Letter(s) from Irina Panteleeva to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend.
This is Irina. As you understand I'm from Russia. I live in the city of Ekaterinburg. It is enough far from Moscow but I think that I live in not bad place. I will not write a big letter - I'll simply send you my photo and you'll decide if you want to conversate more with me.
In short about me. I'm very comunicative girl and I like big and funny companies! I like to be in good company and I like to live with open heart and with good mood by life. I like to love and love to be loved by people. I love to live!!!
I like to have fun and I hope that you are the same. I love romantice... It is the best thing that people invented....
My desire is to get more and more friends all over the world - I hope you don't mind that I wrote you and want you to be my new friend...
So if you are intersted I hope to find a letter for me in this e-mail. I'll wait very much. You may feel free ask what you want - I'll try to answer for any of them.
Bye! Bye! Irina.

p.s. I want to know what do you think about my photo!...

Letter 2

Hello my friend Scott!
Thank you for your picture. I like it very much!
I'm really glad to hear from and to tell to truth I wasn't sure that you'll answer to me. But anyway you did it and I'm really glad to find your letter in my email box.
I like that you like how I look like but I think that you flatter me a little. I was said many times that I look greatly but it doesn't help me to find that one man who will be my half until my old age. It is really sad story but I had so many disappointments in love that it is making me almost sad! But anyway I don't lose my optimism in finally finding of my best man!!!
I'm almost single right now. I understand - it sounds some crazy but I'll try to explain. My boyfriend has become so boring for me that I decided to brake our intentions because he is so tiresome last time... So I'll try to tell you a little more about me. I have never been married before and have no children but my desire is to have two or three some day!
I forgot to tell you that I'm almost 27 years old - my birthday is coming soon. My measurements are following: height - 168 centimetres and weight - 56 kilogrammes. I'm not sure in my knowledge of your metric system - so you are to know about how much am I in feet and pounds. As you saw on my photo - I have sporty type of body. I consider myself liking sport person. I'm going in for aerobic. And I always like when people around me tell me about good line of my figure. I do not smoke and drink a little on holidays as may be New Year or my birthday.
As for my family - I still have both of my parents. They are very good parents for me - I love them very much. I'm the one child in family and have no native brothers and sisters but I have many cousins and cousines. I'll tell you more about my family if you'll be interested. I live in my own little apartment of one room apart from my parents who live in the same city with me. They live at another part of Ekaterinburg but I often visit them.
Some words about my native city. I was born and live all my life here. It is far from Moscow. The time difference is two hours from it. Our city is enough large but I already have despaired to search the person for life. It's population is more than 1 million people. It is very beautiful and old. I like my city. I like to go for a walks on its streets, to visit museums. We with the girlfriends often visit cinemas and we look various films. I'll tell you later about what I like to watch and listen.
I love my industrial city as the birthplace - I was born here in 1975. So what else... mmm... Aha. What do I do for life... I have finished 3 years before the University by the speciality of economy. So I work as accountant in a small firm which is working in food industry. Oh... I'm already tired to write this letter - I'm not a big master of this thing but I hope that our conversation will continue and we will know much more about each other.
I want you to tell me more about you - how do you live, how are your parents, friends, work. What you want you may say about yourself... I hope the letter isn't too long.
Bye for now! Irina.

p.s. I hope that my English is quite correct and you understand me not bad! But I want you to not to worry I understand you not bad because I use machine translator when I can't understand you quite good.

