Scam letter(s) from Marina Rahmanova to Romano (Italy)

Letter 1
Hi Romano
Thanks for your letter. Excuse what not at once to you on him{it} has answered. I was behind city On a visit at the grandmother and could not write to you.
As you know I live in an average part of Russia in the city of Nizhni Novgorod. I the cheerful romantic person, but despite of it seriously concern to the life, work. I very much love animals, I have cat. I am pleasant like in such a way I watch{keep up} the figure, I like To be on the nature, to go on a beach, to me to like to visit{attend} various exhibitions to go to museums. I live with parents and with the younger brother. My mother works in To the Nizhniy Novgorod high school the teacher of initial classes, father in a civil engineering firm the dresser of internal premises{rooms}, sometimes With the brigade go in other cities, the brother studies in the Nizhniy Novgorod building technical school, dreams to become The good expert in the branch. I have ended the Nizhniy Novgorod Medical Institute, but the destiny has not developed, I could not To find to itself on the present interesting work and now I work in a drugstore. Work rather interesting but borrows{occupies} It is a lot of time. To have frequently to communicate with people. On it I finish the letter. Once again Excuse me for that what not at once has answered you. Ask all questions interesting you I shall necessarily answer. Tell to me more about you directly. Where you work. Than be engaged during free time from work. Tell about the family.
I shall wait your answer.
Your friend Mariya.
Letter 2
Hi Romano!!!
Romano I am happy to receive from you the answer. I also have well enough understood your letter. Gratitude. I very much Close (it is very close {closely{attentively}}) read your letter, and have understood, almost, that I study {I learn{find out}} about you more and more. You too have cat. What is his name?
I think to you, it will be interesting to study {learn{find out}} about me still something. I have many friends. When to me 25 Friends to years have been executed, have presented me a cat as they knew, that I very much love animals. I have given (it{him} {}) this name {a name} {the name {a name}} Barsik. It {it{he}} (it) already the beginning of adults, and behaviour as in a small cat. You have animals?
I have a hobby to prepare various dishes. I like to find new recipes of preparation and to surprise friends. They always Loved{Liked;Favourite} my dishes. My favourite dish Siberian Pelmeny. It is loved{favourite} {a favorite} all (n) by mine the native and friends. It Very much pity which you cannot try it. But I am confident, that it would be pleasant to you also. In free days I Movement to go with family for city. We are going to visit{attend} my grandmother. She{it} {it} lives in a countryside close to our city. I Like to be in it {her{it}}. She{it} {it} such such good person. She{it} {it} wishes me only happiness and success in a life. She{it} {it} Likes me similarly to it{him} {her{it}} own daughter and always very pleased to see me. We frequently go to this {her{it}} to visit Her{It} {it} and to help with everything, that we can. Where the grandmother there beautiful lives of lake. I like to be there.
There such pure{clean} {pure{clean}} transparent water. We with family each free days go there. If only in free days was good Weather. On this time we shall have rest there all family.
At last I shall set to you some questions. You can tell to me more about your life? Where you work? I would like to see other your photos. Now I shall be closed..... I hope to Receive your letter soon....
Letter 3
Hi Romano, I too very much want to meet you. I want to communicate with you really. I very much would like to see you. I very much do not like virtual dialogue. Now we communicate with you only virtually. I very much would like to see you in real time. It is a pity that I would not know your language I wrote to you letters in your language. I very much want that all my letters were clear to you. You ask me if something will be not clear for you in my letters. I to you shall necessarily try to explain on another.
You speak that you sat at this letter almost hour. I am happy that you give me so much to time. Means you are very seriously adjusted concerning me. I too very seriously concern to you. I really want to become your wife. Romano you want to be my husband? I hope that we soon with you shall meet. I very much want it. Only it will allow us to begin absolutely other attitudes. Real attitudes, instead of attitudes through a computer are necessary for us. I hope that you understand me.
Very much I wait your answer.
Letter 4

Ciao Romano, I am glad to receive your mail today.
If you do not have time to meet in the near future we necessarily you we shall meet in May. It is necessary to be prepared for an our meeting beforehand only. Already now it is necessary for us to think of that as the our meeting will pass. Romano in what place of Italy you want to meet? You speak, that our meeting will last two weeks. For two weeks we can learn each other. For this time I think it will be quite possible to learn we approach each other whether or not. And already after our meeting we shall already think of the further our attitudes. It seems to me, that at us the meeting appears successful. I also do not wait for other outcome of a meeting. Till May we still have a lot of time that it is much better to learn each other. We shall be ready to our meeting. I have very well understood your mail. I hope, as you well understand my mail.
