Scam letter(s) from Lubov Svetikova to Leonardo (Australia)

Letter 1
Leo hi! Lovely mine Leo forgive me please, to me it is very sad that so ALL OCCURS to the phone. The most important---you see it works here for me at home, and your bells may not be accepted, you may not call me! Leo my lovely, I so am glad to speak with you!!! Always when I hear your voice to me so joyfully! And when you have told that sleep, I thought of that, you see sometime I can be with you: to bring to you coffee in the morning, and then we shall have breakfast together. As it is pleasant. Today to me have told that at me everything is all right, I have found all information(inquiries) and there is an opportunity to make all documents. Lovely mine Leo and your words, you have told me to not worry! Leo it so will be pleasant that at me is loved the person which always to care of me which always think of me.
Leo lovely mine it is always difficult for me to ask you, you see I understand, I know as difficultly to earn money! And here you have sent me already about 11 000 roubles, or even it is more. These are my three wages! Leo my lovely thank you, Leo I want that you knew a meal, I want to arrive to you TO SEE YOU TO SPEAK With YOU, TO EMBRACE YOU!
My lovely Leo to be with you, it is my most treasured dream! Leo mine love so many fine words on light, but the best words---I LOVE YOU and I am ready to speak it one million times.
Leo my lovely the prices for all these registrations:
280 dollars---it is cost of the visa (the tourist visa for 90 days)
200 dollars---it is the passport for travel abroad (it is valid 5 years)
50 dollars---cost of services of agency
140 dollars---cost of the medical information(inquiry).
Such prices, it is all cost 670 dollars. Everyone will make during 3 weeks, even may for 17 days. At me holiday if I shall take now that, probably, I can not have time(be in time) to arrive to you, therefore I think to take my holiday when at me all documents for arrival you will be ready, therefore I and now can not receive holiday money and pay for something. My holiday money it approximately 5000 roubles.
What to do (make) now to me, to leave the passport and to order manufacturing or to wait. You see you probably also do not have all sum at once. I also want to learn about it. And tomorrow I shall go to learn(find out) to companies BI lane about tariffs.
I love you lovely mine LEO. Think of me. I love YOU!!!
Letter 2
Leo hi!!! Lovely I Leo I too very much wants to see you!!! Leo your words---it forces me to redden slightly, I very much worry, but I so also want to speak with you about it!!! Very much want to speak!!! Leo my lovely I want to you necaaou that I love you, and I do not know that I shall make when I shall see you, I hope that through three, in three weeks I shall see you, I shall embrace you, I shall tell to you: Leo you MINE!!! Only mine!
Leo I, you have very romantically told these words!!! Very much very much! Thank you!
You remarkable! I have made a photo for you, ***** I shall not send you, well, and I hope you will understand me! Leo I very much as soon as possible want to arrive to you, therefore I and speak you about the passport, what to me to make?
You can make it again to my brother, you see it is necessary for me the next week till Wednesday to give money and the application to manufacturing of the visa! Write to me about it. Also it is necessary to give 470 dollars! Write to me about it, I hope that we can be together very fast!
I love you, you in my heart!!!
Think of me
Dream of me
Love me
I love you
I wait for the letter from you
P.S. When I speak with you by the phone, I very much worry, and I can not tell much, understand me, I very much worry also I simply when I hear your voice, I simply burn!!! All burn.
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