Letter 3

Hello Scott!
I appreciate that you answered to me again. I'm so glad that you like how I'm looking but I'm sure it is not the main in people. The most important - is their inner state, soul and what does they think about themselves. As Gorkii - famous Russian writer said: "The man is number, which numerator is what do people think of him and denominator is what he thinks of himself." I hope I'm not bad in my translation of classics but this mean that then more people think about themselves - the smaller and uninteresting themselves! I think I'm confused a little but anyway I like to read your letter and want to tell you more about myself.
I'm sure you are interested what do I look for in such kind of relationship as writing through the Internet for such a long distance. It is quite difficult to say for me! Cause I'm not sure myself! I can only say that this can be grown into something bigger than simply friendship but I don't want to accelerate events. If I really interest you and you do me too - who knows - may be some day we'll meet and say warm words each other in person.
First of all I want to add what do I look for in a man. He is to be very careful with me cause I'm very vulnerable girl. This is for the first sight I'm looking optimistic and not desponding but inside I'm very sensual. I think that man must earn the money and I have to hold household and grow up the children - I understand that it is a dream only but - do you agree? - a very sweet dream!
A man must be sympathetic and understanding what I want - especially in the bed! Sure it isn't all but the main what I look in a man!
I hope I didn't frighten you by high requirements to a man. I'm very simple and simply looking for my best man!
Another point is I forgot to tell you how do I get the Internet access here. I want to say that it is really banal way. I have no computer at home - so I have to use Internet cafe here in the city. There are many different centres of Internet access - I use the closest to my home. I want you to not to be offended by fact if I will not write everyday because Internet cafe is not very close to me but just when I'll have a chance I'll do it because I like to write letters to you and I see that you a little interested in me too.
You see my English is funny sometimes but nevertheless I'll try to continue to tell you more about me and my life here. I hope that you'll support me in this and will try to tell some more about your life there and answer for some of my questions.
By the way about how did I learned English. Firstly I learned it at school and than in university - so I think that I know it not very bad. And orally too - all friends say that I speak English greatly but I think that they flatter me a little ;-))))
I have never been outside Russia but always dreamed to do that. I think it is interesting for you to learn about if I was thinking sometimes about visiting America and I can say to you that it is my blue dream that I hope will come true someday. Of course I love my motherland and I like to live among my parents, friends, compatriots. But it should be very interesting to get someday to the land of dream! You see it is that kind of sight here for America as for the country where the life is really fun and not hard as here....
By the way I want to tell you more about my family, my parents. They are alive both and live in the same city with me. I live apart from them now in my own apartment. But I often visit them in their apartment. It is about an hour of going by bus from me. My daddy Aleksei is driver - he works at garage for 30 years - so he is 52 years old. He is very good father for me - I love him very much as he loves me very greatly too. As for my mom Zinaida - she is seamstress and work for about 25 years in this profession. I love her best of all - she is my best woman in life who I respect very greatly. She is 49. I'm sorry but I feel that it is too long already! I wanted to tell you more about my favourites but I'm a little tired already - I'm sitting here more that two hours already. I'll continue later. I was really glad to write an answer to you. Bye my good friend.

p.s. Sorry... almost forgot to say to you that my birthday is coming soon - it will happen on the 30th of March!

Letter 4

Hello my good friend Scott!
How do you feel and how is your mood today?
What concretely do you want to know about my country?
I am very glad to read your words for me. It seems to be some kind of magic - to write with the man from another part of the world! I'm very happy that you like to get letters from me. It gives me a feeling that I'm not bad opponent in our interesting conversation. So... Some words about the weather here... It is becames warmer here - the winter is going away from our city. It is 5 degrees below zero and dirty snow covered the streets - roads are very slippery and many cars collide each other. There are so many car failures on the streets of our city!
But I want to say that this is one of the best seasons for me. I like springs for their fresh air and feeling of awakening of nature! I like to walk in the streets of the city in this time.
As I've begun about my hobbies I'd love to tell you more about mine's. You heard already that I like sport and all activities which help me to keep my body in good health. This is aerobics, gymnastics, mourning exercises. I love to go to campings with friends to the nature. But as you understand - it is impossible here in the winter - too cold but when summer we with friends enough often go to campings. I like to play guitar and do when we sit at the fire late at night and singing our favourite songs! It is so romantic and pleasant.
But when it is cold in the street and there's nothing to do after long working day I like to sit in the deep and warm armchair reading favourite book. I have many favorite book but mostly of our Russian writers such as Bulgakov, Dostoevskii, Chekhov, Tolstoi and many, many others. But I know many foreign writer and like to read them too. For example, O'Henry, Mark Twain, Edgar Poe and others.
I like to listen music. I like mostly classical music but sometimes I'm not against popular dancing music and to tell to truth I like to go to discos. I like to dance all night with best friends until I'm really tired! I like to watch films too and I have seen many American movies from Holliwood - some of them are really good but mostly I like our own films of Soviet period. They were very kind and sensitive and tell much about relations between people and problems of person. I think that you didn't watch any of old Russian films and I would really be glad to show you several... I understand - it is impossible but seemes to be so great! But I want to know more about your tastes in movies, music, books and so on.
What else... I like to cook. It seems to me to be some kind of art - to make beautiful and tasteful food. I have many interesting favourite recipes of making great dishes. And I think that it is of mine - to prepare food - I like to do it. I'd love to treat you with several of my favourite dishes someday!
I feel that this letter turns out some too much about my person but I really would love to know more about you. You may tell me anything you want. It is great to know more about you and your interesting life there - in USA.
I'm sorry but I'm tired again. And I will try to write more in my next letter. If you don't like to write with - you may tell me - I'll understand. I know I didn't answer some of your questions but I want you to not to take offence at me. I'm a little absent-minded sometimes and when I take a great interest in describing of something - I forget to tell about something other you wanted to know...
So I'm finishing this letter but I want you to be patient and I'll try to tell you more about me and my life. I pass you a very warm Hello from Russia. Irina.

