Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Vakhromeeva to Richard (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Richard!
Thank you very much for your interest.)))
How are you today? I hope that you are well.
I am ok today!)
And I am glad to read your little letter)))
Let me mention a little about myself.
I beforehand apologize for my English. I badly know English. But I try to learn English better.
I was born on January 25th, 1995 in nice little town Ulyanovsk.
Ulyanovsk - it is the native land of the leader of world proletariat Lenin Vladimir Il'ich. Can you heard something about him?....
Richard, excuse me, but I can not write much today.
Richard, I hope to hear from YOU very soon!
Ok, I wish you good day and good mood!)
Letter 2
Hi Richard!
Please forgive me for not writing before now. I am very sorry.
Weather in Ulyanovsk is very cold today ((((.
I have frozen in the street in the morning very much .
I have pessimistic mood today.
Bad weather operates on me negatively....
Richard, I hope all is well and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Letter 3
Hi Richard!
Thank you for your reply very much!
How are you now?
Richard, I want to tell you about my town: Ulyanovsk was called Simbirsk before.
It was a small provincial town. Ulyanovsk is situated on the Volga. The population of our town is over 700 000. Simbirsk was founded in 1648. In 1924 Simbirsk was renamed Ulyanovsk. Now it is a large industrial cultural center of Russia,
The are some higher educational institutes, colleges and schools in our town.
Ulyanovsk is famous for its places of interest and historical monuments.
Some famous people - writers, poets, artists lived in Ulyanovsk, such Karamzin, Goncharov, Minaev, Yazikov, Plastov and others. I like my town very much...
Richard, today I went in the city of Samara with several employees on work.
I have come back home recently. This Monday was very much sated....
How are your work? How are your health?
I like to write to you letters, but I have no opportunity to write to you each day. (((It is wrong...But I shall try to answer you more quickly.
I hope, that you do not take offence at me for my silence.
Well, Richard, I close my answer and I wait your letter and your photos, please!
P.S. Richard, my town near Samara and Penza. Ulyanovsk is about 1 000 kms from Moscow. I hope, you can find my city on map))
Letter 4
Hi Richard!
Thanks for your good letter and your photos)))
I am ok today and you?
Today Russia has a holiday. It is day of reconciliation.
Today weather in Ulyanovsk is solar, but cool.
The last days was many work , I start to work at 8.00 a clook and finish between 5 and 6 a clook! Sometimes I am very tied from long work!
Richard, you like romantic evening? I like when in outside rain to sit on sofa make good music and to drink good wine! I like very much to cook a good fish or good meet. What you like to cook?
Ok, Richard, I hope you soon will be write me and send more fotos from you!
Letter 5
Hi Richard!
Thank you very much fro your answer and photo your home. Your house is very big)))
Richard, I apologize that I did not answer your questions! I had some employment probably, therefore I did not answer you.
I will be glad to answer all your questions!
You are surprised, that I have not found love in Russia.... I was in love, but it has not brought to me anything, except for disappointment....
I hope to meet love through Internet)
I do not eat chestnuts never!!! Chestnuts is tasty? I shall be glad to have dinner with you sometime if the cook is you))))
Yesterday I celebrated a holiday of the consent with my girlfriends in cafe.
We have carried out this day cheerfully and is noisy!
Ok, Richard, I will close my letter now and look forward to hearing from you.....
Richard, take care and have a nice day!
P.S. Richard, I send you some my photos))))
Letter 6

Hi Richard!
Thanks very much for your reply!
How are you today? I am ok.
About distinction of age... I think, that the true love has no age frameworks and all age are obedient love.
I search more for the senior partner, than I. It is connected to that probably, that I had no father in the childhood.))))
I search for love in Internet and I am adjusted that having grown fond of the person, I can go with him though on edge(territory) of the Earth. I think, that the place of residing is not so important, the main thing - harmony between two hearts.
I work as the secretary - clerk in small firm. I work on a computer much and I spend telephone conversations. I have noticed recently, that my sight has worsened from a computer (((. I think, it is necessary to change work)))
My cat has name Filimon. My cat very lovely and cheerful. Your cats very class!
