Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Vedernikova to Wes (Canada)

Letter 1
Let me introduce myself:
My name is Katya. My surname is Vedernikova.
I search for the love I hope to find the man of the dream.
Probably from this something to turn out.
I saw your profile and you interested me very much.
Who knows that will be? In any ways the time will show to us If you want to correspond with me you can write me : or Katyacoolgirl (at) yahoo (dot) com
I'm wait your letter with impatience.
With regards
Letter 2
Hello Wes!!! I am very glad to receive your letter!!!! Thanks to you for your letter very large!!!! You even imagine can not, as I am strong is glad to receive from you the letter now. Let me to tell about itself. I Russian girl. Yes, I really Russian girl, I have written in profile that I from other country that me have permitted to be the member of this site, that me would permit to find love. I know, that many Russian girl leave for other countries to be happy. I have decided it to try too. If I it have not made, me simply would not give an opportunity to be the member of this site. I hope that you understand me correctly. So, I very much would want you to tell about myself. My name Katya. I live in Russia, city Cheboksary. This city to be on a coast Volga. This city to be in western part of Russia and at a great distance from Moscow. My birthday of July 18, 1994. I want to you to say, that I have ended school, and to become member in university.
I always dreamed to be the lawyer, I always dreamed to protect the people, therefore I have chosen this trade. I want to you to say, that I to end university very well, I thought that before me all doors will be open, I was sure, that I can find good job. But unfortunately, I could not find job, because in Russia all not as in the normal country. I could not find job, everywhere, where I wanted to be arranged at job it turned out so, that without familiar I had no chance to be on this job. A bit later I have understood that so it is impossible. I began to search any job. And now I work in a hairdressing saloon. I have ended rates to become the hairdresser, and now I work in this trade. I want to you to say, that till character I the optimist, I believe that all will be very good. Our family very small. I have only mum. About the daddy I did not hear anything, he has thrown us, when I was very small, to me there were then only a few months. He never did not occur any more. The grandfather and grandmother have died of old age. We with the mum live in city,in an apartment, we have not telephone . What you can tell about yourselves?
What at you a trade? Than you are busy? Please, send me the photos, Iwould like to know with whom I communicate. I shall wait your letter!!!!!

I wait with impatience your letter
Letter 3
Hello Wes!!! I am very glad to receive your letter! Thanks to you for your letter very large. I work as the hairdresser some years, because I can not find job on the speciality. I have perfect legal education, I can work the lawyer or legal adviser..... But unfortunately, at me it has failed to make. But I do not despond, I the optimist and I to believe, that all will be very good. I live together with the mum, we often with mine the mum spend a weekend together. As a rule we make harvest, because I like when in an apartment cleanliness. Often I and my mum to experiment various kinds meal. I very much like to prepare of a various kind meal. It is possible to say one of my hobbies. To me really to like to prepare!!!! I like to do home preparations, I like when in the winter open to bank with cucumbers or especially prepared by wood berries, and enjoy by taste and smell of a summer!!!!! What you think of it? In the winter, when the sharp shortage of vitamins it is felt it is especially useful. I would like you to treat dishes!!! I think, that it would be pleasant to you!!!! I like a nature. I like to go for a walk on a wood, to collect mushrooms and berries. to me to like from berries to make jam. To me to like to prepare various soups, dish from meat, a bird, me to like to prepare dishes from vegetables.
I like expirement with products, sometimes it turns out very unusual combinations of tastes, present masterpieces!!! In the evening I go for a walk on city with the girlfriend. We like to go for a walk on park. At us such beautiful city is especial in the evening, when becomes darkly and in windows of apartments light is lit. The city becomes similar to a luminous sphere, the show-windows of shops by various colours of fires are lit. In the evening I like to pass at a fountain. I very much like to look at water. Please describe to me city in which you live. Write to me than you are job? I would like about it to know in detail. I want to you to say, that in Russia I unfortunately fail to find love. It really is very difficult. I am tired to search for love in Russia. In Russia the man it is a lot of to drink alcohol, and from it they become very aggressive and often to beat the women...... I do not want to myself such love. I search man, which there will be a love me to protect me from danger, and to care of me, which will be honour and sincere with me in all questions. I want that I and my love created the small world, in which there would be only we. I want to give the man happiness. I shall do all for this purpose!!!!! I very much want to find love, the true love, which gives happiness. For this purpose I have addressed to the Internet, I very much hope that at me to turn out to find love. I would like at you to ask, that I shall write to you about the life, I very simple till character the girl, and I very much hope that I will not be boring to read, how you to waste time.

