Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Churshukova to Wim (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Good morning Wim With a good start to the morning! What did you do in the morning?
I have a video where you can see what I do at 7am in the morning.
Now you know that I'm a real woman. How good that we know each other now. With this joyful thought I would like to tell you important things. I am very happy that I met you. And I hope you will not disappoint me! How much time do you have now when you write to me? I think the time difference is low. I have today 16 December. And right now my time 12:25. I want to share my life with you. Therefore I would like to tell you about myself, I do not smoke, I do not like to smoke. Do you smoke cigarettes? Much? Do you smoke less than 1 pack per day? or more? Spend money on smoke and ruin your health. Perspective - about nothing. :(Your health will not tell you - Thanks! for the fact that you spend (killing) your health on the air, and to destroy your lungs! I'm sorry that I do not want to hurt you with that, but it's true! If I stood next to the smoker. A man who does not smoke gets a triple dose of nicotine !!! Another question. Do you drink alcohol Or did the doctor forbid you to drink alcohol? What you drink during the celebration? Whiskey vodka beer cider? I am not an alcoholic. But during the holidays I drink alcohol. What would be a happy mood. Usually it is white wine, sometimes champagne and very rarely a cocktail. I have here in Russia in my city Ulyanovsk. I lived my whole life. My city can be seen on the official website Wikipedia I can’t build a relationship here in Russia. as men love alcohol very much. And here in Russia almost all men drink alcohol. Every day. I can’t even get a healthy family. And I miss the family in my life! I do not want to stay in Russia. I want to go to live in another country, for example in yours. here in my city Ulyanovsk, I have no one, I have no brother and no sister. Even there are no relatives. : I am lonely here :( And I would like to leave my city Ulyanovsk. All my life, I dream, live with 1 man. Aging and dying, if possible, on a single day - together. I would like to have a solid relationship with you marrying and being happy as long as I live.
Because I want to live with her future husband in a relationship, to old age and death. I hope we start an exchange of letters. To get to know each other as well as possible. We need some time and we will become friends with you. You Wim and me Natalya = ❤ Dear friends !! Tell me about yourself and your family? It is very interesting for me. Send me your photos. So that I can look at you when I read your letters. It is important! Mentally representing you. And read your letter at the same time.
Today I would like to send you some of my photos, What did I do this summer. You can see there that I was at work. I hope you have a warm feeling after watching my photos. I hug you Wim. I kiss on the cheek. Wait for an answer! Your Natalya
Letter 2
Hello Wim,, Good start to the evening. Now the smile is on my face. Because I can write to you now. I would like to briefly tell you something about me. I want you to find out how I live here! my Wim,, I wanted to ask you if you really have no problem with that I am only 29 years old and only 1.65 meters tall. Please tell me.
For me, your age and your size is not a problem. It always depends on the inner values. Could you give me a little video of you where I can hear your voice. That would be great. I also gave you a little video as a surprise. I hope you like it.
I could not send the video in a letter. Because my mailbox refuses and can not send video because the size is too big. And I had to attach my video to the page.
I attach it to the site to download the video. You can watch or download my video clip. Open and watch here: Please open my attached photos. I have green eyes and light hair (I am blonde). You already know that I am 29years old. I live in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk. I was born in this city. I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle. I work a lot and have no time to drink alcohol. And I do not have time to smoke! I live in a village house.
I am alone, I have never had any family, and I am looking for a serious relationship to live together. I have no kids. I was not divorced. I do not know what it is. My job is that I work in animal clinic. Where I work is called "network of veterinary clinics in Ulyanovsk". You can even see this place with your own eyes. if you open website: http:// Because of my work, I have to give animals a lot of love. But I dream of giving love to my husband. If I ever have a husband! Then I will give him all my affection and love. But no husband! Wim The subtle hint !! I have a salary that allows me to live. Buy a subscription to the gym. Buy food for every day. Buy clothing. And smaller household expenses. hat's how I live! Please tell me about your work.
What you do to earn money? Maybe an interesting case at work? Where do you work? and what are you doing? I want to correspond with you Wim, in which we get to know each other better. What is the name of the city in which you live? For example: I live in the city of Ulyanovsk. You can read about my city on the official page in Wikipedia: In my city lives only 613,786 inhabitants. My city, Ulyanovsk located about 876 km from the capital Moscow. Tell me more about you? and tell me what you do every day and please send me more photos of you with your reply mail. Today 14 December (14.12.2019).I'm at work now. Kiss and Hug you Wim. Best regards Natalya
Letter 3
Hello Wim With a good start to the day. I noticed that you liked watching my videos
I thought for a long time. I want to make a surprise for you. I want to please you today))))) I take a video clip This summer. When I collect honey. I can not send the video file in the mail. The video clip is too big. I attach it to the site to download the video. You can watch or download my video clip.
This is for you. And you will see it. This summer, I collect honey. I'm not afraid of bees. I write down a video clip this summer 2019 !!!! Please do not hesitate to send more video or photos to you personally. I want to see you. If you Wim and I'm Natalya - were together today. I would show you how to collect honey. But we can only dream of it! I already told you that I live in a village house. And not far from my house there is an abandoned apiary with bees. And from time to time I go here to collect honey for tea. Incidentally, I drink tea without sugar. What are you doing this morning? I send you my video. And if you look at my video, you will have the hottest feelings about me. Remember, when you watch my video. At the same time I think of you Wim. I would like to know what you think about my surprise for you? You have become part of my life. I am 24 hours a day, think of you. It gives me a good mood for the whole day and morning. I kiss you Wim. Your bee Natalya
Letter 4

Hello Wim, thank goodness I found an internet café and now I can tell you the latest news. Yesterday evening on Saturday.