Romano as you think to me already it is time to start to do documents? Can tell to me precisely where there will be an our meeting?
On week-end at me is not present while any plans. What plans at you on week-end. Pleasant to you of week-end. Maria.
Letter 5
My Dear Romano, I am glad to receive from you a mail. Thanks.
You are right I think. That it is already necessary to begin prepares for our meeting. I think I should find good agency in Nizhni Novgorod and do all documents in this agency. Very reliable agency is necessary. On the TV show many different histories. As if the agency has collected from people of money and has then disappeared. It is necessary to find such agency in which already people doing documents went abroad. I have girlfriend, she lives in Germany. I think better to ask it where she did documents. I necessarily learn from it.
I think. That you correctly do, that think, that Russia is the quite good country. At you the opinion should develop at itself. I think. That it is better to not listen to others. To understand Russia it is necessary to live in Russia.
It is a little about me. I'm fine. As usually work. I today all the day long thought of you. I worked with ideas on you. To me to work so it becomes twice more pleasant. I hope, as you too think of me.
Already half of December approaches. Approach of new year is felt. People start to fuss already. Already now it is so much to people in shops, in the street. Something is necessary for all. Everyone prepare for new year. Everyone try to buy all beforehand. Will soon start to sell New Year trees. My father behind a fur-tree likely will go again to village to relatives. Soon all stations will be filled with sellers of fur-trees. So much wishing to sell the fur-trees, so much wishing to buy. As they say there is a demand, means there is also an offer.
At you approach of new year and Christmas is felt? I wish successful you week-end. Maria.
Letter 6
Hi Dear Romano, I am glad to receive your mail. Many thanks.
How are you doing? How your week-end was? I hope. That you have lead interesting time.
My week-end has passed very interestingly. On Saturday we with the girlfriend skied. It was magnificent. I was on this skiing lodge for the first time. Very much it was pleasant to me. There so all is well organized. A ski there excellent. Lines simply magnificent. With weather has very much carried. Weather was-5 degrees. After such frosts it seems, that the temperature is higher than a zero of degrees. First we have passed a pair of circles. The nature there very picturesque. After that have gone to go for a drive from mountains. Pleasure has received huge. Already for a long time so had not a rest well. Has home arrived only along toward evening. I think still there I shall go in the near future.
In revival sat at home. At mum birthday was. To it 56 years were executed. Birthday have celebrated in a circle of family. I have prepared for it for a pie about cream. Day has passed too very interestingly. This week-end to me will be remembered for a long time. For a long time at me week-end did not pass so interestingly. I hope, as at you fine week-end was. I learned today about trip to Italy. Tickets up to Rimini and back to Russia are on the average estimated approximately in 600 euros. Cost of documents for trip to Italy 250 euros. Cost of documents also includes also insurance. I cannot find such quantity of money. For me it is very big sum. I have no place to take such sum of money. I do not know, what even to me and to do. I hope. That we can necessarily meet you. Successful to you of the beginning of week. Maria.
Letter 7
Dear Romano, I am glad to receive your mail today.
As you cannot understand me. It is necessary to pay for tickets in agency. I do not have money for this purpose. To find money I hardly where I can. It is very big problem for me. If at me would be money I never has asked you money for it. I want to depend on whom. If I could provide myself with money for the organization of our meeting I only would ask you when we shall meet also itself would arrive to you. As you do not understand, that money will go only on the organization of our meeting. On it depends there will be we whether or not. In this letter I shall bring to your a direct attention to the question. We shall meet you whether or not? For our meeting are necessary money. You can help me with this money whether or not? I hope, that you will understand my letter and will answer these questions in the following letter.
My week-end has passed quite normally. In this week-end I was at relatives in village. Time has lead rather interestingly. I have gone to Saturday together with the father to sweep not for long. Walk has turned out not long. We went for a drive on a ski of hour one and a half - two. This day has very much liked me. At this time relatives have started to do shish kebabs. We have arrived with the father just at that time when shish kebabs were available. We sat talked about a life. Campania was very interesting. In this day the bath has been heated. Along toward evening we have gone to a bath. Day has passed very well. I have had a rest this day from all very well.