p.s. Here's one more photo of me. I hope you like it too!

Letter 5

Hi my best friend from America Scott!
I'm so very glad to write a letter to you my good and warm passionate friend! I hope you feel OK and will be glad to find the letter from far Russia. I may say for myself that I feel not bad and I'm in a good mood.
I feel that with every letter something wonderful and unkownwn grows between us! But anyway I hope I don't offend you by making premature conclusion that something can happen between us! I know it sounds a little crazy but... I only want to say that I'm very glad that it's pleasant for you to hear from me more.
As for war in Iraq. I'm not good in politics but I'm very negative. I don't like when people kill each other! I want all people live in peace loving each other! Today the weather is great - very sunny and fresh in the street!
I have something new to say to you. It is from the part of my personal information. I have broken with my last boyfriend yesterday. We had a great scandal with him yesterday. He was very rough and I decided that there's no another opportunity for us to meet any more. I hope that he will not be very sad because of this fact someday. I'm sure he lost much after we have broken our relations. I understand that it sounds some boastful but I'm sure that I'm not a very bad girl at all!!! It is some difficult to tel about there was yesterday but anyway - it has happened and I consider that everything's happening - that appears better in tomorrow's day! I think I wasn't wrong and I hope I will not sorry for this event in the future!
But anyway - I don't want to speak any more about this - I'm back to you my dear friend. I'm very glad that I found you through the Internet - you can listen to me and can understand my problems at another part of the world! Sorry I'm a little upset because my problems here but I promised to tell you more about my usual life here. So... my usual things through the day. I usually wake up in the 6.30 in the mourning and then doing my mourning washing, cleaning teeth and so on. At 7.30 I go to work by bus. As you understand I have no my own car and I can't drive at all - so I use to go to work the public transport. It isn't the best way of moving in the mourning full bus but I like to go walking to the work when the weather is good and I have good mood too. Then I come to work - do my usual routine work in the firm I work at. For the dinner I prefer to go to the cafe that stands near our office. I like this place that gives me the minutes of calmness and I can eat my dinner - with friends by work.
After work - at the 17.00 I can be free and I have a time for the rest to do what I want - I can go to the walk, to the gym or simply come home and read a favourite book. It is almost all usually I do through my day.
OK. I'm a little tired and I'll write you more in my next letters to you. I hope to hear from you very soon and I hope you are not very tired reading my long letters. I'm really waiting for your answer. Your very close friend Irina!

Letter 6

Hello and peace to you my friend Scott!
I'm writing you this letter cause I didn't heard from you for sime time. I hope everything's good with you. You see something strange occurs in the world. America began the war with Iraq. It is not very good to many people over the world cause they don't like wars.
As for me I'm not very good in politics but I'm negative to this war becuse I'm sure it isn't the best decision when people spill the blood at the war! It is very antihumanistic action. I don't like wars because people are to not to kill each other but to live in peace and loving!
I hope you agree with me.
It is very interesting for me what do you think about the sittuation in the world. If you have a chance please write me some words from you. I really want to hear from you more and more.
I consider you a good friend for me.
Your friend from Russia Irina.

