Scam letter(s) from Lada Falileeva to Sanjay (India)

Letter 1
Hello!!!! Hugs!!! Kisses!!!!!
It's always nice to see your letter and read your words! but unfortunately ! I came write you today and not receive from you email !
I will believe that I will receive an email from you soon It was only on Monday evening, November 18, that I finished my work. And on the morning of November 19 quickly bought a plane ticket to Minsk So, I arrived in Minsk at night. I met my dad's sister. This is my aunt. She lives in Minsk , she has a small apartment, on the outskirts of town and she invited me. She's a good woman and told me I could stay, as much as I want. Unfortunately, the Internet cafe was closed yesterday. So today I decided to write to you, after visiting the Embassy.
I have very good news for you! For us! This morning at 10 o'clock I visited the Embassy for a visa. It will be a tourist visa for 30 days. I put all the necessary documents. Now we must wait. My visa will be ready by November 26 . Next Tuesday!
I'm the happiest woman in the world!!!!!!! I have all the payments for visa and other documents. Only the ticket must be purchased.
I have the money to do it. I just need to take out life insurance. And buy my ticket. I need a full information from you, know the full Name, address and name of the airport. I am very excited because this is a big and important step for us! But this care is joy and expectation of something magical for both of us !!!!!
I will have great hope that the visa will be ready in time. Tomorrow I would like to visit my Parents for a few days. And of course my son and grandson . I think this is the right decision. I miss her! I'll show you his picture when I get to ORSHA . I want to see my mom and hug my dad. But please don't lose me, I always think of you and do my best to be with you! I'll text you later from Orsha. But if I I can't write from home, don't worry, I beg you. Then I you write immediately returning in Minsk. I plan to return to Minsk on Monday .
And the next day to go to the Embassy. I keep you informed of all events! Have you thought about it? My dreams are already there but I want to make one A gift for you to make and surprise you! It will be an unforgettable day for us! I promise! At the end of this letter I want to send you 1,000,000 kisses and even if you're far away from me now, feel my heartbeat! Your Lada!!!!! PS do not forget to specify your details and the name of the airport! I give you information about staying at this is my home address in Orsha : Country Belarus
Postal code: 211391
Vitebsk Region
city : Orsha
street: Alexander Ostrovsky, 24 kv 9
Full name
first name: Lada
last name: FaLiLeeva
Letter 2
Hi!!!!!! Hi!!!!! Hi!!!!!!!! Today is November 11, Monday. I'm happy to get a letter from you!!!!
Thank you for answering me!
A lot of work in the cafe. There are always a lot of visitors on weekends. And it's been a hard day, it's a day off from work. Monday!
I Wake up very early and come back too late to write to you often. I want to write more often, but it is very difficult!
And now I only have 20 minutes to write. There's still a lot of work to do because I'm finishing my job and
I'm transferring everything to another employee. My job is here for one more week, then I'm leaving the office. and return home to Belarus!
And I am completely free from work!!!
And then I'll go home and see my family! I really miss my son! And, of course, I want to see my granddaughter soon!
Her name is Katerina. This is the most beautiful baby in the world !!!))) I will show you her picture in the future!
In this letter I want to show you my picture on the beach. Just don't ask for intimate photos anymore, I hope
that you understand me. Do you like it? Isn't that ******? After all, it's just a swimsuit. If I offended
you this photo, then forgive me. But I think these are good photos.
You know, in my last letter I told you about my marital status, I'm a widow, I'm single.
If you put my condition on canvas, I'm like a lonely tree in a clean and empty field. I'm lonely in my heart,
I miss great feelings and relationships!
But, perhaps, I will reveal this information to you early? But I really wanted to tell someone about it. We wrote
a few letters together, but I think I'm close to you spiritually. That I can tell you a lot! That we've known each other for a long time!
And I'm not afraid to write to you.
I have a very serious question for you. Can you answer honestly? Who do you think should be the head of the family?
A man or a woman? What should be the ideal family? What do you think? What are the intentions for me? I want to get to know you.
And the answers to these questions are very important to me. I hope your answer is sincere.
I have to go to work. It's so weird. I began to notice that every day I expect a letter from you to read yours
thinking and seeing your attitude towards me. Sorry to have to finish this letter, still a lot of thoughts in my head,
but I have to work........
I'll text you Thursday or Friday this week !. I will have hope that you will write me the answer. Have a good week for you as well!
I hope you're having a good time and maybe remembering me.)
Kiss Lada!!!!!
Letter 3
Hi, on 14 November ! today ! and it's Thursday ! I was on my way to work ! we and my friend were playing in the snow ! I asked you to take photos for me ! I wanted to write you a big email today ! but unfortunately I not was able receive from you email! today ! I'll come tomorrow ! and I will write more to you ! I believe that I will receive an email from you soon ! I'll go now ! tomorrow is Friday and there will be a lot of work ! in the evening because on Friday when Friday comes a lot of people go to the cafe to buy food drink alcohol and dance and it's always a lot of work on Friday but I believe that
tomorrow morning I will be able to receive an email from you and write to you !
Letter 4

Hi cloudy morning ponedelnik today ! for me ! it's a sad morning because it's the last day at work ! and I'm getting on a plane tonight and I'm going to fly to my family ! and it will make my day enjoyable because tomorrow I will see my family ! and your son ! for me very pleased that I receive vozmozhnost familiarity with you and for me always pleased when I open its email and I see from you emaiol! and today I have a little sad mood from the fact that I did not receive an email from you ! I'm going to go now to pick up your suitcase ! and then will move to the airport ! and fly to the city of Minsk! the capital of Belarus ! I will write to you again tomorrow I will believe that I will receive an email from you Your Lada !
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