Letter(s) from Anna Romanova to Bruce (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Bruce! I am very glad to get your letter.My honey I like your letters very much and wait for it every time with impatience.My dear I reread your letter for several times.It was very pleasant for me to hear that we have common thoughts.I think it would be very fine if we will be together.And I think we would not feel alone in this case.My honey I found out a lot of new information about you out of your letter.It was interesting for me to read every word of your letter.It was ecpecially interesting for me to hear about your country and city.I knoe that New Zealand is very beautiful country,I heard a lot of about your country.My dear it is very nice to hear that you liked my photo.I'd like to see your photos too.If you have such an opportunity to send me your photo,please,do it.I wait.My honey I went to the concert with my girlfriend.We had a lot of fun and had a good rest.I also visited my mom. The weather is very nice today.The first thought I had today in the mornong was to check up my post and to see if you wrote a letter to me.And your letter is the Sunday's present for me.After I will write the letter I will go to the cinema to watch the film "Chicago".I hear a lot about this film and now I want to watch it myself.My dear it is very interesting for me to know what were you doing on this weekend.You know,my dear,I feel that you are very good man.And it is my happiness that I have met you.To be honest with you I want to meet with you in real life very much because I think we have a lot of common and I uncderstood that our correspondence made very close to you.And now I'd like to try to create any serious relation with you.I think that we are a very nice couple and we have found our soulmate.My honey I have an idae.I hope you will not be mind. I will have my vacations in May.And it will be great if we will be able to meet during my vacations.I think our meeting will help us to know each other well.It also will allow to us to see our relation in the future.I think we would have a good time.My dear,if you don't mind I think I will be able to come to you if you will be able to help me with the expenses for the trip to you.My dear I want you to be serious about my invitation because I don't want our relation to be only internet correspondence.My dear I will end my letter here.I wish you to have a good day.I kiss you tenderly.I am waiting for your reply with impatience.
With love,Elena.
Ps: my full name and my full address:
Biryukova Elena Evgenievna
420000 Kazan
Pavlychina str 47 / 36

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Bruce! Thank you very much for your letter.I am alway waiting for your letters with impatience because they always bring me a lot of happiness and fun.My honey I was thinking very much about you and our meeting on this week.I am very serious about our relation and serious about you.My working week was very good.During all the week was very nice spring weather.Sometimes when I returned home I saw a lot of loving couples in the street.And I was very sad because I don't have my lovely person with me now.Sometimes I feel bad in the evenings because there is nobody to talk about my dreams and thoughts with.And besides I am very tired from the loness.My dear I very hope that you will be my safer and I will not feel loness soon.I wrote to you yesterday that I went to the Birthday party of my girlfriend.Everything was very fine.After we sat at her house and celebrated we went to the club.We danced a lot and I really enjoyed it.A lot of different men came to me in the club and tried to make an aquaintance with me.But I refused them politely.Since the morning I felt not very good because I went to sleep late.I had a bath,had breakfast.Then I put on and the weather was so good that I decided to go for a walk.I walked, went to the shops, bought some meal.I also bought some things for my mom she asked me to buy for her.After I will write a letter to you I will bring the food at home and then I am going to visit my mom.I am planning to stay with her till Sunday evening.That is why I will be able to write to you only on Monday.By the way,about the film "Chicago".I watched it and it didn't impressed me,to tell more I didn't like it at all.I don't understand why it got so many Oskars.But everyone has his own opinion.My honey,how is your weekend?If it is no difficult for you tell me what do you do? My dear thank you very much for the information I asked you.I found out what I will need to come to you.I wanted to tell about it yesterday but I didn't have a lot of time to tell about it.I found out the next:To fly to New Zealand I will need to have the following documents: The International Passport, The Touristic Visa to New Zealand(I will have no any difficulties to get it, it will cost 180 USD), The Insurance List(it costs - 20 USD) and the plane tickets to New Zealand and Back. I will be able to get all the documents and to order the tickets without any problems because I told you that I work at the tourist agency.But there is one detail: to make out the visa I will need to order the tickets in both sides first.i found out about the cheepest tickets to the Auckland International Airport.To order the tickets to and from I will need about 2300 euro.And the all sum I will need for my trip to you is about 2500 euro.My honey it is very large sum for me,I will not be able to find so much money.I think I will be able to find only 500 euro and to pay for the way to Moscow from Kazan and then back from Moscow to Kazan.My dear if we really want our meeting to take place I will need your help.I will hope very much on your help as I want to meet you very much.I will end my letter here.I wish you to have a good weekend.Tender kiss you and I am waiting for your reply with impatience.
With love,Elena.
PS: I will write to you on Monday.

