Scam letter(s) from Alena Nosachova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
I think matured men more
passion and more experience in any way. Just give me the chance to show you who I am and to learn more about you. Please, send me your e-mail address and we have a good chance to become more then friends.:))
Letter 2
I sent...reply me ok dear? my e-mail adress
Letter 3
Dear Michael, Thank you for writing me. I've never seen you in person and you've never seen me, but it seems that we have a splendid possibility to become acquainted. In beginning it may be difficult but after all will be easily and possible!! No matter that we live in different countries, and we speak different languages. I think it is not a problem because we are looking for happiness. And Ia'm sure we will find it. I want to tell some words about me. My date of birth is August, 8 1983. I am 167 cm tall and my weight is 53 kg. I have long black hair and brown eyes. I live in Ukraine, in Lviv city which is situated in the west of the country. I live alone in a little apartment I rent and I have parents and little sister who is 16 years old who live in a countryside. I have come to the city Lviv to study at the university when I was 18 and I still live here and work as a secretary at a building company. Speaking of my character, I would like to tell you, that I am an optimist by nature and I always believe that everything that is happening is for better, even if it does not look so in the beginning. Also I am very sensual and romantic woman and I am searching for a man who would be attentive and romantic with me.
Unfortunately I was not lucky to find my love here. Our modern men don't have family values any more and prefer distant relations or to live together without marriage and without any responsibilities. Most of them are lazy, infantile and irresponsible and have problems with drugs and alcohol. I don't want to start a family and bear children with such men because I believe that I worth a better fortune. My parents support me this and they will be only happy if I find a nice man who would love and care for me, even if I need to move abroad and stay there forever. We spoiled our Ukrainian men and that's why there are many Ukrainian and Russian women on the dating sites who dream to find their love abroad. I know that many Ukrainian women managed to do it and who are very happy abroad with their husbands and families.
That's why I am here and I strongly believe that soon I will change my life. I prefer active and healthy lifestyle and take care of my appearance and personality. I like sport, and most of my hobbies are connected with sport and active rest. I like swimming, dancing, skiing, skating and I regularly attend aerobics and fitness classes at the gym. I don't have bad habits. Most of all I appreciate in people readiness for mutual understanding and ability to love and trust. I feel in a relationship these are the most important qualities, friendship, respect of each other, being able to talk to each other, honesty, trust, passion, care, smiling and laughing. When I am in love I give my self totally. I am mot afraid to show my feelings and openly express them. And one more thing, I want to tell you is I don't speak English so far, but I know, I should start learning it and I am planning to do it in the near future. Language is possible to learn and I hope that it won't frighten you. I will be waiting for your reply and I truly hope that you are still interested in me and that you are not afraid of any difficulties which may come on our way as it will be easy to overcome distance for people who really love and want to be together. I would like to meet in person and may be continue our relations in reality when we learn each other better in letters. Would you like it too? Please tell me, if it is possible for you to visit me in Ukraine once. As for me, I am ready to move abroad to the country where I find my soul mate and if we like and love each other to stay with him forever. Well, I truly hope that I have helped you a bit to get an idea of who I am. Warm hugs and kisses,
Letter 4

Hello dear Michael, How are you? How is your day Michael? Should say big thank you for your nice letter, I was waiting for it, and yes I think that you are right, I'm still alone cause I can't find my love and my special person, it's really very difficult. But I'm optimist and try to believe in happy future and ready to do everything to have it :) Be honest I'm dreamer, I like to dream about special things, to dream about how happy I can be, it's very pleasant thoughts. So Michael, you asked what is it on my neck on one photo, so it's bijouterie, you don't like it? Dear Michael, have one thing to tell you, I'm very sorry I should be honest with you and tell you that I can't speak your language, I have never thought that it will be useful for me. Thank is why I decided to use translation bureau. Hope it is ok, and I will try to learn your language if you want, and maybe you will learn some Russian, if we will meet someday, I will teach you ;) And as for me, I live in a very small city in the East of Ukraine, it's very cozy and here people know each other :) In winter it's not beautiful but in Spring we have here some picturesque places, maybe some day you will come here and I will show this places. I live here with my parents,they are old but their souls are young, and they are very friendly and communicative. As for my work, so I like what I do, I'm a designer, and try my best in this profession. I like to watch many programmes about design and read many books, and have several projects how to make apartment modern and cozy. But also dreamt to be a designer of close, in other words fashion designer or modeller. And I see that you have also very interesting job, it's really great, it's very interesting and of course I will try to listen to your programmes, I will ask someone to help to find how to do it. I want to know Michael about you as much as you can tell me, I don't want to ask about things that you maybe don't want to tell me now, so I will ask common questions, things that I want to know about you and your day, how is your common day is look like? Can you tell me something about your family, your interests, and what do you like to do in your spare time? I'm very curious to know what do you do for life, and do you like it? Of course if you have any questions for me, you can feel free and ask, I will be happy to tell you everything you want to know ;) I have so many things to tell you. So, wish you nice day and waiting for your soon reply ;) Kisses and hugs from Ukraine ;) Yours, Maya