Letter 7

Good health to you my dear friend Scott!
I know - this sound a little strange for you but this is literal translation of famous greeting in Russian. I want only to say that I'm very excited to find a letter for me with your great warm words!
It takes to me a great pleasure to read your letters and to know that someone far away waits for my letters too. I feel happy to find news from you my dear friend! With each letter between us I feel that firstly called feeling between us is growing and becoming stronger. It is very strange to understand the fact that two people can feel closer without even ever meeting but it is really so!!!
The weather is becoming warmer and it is -2 C and much sun in the street all day. It makes a good mood and you are waiting for something you can even describe...
But what am I?.. I feel that I have a great desire to come to USA to see you in reality some day. It may sound a little crazy but I really would love to meet you some day, to say you "Hello" in person, to shake your hand. It should be so romantic meeting!!! But from another side of the world it seems to be crazy dream only - you see - we live so far apart that it makes me unhappy that such a usual girl as me have no chance to move there where she want as easy as it is possible in fantasies...
But from dreams to reality... I finally forgot to give you my address you can write me a letter through usual mail. I live in the city of Ekaterinburg, Pushkin street, 14, apartment 24. My full name is Irina Panteleeva.
In turn I'd love to know your full address. I'll be really glad to send you the letter by mail. So if you don't against I want you to send me your mail address. OK? (I hope that I didn't missed it in one of your previous letter. If so please sorry!) I have come here from work and tired a little after hard and difficult day. I hope this letter doesn't bother you - I have a not very great mood. According to this I want to tell you about my love from far youth. I wanted to tell this much time before but I was a little confused and didn't feel enough trusting - it is very personal for me... He was a boy of my age. His name is Nikolai. I loved him so... so... But our love story finished very sad. He exchanged me for the career.
I know it sounds very sad but it was the greatest heart wound in my life from my early childhood. He is gone to Europe to the city of Madrid and live there now. I suffered so much. We were meeting for almost three years but he drop as... I can't recall this without tears.
I almost forgot him. It happened a five years ago and now I found you in so far!!! I hope that you are not bored with my stories? It seemed to me that I feel for you growing feelings. What is it - I don't know. I think that the time will show!!! But you can't deny the fact that our hearts becoming closer. I hope that I don't make a mistake thinking this. I really feel something new in my soul!
I'll finish now. I spent too much time already at the computer but for the final I'd love ask some questions. If you don't want you may not to answer them.
Firstly I'd love to know about your first romantic love. Who was she? Was she beautiful? Why did you get apart? You may tell me more about American women. I can't imagine them. It's really hard for simple Russian girl. Else I want you to tell me how do you feel about our future. Is there any chance for us to meet someday?
That is all for today. I'm going to go home but I promise I'll think of you today...

Letter 8

Hi Scott!
This is Irina. How are you?
I don't know how to begin this letter but I decided to tell you a very important thing in this letter to you. I'm a little confused. I never told you that I'm very easy-falling-in-love person! And how to describe... In short... It seemes to me that I fall in love with you. I can't explain this crazy feeling. Your warm, caring words in your letters, I feel that you are a very good person. I feel that you are closer to me than many of my friends here in Russia! I can't describe that great mood that I had when I got up today in the early mourning thinking of you huging me in the field of flowers! It was a great dream!!! I didn't see such kind of dreams from time of my firstly falling in love!!! It was so wonderful as in reality!!! I feel love and this fact heat my soul!
I feel that I'm enough powerfull to make my dream come true and come to you to USA and to see you in reality and to shake your hand and to look into your eyes and to say you in person what I really wanted to say but can't get it in words on paper...
It is so sweet - to think that it may happen to me and to turn all my life head over heels and bring me something I have never feel before. It is really seemed to be a land of the dream here. USA is something that does not seem to be real but some kind of fairy tale. I hope that this enthusiasm does not frighten you! I feel so happy thinking that some day we finally can meet in reality but not only over e-mail.
Mmm... I want to tell you about why I am alone... It is really hard here to find a man I want to be with. It is really poor here with good men. I can't describe it correctly but it seems to me that Russian men don't want to find their half in me. It is not good experience of changing boyfriends often but I come through it and it is all false. I hate this period of my life. I was crazy and decided to finish making mistakes in this life.
Now I decided to find the man in other country and it happened that I found you in USA. It was always my dream to marry American man. Of course that wish was mostly subconscious but finally I was advised to try to write to American man and I feel that make a good thing.
I like what's happening to me last days. It is so new to me!... I want to tell you more about the boy who helped me to find you via internet. He is very good and devoted friend. He is only one with whom I can divide my grief. We lived together as neighbours in the same house when I live with parents yet. We know each other from little age. we are great friends! So he asked me one day if I want to get acquainted with good American man. I said I agree and he has taken me to Internet Centre and shown how can I find anybody I want...
I wrote to several man whose profiles I liked; you, only you have answered to me. I decided to continue this interesting experiment. And now I don't regret any more - I found you! The name of my friend is Alexei. I told him about you and he was very glad for me and for my happiness. He has noted that I became better-looking and the smile doesn't go away from my face... By the way he passed "Hello" from him to you to America! I have known a little about how can I come to you. The most important is to get the foreign passport and visa to visit. It is not easy as have heard and but I think that there's no impossible things in the world. The most important is great wish and will to do what you want. I will speak with mother about this but firstly I need to know what do you think about this. I have learned that the cost of making all papers for me will totally cost about 200 US dollars but I'll learn it more better if you want. I decided to go to church today. I wasn't there for a long time already, too long time already.
I never told you that I believe in Christ and I'm Christian. My grandma (she died already) imparted to me a great love to church! She was very deep believer in God! And I will be asking today in the church for us to meet someday! I love you very much and I want us to be happy together!
All this letter is so spontaneous but from the deep of my heart. I want to know what do you think about what I said to you in it. Is it really love - how do you think? This feeling makes me so strong and courageous. But in deep of the heart I'm afraid to read your answer. I want to love but what future will show?... I need to know your answer!!! I want you to answer me as soon as you can. I love you. I'm finishing at this... Irina...