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Bruce! My working day has just finished and I went to the Internet Cafe to write a letter to you.My honey I was very glad to see your letter.I read it with a great interest and it was very pleasant for me to hear that you are fine and that your weekend was fine too.My dear thank you very much for the photos you sent me.I liked them very much.Most of all I liked the photo where you are near the car but you look very serious at this photo and I also liked the photo of the horse.My sweety I hope very much that if our meeting will take place I will be able to go by this horse one day.My honey I nearly didn't have a weekend and that is why I feel very tired now.I want to take my vacations very much as soon as it possible because I didn't have a rest for a long time.I hope very much that my vacations we will spend together.My dear if you will be able to help me with the money before the 5th of May I will be able to come to you at the beginning of my vacations then.My vacations will begin since the 25th of May.I will be able to arrive to you on the 25th of May if you will be able to help me with the money.I understood that you can use your credit card to pay for my tickets.My honey but I think if you will send money by bank transfer.My dear I should know exactly if you will be able to send the money to me before the 5th of May.I will send you the account of the company I work to make you to send the money.My honey I told you that I will need about 2000 euro to come to you.Please,tell me at the next your letter if you will be able to help me with the money before the 5th of May to make me to prepare everything.My honey if everything will be Ok with us I will be able to stay with you for about a month.My dear I really hope that you are serious about our meeting.I hope very much that it will take place because I feel that our meeting will be able to change my life.I promise to you that I will try to do everything for creation serious and strong realations between us.My honey I will end my letter here.I kiss you tenderly.I will write to you tomorrow.
With love,Elena.

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Bruce! My dear the first thought when I got up in the morning was the thought about you.I wanted to check up my post very much to see if you wrote a letter to me.But I wasn't able to do it before the lunchtime.It is the lunchtime now and I have a free hour and I decided to use it to write a letter to you.My honey your letter really made my day better today.Today is a grey day,it is raining since the morning and it makes me sad a little.But after I read your letter I felt the inflow of forces and emotions.My sweety I am very glad that I have met you through the Internet and I am glad that the Internet exists and it helped me to meet so excellant man as you.To be honest with you I even didn't think before that it will work and I will meet the man of my dream in the Internet.I think our relation became very close and when the day of our meeting will come it will be the happiest day of my life.My honey I am very thankful to you for your care, kindness and revelation with me.My dear I really want to make your life happy.I also want us to be not only close people but also friends.I believe that our relations will be long and we will be happy together.It was very pleasant for me to hear your story about the place where you live.It sounds like an excellent place.I know that one day we will be share it together.My honey I want to tell you one more time it is not important for me in what house you live.There is a saying in Russia: with beloved paradize and in a tent!!!!It is more important for me feelings and relations than material side of relations.My honey I like you if I will see love and respect I will give you the same.My dear I think it is too early to talk about love.This feeling is possible if people will get connect in real life,face to face.But I want you to know that I have got a very serious feelings to you.I think our future relations are more a little than simply relations,we will try to connect two different nations.My honey I will help you to learn Russian with great pleasure.My dear I told you before that I don't have a telephone at home as I rent the flat.My honey I will call you myself without any problems and I will do it at the nearest time to discuss with you some details.My sweety I will send you the details of the account one more time.
Updating E-purse (E560761239145)
Reception of essential elements
Warning! Do not change field DETAILS OF PAYMENT. In case of change payment will not be enlisted!!! According to accept you the contract ?03761239145560003, on your purse will enlist only one payment! Repeated translations will be returned to the sender at his expense!

Amount: 2000.00 EUR
For AGREEMENT ?03761239145560003 (28/04/2003)

My dear an allocated part is what you should show in the bank.The last line is the number of payment for my trip as soon as the money will be at the account the making out of my documents and order of tickets will begin at once to make me to come to you.The last line should not be change and should not contain any mistakes.All you will have to do is to give the details to the bank workers and they will make the transfer.The most important is that the transfer should be done in euro because the payment was ordered in euro.In the last line the sing on a question shouldn't confuse you,it must be so.My honey don't woory there is nothing difficult in this procedure,I make it several times a day.My dear I am sorry I have to end here because my lunchtime is getting over.I wish you to have a good day.I kiss you tenderly.
With love,Elena.