Scam letter(s) from Lubov Svetikova to David (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Asghar!!!
It is pleasant for me, that you that have responded. I very much want that you have sent me the photo.
Excuse but I do not have home telephone number and mobile too because I have broken mobile phone and now at me it is not present. You can to me will send the phone number? Now I shall tell to you about myself.
I live in Russia. And I would like to meet my second half and the man of my life here on internet.
I really want to correspond with you to learn about you on more. I want to find present the man which will love and respect me which will understand my feelings and will help me a difficult minute.
I am tired to search for love in Russia, here all men drink much, they are not romantic very rough.
I think that we shall find common language.
I live in the city of Kazan, here have finished the Kazan Medical Institute, work as the hospital attendant in small hospital. I live with mum, the daddy of us have left when to me there were 11 years.
A forage of mum at me more anybody is not present. At me it is a lot of friends, I listen to different music and I like to sing. Tell on more about itself.
Whether there is at you a family, you where was like to travel?
What your ideal of the woman what at you will be family? Why you began to search for friends in the Internet?
Very much I wait for the letter.
Letter 2
Hello Didier!!!
I am very grateful to you for your letter. And I hope, what you like to receive from me letters?
I very much waited for your answer more to tell to you about myself.
I am an attractive woman.
With kind and generous heart, and besides, I am very optimistical, vigorous and positive.
There is a dream, and I want, that have arrived my True the man. I dream of the good husband.
I would like to have at least two children fr om the loving husband.
I shall give all my heart to this person and I shall be cares of it. So you have already assumed, that I am rather sensitive girl.
I am very sociable person and I have many friends who divide my interests.
We frequently together go to a bar or on a disco. I want to have the person nearby to me who will accept and will divide all contradictions of my character. Except for that I like to prepare and my friends speak, that I well prepare and is very tasty. My heart and soul are full passion and romantic feelings.
I aspire to meet the person which will estimate all my qualities. I would like to see tenderhearted, love, reliable and very sociable the person about me. My love is not meaningful without the person, and I also am tired being lonely.
I shall wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello Daemian!!!
You want to know more about me. Well. I like to prepare and prepare small surprise to my relatives and friends.
I think, that the woman should hold domestic soul. I love cinema; I like since a fiction, comedies, I love a history.
I love domestic animals, is especial cats and dogs. I have a cat. The cat has told myau - it welcomes you.
My cat such cunning and clever. At home it quiet but on street impacts not only cats but also dogs also.
My loved color dark blue also is red. In a fabric of this color I look more beautiful then in the friend.
I have no any money to buy an expensive fabric, but I always look beautifully. My favourite food.
Mmmm I do not know, that I love everythin g, most of all I love chocolate and sweets.
I have no any computer, I use a computer and the Internet in the Internet cafe, but it costs too much for me.
So I cannot frequently use it very much. But I think, that it - the best way to communicate.
I at all have no any phone because this dear also.
It is not easy to quarrel with me but if I shall offend it, there will be long time.
Sometimes, people quarrel because of trifles.
I think, that in this case which is better to do small concessions than, spoil mood.
The most important for mine - is family and it people good reflection about me. I have no any friend.
I wait for your answer.
Yours Anna.
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