Scam letter(s) from Natalia Romanova to Christian (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Chris!!!! My name - Natasha. I live in Russia in city of Kazan.
I live in a folding apartment, parents are not present at me, they have died several years ago. The brother who helps in a life to me only, lives in the following house close to me. I work in small shop as the adviser. I search for the person who could protect me in this heavy life which saw in me the woman. Does not see excessive quantity of alcohol, and the main thing did not beat and did not offend women as in us, frequently it happens the country. In connection with my work I like, and I am capable to be prepared well. When to me there arrive, friends on visit them, always my well ready foodstuffs is pleasant, and they leave from me very full and always with good mood. I would like to trust to you, and it is possible to tell to you some secrets. I with huge desire wait yours for the letter and certainly with a photo from you. Natasha
Letter 2
Greetings my friend Chris!!!!!! I with impatience waited for your letter. In this letter I want to tell about a life in Russia, in fact here even the life can be named "EXISTENCE". In the first: at us in Russia a lot of jobless cost on a labour market, and work is too difficult for finding; second: it is a lot of alcoholics (this consequence of unemployment). It happens you come after work into an entrance and you see rolling ***** the man. It was terrible to me to come into first time home, I constantly asked the neighbour to expel these drunks. In the third many poor people, without a house, without meal, without money. They go beg or climb on garbage containers. There were even cases when these poor people fighted for these containers.
In the fourth: the prices too expensive for such low wages, as mine.
My wages suffice me only on a feed, and on clothes any more do not suffice. And by the way about neighbours, sometimes it happens, that you wake up because of noise which reaches from an entrance is a neighbour beats the wife, and beside their four-year-old son runs and cries. Then him it became a pity to me, but I to leave for an entrance was frightened. Such men in Russia. Therefore I do not want, that at me the husband from Russia was. On it I finish the story about Russia.
Road write to me too completely about the country. I shall wait for your letter, as a nightingale of summer. P.S. Unfortunately I am compelled to afflict you, I look on 22, but me 28, and you wanted that I was 22 years woman? Your girlfriend from Russia Natasha.
Letter 3
Congratulations the my dear friend Chris!!!!!!! I am very grateful, that you have written to me the mutual letter. It is dear, as to you has passed today? How in you business? If we continue To write each other, I think, that we are interesting to the friend. I So are pleased, that I have found the foreign friend, which I - you It is dear. I think, that I have found not only the friend, but can and more. I as still think, which in us something can be in us, appear. I think, that you also a share my opinion. My brother also is pleased For me for which I have found it - for whom searched. I hope, it in us something Happen. And I want, that in us something appeared. It is necessary for us To study each other, it is better. Though, for this purpose still early to speak , It is necessary to inform, study each other. It is very important for me. I I hope it for you, it is important also. I seldom meet my girlfriends. Recently each of them is borrowed a lot of time with affairs. Recently I have caught Me on ideas, that I start to get used to loneliness. It has very much broken I. I have decided, that in my life is necessary to change something urgently. Last night I have arrived from work late. I consulted to girlfriends And they to me have told, which is possible, will get acquainted to good men Through the Internet and I have decided to try to write. And thus we With you have acquainted. P.S. Thanks, that you have noticed my English language. Yes I studied in institute and from there I have learnt the English language. Your girlfriend from Russia
Letter 4
Many thanks for your letters which I wait as from the furnace Pie. I today thought of you all the day long for a long time and nights and about your letter. With each your letter you become to me more and more and More more gently it is . You now for me not simply the friend, and a beam of the sun In this dark empire. I gradually fall in love with you on yours To warm words. When there there arrive your letters to me on the person at once There is a smile. You my hero. And I a beauty, which you Has woken up from dream. And I now am very grateful. I in it Urgently I need. I cannot live without your letters.
It very much Important for me, also I hope, whether it is important, that it also And for you And how in you there support ? It - is warm?
