break the rules and write to you from the work computer while no one is in the office. I have a very old computer at home and it does not work. So let''s forget this topic and solve the more important issue of our meeting. Are you ready to host me for the entire period of my vacation? Please tell me what is the best way to reach you? What is the nearest airport near you? Where can I stay when I fly to you? Will you meet me?
Dear Nekon, I really want to see you, your smile, feel your arms. Only one thing bothers me - will you change your mind?
Hug you tight
Letter 15
My cute Nekon
I really looked forward to your letter and wanted to know your decision regarding my trip to you. I also spoke with my grandmother and she told me that she was very happy for our relationship and supported us in deciding to meet during my vacation. She wishes us good luck, happiness and love.
I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy, because you support me, and also want us to have a meeting in real life. You know that it was not easy for me to take this step, but I decided to come to you for our relationship. I have the opportunity to come to you exactly when I have a vacation. I ask you not to postpone our meeting. We will be sorry if we do not meet in the near future! I hope you agree with me? Today I talked with my boss and explained the whole situation to him. I said that I was planning a trip to you. He told me that if I go to you, he will be able to extend my vacation for another month. This is good news, right? My vacation starts in 11 days and will last 2 months. I am so glad that we can spend such a long time together! Of course, if you do not mind. It seems to me that there will simply be no better opportunity. Dear, I want you to understand that everything that is between us now and my intentions is most serious is really expensive for me.
Nekon, I believe you in our future. Today, after work, I am going to go to a travel company to find out all the information that is needed to travel to you.
But before I do this, I must be completely confident in your decision. Do you really want our meeting? Are you taking this step consciously? Do you really want me to be with you?
Waiting for your reply
A strong hug, with love, your Nastya
Letter 16
My dear Nekon.
I apologize for not responding to you for several days, I had problems with the Internet connection and I could not write to you earlier on the weekend. Now everything is in order and I am happy to write you a letter:)) Thank you for your letters. All your answers that I received were very important to me! Your opinion, support and sincerity in our relations are important to me. I am extremely glad that you want to meet with me.
On Friday, after work, I went to a travel company to find out all the information and details for my trip to you. I was advised by a specialist and provided me with everything that I need to travel. Frankly, I was surprised and did not think at all that the trip could be so expensive. I really want our meeting to take place, but the price of a trip to you is high, which is very difficult and impossible for me. Earlier, I told you that I was already deceived and therefore I am afraid to spend so much money. And to be honest to the end, I just do not have that kind of money. I hope you understand me?
Nevertheless, I want to tell you all the information that I learned at a travel agency.
I was told that I have to draw up a lot of documents for the trip. I have to get a visa, medical insurance and pay for a return flight. I have my own passport, so I don't need to get it. If I sign a contract with a travel agency, I have the opportunity to prepare all these documents in a travel company. When signing an agreement with a travel company, all necessary documents will be ready in 10 days. Under the terms of the contract, I must order tickets at a travel company.
I can get a tourist visa that will allow me to be outside of Russia for 90 days. Health insurance will also be valid for 90 days. Do you understand what I am talking about? I think you understand this more.
Nekon, I have to pay 190 euros for visa and medical insurance. The nearest airport near me is in the city of Izhevsk. I also need to order tickets in both directions. Flights from Izhevsk to Moscow, from Moscow to Oslo, and from Oslo to Keflavik airport and back will cost 790 euros. The total cost of the trip is 980 euros.
This is all the information that I learned at a travel agency. I really want to know your opinion!
I really want to see you. My vacation will last 2 months, this is a great opportunity for our meeting. I'm interested in everything connected with you. I want to see how you live, how you spend your time. I would be interested to meet your relatives and friends. This is the best way to get to know each other completely. I don't want to postpone our meeting, I'm tired of communicating virtually, I want real live communication.
I will be glad if you support me. If you do not have such an opportunity, then I think that we will not be able to have a meeting with you in the future. After my vacation, I will have a lot of work. I will work alone because my colleague also goes on vacation after me.
I am sending you the photograph I took last Friday.
Waiting for your letter
Your Nastya
Letter 17
Hello my beloved!
Now I am completely at a loss and do not understand what to do with our meet! I have absolutely no mood, I feel terrible. I really want to see you. But the price of my trip to you is so high that for me it is simply impossible. I do not have that kind of money, I can not afford a trip to you, for me it is very expensive! Can you tell me what to do with our meet? I understand perfectly well that you also have financial difficulties, but I am not able to independently pay for the trip and the preparation of all documents and visas. This is really big money for me.
