Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Evgenievna Petrova to David (Scotland)
Letter 1
about realization of the tourist product No. 159/19
Murom 14.11.2019 The limited liability company "GEO-TOUR", hereinafter referred to as "Agency", represented by General Director of Boronnikova Christine A., acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, and Petrova Ekaterina Evgenievna called (th) hereinafter "Client", on the other hand, and together called "Parties", have concluded the present Agreement as follows.
1.1. In accordance with this Agreement, the Agency undertakes to organize on behalf of the Client a tourist trip to Great Britain (Manchester). All terms of the tour are set out in Annex 1 to this Agreement, which is an integral part of it.
1.2. Information about the tour operator: LLC "GEO-tour Operator-TOUR" (register number of tour operator series RTO 019413). Legal address: Murom, Lenin str., 35. Bank details: R/with 40817978800050001674 PJSC "RGS Bank" in Moscow.
1.3. OOO "tour Operator GEO-TOUR" has financial security in the form of insurance of a civil liability for default or inadequate execution of obligations under the agreement on implementation of tourist product on the basis of the contract ? 57486/18-49 from 20/08/2018. Valid from 01.12.2018 for 31.11.2019 year. Concluded with JSC "insurance company Haide" address: 119331, Moscow, PR. Vernadskogo, d. 29, in the amount of 500 000 rubles.
2.1. The Agency undertakes:
2.1.1. To provide the Client with the necessary reliable information, providing the opportunity to choose the right type of tourist services, as well as information in the form of memos and instructions on the conditions of tourist services; the program of stay, route, rules of entry into the country and stay in it; the order of meetings, wires and escort; customs of the local population, religious ceremonies, shrines, monuments of nature, history, culture and other objects of tourist display, under special protection; the state of the environment; security conditions; measures of personal prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases.
2.1.2. To ensure the performance of services in the amount provided for in this Agreement, if the Client fulfills the conditions provided for in paragraph 3.1.2. this agreement.
2.1.3. Subject to full payment and if the Client wishes to ensure that the Client receives a package of documents confirming the Client's right to the tourist product: air ticket, insurance certificate, tourist voucher, tour memo and other necessary materials not later than one day before departure. Also, the Client can get all the documents from the tour operator not later than 2 hours before departure (departure).
2.1.4. Timely inform the Client about the time and place of the group meeting.
2.1.5. To inform the Client about the occurrence of circumstances preventing the implementation of certain tourist services requested by him or the Client's departure abroad.
2.1.6. If the Client imposes an obligation on the Agency to purchase air tickets, issue entry visas or insurance, to fulfill this obligation. The Agency acts on behalf and at the expense of the Client.
2.1.7. Provide other services by agreement of the Parties.
2.1.8. Ensure the safety of documents accepted for registration.
2.2. The Agency has the right to:
2.2.1. Refuse to provide travel services to the Client in case of violation of clause 3.1.2 of this Agreement.
2.2.2. In case of cancellation of an application for a tourism product initiated by the Customer and in case of impossibility for the Client to exercise the right to tourism product for any reason beyond the control of the Agency, including in connection with the refusal of the Embassy/Consulate of a foreign state in the visa application, the Agency may charge the Client its actual costs, including fines and other financial sanctions against the Agency by third parties in connection with the refusal of the tourism product.
2.2.3. The Agency does not return to the Client the cost of services included in the tourist product and paid for, but not demanded by the Client on his initiative or fault.
2.2.4. The Agency does not control and is not responsible for the availability or correct execution of passports and other documents required for departure from Russia and entry to other countries. If the decision of the border, customs authorities or other responsible persons tourist denied the possibility of departure( departure) from the country, the possibility of flight ticket or stay in the booked hotel for reasons:
- lack of proper documents (their correct registration);
- violation of law and order or causing disturbance to others;
- state of alcoholic, narcotic and / or other intoxication or violation of other rules of social behavior.
The Agency in this case does not return the cost of tourist services, the case is considered as a refusal of a tourist voucher. The tourist pays all additional costs incurred due to his illegal behavior.
3.1. The customer must:
3.1.1. Fully agree with the Agency the terms of tourist services before signing this Agreement.
3.1.2. Make timely payment for the services provided in accordance with paragraph 4.2 of this Agreement.
3.1.3. Have a duly issued passport and other documents required to cross the state border of the Russian Federation.
3.1.4. Arrive at the airport or train station at the designated meeting point at least 2 hours before the departure of the aircraft or train.