I would like to be There now it - is close to you, that warm beams of the sun have heated up our bodies. And you like to enter campaigns in a wood? I am very similar. As you know probably, we in Russia have much Beautiful wood. And it - is close to your city there is beautiful a wood? And very much would like to look at them and some entertainment there. Also that we There would do together? Is not present, not together and with your friends? You, which you see, would acquaint me with them, whether so? All my friends ask about very to you, and I speak them, which You very good person. You can ask to me any questions. And now I should go. I hope, that I shall receive your letter as soon as possible. The hope to receive news from you as soon as possible. Also remember, it I need in your letters, and I need in you. Your from Natasha
Letter 5

Greetings my dear Chris!!! I was so is strongly glad, when have seen in the electronic letter box your answer to my letter. At me At once all weariness from the person has left, the mood has risen and the smile has appeared. To me It would be desirable to cry with happiness, that you have written to me the letter. In fact I wait for your letter, as Nightingale of summer. You my beam of the warm sun in this dark empire. You my prince, which Has woken me from dream. In fact I so for a long time was one after last novel with one The rich Russian guy. It is difficult for me to speak about it, but and I shall write all. This guy Me it is simple on simply used, and I as a silly woman have was over head and ears in love in him. he spoke me Tender words, gave me dear gifts. I even could not present, that he of me Uses. I have become attached to him very strongly. I thought, that he too loves me, in fact he so spoke.And I have believed him, and he appears all this time of me deceived. We with him went to have a rest in various warmThe countries on holiday. And then in one day the novel has collapsed, that is has not collapsed, and he has destroyed him. He has told to me, that has found another, that she it is more beautiful also the richman, than I. That he of me even Did not like, but only used. I after that case thought, that else long time I shall not start the novel. I now write this letter and I can not calm myself as I pay.
On my cheeks tear flows. I thought, that it is more I shall not recollect this novel.I think, that it will not be repeated any more as I already have much endured more. I want, that at us with you all was, as in a fairy tale. I gradually all was more and more I fall in love with you. More nobody is necessary for me except for you. I want to see you alive.Please send me of more photos. I want to see you every minute.Write more in detail about itself. P.S. Yes to like me the work, but I studied as the manager. I was born on February, 28. Your Russian girlfriend Natasha
Letter 6
Congratulations the dear friend Chris!!!!!!!! I wait with impatience of your letter when I enter into the Internet - cafe, Also I see, that your letter I on the person at once has a smile and all About problems at once overlook. You can me, it is wrong, will understand, but With each your letter I with you gradually fall in love. I was afraid About it to speak, but it has been solved, and I speak - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
I hope, That you correctly will understand me. Today I am very much tired on work, so As there there arrive various legible buyers and approximately hour two Choose clothes, and constantly ask what clothes better to buy. I within day am very urgently tired, but when I enter into the Internet - cafe and I find your letter in a box of the letter, all weariness at once Disappears. Your correct and gentle words calm to me soul. I very urgently want, will meet you, to take walk on park, to go at cinema, To look at a decline. Various romantic dreams where there are you, dream me. I at all do not want to wake up after such dreams, but I will be woken with an alarm clock, Which speaks me, that there has come time to go for work. But I am all the same pleased because I I know, that I shall go today to the Internet - cafe, and I shall communicate to you in an interactive mode.
Everything is well, I finish the letter as my break of a breakfast, arrive to the end, and I had not dinner nevertheless. I shall wait for your letter. The whole and strong I take yours of Natasha
Letter 7
Greetings my dear Chris, I am happy that you always answer on my letters and do not leave me. My dear I is happy that I have found such person as you. Probably I also searched for you in this life. But my love grows to you with each letter. I think that we can meet in fast or not fast time. At me never was such understanding person as you and it is fine that we have met. I am grateful to destiny for it. All my girlfriends were for the husband, and then have been dissolved.
