Scam letter(s) from Jenny Riemchie to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear?
How are you today, I would like to be open up to you. am a woman that have seen life. i have been in social circle for many years, It doesn''t matter once age or color or achievements matters in our life is nothing but Care and expression of the heart. This is the most important thing in my life, most beautiful thing which was created by God was never seen, only felt in the heart.i have been hardworking all my life and now i must think of something better to enjoy my life and probably have a family on my own and maybe relocate to another country and start investing into other good business. Anyway i want to tell you little about myself, My name is Jenny Reimchie, 33 years old, am Originally from German but was born in London, lost my only daughter during child birth and presently living in the United Kingdom where i presently work in a bank. I have a special sport I crave for and it is Golf. I can not do without this sport I will take up competition later on after I end my career as a banker. am working as an ( Personnel Director for Retailing in a private bank ) and the chief Auditor, I was married but my Ex-Husband got married to another woman, which caused our divorce. but it is Okay Since he accused me of being so busy with my work and the bank, and its Personnel Director for Retailing, that i was not having time for him, but he refused to understand that i was pursuing a goal, i told him that soon i would resign and we will have enough time for each other but he was impatient, But is over between us am happy alone now because I have everything i need. This is why I think of relocating to your country to get into investment and maybe own a small company which i can be able to manage for myself, I Would like you to tell me more about yourself too. I will like you to tell me more about your age, occupation and your position in your workplace, Your marital status and where you reside now. I love to hear from you soon.
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