Scam letter(s) from Mary Amponsah to Lauren (USA)

Letter 1
Thank you so much for telling about your feelings and everything that you wanted me to know which i do appreciate it so much and yes i meant it when i said that our future is towards marriage which am sincere about and i have been honest with you ever since the every day i meant you Lauren...I love you with all my heart and i do understand about all your financial issues and your medical bills that you have to take of care which has gotten you into some debt because of your ex.. I do remember all that and i feel you honey and i have plans for us too which am not expecting you to service me or be dependent on you NO i cant do each a thing but i will definitely help together for us to achieve every goal we will set as couples and i know you do have your doubts but am letting you know i have never doubted you and i will expect the same from you because you are with my heart which i mean everything i tell you.. Thank you for taking my words once again.. And about what i said about not telling you about my mom, which you are saying that you dont understand, you answered it yourself..You have your issues with how you taken things and from everything i thought personally i thought you were going to be angry and tell or the things that will get me hurt that why i didnt tell you about it.. and also with not saying good morning, and all those regards are because of the signal and i explained that to you as well ..I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me if i have wronged you and lets going with our relationship i promise to not let you down my love..
Love you so much Lauren..
Thank you ..
Letter 2
Well with all that you have said am touched and i really understand what your family is like and i will like to tell you about my family that i haven't been introduced by anyone actually but i do know that they are my sibling but my brothers or sisters because they aint born by my parents..Here every body is minding their business here and want to do their own which i tried to explained myself to you but i dont know how to do that but i believe someday when i get to be with you i will like be able to tell some experience for you to know all i have been going here..Also about Money that you have been complaining that i dont tell you certain i want you to know that it involves money to stay up health here and i do manage with what i have for now because i dont get anyone to provide for me and i know am sounding like a mess but thats the truth sometimes my auntie isn't able to come through as i do expect which i have to be here by myself and try to fit in but i dont tell you those things because i dont want you to be worried or anything of that sort..For instance you got ****** and angry when i ask for airtime on my phone before doing it but i had to endure it because i know i broke a trust which i told you i wont be asking you for anything ever but situation got it out of me which i couldn't do anything but ask you and know what my stand is i hope you find it in your heart to forgive me for that moment and also i dont want to be asking you for favor or money on my feeding or food or anything if you want to do something out of your own willingness i believe you have the world-remit app and also my number that am using here which you can either send me something through the phone to get something for myself to keep up the energy..I love you and i dont want to lose you because i told you the truth..Be upfront with me when you dont understand things rather then making me feel like am trying to catfish you meanwhile you know me every well that am not capable of that and i dont want to see you hurt or go through pain or trouble Lauren i just love you so much .. Also You were looking so beautiful in those pictures you sent me from the wedding i really love and love you more honey.
Letter 3
Aww **** you are so wonderful reading all that words gives me hope and much hope with great expectation Lauren..Honestly i cant wait to begin my life with you though our life begun when we first said hi to each other and felt the connection from the start of our conversation that was what told me that we were meant to me with all the ups and down we had for each other we were up strong for each other and there was nothing stopping us which is staying that yes yes we are today and i can tell that i love you so much that i can explain i cant express myself fully when am talking about how much i love you because Lauren i love you so much within my heart you are my breath that keep me going and never makes me lose hope because you remember the name that attracted you to my profile HOPE it means so much to me after staying single for several years and wanting to start new i got that name in my mind first that i should name up my profile hope because it took me time to get out of the shock i went through and in this few days you made me understood that hope gave you hope to message me back and fall in love with me i love you my love you are my forever and always honey i just love you so much and thats what i want you to know that you are all i ever dreamt about having you in my life means so much to me then you know..Am praying with all sincerity to the God who answers to prayers to heal my mom so that i will be able to get back to the states as soon as possible to tell you how much i love you in your ears because i feel it so deep that i cant resist the power begin the strong love we are sharing my love..Our communication hold us stronger but been in distance is keep us much stronger because we feel each other even though we together but i feel everything you are doing by just imagining them whenever you tell me what you are doing during the day is gives me a clear view and feeling of what you are going through and thats what i call love i love you so much my dearest wife and one of the things that am looking forward to is to tell you yes yes yes yes and i believe you know what am talking about to make you my wife and tell the whole world how i met you and how i want to spend the rest of my life with you i love you so Lauren....Hope you are having a good evening..Am thinking about you as laying in here with my eyes up the roof thinking about you looking deep into the stars where i find you within it and seeing our future so bright..
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