Scam letter(s) from Susan Brown to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1
Dear Joseph,
How are you doing my Sweet Joseph? It has been very stressful for me. I am so upset and feel sad right now. Just got into my room. But I thought I should write you an email with my translator's computer first. I went to the place where my stones are processed to inspect and check on the progress of the stones. I damaged my laptop when I fell and hurt my ankle in the process. My laptop got all smashed up when my Bag Pack dropped, and it contains my MacBook Laptop on which I put the graph of all my work and designs and specification on how the stones will be cut and cleaned and other essential documents which I need down here. It fell from the top floor, and it was severely damaged beyond repair and will not come on.
I went to stores today with my translator to purchase the another, Mac laptop since I have a backup of my work inside my external hard drive. When we came back and installed, they didn't work because it wasn't compatible with my equipment because all the one they have here where produced for Turkish citizen and Greek which makes it Turkish specs and keyboards which I can't work use.
The Laptop is essential for me here for my work. I am only asking you please can you run an errand for me by going to any Best Buy or an Apple store to get me a new one and ship it down here to me via FedEx. Mac Book Pro 13-inch Touch Bar and Touch ID
I hope sending you on an errand will not upset you. I do not have anyone back home to ask this of at the moment, and you came to my mind. I will appreciate this, my sweetheart. I promise to refund you back as soon as I get home and in your arms.
I attached a video I made to explain to you and also a picture with the specs of the computer. Here is the mailing information.
Susan Brown
Address: 41 Arch Makariou III Avenue
Postal code: 6017
City: Larnaca
Country: Cyprus.
Mail it Via FedEx
Hugs and Kisses. Send me a text on my cell 719-345-2859
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