Because their husbands beat them and drank. I do not want to repeat their destiny, in fact it is a trauma for all life. I so for a long time searched for such person as you and my gratitude to destiny is not present a limit. I dream of you every minute and I hope, that you will answer me with reciprocity. I simply know, that you understand me and my love. Every minute I want that we were closer and closer to you my tiger. You should know as I feel happy when I receive your magnificent letters. On it I shall be limited. Your tigress looks forward to hearing
Letter 8
Greetings my lovely Chris! I am happy that you do not overlook about me and write on a regular basis such fine letters. It is very magnificent. With each your letter my feelings it is more and more and get stronger to you my prince more. You very surprising person and are good, that the destiny has given us chance to meet each other. I think, that you too as think. In the childhood I liked to read novels about love and to look romantic films. So romanticism at me since the childhood and I love it just as I love you. As I hate loneliness but why that I constantly am one and only your letters please me my tiger in this life. My soul, heart and a body as suffers from loneliness.
Understand my pleasure, that we with you receive letters from each other every day, before I never had contact to anybody from other country. People differ from each other. In our country one is more distributed, and at you another for example even culture absolutely another. You very unusual person who has surprised me in all and which I could grow fond. On it would like to finish the letter and to wait with the big heart beat the following.
P.S. My dear I not so big, my growth approximately 1.73. My surname Romanova
Letter 9

Greetings my tiger Chris, I am madly glad that you do not overlook about me and your letters always please me. I any more do not present any day without your letters, without your gentle and tender words, conversations on love and on a life in general. You for me as a beam of the sun in this grey life, destiny to not describe my gratitude words that it has given us chance to meet. I love you and it is good, that we with you have contact, I think that you too test the same sincere feelings as I to you. The main thing that you write, you write and you do not overlook, I do not sleep at the nights only ideas about you visit my head. On it I want to be limited, because my head simply breaks up. I do not know that it, at me such was never. While. Up to the following letter. Do not overlook about me. Natasha P.S. I certainly would like that you have arrived, but at us heavy political conditions in Russia. You for certain heard, that Russia with Chechnei has interstate war. And they send to us terrorists that they killed our Russian people. I think, that you heard about act of terrorism in Beslan where these bad people killed children. And all this war began because of oil. And the second reason on which you will not want to arrive to our mad country is SKIN-HEAD which beat and **** foreigners.
Sometimes even itself it is terrible to go home. Different ideas visit my head when I see them. Whether for example they wait for you about a house. If you want will meet me give I better to you I shall come
Letter 10
Greetings my loved Chris. Well that you do not overlook about me and write such fine letters. I cannot lead not one night without idea about you. With them I wake up and I rise every day. It lifts my mood on every day, please understand me correctly. Well that you trust me and that I can trust you all problems and emotions. In fact attitudes should be under construction first of all on trust. I finish the letter because I have a headache. With impatience I wait for the answer from you. You looks forward to hearing Natasha from you
Letter 11
HELLO MY PRINCE Chris!!!! I am very glad that you constantly write to me the letters. I too as well as you dream of day of our meeting. And I simply can not constrain emotions when I think of it. I want to tell to you a history which has taken place with me in the street recently.
I went on city and thought of you and the small girl has approached to me. Whether also she has asked me I that such know love. I at first very much was surprised why the small girl asks such things. But then I have thought and yes I has answered I know that such love. I certainly did not begin to speak her about that that such love and that it means. I simply have answered what yes I know. I so have told because I really know that this such and it is all due to you.
Understand when the man loves that it is as though gifted with the god. And this gift is not possible such huge that it for estimating.
But when the love leaves that it simply equivalently death. The man like alive, he works makes any businesses, but in soul at him that is not present. I speak it because I know that such complete absence of love. When you thrown by that whom you love, it is simple the end to all. I whom shall not wish to test this feeling. The feeling when love to the man turns to hatred and your soul becomes rigid. I am grateful to the god that you are at me both I can love and I know that you too love me. I love you and I want to be with you the rest of all life. I that have more in life it is not necessary because I have you. I hope that you understand me and will write to me the same warm letter. Your NATASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. There is no I not model simply when I unpacked these photos that have asked that them have made to my taste.