3.1.5. Observe the laws and rules of conduct adopted in the host country, respect the customs and beliefs of the local population.
3.1.6. Preserve the environment, take care of the monuments of nature, history and culture in the country (place) of temporary residence.
3.1.7. Observe the rules of entry into the country (place) of temporary stay, exit from the country (place) of temporary stay and stay there, as well as in the countries of transit.
3.1.8. Observe the rules of personal safety while traveling.
3.1.9. In case of damage to the host party (travel company or its agents) to compensate it on the spot in full.
3.1.10. One day before the start of tourist services to specify information about the time and place of the tour.
3.2. The customer has the right to:
3.2.1. Possess the necessary information in full about the rules of entry into the country (place) of temporary stay and stay there, the customs of the local population, religious ceremonies, shrines, monuments of nature, history, culture and other objects of tourist display under protection, the state of the environment.
3.2.2. Free movement, free access to tourist resources, taking into account the restrictive measures taken in the country (place) of temporary stay.
3.2.3. To ensure the personal safety of their consumer rights and the safety of their property, unhindered access to emergency medical care.
3.2.4. For damages and compensation for moral damage in the event of failure to comply with the terms of the contract of retail sale of tourist product tour operator or travel agent in the manner prescribed by law.
3.2.5. On assistance of authorities (local governments) of the country (place) of temporary stay in obtaining legal and other types of emergency assistance.
3.2.6. Unimpeded access to communications.
4.1. The total cost of tourist services is 59,720 (fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and twenty) rubles.
4.2. The specified amount shall be transferred by the Client in cash to The Agency's cash Desk within 2 (two) days following the date of signing of this Agreement, but not later than 7 (seven) days before the start of the trip. In case of conclusion of this Agreement less than three days before the start of the tour, the full cost of the tourist product and services of the Agency must be paid on the day of signing this Agreement, but not later than one day before the start of tourist services.
5.1. In case of non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under this Agreement, the Agency shall make full compensation for losses of the Client, except for cases when the Client is not a consumer under the law of the Russian Federation "on protection of consumer rights".
5.2. In case of failure to provide any of the services agreed in Annex 1, the Agency shall compensate the Client for the cost of the services not provided.
5.3. In case of improper provision of any service, the Agency compensates the Client only a part of its cost, determined by agreement of the Parties, and in case of failure to reach such an agreement-by the court.
5.4. The cancellation or modification of any conditions of travel compared to those contained in the agreed between the parties to Annex 1, undertaken on the initiative of the Agency, shall be in writing and must indicate the filing date of the disclaimer or modification of the terms. Any change in the conditions of travel compared to those contained in the Annex 1 agreed between the Parties, carried out at the initiative of the Client, shall be considered as a cancellation of the original booking.
5.5. The Agency shall not be liable for violation of currency and customs legislation by the Client and shall not reimburse the costs and losses incurred by the Client in this regard.
5.6. If the client is removed from the trip by border, customs or other competent authorities without the fault of the Agency, the Agency shall not be liable for it and shall not reimburse the costs of the Client under this Agreement and in connection with it.
5.7. In case of failure to provide information or provide inaccurate information by the Client in accordance with clause 3.1.3 of this Agreement, which resulted in the failure of any tourist services, the Agreement shall be deemed violated by the Client.
5.8. In case of conclusion of this Agreement by the Client who is not a consumer in the concept Of the law of the Russian Federation "on protection of consumer rights", the responsibility of the Agency comes only in the presence of his fault and is limited to the amount of real damage to the Customer.
5.9. In cases not regulated by this Agreement, liability shall arise in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.10. The Agency is not responsible:
5.10.1. For actions of public authorities of the Russian Federation and foreign States.
5.10.2. In case of refusal of the Embassy to issue a visa to the Client. In this case, the Agency returns the cost of tourist services to the Client minus the actual costs incurred.
5.10.3. If the decision of the authorities or responsible persons to the Client denied the possibility of entry into or exit from the country, or the possibility of flight on the ticket, or accommodation in the booked hotel due to lack of proper documents, violation of law and order or causing concern to others, being in a state of alcohol, drugs, toxic intoxication or violation of other rules of conduct in public places, violation of the rules of travel or baggage. In this case, the client is charged a fine calculated in accordance with the actual costs of The Agency for the organization of the tour, as well as all additional costs incurred due to improper behavior of the Client.
