Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Gregory (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my dear and loved Gregory!!!
How are you doing? Thanks you for your letter for your love for that that you at me is!!! Today in the afternoon I to have a rest and to go on a night shift in the evening!!! And I to come in the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter!!! I'm fine all goes as usually anything interesting is not present!! All as that is ordinary I at all I do not know what to do!!! I to get tired of such life I to want to be with you and more to me it is necessary of nothing!!! Except for you nobody is necessary for me also I cannot wait when at last I meet and I shall embrace you very strong and you to allow to kiss yourself you!!!! You to take me for a hand and we to go with you talking about us!!
Whether to me hardly every day to be removed dreams about our meeting!!!!!!! I to not know what to do to me so to want to throw and run and run all to you that there are forces!!!
Excuse me for my dreams but I really already to be mad from love to you and I only need your understanding both your sincere love and caress well the most important your full understanding trust!!
I very strongly to love you and more nobody is necessary for me!!!!
Hear I to want to be with you and only with you!!!
Remember that I only your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 2
Hi my love my ideal Gregory!!!
How your affairs??? How mood???
At me all is normal!! A life such monotonous and only your letters to deliver to me happiness!! Thanks big that you at me is!!! I simply am very strongly glad what to find you and that you to love me!! But I all the same to love you is stronger!! To me sometimes to seem what simply more strongly to love it is impossible!!
I to want and it is my unique dream now!!
Sometimes I to want so many to tell to you that I do not have such words to express all feelings that I to want to tell!!!
I very strongly to hope simply to want that at you to be the same feelings as at me!!!
You know when I to speak what to love you I to speak that you at me unique and that more nobody is necessary for me!!
When I to speak that you my ideal I to speak that you the best the most beautiful and sexual!!!
When I to speak that I only yours I to speak with all my heart and souls!!!
To me today since morning very restlessly to soul - I again to see a lot bad dream that I to learn that you to get in failure!!! Rescue my God I shall pray that anything such to not happen!! I ask you be very strongly cautious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I to not want that with you that that to happen!!!!!!!!!!! I very strongly to love you!! Perhaps it could dream me
And more I do not meet a marvellous face
And age - the heartless malicious old man
Will not give the big feeling to arise. But there are no we could not stop
Already to us poison of love has penetrated into heart
At last the marvellous instant has come to pass
Also last border is gone!!! As gently seductively it is skilful
Fine and quivering body!!!!!!!!!!
Your love does not die away a flame. My lovely my family transfers you huge greetings with wishes of a sound health and success and the most important to strong love!!!!!!
I to think of you every minute every second!!!!!!!!!
I to kiss you is very strong and very passionate with all my love to you!!!
I should go to start to work!!!!!!!!!!!!
While loved up to the following letter and up to a fast present meeting!!!
Only your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 3
Hi my friend RICK!
Thank for your new letter. I am glad him to see. You probably will not believe but I already with impatience wait for your letters. You and your letters have taken a place in my life. I am glad that you write me and do not forget me.
In this letter I shall continue to acquaint you with my life and I shall tell as me have once again betraid. I hope, that I tell to you interestingly. I to want that you knew my life. It will help you better to represent me as persons. And so.
After mine not successful love with Ivan when he not only has betraid me but also has still taken advantage of it rob me I long might not to trust men. I avoided men because might not trust them. But once when to me was 22 years my best girlfriend to acquaint me with the guy. He was little bit more senior than me. Our attitudes have begun to develop. We met frequently not frequently. He has told that his work is connected to business trips and consequently he seldom happens in city. But when he was in city we frequently spent time together. So some months proceeded. Business went to wedding. But when once my girlfriend in the common company has asked when our wedding he has frowned also nothing has answered. I to not understand in what put and next day he to me has admitted that is married and is not going to get divorced. Appeared that he did not go in business trips and it was an excuse on that case if he might not leave from the house. I tell that can not to forgive his lie and I do not want more him to see. He has cursed me and has told that only used me to cause jealousy the wife. I have boxed him ears and left. Since that day I any more did not see him. And he has killed in me last belief in Russian men.
To me now 25 years and as you to know I to not have the husband. I very much would like to find to myself the husband. I am simple to want to be happy. I to want to have happy family. Such there was my life while I to not address to theInternet. And now I have met you. We write each other and probably can develop our attitudes.
It seems to me that with each letter we begin to trust each other more, we become more frank, you agree with me? I to tell parents that I to address in agency of acquaintances and that I write the person on the Internet. I to tell that you make impression of the good person and I to want to develop with you attitudes. They to approve me and to ask to speak from their name to you greetings.
I to wish you good mood these days and do not forget me. I shall wait about impatience your letter.
Your true friend Ekaterina.
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