Now I am most offended for the fact that we made joint plans with you and dreamed of how good it would be for us together.
I do not want to think about the bad and that our meeting will not take place. I want to be next to you. I do not want to postpone our meeting! I repeat again, I can not afford a trip. I can't cope with her alone! What should we do with our meeting? At the moment I am in dismay and worried about our meeting! We need to decide what to do next and what to do in this situation. I need your advice! I repeat that in order for me to prepare all the necessary documents for the flight to you in a short time, I need to fully pay 980 euros to the travel agency. After payment, I can get a visa in 10 days, and my tickets will be reserved. This is a condition of a travel agency and therefore your offer to buy a plane ticket for me does not fit at all. I also understand that there are difficulties from the point of view of the rules of the European Union, but this can in no way affect the fact that you cannot send me money. These restrictions do not exist and I know for sure that if you use the transfer from your bank account to my bank account, then everything will be successful. Therefore, this is just an excuse. I am ready to contribute part of the money of 400 euros, but I will need the second half of you about 580 euros. Can you help me with at least half the amount?
Waiting for your letter!
Kiss your Nastya
Letter 18
Nekon, my love! I am very glad to read your letters and find out that you are ready to meet me and support me with my expenses for traveling to you. This is fabulous news and I am extremely grateful to you.
My dear, I was not angry yesterday, I was just very upset and worried, because I really want to be with you, take a huge step to develop our relationship and fly to you. So I had a state of panic when you told me that you were feeling insecure. But now, when I read your letter and found out that we can overcome all this, be together in the very near future and I will be able to visit you during my vacation, my heart is even more filled with love and the desire to be with you. I also really liked your photo and now I have a crazy desire to kiss you, fall asleep with you in the same bed and disappear into your arms.
My dear, thank you for telling me the second terrible story with a woman who deceived you and now I understand why you had fear and insecurity in me. But I also experienced a very unpleasant situation in the past, trusted the man and spent all my savings on a trip to him. But I don't want us to live in past memories, because fate gave us a chance to meet and find each other in such a vast world and now we are very close to our meeting. This makes me very happy because I have been looking for a man like you for a long time and I want to be with you.
I read your letter very carefully and in detail and I understand perfectly well that if you will travel and visit me in Russia, you will need much more money. I also understand that if you order tickets for me, then the amount of money that will need to be paid also exceeds the costs that I need to pay. I believe that we have come to the right decision and if you send me 580 euros, I will collect all the necessary amount and be able to book air tickets in both directions, as well as prepare all the necessary documents, visa and medical insurance for 10 days after I will deposit the full amount. My love, here is my exact address: Russia, the Republic of Udmurtia, the city of Votkinsk, Kirova street, house 80. My phone number is +79522745759. All my bank account details: Beneficiary Bank: Tinkoff Bank
Bank Address: 1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia
The investor: Levada Anastasiya Sergeevna Account number (IBAN): 40817810800007792295
BIC: 044525974
Account currency: Euro I hope that now all your doubts about me and my sincerity will be dispelled, and you will be able to help me with travel expenses in the very near future. I remind you that my vacation begins on September 2, so we need to hurry to prepare everything necessary for my trip to you and spend as much time as possible.
I also attach a photograph of my passport to my letter.
My beloved, I look forward to hearing from you and writing. I wish you a wonderful day and a great mood.
With love, your Nastya.
Letter 19

My love, I don't understand what's wrong with my phone, but I didn't hear anything when you called me. Did you hear my voice I have Viber on my phone and I tried to contact you there.
I hope you will read my letters very soon and I look forward to your letter.
I kiss you, your Nastya
Letter 20
Nekon, my love. I am happy to see your beautiful photo again and read about the love you have for me. I have extremely strong feelings for you and I am happy that we met each other. I want to touch you, kiss you, dissolve in your arms and just be happy next to you.
My dear, I am also incredibly glad to hear about what you told about your parents and my younger sister about me and our relationship. Nice to hear that they are also happy for us.
My love, but unfortunately I have not heard from you information about when to expect your help and a bank transfer. I have provided you with absolutely all the information about me, as well as the details of my bank account. I just want to start preparing all the necessary documents and a visa to travel with you as soon as possible, so I worry about the fact that you did not write anything to me about this.
My dear, now I need to get back to work. I wish you a wonderful good morning, a good day and a great mood.
