Scam letter(s) from Veronica Kudrina to Pat (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Pat:)
Thank you for answering my note I am glad to get your reply! I think you seem nice man and may be our aquaintance will be interesting... Please sorry for my not so good English. So how I am in this site, I was born in Moscow,Russia, study there, and my parents there, now I live in Armenia here in my grandfathers home...I deside find my love, and person who will be my future husband and friend of heart,life partner and true loven its not easy find that man in here because most of not family oriented...I can use internet in cafe near our home here:)
Some days ago I came internet cafe and asked girl working here for she register me in any dating site as I am not so familiar with internet:)sad she put wrong location..I hope you will not give up on us because of distance...
Little about me I am 25 years old my height 170cm,weight 52kg. My specialization is a Doctor of pediatrition, I like reading very much, cooking, go to pikniks,play piano and many other things, more about me I will tell you later when you write me...The reason that I write you now that I want find person who can be near me all life who can be good lifepartner, and who realy serious person, the seriousnes, tendernes, kindness, and inner beauty of man first important for me. I will try come internet cafe as ofen as I can for write you...Write me a little about you to my this e-mail address as this one for me easier to check ok? In my next letter I will write you more detailed about my life and send you more pics...
Again sorry for my English I have no practice its all knowlege which I get in school,I will wait your letter, yours sincerely Veronika.
p.s.also once again i am sending you link to some photos of me.. hope you like:)
Letter 2
hello my sweetest friend,my love Pat!
how are you my dear?do you miss me as much as i do?:)
you know some days ago i even can't imagine that in my life will appear someone who i can be devoted so much..
i wake up in the morning and my main goal of day is to come internet just check if you wrote or not and write you a reply.. when i am at home i am sad but once i think of you everything become so bright..i need you in my life...why life is not easy and we didn't born in the same town..
sweetheart today i read in newspepar that here is cultural exchange working program for emprove english language knowlege in Canada which can help us for meeting and i can get canadian visa without problem:)..
This programm valid every year and this year's registration deadline is 22 of February...
Tell me your opinion, and if you ready for meeting and you can help me organize our meeting i can ask my grandfather ask all details about programm...
I think real meeting can show us all and i am sure all will be nice between us..
to say you the truth i don't like much alcohol..but with you a glass of wine will be great..yes on the photo it is wine just as you can see i hold it and even didn't try..
no now i don't have contacts with my friends but when i talk with my mom she told me who was asking about me and i become really happy:)
nice man you know once i will look at your eyes i will be happiest because all this last days i think about you so much..i think about our possible meeting and my heart begin beat so fast..i can't even imagine how it will be first time to look at your eyes but i feel in deep heart that it is what we both want and everything will be wonderful:)
i already told my parents about you and they happy for they really want me be happy and know when i like someone it is not for minute..
ok my love i will go home now and wait your answer... love you.. Veronika
p.s.thank you again so much for nice photo you sent me:)really funny:)
Letter 3
hello my sweet cutie Pat:)
how are you my love?
today here so cold weather and this 6 days was snowing all time....very cold and unpleasan:(wish you be here make me warm..
sweetheart today my grandpa was in that agency which prepair visa and ask for this is government program for exchange which gurantee get visa 100% without problem,it is once in a year and if i can't apply till deadline i need to wait 1 year for apply it..
I can come direct to you as soon as I get visa, this visa valid in your country 6 month and after it may be continue,I have saved money and my grandpa can give me which I can use for comming to you, but its not enough sum, the full programm including ticket,visa, travel charges, taxes and programm all together cost 1850 US dollars, I have my only 1060 dollars all together with my grandfather's savings... Tell me your opinion? agency prepare visa during 25 days max time...
So I need 790 dollars for have complete sum for comming to you...
Are you able help me arrange this way comming to you? this is only way I can get visa...
My man tell me which way is better for meeting so I will do in that way because you really dear to me so much...
for me meet you is like a dream and start relations in real it wil be so wonderfull..
i want so much just look at your eyes and tell you everything which i wanted but couldn't because of distance.. to tell you nearly all about dreams and how my life was so empty without you...
you change all my inside world..
ok my man i will wait your soon reply..know that you are always in my heart and mind.. love you.. Veronika
p.s.i also will watch olimpic games by tv:)hope here will show it without cuttings...of course i am on russian side:)photos so cutie:)you realy sweet and know it is really look like Ararat..
Letter 4
hello my sweetest love Pat:)
how are you my best beloved man?
you know what i was dreaming today?the perfect day i could spend with you:)can you tell what is the perfect for you?for me first wake up and kiss you,then prepair you lovely breakfast and feed you from my hands and after each spoone kiss you:)after that to go walk talking and laughting just you and the midday prepair lovely dinner and go to picknick on the shore of river or anywhere else where we could be only together..spend that day just unforgetable..and at the evening under the lights of candle and romantic music dance with you slow danse till end of night..
from the first letter you wrote me..seems like all world become so dear to me..when i look at people i am smiling even didn't realize what i do..
i talk with my grandpa about you and when i tell him about you he smile like a little child and listen with such excitement..he wants we be happy as he know when i like someone it is not only words..
life is really difficult and sometimes you wake up in the morning and think why you live right?but when you have beloved you even don't think about sure that you give wonderful life to the person you love and it is best thing you can do in your go back home and don't have someone waiting is the sadest thing in this world..
Pat you made me feel like treasure and now i realize that my life was nothing just living each day as usuall day..but now when i come internet cafe and check your letter and read your each word like a treasure life is EVERYTHING for me..
you made me feel all this...
sweetheart tommorrow i will go agency pay them first part of money for they begin paperworks and my coming prosecc...
also i will ask my grandpa go bank and find possible way money get here and will write you immidiatly:)
you know i am writing all this and still can't believe that soon i will be in your arms..i never could even dream to have such caring loving honest person as you are...I AM LUCKY:)
my man you shouldn't worry about my grandpa as he is so kind and want me be happy and ready to spend all he have just for see me smiling..
my man i checked the link you sent me just it is when you get visa by usual way and if in embesy they will reject you need to wait real long for reaply...that's why this program prepair visa without any problem..
my man i need only 790 so don't worry and don't send me more ok?
my dear this is working program but it is up to me choose to work there or just spend time..
of course i can stay with you:)can't wiat to feel your kiss?:))you?
today really gloomy weather and may be will snowing..i wish just you be close to me and tight me so strong that i can't brief.. all i write you just my inner wishes please forgive if i told much just i want to tell you so many things that i don't know from what to begin:)
I don't know if you understand all i english not so fluent for express you all my feelings..but i know that in real life to show my feelings of course will be easier:))i love you..please take care of yourself and be always Veronika
p.s.sweetheart please explain your this snetence ok?"How soon before you run out of pictures to send? "i like your mom so really great..wish to go picknick with you so muchhhhhhh:)
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