Scam letter(s) from Alena Nosachova to Yuriy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Yuriy! Well, I have your address and can write you more about myself... So, how are you today? :) I have never have the same experience and I do not know what do you feel... but for me it's kind of unusual to write to a man who lives so far away from me :))) Anyway, I will introduce myself to you so you will have a better view of what kind of person I am, Ok? :) When I saw your profile I thought that I would like to learn more about you... to understand your nature and reason - why are you here?.. what are you looking for?.. I hope my personality will be interesting and attractive for you and we might be a good couple... Do you agree with me? ;) If yes... My name is Alena, I am 29 years old... I have never been married and looking for my husband here... I live in Ukraine and I am usual Ukrainian girl :) And I sure that you heard before that there are the most beautiful girls here, am I right? ;))) I am seller in a second-hand shop...
and it is more interesting that you can imagine :) And what is your job? Do you enjoy it? Maybe it is enough for now... I'll send you my photo and hope you will like :) That is my e-mail and I hope that you'll write me back soon! If you have not a possibility to write me a letter right now... please, write only some words that I will not worry that you received mine ;) Good day!!!
Alena ;)
Letter 2
Hello to you, dear Yuriy! ;))) Thank you for your letter!!! I was really glad to receive it! It means that you have some interest to me and we could try build some relations... And what type of relations would you like to have? I hope that you are serious and would like to have strong and happy family... because I think that it is the greatest goal for everyone in this world... Do you agree? :) And as for about me... I am searching for one special man who is truly ready to be loved and build together a relationship that is so full of love, honesty, trust and respect for each other that will grow and grow with each and everyday and will be last in a lifetime... A man who will be my soul mate, my best friend, my partner, my equal, my husband, my **** lover, my world, my everything to build together a very loving happy life, could this man be you? I hope we will decide this question soon ;) And I want to tell you thanks for your photo! You look great and I will be happy to receive more of them :) And it is beautiful that you like my picture - your compliments like honey to my soul... and I hope that pictures what I will send to you today will be nice to your eyes :))) But of course will be better to meet in real life... and it will be great if you could come to Ukraine to meet me :) As for more about me... I am 29 y.o. - was born
27.04.1989... I am simple girl Alena who lives with her granny and older sister... We live in the village Merefa and every day I go on the bus to the city to work... And my work is real pleasure to me - I met different people and communicate with them and help to make an order :))) And I think that it is important to satisfy with your job, am I right? I don't know what to tell you more... Maybe it is enough for today because I afraid to make you tired from me ;) I send you some of my photos: first one is with my older sister and another I made with help of my friend's phone :))) and hope to receive your answer soon... And also hope that you
could write me more about yourself... because I am
interesting to know everything about you, your character...
tell me more about your hobbies and family... And when I will write you again I'll tell you more about me and we will become little closer ;))) Have a beautiful day!
Your Alena ;) PS And as for about the skype... Dear, I do not have own computer :((( But we can use web cam service in the company which I use for writing you... manager will help us to understand each other... What do you think? And when do you want to meet me? :)))
Letter 3
Hello my darling friend!!! Thank you for your sweet letter and nice photos, Yuriy! You are so wonderful man and can make my mood only with some your words... I did not know will you answer me or not too... I little afraid because I afraid to lose this relations... Why? Ohhh, you are the first beautiful moment after years full of work... finally I met interesting and pleasant person with whom I want to try build serious relation... And hope you thought the same... And I also happy that you love my photos - because I wanted to find something nice for you... and choose so careful... And you like them - it means that you like me and hope will like another... And you know, I have a lot of dreams in my head... But the most long waited dream from my childhood... I love dance and every time when I see wedding couples dancing waltz and happy smiling... and then has long sweet kiss in the end...
I jealous them :) because I want to have this in my life too... I want to have groom, love him, teach him waltz and rehearse this every evening... and laugh when he can not do something :) and teach again... And when will be our wedding dance this beautiful waltz and everyone will be shocked...
and I will be proud of my husband... because he is good boy and learned everything what he need... And in the end we will kiss each other... all guests will applause us... and cry - bitter! bitter! bitter! And then we will go to our home to have the best and the passionate wedding night...
Ohhhhhhhh, how much I want it! But... what about your dreams from the childhood and now, Yuriy? Would you like dance waltz with me? :))) I don't know what can I tell you more... Simply you must to know that I am serious about you... and really want to make our relations like happy and for a long term... I feel that you are special man for me... But you have to know that if I could not answer you tomorrow it means that I will not have money for translation our letters :( I do not know English well and do not have own computer... And when I will have possibility to pay for translation again I will write you back... I don't know can I ask you about help... help which can save us... But if you can and want to help me - I will be really happy... because you mean really a lot for me...
And I will be sure that you will support me and take care about me in any way :) Please, be careful and stay healthy!!! Write me soon because it is so important for me... I also send you my photos - hope they could tell you a lot and you will like them ;))) And I also hope that you could send some your sweet kisses - it will help me not miss you too much... Yours Alena :-*
Letter 4

Translation Bureau ELEGANTE
Good Day to you, Dear Mr.Yuriy!!!
Welcome to use our service! We are translation bureau who worked from 2000. We have a lot of clients and your lady Alena is one of them. We translated your correspondence with her. And now Alena was in our office and got your letter. But she asked us to retell you that she does not have a possibility to answer you because at this moment she does not have money to pay for our service. Alena is so serious about you and hopes that you will understand her situation. Also lady hope that you are serious about your friendship too and do not want to lose her. Alena asked you about help with paying for your correspondence - she will be so happy and grateful you for this because it will mean the possibility to develop your friendship and become closer day by day. Lady sends you her kisses and will come to our office again later to get some news from you. If you are interesting - we could send you information about our service and prices. main manager, with regards.
Letter 5
Translation Bureau ELEGANTE
Good Day to you, Dear Mr.Yuriy!!!
Welcome to use our service! Thank you for your attention and for the answer to our information letter. We will retell to your lady Alena that you wish to continue correspondence with her and will support her to pay for our service. PRICES FOR TRANSLATION SERVICES Translation into Russian:
- one letter - 5 USD,
Translation into English:
- one letter - 5 USD, Interpreting:
- phone conversation (per 10 minutes) - 7 USD,
- communication by web cam (per 10 minute) - 49.50 USD,
- during meeting:
1. per hour 25 USD,
2. per day 120 USD, Other services:
- sending (scanning) one picture - 3 USD,
- receiving (printing) one picture - 3 USD, SPECIAL PROPOSITIONS - UNLIMITED TRANSLATIONS: 1. PER MONTH: 240 USD,
2. PER TWO MONTHS: 380 USD. If you wish to support your lady and make payment you can use Western Union, Money Gram, RIA. The dates for making payment are: the full name of your lady - Alena Nosachova the country - Ukraine the town - Merefa village the address - Horkoho str. 3 zip code - 62473 Please, as soon you will make a payment as fast inform us about it's details that your lady Alena will be able to get your help. And after she will put the money on your account in our company she could write you a letter and you will be able to continue your relationship. We are waiting for your reply. main manager, with regards
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