I wait with impatience your letter
Letter 4
Hello Wes!!! I am very glad to receive your letter! I want to you to say, that to me very much to like to receive from you the letters, your letters very interesting. Thanks to you for your letters. Yesterday I with my mum looked cinema. In it cinema there were bad and good heroes. One girl has met the man, they began to meet. The girl love it the man.
But this the man deceived her, he met other girl. The girlfriends spoke her about it, but she did not believe them, because the love him is very strong. But as that in the evening she went for a walk with the girlfriend and has seen the man with other girl, he embraced also kiss her. It was very bad, she at once has gone to herself home all in tears. She long could not believe in it. In the morning she has called him and has said that their relation came by the end, that she does not want more him to see, that she his love, but he not love her, that he deceived her. In one week this the man has called her to apologize, but she did not want him to listen. A bit later this girl has met another the man, they began to meet and in some months have got married and began to live happily. We with my mum looking are cinema very much worried for the main heroine. What films to you to like to look, tell to me about what there was last film about, which you looked. It is very interesting to me. I wait with impatience your letter
Letter 5
Hello Wes!!! Mine dear you could write to me very pleasantly that to me the letter, you could come off job and answer to me. I very much would want with you to speak about that that such love. Love for me the most important feeling, which I wait from close and from you. The love this such feeling which is necessary for everyone, by all is not dependent on any qualities. The love is necessary to plants and animal. My dear relation between the people develop on mutual sympathy, trust to each other. In our relations we should trust to each other, we should exchange our feelings, ideas and desires. I think that our feelings and the desires coincide. Mine dear I often think of us. We can be together or we can be only friends, there can be this happiness and can be and no. Mine dear I want that we together we could create strong union. You think it probably? Between us large distance, between us ocean, you think our feeling such distance can overcome? I think that our feeling is capable to overcome this distance. The love for me is all that it is necessary, the material assets to me are not important. I have maximum education and the love is necessary only for me! Mine dear I think that you understand my feelings, share with me my ideas. Write to me please that the love means for you, what you think of my ideas and feelings? What I mean for you? I would like it to know. Write to me the truth, I always write you the letters by heart and soul, I always write you the truth. Please, write to me that you think. It seems, that at us related souls, and probably our hearts can beat in one rhythm...... Please, write to me the truth. I wait with impatience your letter
Letter 6
My love Wes!!! I'm happy to receive such beautiful letter from you.
I have dreams concerning us each day and each night. I love you by all heart and I know, that you will do me by the happiest girl. I love you. I want, that we have met faster. I shall be happy to arrive to you. We shall be beautiful pair and could well spend time together. I think, that it is necessary to us to plan our meeting. We know each other and we love each other. We can designate date of our meeting. If we shall do everything, that in our forces, we can meet very soon.
What you think of it? I shall go in agency and I shall learn conditions of my arrival to you. I shall inform you the information tomorrow. I dream of embracing you and gently to kiss in lips. I hope, that our dream soon will come true also we can enjoy life together.
With Love
Letter 7
My Love Wes!!!
I want to say to you that I is going to arrive to you. I shall be very happy to be with you. The minutes with you will be happiest for me. I went in agency and I have learned cost of the tickets. Cost of the tickets makes $ 1600 (USA).
But there is one problem. It is a shame to me about it to speak you. I have no money to pay my arrival to you. I very much want to arrive to you and could do it though tomorrow if I had money. I very want our meeting, but I have the very small salary to pay all charges. My salary makes only 180 USD per one month. I do not know that to me to do, I do not want to lose you. I want faster to meet you.
With Love
Letter 8
My Love Wes!!!
I want to say, that I am glad to receive your letter from you. Your letters warm my soul. I am sure, that you the most gentle man, which I ever met. I would like to arrive to you and to be with you for ever.
But I can not afford to pay such sum. It is the very large money for me. If I have such sum of money, I immediately would arrive to you. I hope, that we can meet and we shall find a way for our meeting very soon. I love you and I want to be with you. I think, that we together can overcome all difficulties. I want to say, that I could arrive to you, but for this purpose I need in your help. I very much appreciate your kindness. If you to help me with arrival to you, I could arrive to you during 2 weeks. I think, that our meeting will be the beginning of our new life together. What you think of it? I wait for your letter with impatience.
Your Katya.
Letter 9
My Love Wes!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I shall wait for that day, when we can meet. I love you and I want to meet you faster. I understand, that it is very difficult to find such sum of money, but we should do everything, that in ours forces for the sake of our happiness. I dream, that we soon shall meet also we shall enjoy time, which we shall spend together. I love you by all heart. I have connected the life with you. That is necessary for my arrival to you, I want to say, that it is necessary to do the visa and to get the tickets. I regret, that I have no money to arrive to you independently. If I to have such money, I shall go to you immediately. I think, that it is necessary to us to begin to make out the visa, because the registration of the visa borrows some time. Then we could buy the tickets and have meeting. I shall do all independently, but for this purpose I need in your help.
I need, that you have helped me financially. When I shall make the visa, we can meet soon. I need in $ 600 (USA) for registration of the visa. I went in bank to learn, as I can receive money from you.
They have said to me that the most convenient and fast way is a parcel of money on system of Western Union. In bank very much recommended me this way of translation money. Money very quickly reaches the addressee. This way many people all over the world use.
They have said that I have no other opportunity, because I have no the bill in bank. To issue the bill, a lot of time is necessary for me. I need to do some informations for this purpose. It will borrow a lot of time. I think that the parcel of money on system of Western union is very convenient.
For this purpose you need to know my complete data:
The country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
The name of bank: Vneshtorgbank
The address of bank: Ivanova 80, a
Zip: 428018
Name: Ekaterina
Surname: Vedernikova
For this purpose that to me to receive your money, I need to know your complete data (your complete address, confidential code Mtnn, your complete name and sum which you send). The earlier I shall begin to make out the documents, the faster I shall arrive to you. I love you and I want to meet you faster.
With Love
Always Your
Letter 10
I want to say, that you very much have offended me by the letter. I have entrusted to you the destiny and I want to be with you, but you do not believe me. I am sure that the love should be under construction on trust and mutual understanding. If you do not believe me, then you do not love me. You have broken my heart. I can not constrain the tears, because you have made to me is sick. I shall call to you to prove, that I am valid whom myself I give out for. I shall warn you about a bell. I hope, that you will not pity that you have made is sick to the man, which is valid you loves.
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