Letter 12
Hi my hotly loved Chris! I am madly happy to receive from you such warm letters. When I understand that I have such favourite prince. Our love will ********* into each section of my body. I already feel our meeting with you. It is very pleasant for me that we require in each other. To me it becomes sad when I do not receive fast letters from you. Sometimes I sit at a window and I think only of you that your love has penetrated into me. I constantly think of you. In an operating time when I lie down to sleep only I think of you my angel, my love for all life You dream of all my life my tiger. Today I dreamed of us and in this dream there were only we. We have gone on walk on long avenues. We for a long time walked, talked and laughed this time it was amazing. There was simply magnificent weather, only you and I, and a gentle warm breeze developing our hair. When we have reached the end of avenue our love has eclipsed all. And we have started to embrace each other and you have kissed me, started to caress my neck, legs and a ******, it was excellent. But then my dream has ended also I has woken up in little bit sad condition because dream was only. I shall remember this dream during all life. You very unique person. I am grateful to destiny for that that we have met you.
Today I spoke the girlfriend on the account of us. The last year I had no holiday because it is nobody me was it to carry out. And now I have holiday approximately in 4 days and it will be prolonged hardly more month. I so would like to lead every minute with you my prince that you have told and have shown me all charm of your country. My dear, my girlfriend informed me what not so difficultly to leave abroad, only it is necessary to descend in agency and there everyone will tell. My tender tomorrow during a dinner I am going to descend in agency to learn. How you look at it? Then I at once shall inform to you. And most of all I would like to see that you love me. From 1000 kisses yours of Natasha
Letter 13
Hi my dear Chris! I am flattered very much with your aspiration of development of our attitudes. I am glad, that they become more and more warmer. It is madly happy that soon we shall a number and we can feel breath of ph. My tiger I am glad, that so close we concern our attitudes. Now I feel very tired because at me heavy day was. Today went to agency and was interested about arrival in your country. To me informed, that I shall address in your country under the visa which does not demand embassy of visiting in Moscow and by what I should not do Superfluous charges. As it is necessary to let out for me the passport for travel abroad Insurance. Registration of all documents will borrow 6 days and after that I without Problems can arrive to you my tiger and caress you. It will be necessary for having for me In itself 2 tickets. One up to your country and the second on a way back. I should take Advantage of services of the company of the plane Aeroflot. Dear mine I was not interested about cost of all it, I think that I can not pay for all trip, my dear you can help me, write about it in the letter. But not looking on all of you will stay in my heart for ever. I did not test such deep feelings still to one person and I shall not test never, in fact you unique for me hotly favourite person. With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you my tiger. Natasha your tigress P.S. My dear prince you is very pleasant to me and I with pleasure shall tell to you, that I could live and in hotel it for me not insult, but the most important that I want to see it you near to me. You could give me though to a few time? My holiday to last approximately 35 days and for this time we could meet and stay with you together. I have taken my dear this holiday only for you. I promise you, that when I shall arrive to you that you will not regret about it. I love you and I wait from you for the answer!!!
Letter 14
Greetings my lovely Chris!!! How your affairs? At me affairs go very well because I soon shall near to such person as you, my love. My tiger today I have visited once again agency and money to me has taken an interest about that how many is necessary to visit you. I informed them that the cheapest way of arrival in your country is necessary for me. To me have told, that on registration of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, insurance and two tickets 960 euro are necessary for me. So to me informed. All my documents will be to made out approximately no more weeks, therefore approximately in ten days I shall be near to you my tiger. But my lovely I have no such money at present. If you can help me write to me about it in the following letter. I hope for your understanding and with impatience I shall wait for your answer!!!
Letter 15
Greetings my dear prince Chris!!! I am very happy, that you invite me to you in the country. I very much would want to arrive to you and to spend in you time. My lovely understand me I could wait for month or two, but understand I have no such long holiday. My holiday to last approximately 35 days and if to wait that we shall not have time to meet and to us there will be not enough time that we could have a rest together. My dear you could borrow money from the friends or at parents? It would be good because I love you and my dream to see to embrace you and strong to kiss. In fact you are very kind to me and I am happy that we soon shall together. This night I only thought of you, about our meeting and our huge love to each other. My dear I hope you will understand me and even support me in this difficult situation.
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