In revival by a dinner I already was at home. This week-end to me will be remembered for a long time.
Today I was on work and thought all the day long, that to you to write today. All ideas these days were about you. I have reflected on a life. As it would be good us to be together. What would be at us a life with you. I cannot even present it. I think, that it to present that to us it is necessary to meet necessarily. The meeting very much is necessary for us. After our meeting it will be already possible to speak with exact confidence about our further life. I think, that at us with you all will be good further. I wish successful you week. Your Maria.
Letter 8
Hello Romano, I am very glad to your letter!!!!
Today simply remarkable weather, since the morning very bright sun. Certainly it is still rather cool, but all the same it is already possible to feel approach of spring. And as you know spring this time of love!!!! And consequently at this time especially I would like, that someone was near to me. And consequently sometimes to me it is a little sad, that we cannot be together. I hope, what you understand me??? That concerning my day in the morning I have risen enough early. Would be correct to tell, that my dream was broken by my kitten Barsik. I have risen, have fed my cat. Then on had breakfast itself. I so waited for this day. In fact today I shall receive from you a mail. I so waited for this moment. It is a pity, that in week-end at me it is impossible to answer your mail. On work I waited for this moment very much. As it is fine to sit and write to you the letter. You as would know it perfectly for me. Better certainly all it it is a meeting with you. We should meet you necessarily. I hope, that everything, that we want will necessarily come true. In this life we shall be together and we will have good happy future.
Documents for trip to Italy cost 250 euros. It is the passport for travel abroad. The visa. The insurance. Physical examination and other documents. I do not remember unfortunately their name. Tickets from Moscow up to Rimini and back cost from 600 euros. I think 750 euros quite will suffice for trip in Rimini.
I am happy to know, that you have realized all. I think first of all in our attitudes there should be a trust to each other. It is very necessary in our attitudes. I hope, that further similar misunderstanding to honey us will not arise.
I sincerely now believe, that we shall meet you in May. I wish successful you week. Your Maria.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Romano!
Thanks for your letter again. It is very pleasant for me to write every day to you and to read your remarkable letters.
As your mood today!? All seems to me that perfectly at you because I think of you everyone and I wait with impatience of that day when our mutual feelings can become a reality. And to me attracts to think and make any plans for the future.Yesterday all the evening long I have lead in loneliness and thought much of you and about our relations. It were positive ideas. Then I have not appreciablly fallen asleep I at all have not noticed it. And dream has dreamed me. You do not imagine... It was about us with you. To me has dreamed as if we with you live in your country and are happy together. To me also has dreamed that we with you have a romantic domestic supper and our eyes look against each other and we like each other so strongly. It was pleasant for me to see it and I would not like that this dream has ended once. And when I have woken up I could not believe that it was dream and I even have been a little upset because of it.But all this has delivered to me many positive emotions and I have hope now that once this dream will turn in a reality.I so would like that it has taken place as soon as possible and I with impatience wait for that day when we can meet face to face and understand at last as far as our feelings under the relation to each other are strong.Today I have a small holiday in a circle of family. It not a holiday today, but me is sometimes pleasant to sit with my parents at supper and to speak about what pleasant behind a cup of tea with a pie. Today we with my parents have decided suit such day. As I spoke I frequently I talk with parents about you and I share with them the secret desires in this occasion. They positively concern to my acquaintance to you and it is very important for me now because our relations approach to the main moment in their development as it seems to me and during this moment support and understanding is especially necessary for me.And you tell to the friends or relatives that have got acquainted with me. It seems to me that important and for you.
If so that you speak by that about us and how they concern to me and our relations? It would be very interesting to me to know it therefore I want that you have written to me.Now I with impatience wait for your answer and I hope that it will take place rather soon.
Once again I speak thanks for your letters and attention to me.
With sympathy.
Yours Maria.
Letter 10
Hi my Dear Romano, At me all in the full order. Night was quite as usual night. After such difficult day, I have fallen asleep very quickly. I so am happy, that tomorrow we can meet you. Tomorrow's day will be in our afternoon. I tomorrow since morning shall try to go at once to bank and to receive your money. I as soon as shall receive your money, I shall necessarily write to you about it. Romano, I have number of your phone. Tomorrow, if I shall not see you at the airport, I shall necessarily call you. I also know as your machine looks. I can learn you on your machine. The best for me it to meet you at the airport after the plane will make landing in Milan. Up to a meeting tomorrow.
Your Maria.
