Letter(s) from Irina Panteleeva to George (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love George!!! You do not imagine, as it is pleasant for me to receive your letters. All your letters are filled with love to me. When I to open a letter box and to see your remarkable letter at me on soul it becomes warm and pleasant. If to me it is sad, I try to think of you and to me it becomes easier. You that person which I to search for all life. And I am glad, that I to find you my love. I am sure, that you will be never the bad person when I shall arrive to you if we a meeting. I now understand, that you are necessary for me as air and I want to be about you always. You may not imagine what to me dream today has dreamed. I to arrive to you and you to meet me at the airport. We search each other eyes and may not find. And suddenly you notice me and we do not find words for each other. We look in the face each other and we enjoy it. The m begin to embrace and kiss. And at this moment I have woken up. And me it became sad, that it was only dream, but me pleases, that shortly we shall be together. And consequently, if you do not object, tomorrow I am going to go in agency and I shall learn, as as it is required to me, that I could arrive to you. And tomorrow I to write to you the letter, that I to learn in embassy. I very much want our fast meeting with you! I long so without you here. I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need in you so much. It not only words that I feel now. I think of you all time. I never had it before. I did not see you nevertheless, but I can not live without you any more, your letters. I want to touch you to feel your heat and tenderness '', I love you '', I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hope you is not frightened. It is strange for me also. But I can warrant to you, that it is true. I love you, and the idea on you makes me so happy. I want to be with you so much. I want to feel you with each part of my body, I want to feel sensitive contact of your hands to smell your body, only to know, that I to belong to you and that you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am full desire, and I want you as persons, I want to be your wife, your friend, your assistant to soul, your beloved, your dream. I now understand, that we are created the friend for the friend. I to search for all life and now I am glad, that you are at me We shall be happy together and I shall make everything, that our meeting would become a reality. On it I should close this remarkable letter. Tomorrow I to inform you, that I to learn in agency. And I hope, that I to learn in agency only good news and we can will meet shortly. Embraces and kisses...

With love your Yulia.

Letter 2

Hello my loved George!!! It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again!!! I so hurried up today in the Internet of cafe to see your letter. I to grieve without you am awful!!! I each minute, second only also think of you. You always in my ideas and it makes me so happy. I want to see you each day and to feel you always and everywhere. I want to study your eyes to feel your body and to embrace you. But that all these dreams a reality it began necessary for us to meet. Sometimes I even feel you before myself. I to go to bed and to me become sad, that you are not present near to me. Sometimes I can not fall asleep hours that I always to think of you. For such short time at me very big attachment to you has appeared. I why that at once when to write to you the first letter to think, that that person which I to search for all life. And yes it appeared the truth. You the person with which to me are not terrible to go even on territory of light. You that person who concerns to my letters with understanding. You that person who loves me all heart. You that unique person whom I love and I do not want more whom except for you. I love you all heart and soul. When you are sad, to me too becomes sad. When you are happy, I too am very happy. Today I to go to agency and to learn there, that it will be necessary for me that I could arrive to you. I will need to collect some documents. Into these documents enter: the passport for travel abroad, the filled application form, physical examination, 4 black-and-white photos and some more different paper documents. That I could arrive to you, it is necessary for me to prepare some documents. And on it some days is required. I shall use the best efforts, that this process was prolonged, as soon as possible. As to the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but it - not the best variant for us as we have not met nevertheless, and we have no documents and pictures to improve our meeting. And as to me have told, that all over again it will be better to receive it the visa the Category In – B-1/B-2 (for the persons following in USA on affairs or with the tourist purpose), it is given out for the period of three month. Those who follows in USA as the tourist, should specify, where they are going to stop. As I am going to visit you I need to know your exact home address, and the address of the airport nearest to you where I should arrive. Still I to learn, that registration of the visa will be required 10 days. It is very small term and through these some days we with you already can be together. I very much you ask to send me this information. And already when I shall come to you that we with you together can start to make out with you for me the visa of the bride and I still shall stay on some time, and then when we with you shall get married that I shall stay with you for ever always to be near to you. Merry Christmas my lovely! I very much would like to be with you now beside my lovely and to allow to you my kisses and embraces. I would like to celebrate together with you this Christmas and New Year, but it for the present only dreams. I hope, that you are cheerful also an entertainment to spend time in it holidays. It is a pity, that we not together. We celebrate here Christmas also, but at us it on January, 7 only. You you see know, that difficulties never to do without. Before what that the purpose always happens a barrier. And to receive this visa to me it is necessary to pay it at a rate of 450 dollars. To a regret I now do not have such money and you should wait, when I can find this huge sum of money. Certainly I might ask money for the mother, but she too to not have such money. I hope, that you can wait some time while I to find this money. I I hope to not frighten off you this letter. The regret to me should close this letter and I shall be pending your following answer. Set of kisses...

Yours forever Yulia.