p.s. This is pic of me seems to be interesting. It is american style (cowboy hat and so on). I hope you like it.

Letter 9

Hi my love Scott!
How do I pleased to hear from you!!!! Your letters are really necessary to me to feel better every day of my life!!! I love you and expression of this fact is in my thoughts of you! It was a strange time I lived after my last letter to you. I was very excited in waiting of my next chance to read your words and answer for them... I wasn't sure for the reaction for my previous letter to you my love!
In the same time I had a very serious conversation with my parents about the chance for me to go away from Russia. It was very ambiguous conversation. First time my mom said that it is dangerous and awful to go away from homeland to the man which you even don't know in the person! It was very difficult to convince her that you are very good man who will protect me and take care of me! My parents are very conservative but I'm sure that I'll convince them to trust you! I love you so much and can't wait for the moment we'll meet together in person!
I want to change my life! My work is not interesting! My friend mostly all bother to me. Of course I exclude my best friend Alexei. I want to escape from the routine of daily life! It is so great to dream about going away from here to you! I want to be with you my dear! In my dreams I thought up a perfect evening that we will spend someday tet-a-tet with you my love! First of all. I would invite you over for dinner. I'm cooking. First I would you to shower me with my favorite flowers. Dining room table would be set with the best dishes, best flatware, bascily the best of everything because you deserve it. Two candles in the center of table they would be the color of red as the symbol of love. Classical music playing on the CD Player.
Lights turn down low. We have a fireplace in living room totally brick. So fire would be crackling. So basiclly the setting would be good music, good food and good atmosphere. You would come over to my side of the table and ask me to dance. I take your hand hold you close as we would stay to the music. Holding one another passion stiring with-in. You look into my eyes I look deeply into yours trying to read each others thoughts. We would dance for a while not to worried about the dinner. Just knowing we are together talking, spending time with one another becomes the event of the evening. Then after dancing we could sit next to the fire.
Then maybe if the mood is right and all the signs are visible then maybe not you never know. We kiss for the first time. Hoping and wishing that the night will never end. New thoughts and emotions stir with in us. I place my hand on your cheek. As I looking longingly into your eyes. Sending a mental thought as you read my mind. Hoping you are thinking the same as I am. Then we may kiss some more. Filling the night with endless passion. Then we should go to the bedroom. And then... You can only imagine how wonderful night can we have together!!!!!
Well what do you think? Sound good? Well there is more nights and days that could sound just as or more romantic. So I think we could make quite an interesting life together once the time has come. I hope I don't seem like I am pushing you or rushing you to think something your not ready for. My point is someday if things become more romantic between us that these things could be a possibility.
This is dreams... But reality tells me that every dream can come true! I have learned a little about the visa and papers but it isn't all. I'll go tomorrow to know more and in my next letter I'll try send you all information about how can I get the visa to you.
I'm so love you. I'm waiting for something that can change my life, that can make me the happiest woman in the world!
I love you my dear Scott!
Your Irina!