Letter 11
Good morning my dear Romano, It is very pleasant for me to see in the morning from you these two letters. I have not woken up yet, and already I see from you these two letters. Many thanks my dear Romano. I so wait for tomorrow's day. Tomorrow I can see you for the first time. This big happiness for me. I at once as soon as shall see you, at once you I learn. Romano, you that person who is really necessary for me in this life. I am sure. That with you I shall be happy. Your Maria.
Letter 12
Romano, unfortunately I now have no place to make a copy of the visa. I already have bypassed some places, but everywhere unfortunately is closed. Excuse, I have done the utmost. The agency already does not work. In Russia holidays have begun. I do not know, where I can make for you a copy of the visa. Up to our meeting remained about two days. Tickets, I cannot exchange now already. I simply have no place to address with this question. Or to go on Monday, or all was gone. If tickets I already precisely cannot take off to you will be gone. Hurry please with the decision. At present I have 300 euros. But I think, this sum will leave on travel to Moscow to Monday. As far as I know, to me the girlfriend has told. One bank will work in revival. Tomorrow last chance for our meeting. Romano I was on a site which you have written to me. Unless it not seems to you niaoiui.206 euro for 20 days. You that trust, that on this money it is possible to live 20 days in Italy. To me showed in agency the uniform requirement for all Schengen countries. The requirement is precisely specified in it, that the tourist who goes in the Schengen country under the tourist visa, should have at itself of money necessary for residing at the country for the term of action aecu.50 euro day. My visa of 45 days. I think of the rest you know. Romano you search for easy ways of my arrival to Italy. But you do not think, that because of your obstinacy. I cannot drive absolutely to Italy on Monday. How you think, if I shall come on customs house at the airport about 206 euros, you think I can depart to Italy? This is ridiculous Romano. To me clearly let know, that it is necessary for me to have at itself for trip to Italy 2250 euros. I think, you at all do not understand me. You speak in your letters that trust, me, but it seems to me that your words false if you trusted me you would not ask me a copy of the visa and a copy of tickets. If you trust me, you know, that to you to return this money at t he airport. Proceeding from this, I draw conclusion Romano, you at all do not trust me. During too time you want me to see, and during too time, do not want anything to make for this purpose. Really, you cannot find this sum. We while have time, and then, it will not be, and more nothing can be made for our meeting. Romano you waste time in empty. Search for the different information, and as to our meeting, you do nothing. Romano, I already start to think, that at us will fail with you to meet. I already have such ideas in a head. If you really wanted me to meet, you would make all for this purpose. Think. Time at you still is.
Letter 13
Dear Romano, at me it has turned out to exchange tickets at the airport. All certainly is not simple so. I had to pay in addition 50 euros for tickets. My start will be on Wednesday on May, 10. From Moscow the plane takes off at 17:25. This flight arrives to Milan in airport Malpensa at 19:15 on time of Milan. It is very a pity to me, that we cannot meet today. You know for what reasons, all this occurs. Romano and following I shall lead this night at station.
Tomorrow I wait for your letters in the Internet of cafe.
Letter 14
My dear Romano, I have received today your translation. Began to be registered from flight. At customs house to me have told, that I have not enough money to residing in Italy for the period of action of my visa. I began to show them your receipt. They have told, that this receipt means nothing. They have told, that it is necessary to have cash of money. And besides me have not passed for other reason. At me in a handbag have found an icon. The grandmother has given me an icon. Has told, that she is useful to me. This icon appeared any value. From Russia it is impossible to take out such valuable things without the special sanction. They have allocated me in any room and have started to interrogate. With what purpose I go to Italy? How for a long time I shall stay in Italy? I only recently was released. I have rushed to exchange tickets. To me have told what already late to change tickets. I do not know, as to do to me now. To me have told, that if I want to leave for Italy it is necessary for me to buy tickets anew. Romano I do not know. That to me to do. Advise me please Romano as to me to act in this situation. Your advice is necessary for me.
Your Maria.
Letter 15
Romano you think, that because of your mistrust to me at us with you can will deteriorate with you of the attitude.
I now in Moscow. If it is fair. I think, that there is nothing me to do more in Moscow. You refuse to meet me. If you ask money, you see in it fraud. Unless the normal girl will want to communicate with the person who at a word of money thinks of fraud. You unless there is nothing except for it cannot think. I was already bothered with your ideas about it. I am tired from it. You unless do not understand it!
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