Scam letter(s) from Susan Morgan to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hi This note might come as a surprise to you. You might consider it an invasion of privacy and I hope you forgive me , With this letter, I would like to seek for your attention. I know this is an unconventional way of reaching out to someone I've never meet or heard of. I also hope you don't find this letter provocative or intruding. I write to seek your attention as friends.My name is Matilda Carlsson. I'm of Swede Origin. I hope you do not view my contacting you strange because I'm using something as cold as this means to reach you. But this is the best I can do for now. The purpose of this letter is to seek your friendship. And if it seats well with you, You can write me back and we can communicate further and learn about each other.I look forward to hear hearing from you. Yours Matilda
Letter 2
Hello Jack , Can't believe that you replied back.. The purpose of the email was solely to make a new friend from outside my comfort zone.. I needed a little distraction. Something to fall back on after work.. Call it a new friend with different idea from another culture. Call me an adventurer.. I hope somehow that we can become friends and learn about each other. I'll attach my email at the end of this note. I also got your email on the LinkedIn Network site. I live in Sweden.. Please feel free and know that I mean you no harm OK.. Thank you for replying my email. It was a total out of the blue gamble and you replied. Write me back when you can. Yours Matilda
Letter 3
Thank you for the note.. I want you to know that I'm not Familiar with this sort of long distance communication as this is my first experience.. So I plead with you to **** with me while we try to work this out OK...I've been wanting to try something like this, not there are not men hear, you can just consider me an adventurer..... I believe that you will learn about me but that has to go with time, and from time to time I will write you and tell you more about myself and I will also learn from you too. Okay here are thing I think are vital to know about me. First I am from a family of three and I'm the only girl... I am from Western Sweden Goteborg Province, a lovely place to be. I work here and I have host of other things I do too.. I have friends and I am easy going person that loves to catch fun and make friends, I keep my head straight and do my work because it's what keeps me going. oh by the way, I'm 5'7 tall.. I am a Nurse, I went to University of Life Sciences and nursing and then got my Master's in nursing education. I am not teaching yet, because I enjoy my current job tremendously, and I want the flexibility to spend more time with doing other things I want to do. I work as a clinical supervisor at a home health agency, I train all the staff, I set up care plans for elderly and assign people to help them in various aspects of their lives. I have done this for over six years. I believe in God, I talk to God, I know that we are all here to learn our lessons in lives, I know that we are to do good for others and ourselves in the best of our abilities without putting ourselves down. I love to travel, I have been to Spain, Italy, Russia, Canada, mexico, Jamaica, Cozumel, England, some small islands, France. I love learning about other cultures and traditions and meet people. I like to hike, I like most water activities. I like to meditate, do yoga, most things in life because I believe they are truly a gift from God meant for our enjoyment. I cannot think of anything I hate, I have things I don't prefer, such as watching horror movies. If I ran across a person that I truly believe is evil for whatever reason, I would simply walk away and let them deal with their own demons. I am generally a very positive person, I believe most people are good and/or are trying to be good. Sometimes, they have circumstances that are not favorable, but that is just the process of learning for them. I don't judge and I don't like to be judged. I like to read, do crossword puzzles, logic games. I enjoy operas, shows, concerts. I like all music, except rap. I am very fit and take great care in staying that way, so I watch what I eat and I am very active. I don't like to drink much because it only makes me sleepy, I don't smoke, I have never done drugs and do not intend to start... Write me and tell me about yourself, your likes and hates, I am waiting for you. I think with these you will be able to imagine the kind of person I am, like to hear from you soonest remain blessed. So I will be waiting for your reply. Have a nice day. I hope the email isn't too long for you to read. Kind Regards,
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