I like cats very much!)))))))))
My favourite color is blue, red, green, dark blue....
Mine the favourite season is a summer. I love heat and the sun))))
I spend it with my family, I read books sometimes, I watch TV, I go on a nature when I have a spare time ....
Ok, Richard, I close my letter and I send you my new photos)
Wish you good day and I wait your answer!
Letter 7
Hi Richard!
Richard, I apologize for taking so long to reply to you .... I have been busy on my work.
How are you now? I hope that you are doind well.
How you have carried out these days? Weather today foggy and rainy....
I stayed idle today all the day. Tomorrow I will make the big cleaning my apartment)))
Ok, Richard, I finish my letter and send you my new photos)
I hope that my photos liked you)
Richard, I wish you very nice day!
P.S. Richard, I understand sense of your letters perfectly. You should not worry about it!
I have no opportunity to answer at once on your letters unfortunately.....
Letter 8
Hi Richard!
I am ok and you?
On my computer two ducks sit!)))) you very attentively looked my photos))))
You like me) And I want to find out you better .
I very much like my country but I do not want to remain here. Because in Russia the life every year becomes worse and worse. I want to meet the person who will be for me a support and my most favourite husband with which I can create normal family and bring up children.
I want to find out you better and our meeting in a reality will begin our real relations.....
Ie, Richard, I wanted to inform you, that I think about you...
Now I will tidy up...
Letter 9

Hi Richard!
Thank you so much for your letter)
I am fine today but I have a lot of work(((
and How are you? I hope that You are well today....
Do you like ice-cream? I love chocolate ice-cream very much! I can eat much a lot of ice-cream!
Ok, dear Richard, I need to work now and I wish you very very good day!
Letter 10

Hi Richard!!
Thank you for your letter))) so much) and I am not so good.....
I apologize for long silence....
I have the big troubles with my work.
I am dismissed from work and I should engage in search of new work.
My time in Internet is limited very much...
I want to tell, that I think about you and I shall write to you at once when I shall have an opportunity.
Richard, I hope, that I have not upset you very much with this letter.
Letter 11
Hi dear Richard!
Thanks so much for your letters.
I did not expect dismissal from work absolutely! I was in a shock! I have understood, that it were intrigues of one of directors....He wants suit his relative on my place.... I am upset very much.... I think, that searches of work will be delayed on any time.
Richard, I think about you always.
I do not know, when I can write you again....
Richard, I wish you good day
Letter 12
Hi dear Richard!
I apologize for my silence.
I have not found new work for the present... And I have no opportunity to write to you frequently.
Problems cause stress in me and I am tired from search of work already...
Ok, I think about you always!
dear Richard, I wish you good day
Letter 13
Hi dear Richard!
How are your?
Thank for your encouraging letter!
But my position was not improved for the present... My nerves on a limit and I cried some times even.....
Richard, I think about you very much frequently.... You in my ideas ...........
But my monetary problems cross out all good ideas....
Life in Russia is unpredictable.... And search of work can occupy long time...
My salary made on last place of work about 250 $... It is a little)
Richard, did you want to meet me?
I apologize, that I did not answer you this question.
I want to see you in real life! But I have no opportunity to arrive on a meeting to you for the present (((
But I hope to see you in the near future....
Dear Richard,I do not know, when I shall write to you again...
Ok, dear Richard, I need to close my answer and I wish you very good day!
Letter 14
Hi dear Richard!
Thank you for your last letter!
I apologize, that I did not write to you these days too....
Richard, I visit Internet very seldom now.
The problem with work remains still. But I hope, that the period of failures will be finished soon.
I think about you and I dreamt about you some days ago!))))
Ok, dear Richard, I close my letter and I send you kiss!
And Richard, I wish you very good day!
Letter 15
Hi dear Richard!
Thank you so much for your soon reply!
How are you now?
I can not visit Internet because it dearly.....All rests against money ((((....But I shall write to you when I shall have an opportunity........
The Christmas is a good and kind holiday))))
Christmas gifts is a tradition all over the world....
Richard, I want to give you a gift, but I have no monetary opportunity to make it... (
The gift is pleasantly))) and the gift is important not, and the attention is important!