I got on the train and went to Moscow.
This morning I came on train to Moscow.
I was looking for an internet cafe.
Thankfully, I found internet cafe.
I found an internet cafe at Sheremetyevo airport.
Today is Sunday and now I am writing to you from Internet Cafe.
I have never been to Moscow.
This is my first time!
When I arrived, this morning at the train station.
I was not prepared for the fact that Moscow is so big.
There is a huge amount of roads and traffic.
Can you imagine how I am scared.
At a tremendous speed, cars are moving, I have never seen such fast traffic.
I do not want to get lost here in the big Moscow.
And so I would not get lost in a strange city
I bought a big map of Moscow.
Now I find it easier to find a Customs Committee.
One more news consists in, Tonight I will sleep at the airport.
I know it's not safe, but I have no money for a hotel.
Everything is very expensive and I have no money for a hotel. ((
First good news - My departure will be by plane from Moscow on 24 December.
It's tuesday! And I arrive at your airport on 24 December.
I want to come to you, that you would satisfy me sexually.
And the second good news..-> Remember, 28 December 2019 is my birthday!))
This is the anniversary! I will be 30 years old.
We will celebrate together with white wine and festive cake?
I'm so happy that I meet 2 Bright events in a row. Together with you Wim.
Please remember what we will meet on the 24th of December
and then a few days later we celebrate my birthday 28 December - together.
And we will have some pictures together with you.
And I will not be alone in the photos.
We will have many photos together.
and we will celebrate 2 holidays to celebrate together with you.
I'm along with this letter, send you my kiss.
And when you open this letter, you will feel my kiss on your lips.
Your Natalya
Letter 5
Hello my dear Wim,
You will see me 24 December at your airport. What I'm wearing when you see me on 24 December. I'll be dressed, red warm jacket and knitted hat with the inscription - PERFECT, Blue jeans and black sneakers. That was the good news! Other news is that. I have just returned from the Customs Committee. I was excited today and I don't know what to do now. My Documents will be ready soon, but when I found out that my tourist visa cannot be approved. I have to have the required amount of money for every day of my arrival in your country. I should have 40 dollars a day. This is due to the fact that I am traveling to your country as a tourist. I need to prove that I am a legal tourist and I have money. In other words, I need to go to the Customs Committee in order to get permission (green light) there. I have to show the Customs Committee that I have cash. in the hand! I will visit you on: 10 days x 40 dollars day = 400 dollars I need to show cash. in the hand! Only 400 dollars. I don’t know anyone here and I don’t have anyone here to ask for help. and I can ask for help only to you. In other words. You need to know the most important thing!
You probably think. What am I supposed to spend your money, or something like that? No. I will not be your money. You should know that your money I just need to show it. I have to show and to prove. What do i have cash. in the hand! cash. Therefore, they do not have to spend. So I repeat again. I will not spend be your money. I will show the Customs Committee here cash, and I have the money of 400 dollars in my hand. And then I give a guarantee what I can fly at your airport on 24 December. Because Customs Committee give a 100 percent guarantee. You wrote that you can help me when I need it. This hour has come when I want to ask you for help. I hope all of this is indeed so. I want to come to you! I ask you to help me! When 24 December, you meet me at the airport. I'll give you your money back. Take it easy You have nothing to lose. I need the money just to show (prove) and all ! At the meeting 24 December this money 400 dollars i am back to you.
Because I do not spend them. I do not spend this money! I will only show cash and then I get permission (green light) Send the money through MoneyGram or Western Union because I don't know how else will be able to send the money to me here in Moscow. I think MoneyGram or Western Union is the quickest way. When you are going to go to your office MoneyGram or Western Union, you need to know who you are sending money from to my name and surname:
Street Pugacheva 23
City Ulyanovsk
zip code 432008
Russian Federation
My birthday 28.12.1989
As proof of my words. I will send you a copy of my passport to prove that my words are true. I don't want any misunderstanding between us. I want to spend great time with you and meet my birthday! Send 400 dollars in Moscow. Since I am currently in Aeroport Sheremetyevo. Next to me is Western Union office nearby. and office MoneyGram. And I ask that you send your help here to office at Sheremetyevo Airport. Western Union employee said today that sending over the Internet (online) is the fastest way to send money to me. To do this, open the official website and make a payment:
Message about - PROTECT YOURSELF FROM FRAUD Please ignore him. By clicking the button -> Accept If MoneyGram is near you, try sending money through MoneyGram, through your nearest MoneyGram office to your home. look office here:
Here is the MoneyGram office at Sheremetyevo Airport: SBERBANK MoneyGram
Another important point is that you have to send me money as soon as possible. I don't want to lose the opportunity to fly to you. In other words. I do everything for our meeting. But my strength was not enough. I'm sorry I didn't know everything from the start. Now I just hope for you. Because I have no one else to turn to for help. Maybe I'm writing with errors, it's all because of the fact
that I can't calm down and my hands are shaking. Your Natalya
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