Letter 10

Hello my great love Scott!
I'm so glad that I'm writing a letter for you and so glad to understand that you are thinking and remember about me! It is so great to be in love! That great feeling of love gives such a great sense that everything will be OK! I'm simply a happy girl when understand that there is is a man who loves me and want for us to be together.
I have very good news according to this! I have known and made a great thing. I didn't tell you already that I have an aunt who works here in international airport. I was talking to her and she promised to me to find a ticket to USA with a very big discount. It could be for more than 50 percent if everything will be all right. I love her and very thankful that she agree to help to make my dream come true. So I want to ask what is the big international airport closest to you. Its name will help me to find the cheapest ticket with help of aunt Irina. I have told her about my desision to visit USA. She said that it will not be easy but she'll do everything to help me.
So I want you to not to worry very much about the ticket I think that together we will overcome everything. My parents said that they'll help me with the money for ticket too.
Now the closest problem is to make correctly all papers needed to come to USA. The final price is 290 dollars USA. It is including the cost of all papers needed: visa, applications and international passport. The procession is begun. Now they asking for the money. I have no big saves right now. I can find only about 20 dollars so I want you to help me with 270 dollars sure if you are not aginst.
I think that the best way for sending money is system Western Union. I have heard about it on TV and it seemed to be very reliable for using. They help to send money all over the world. I have know that here in Ekaterinburg there is a department of Western Union near me. It is situated at the following address:
If you will send the money you are to tell them my name - it is IRINA PANTELEEVA as you remember. They will tell you MTCN (Money Transfert Control Number).
It is ten digits. So if you will send it to me by e-mail I can get your money here in Ekaterinburg and will pay for the visa. If everything will be OK I think that all papers will be ready in two weeks.
So I want you to tell me what is the closest airport to you and answer me if will be possible to help me with the money for the visa.
Sorry that this letter contains too many words about the money. Unfortunatelly it still rules the world and if I could I would fly to you using wings of love!!!!! I love you and I want to see you to know you better and who knows - may be it is our destiny and we will be together until the end!!!
I'm really sorry if I offend you by asking for the help with money. I love you and I can't wait for the final moment we will be togethr with you my great love!!!! I'm waiting for your letter. I miss you very much. Your real love - Irina.

p.s. Here's a picture of me I did not much time before at home. As for my birthday - it was on the 30th of March not very much time before.

Letter 11

Hello my love Scott!
I'm so glad to hear from you! My last letter to you seems me now to be too bad for reading by you. There was so much about money. It is so pity that the money rules the world nowadays.....
I only hope that I didn't totally offended you by asking money but I hope someday we will meet and I hope that we both will not sorry about this fact. I understand that this crazy feeling burn beteewn us too easy and quickly but it has happened and I think it is a destiny.. Do you beleive in destiny?
I love you so much! My parents were not very good with that idea for us to be together firstly. They thought it is so far and dangerous! But I convinced them to let me be with my beloved and they agree with me at the end. All my friends wish for me to be the happiest girl in the world to be together!!!
There's a good new too at the work. I hadn't vacations this year so if I'll finally come to you there's shouldn't be any problems with my work here....
The only problem I'm affraid a little is how we will firstly meet and you will not like me... I know it sound's a little crazy but I really affrad of the fact that I can be disliked by you. You see that I'm enough beautiful girl but I can't say this about my character. I don't understand myself sometimes. I'm very capricious sometimes. And I have many lacks. I'm really affraid that will dislike me... Please sorry if I sound a little crazy....
But anyway I love you and I want to meet you in person very much!!! I can't wait for that moment we will meet someday!!!!!
I need to be with you!!! Cause I love you.... I would love to have you as my husband. I would be so very proud to have you in my arm every place we go. Your heart is like no other. You are unique in love and grace. I want to feel you in my arms and kiss you deeply. I can only dream of us together lying under the stars as we make love to each other. I will tenderly kiss you. I will give you pleasure as you have never known. I want all this for you....
I want to come and visit you and to stay with you! I want to meet your friends to talk with all of them!!!! My love, we will live together very happily. You are a very hot man Scott.
Please tell me more about your dreams of our life together.