With love, your Nastya
Letter 21
My love, here are the details of my flight to you: I will fly from the airport of Izhevsk on September 17 at 03:15 a.m. to Moscow 03:15-04:20 Izhevsk-Moscow (Sheremetyevo) Aeroflot Company Transplant 3 hours 55 minutes 08:15-10:50 Moscow (Sheremetyevo) -Brussels (Brussels National) Aeroflot Company Transplant 3 hours. 10 min. 14:00-15:15 Brussels (Brussels National) - Iceland Keflavik Intl Icelandair Company Return flight On October 27, I am returning to Russia and my flight is scheduled for 16:25 according to your local time.
I hope I told you everything in detail.
You should meet me on September 17 at 15:15 in your local time. Airport Keflavik Intl.
Letter 22
My dear Nekon, unfortunately I have bad news. I don't even know where to start. This applies to our meeting and the opportunity to be together on September 17th. I ask you to read my letter very carefully.
An hour ago, I returned from a travel agency. I received very unpleasant news, which very upset me.
In general, the meaning is that before I fly to you I will have to go through a customs check at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. This is a mandatory requirement for all citizens who do not have the citizenship of Iceland or any other European country that are part of the European Union.
The manager of the travel company explained that the difficulty lies in the fact that I'm going to you for 41 days and when passing through customs I need to have cash in the amount of 1435 euros. I am flying to you on a tourist visa, and this money serves as a guarantor of my financial viability. Financial guarantees should be 35 euro for 1 day stay in Iceland and this is the minimum. My stay in your country will be 41 days, so I must have 1435 euro. These requirements are established due to the situation with migrants and refugees. Your country is not interested in letting people who are insolvent and do not have money, but want to receive unemployment benefits and live off the state. The same rules apply for ordinary tourists. Unfortunately, these are the terms and conditions for visiting Western Europe. I will need to show this amount at the airport before checking in for the flight. I don't have to pay for anything and the money will not be spent anywhere!
When the manager of the travel agency announced all the information to me, I was simply outraged why they did not inform me about it yesterday, when I concluded an agreement with them. An employee of a travel company explained to me that their employee made a mistake and simply forgot to familiarize me with this information. The manager who served me is an intern of the company and has no experience working with clients. It''s just awful and I''m shocked.
My dear, I want to convey to you that I will only need to show this money. I do not need to pay for anything and this amount will not be spent at all. After I show this money to customs officers, I can go by plane. As soon as you meet me at Keflavik airport, I will immediately return all this money to you!
Nekon, now I burn with shame in front of you, but I have no other choice, I can only ask you for help for our shared future. I understand that this is a lot of money. But I can't go to you if I don't have this amount.
I am extremely ashamed to ask you again for help, but I no longer see another way out. I promise you that I will not spend a single euro, and as soon as I fly to you on Tuesday, September 17, I will immediately give you all this money. You are my man and I rely only on you, I really have no one else to turn to for help. I really hope for you and your support. I am very disappointed that such difficulties arose on our way and all because of some pieces of paper. Are we not worthy to be together after so many years of loneliness and disappointment in previous relationships. Please, honey, forgive me! I promise that as soon as you meet me at the airport I will return this money to you! I am very worried now and am drinking sedatives so as not to panic. I''m really in love with you, and more than anything, I don''t want to lose you.
Please write to me as soon as possible. I really need your support. I won't manage without you!
I hug you very tight and send you a sweet kiss Only your Nastya
Letter 23
Nekon, my love, I just got home. You already know that I was in a travel company and today I booked a flight for October 2. Here are the exact details of my departure on October 2: At 20:45 I fly from the airport of Izhevsk to Moscow. My arrival in Moscow (Sheremetyevo Airport) will be at 21:50. Next, I will have a very long transfer and wait for my flight on October 3 from Moscow (Sheremetyevo Airport) at 10:20 to Copenhagen. Arrival in Copenhagen at 12:05. Then I will have a change again and at 14:10 my flight from Copenhagen to Reykjavik will take place. My arrival in Reykjavik will be October 3 at 15:30 local time. The return flight is scheduled for October 27 at 07:50 a.m. according to your local time.
Letter 24
My departure is scheduled tomorrow.
Izhevsk - Moscow (Sheremetyevo)
Aeroflot SU1293 Transplant at the airport
7 hours 10 minutes

October 6th
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Helsinki Vantaa
Finnair AY720 Transfer at the airport
0 h. 55 min. 07:45-08:35
Helsinki Vantaa - Reykjavik Keflavik
Finnair AY991 Arrival: Sun, Oct 6 at 08:35 in the morning.
I hope you meet me. Love you.
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