5.10.4. In case of cancellation or change of departure time of flights. In these cases, air carriers are responsible in accordance with Russian and international rules.
5.10.5. For the safety of personal Luggage, valuables and documents of the Client throughout the tour.
6.1. The Agency informs the Client that the insurance and transportation services are carried out by the carrier and the insurer, respectively, in accordance with this:
6.1.1. Neither the Agency nor the tour operator shall be liable in cases of illness, injuries and/or other accidents that occurred to the tourist during the trip, and shall not reimburse the costs incurred by the tourist during the trip. All issues related to material compensation of expenses of the tourist during the trip are resolved between the tourist and the insurance company in the manner provided for by the agreement concluded between them. The insurance company (insurer) has the right to establish the amount of non – refundable real damage of the policyholder (insured person) for each insured event-an unconditional deductible.
6.1.2. The tour operator provides every assistance to tourists in obtaining medical care. If the tourist is insured, payment for medical services and medicines is made by the tourist at the expense of the insurance policy. If the tourist is not insured, the tourist bears all the costs. Upon the death of a tourist, the tour operator undertakes to ensure the execution of the necessary documents and transfer the necessary funds for the repatriation of the body if the tourist is insured. In the absence of an insurance policy, the repatriation of the body is paid for by relatives or friends of the deceased. The tour operator provides all possible assistance, not related to the payment of the necessary costs.
6.1.3. Responsibility for matters related to the carriage of the Customer and his baggage to the destination and back is borne by the airline or railway carrying out the carriage.
6.2. The Agency at the conclusion of this Agreement informed the Client that in some cases, the tour operator reserves the right to replace the services included in the tourist product, provided that the class of services in the previously paid category or with the provision of higher class services at no additional charge, as well as subject to the terms of the tour. Such changes do not constitute a change in the tourism product.
7.1. The parties shall be released from liability for non-performance or improper performance of the obligations assumed by this Agreement, if this non-performance was the result of force majeure arising after the conclusion of this Agreement.
7.2. Force majeure circumstances, in particular, include: fire, natural disasters, military operations of any nature, epidemics, acts of the legislative and Executive authorities, changes in customs and border regulations that prevent the fulfillment of obligations, changes in immigration policy, terrorist acts, and other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the parties. The term of performance of obligations is postponed in proportion to the time during which such circumstances will operate. If these circumstances continue for more than 14 days, each party will have the right to refuse to perform its obligations under this Agreement, and in this case neither party will be entitled to compensation by the other party for possible losses.
7.3. The party for which the impossibility of performance of obligations under this Agreement has been created, shall notify the other party of the occurrence and termination of circumstances preventing the performance of obligations within 48 hours. Untimely receipt of the notice deprives the party of the right to refer to the occurrence of force majeure in the future.
7.4. Certificates issued by the relevant competent authorities will serve as adequate proof of the existence of the above circumstances and their duration.
8.1. All disputes and disagreements that may arise between the Parties under this Agreement and in connection with it will be resolved through negotiations between the Parties as far as possible.
8.2. Claims to the quality of the tour or service are made by the Client to the Agency in writing within 20 days from the end of the provision of tourist services.
9.1. This Agreement is a public offer of the Agency, comes into force either from the moment of its signing by the Client (30 days), or from the moment of confirmation of the order for the tourist product, regardless of the signing by the Parties, and is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations under this Agreement.
9.2. This Agreement may be terminated in the cases and in the manner prescribed by applicable law and this Agreement.
9.3. This Agreement shall be deemed terminated in the event of the Client's refusal from the voucher from the moment of mutual settlements between the Parties.
9.4. All relations of the Parties under this Agreement and in connection with it, not reflected in the text of this Agreement, are regulated in accordance with the norms of the current Russian legislation.
9.5. All changes and additions to this Agreement shall be executed by additional agreements signed by authorized representatives of the parties.
9.6. This Agreement is made in two copies in the Russian language, each of which has the same legal force – one for each of the Parties.
Annex 1
to the contract of rendering tourist services No. 159/19 of November 07, 2019.

The conditions of the tour
Fare: airfare Moscow-Manchester-Moscow on a Charter flight 28 000 rubles.
Visa: issued by the Agency "GEO-Tour". The cost of obtaining a visa is 13 500 rubles. The cost of the visa is 7 500 rubles. The consular fee is 10 720 rubles.
The price of the tour: 59 720 (fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and twenty) rubles 00 kopecks. Director: Client:
Boronnikova K. A. Petrova E. E.
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