I shall be glad to receive a card from you))))))
This is my home adress - Russia, 432042, Ulyanovsk sity, Bogdana Khmelnitskiy street, 19 A house, 57 apartment.
Richard, my home telephone number is 8422647555. Yes, it is my telephone number.
You can call me on this number.I will be glad to hear your voice!
Please don't be mad at me, but I'm going to make my letter very short this evening ...
Richard, I hope all is well .Take care and have a nice day!
Letter 16
Dearest Richard!!!!
Richard, I wish YOU very good year!!!!!
Thank you very much for your gift!!!!!
I was very much surprised! The courier has brought to me very beautiful bouquet of colors for New year!
You are romantic!!!!!
I did not receive flowers already for a long time......
I want to tell you, that your flowers stand about my bed.. And I look at flowers very much frequently!
Yesterday I have made some photos with your colors...
Richard, I want to wish good luck you happiness, health, good luck in new year!
I send you big kiss!!!!!
Letter 17
Hi dear Richard!!!!
How are you today?
I carry a ring on the left hand!
In Russia married people carry a ring on the right hand!))))))
This ring was presented to me by my family some years back))))
How are you met New year?
I have caught a cold a little(
Ok, my dear Richard, I need go to sleep now////
I send you very big kiss!!!!! and I wait your answer)
Letter 18
Thank you for your letter))))
How are you today? I hope that you are very well!
I am ok today and your reply causes a smile on my person)))
Weather is cold today very much... I want a lot of snow... But it is not enough snow in our city still)
Richard, I have not found work still..... It delivers to me problems. But I hope, that this year will be more successful for me.
I have received some money in a gift from my family and I spend this money on Internet...
But I want to apologize... I will write to you seldom soon...
Dear Richard, I want to hear your voice! I do not know, but your last bell - I heard silence in a tube only!
You can call to me at any time! Richard, I hope to hear your voice!
Ok, Richard, I close my answer and I kiss YOU!
Letter 19
Hi dear Richard!!!
How are you now? You are well?
thanks for your last letter and for compliments to me)
My surname Aao?iiaaaa (Vakhromeeva).
My cat is well))). Filimon speaks you "Hello")))
I live with mum Irina, younger sister Polina, my grandmother Alina and my grandfather Victor.
I ask you little questions?))))
Well, I have prepared some questions for you.)
This is questions:
1. What do you think about Russia?
2. Have you got any friends who lived in Russia?
3. What do you not like in a partner?
4. Do you enjoy closeness, sensuality between partners?
5. What sort of job would you really like to do?
6. What sort of clothes do you feel comfortable in? )))))))))))))))))
Richard, I do not work.... And I do not know as to issue the invitation for you... What I should make?
I want our real meeting very much! And I think about you.....
My dear Richard, I have received your congratulatory card yesterday by mail!!!
Your card stands near to a fur-tree now)))))
I send you my new photos in this letter. These photos are made some days back. I went in suburb to my relatives. These photos are made in a winter wood!
Weather in Ulyanovsk cold! Today is -24!
Richard, I close my letter and I wait your answer)
Kisses for you ( Evgenyia
P.S. You can call to me at any time! Richard, I hope to hear your voice.
Letter 20
HI dear Richard!
I was glad to hear your voice !!!!
I apologize,but my English not so good!
I am glad that you could phone up me and we have heard voices each other!
I want to tell you, that I want to meet with you very much!
I understand words in English on hearing badly..
I had no colloquial practice.
I understand the English text better much more.
How are you today?
I will hand over 4 examinations at university soon . It is examination in a history, in macroeconomic, in the mathematical analysis and in philosophy.... I
need learn a lot of information!
I have a problem now. Richard, you know, that I do not work while.
And I should pay for my training... I need to pay 5500 roubles.
I want to ask for you the help.... I do not know, that I can make independently...
Richard, I can not find this money...
I am upset with it very much... Can you help me?
Richard, you my last hope.... And I want to continue my training at university very much...
But absence of work delivers to me problems....
Ok, Richard, I think about you and I kiss you.... and I wait your answer.
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