Letter 5
Hello dear Michael, Big thank you for your letters, And I just get your letter, I thought that you are not interested in me, after my letter to you :( I was waiting for your answer and worried that what I wrote wrong that you didn't answer to me. I see that maybe it was problems with post, who knows, so and can you maybe resent your answer on my letter, I will be glad. Thank you in advance. I will be waiting for your reply, hope you will have nice start of the week, and wish you nice day dear Michael. Kisses and hugs. Yours, Maya
Letter 6
Hello dear Michael, How are you? How is your day? Big thank you for your letters that you resent me, I should say that you are very interesting man, you have so many things that you like to do, it's very interesting that you are a music DJ, do you like what you do? Dear Michael, I think that I'm silly a little cause don't know who is MC(host), what did you do? It's really great that you are very talented man :) Big thank you for your photos that you've sent to me, I have to say that you are very handsome man, I like the way you look like, and I see one of the photos you are in working process, am I right? I have so many hobbies too, of course not so interesting as you have, so I have more common life, and of course in future I want to share al this things with my beloved, and of course it is very important for me, to find interests in your eyes ? I like to have active and passive time, it depends on my mood, and of course if we will be together we will find gold middle. Ia??m very easy going person so my heart is open for anything :) I like to read, to watch films, to eat tasty things, I like to cook, I like to laugh and of course sometimes as any normal person I have not good mood or Ia??m sad, and of course in such minute, I want to feel support from other side, from my man, whom I have no now :) And of course Ia??m ready to support my dear person Michael, to help and to listen to. I think that all this are very important things for relations, and everything have to be in family. Both of us have to feel that they are not alone not only in happy moments but in sad also, what do you think about it dear? As for my family, so I live with my parents, mom and dad. They are very kind and friendly people. I should say that love each other and so happy in their marriage. Be honest, now they only want me to be happy as they are. I'm very close with my mother, we can talk with her on all topics, it's so great that she understands me and I understand her. We try to spend as much time as we can together, cause parents think that I feel myself lonely, be honest they are right. These are my nearest and dearest,oh and of course I'm the only child in our family, but always dreamt to have brother or sister. All in all dear Michael, maybe some day you will come and make the acquaintance of my parents? So, I don't want to make you bore with long letters, I will be glad to get letter from you and hope you will send it to me soon. I wish you nice day and smile on your face. Yours, Maya
Letter 7
Hello Michael,
What's new has the day brought to you? I hope my letter makes it even better! I have thought a lot about our conversation and I must admit it is getting more and more pleasant to me. So, big thank you for your nice words about me, and I'm really glad that you like my photos, yes I want you to be always besides and warm me up :) Talking to you I have a feeling that I am doing something right. You know I like so much the myth about how we appeared here, in the world.
That here was a man, who lived a very lonely life and one day he asked Creator to make someone special for him, cause he tired to be lonely.
And Creator decided to get one rib from this man and create a woman. From this moment all people that were born they were not complete, they were just like a one part, and we all still are not complete and everyone try to find the right part. I like this myth cause it's real.
I'm in such situation now, that I'm still alone, and hope maybe you can be this part, and we can make one whole ;) Who knows, it's life... I want to say dear Michael, that I'm so interested in you and your words, hope that you can be someone special in my life. You've already turned the light on in my heart and hope you won't put out it. I'm very serious and have the same intentions. I can be different, active and passive, most of the time I'm with the smile on my face, but of course sometimes we have sad minutes in life, and maybe you can smooth over all this moments sad and happy :) And of course I will be the same.
When I see how happy people can be, I want the same, and I'm sure that will have. Sweetheart what do you think about it? Do you feel the same? I should say Michael that I told my parents that I communicate with you and they hope that someday we will meet and I will acquaint you with them. And of course I will be glad to meet with you when the weather will be fine and we will walk together hand in hand, and I won't feel myself alone :) Happy days. I will end letter here, and will be waiting for your letter with great impatience. Wish you nice day, I think about you and hope that you think about me too ;) Yours, Maya
Letter 8
" Translations & Interpretations "
translation bureau Hello Sir Michael, We are glad to welcome You in our company! We are a translation company which believes that in the modern world there are no borders between languages and people! We contact you with the purpose to inform that Miss Maya is using our translation company. We help with the translation and in Internet correspondence with you. Miss Maya was paying for all translations of her letters and for the printing/scanning of the photos. Now her account is empty and she can't continue your relationships. We were told that she really doesn't want to lose you and wants continue correspondence and relations with you. If you are also interested in further correspondence with Lady Maya and you can help her with payment for using our translation services, we will give you all the necessary information. Our company "Translations & Interpretations" is provided by professionally trained translators selected according to quality standards, thus, guaranteeing eminent human translations. Dona??t hesitate to contact us to ask for a price quote or to learn how to order our services. Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Alena Lebedeva
director of translation bureau
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