I Kiss You. Irina.

p.s. I'll get the informatiom about the ticket to your airport. Thank you for loving me. Bye....

Letter 12

Hello my true love, Scott.
Your words are music to my ears,so gentle and caring, and filled with love, they put a song in my heart.
I do not know how I ever survived without you,I do know that I shall not want to go on without you, I need you in my life, I love you!!!! I miss you!!!!!
I wish we were already together, each day without you seems an eternity, not being able to hold you, to whisper in your ear of the love I have for you, I want so much to be with you, words fail to describe the incredible love of ours.
I could tell you for hours on end of the love I have for you, it is so strong and never ending, I find that I now look forward to what awaits for me in the future because you are their with me, because of your love, you have made the days of dreading the tomorrows disappear.
I want only to make you happy, to dance with you in times of joy, comfort you in times of sorrow, make love to you in times of heated passion, to care for you when you are hurt, to make the trouble of the world vanish and fill your heart with my love.
I sometimes wonder if you will become disappointed with things after we are united, my life is not always peaches and cream, I must make the money I have, stretch to make ends meet.
I only hope that the love we have shall overcome the trying times, because I love you so very much and do not wish to ever loose you. I have a dream of us, I see us as we cimb upon the motorcycle to see the sights of where you live, to feel the freedom of the open road as it courses through our bodies, not knowing where the journey will take us, not careing as long as we are together, the smell of summer is in the air and the wind brushes our hair, you show me the beauty of the mountains, and the wonders of the lakes and streams around us. We stop close to the shore of the lake so that we might cool ourselves in the refreshing waters, we laugh as we childishly play in the cool waters, then we come to rest upon the beach to take in the beauty that surrounds us, the moon glows and the stars blanket us, I lay next to you, to warm you, as your body glistens from the cool nights swim, I kiss you as I look deeply into your loving eyes, your heart warms me as it beats next to mine, your love is so tender yet so passionate, we melt into each others arms as we become one, I feel that I can not get enough of you, every minute with you is a new and wonderous minute, I wish to give you pleasure as you have never known before, I love you so very much.
I anxiously await the golden moment when we shall finally meet.
I love you my Prince.
I am yours heart, soul and body

Letter 13

Hi my Scott!
I hope this letter will find you in a good mood. I'm very glad to write a letter especially for you again. I love you too so madly that no word that can describe my feelings for you! And you know this very good without I'm saying about this! I began to understand that there is no need to say so much about how great my love to you! I'll try to tell you more about my usual life here without you. I hope you don't mind my best!
So it's going really warm here! Yesterday all day it was 10 above zero by Celsius and very sunny.
I so want you to huge me warmly and deeply and to kiss gently and never push me away from you... But that's only dreams - I'm so tired to be in fantasies...
Sorry I'm back again...
The weather as you see is good and I have a great power that supporting me in my desire to live - to live for you my love!
I really have fun here sometimes - for example I visited cinema here. It was a very interesting film from USA. It is called "The call" but I'm not sure how it is called in real English. That was my own translation :-) Did you hear about that movie? If so please tell me you'r impression about your sight. I was there with my girlfriends. Yeterday here was the premiere of this film and there were so many people. I was really glad to find out that it is really great when there are so many people around! I was simply happy that I exist too as all of them around! I have a good evening yesterday - I have seen a very interesting movie and I had much dialogue with my friends again. It was cool!
About film - I think that it was great - a really great make-up of the actors and good play of them sure!
So glad that went away from home yesterday! I hope that I didn't bother you yet. Please say if I do!
After ending we with my girlfriends went away walking and discussing movie. We even had a little dispute - they were not so great impressed as me but we found the same point of view at the end.
That's my usual life here. It is mostly bored - work, home - work, home. As bad Mary-go-round (I hope I was right speeing it?) that tighten me deeper and deeper to the routine of household life. The only shine in it is you are my love! You brighten my way of life! You shine at my road to happiness!
I will over at this - I am happy to drop you this note! I hope you'll like it! I'm still forever yours. Kissing softly Irina.