Scam letter(s) from Larisa Stepanova to Denis (USA)

Letter 1
Hey Denis! :))) How are you doing? Really nice to get your letter. I was extremely busy last days, had a lot of work and just managed to reach my email. Thanks for your letter, it will be a pleasure for me to write you back. And I will obligatory tell you more about myself and you feel free to ask more questions. I'm glad to meet you and I hope we will have great communication. I would like to see your pictures, I’ll send you more of mine. Have to go now. Must get back to work. I'll write you more later and wait for your response. Cya next
Letter 2
Hi Denis.
How are you? I wanted to write to you yesterday, but I couldn't, because these days were just crazy. I am very busy with my work. Now, I just have a break and I don't have much for a long letter. I would like to tell you more about myself and answer to all your questions, but I just have no time for this at this moment. I have very busy schedule on my work this week. I'm working with kids in the child care center, we had several very important actions last days. And I'm sorry that I wrote you not much so far. Please don't think I'm not interested. Contrary, I want to communicate with you and to be an interesting interlocutor. I will have much more free time next days and we will talk more, I promise. I hope all is going well with you and you are not so busy as me. Oh, I think today I will sleep like a child:) I hate to make this letter short, but I have to get back to work now:( I will obligatory write to you tomorrow and will tell you more about myself.
Ok, Cya tomorrow and please stay in touch...
Letter 3
Hello Denis.
I feel so fine to write you though I have no letter from you today.
You probably was too busy. I hope you are ok and still want to communicate. I at last have a free time and managed to get to the computer at last. How are you doing, how's your mood? What are you doing now? You know, I like the way we started our conversation, and though I have not much experience in internet dating, I think it is great to start like this and I'd like to continue our communication.
As for me I'd like to write you often, I think we have a lot to know about each other so I ask you to write me often too if you don't mind.
As any girl I appreciate attention and I will be glad to receive even a little note from you when you are just too busy, so we will stay in touch and I will not worry about you. I am checking my mail at my work, usually during the day I have couple of chances to use the computer. By the way, how often do you check your E-mail usually? It is pity that I had no chance to write you often before and I'm sorry again I was very busy. But I'll have more free time further. And I want to communicate more often. Well I'm 25, my birthday is April 17.
I live up in Miami. As you know already I work here in the child care center. I'm a tutor and work with abandoned kids in 3-5 years age group. I'm graduated in the child teaching. I love my job as I like to help people, especially children because they deserve only the best, do you agree? I have great parents. I love them and they are always loved me and I grown in very friendly atmosphere. I'm living alone now and miss them. I have no my own kids so far, but of course, as any woman I want to. And no matter who will be first, girl or boy. I am trying to give all my love and care to the kids I work with, and you know they always give it back. I wonder do you like your job and what is the main thing for you in what you do? I'm sure you can tell me more about it and it will be interesting for you too. What else? Oh, as for my hobbys and what I like to do in a spare time. Variously. I like to read. You know it is a great pleasure to escape for a while from reality and just disappear in book following the line of a plot.
I prefer the book of some classic, they always have an interesting language. But I can't say that I'm a book worm:) I am actually pretty sporty, I love to stay in shape so I used to visit fitness when I have time. I like all kind of outdoor activities, camping, BBQ or even just walking and running. When I'm at home, and I'm alone, I usually read or watch TV. Or cook something unusual for myself. I love to cook actually. You know, to tell the truth, I'm excited to feel your interest and it is a pleasure to let you know more about me. In a man I'm looking for the close friend, someone who can love and protect, who is strong and gentle, caring, open… I believe in LOVE! Do you? And I'm sure that true love is a miracle and it needs to be grown like a tender flower, step by step. And it can take some time to make it bloom. And more you are gentle and patient, than more beautiful will be a result. I believe in it and I will be glad if you share my thoughts about this. By the way how long was your last relations? If you don't feel comfortable enough to answer don't answer it's ok… Oh I think it is enough questions for today. I will check my mail tomorrow and I will be glad to see your letter again.
Have a nice day. Take care. Lara...
Letter 4
Hello. I hope you still remember me. I ask because I have no letters from you last days. I hope you are ok and was just too busy. I hope you are still interested in our communication. Because I do. Probably you are too busy and have no chance to write me. So I ask you to write me just a little note, whatever you decided....I want to know if you are still interested or may be not. But I hope you are... Well, anyway, I wish you have a nice weekend. And hope to hear from you soon. Bye,
Letter 5
Hello Denis. How are you? I'm sorry for the silence last days. Did you miss me:)? I've just reached the computer, I hope I didn't make you worry. I'm sorry again, I will not disappear like this anymore… I'm here and glad to write you again. So how are you? How is your day going? Hope things goes well for you. As for me, I'm fine. Oh did you see the Oscar ceremony? I did. I didn't see "Crash" and "Brokeback Mountain" though. I'd like to see them. And you like to go to the movie? Or you watch them on DVD usually? What's your favorite genre?
My last good movie was "RADIO". Nice story and good social theme. Have you seen it? What was your last? I'm at work now and have a break. You know, I'm glad that I have this work here. I love to work with kids. I learned a lot being here. Oh, I wonder, what nickname did you have in the childhood? I'm sure you had one. My was something like "thiny".
That's funny how kids like to give nicknames. Actually I have European roots. I was born in Germany and lived there for some time with my grandparents. I've spent almost all my childhood there. Oh, by the way the picture I gave you was made in Europe last year. You know I like to travel and I'm glad that I have an opportunity to see the world. I finished the pedagogical university, and due to the exchange program I got a chance to go to the USA and work here. You know I like USA and I like Americans. They are very open and sympathetic people. I like this qualities in people wherever they live, and here in America I always see the smiles and everyone I work with is so kind to me. There is very warm atmosphere. Of course I miss my parents a lot, they are living in Russia now, but we talk often on the phone and I e-mail them also. Actually I feel pretty lonely sometime here. I have not much friends so far, and I'm really glad that I have a conversation with you. You know I have no boyfriend now and it is so great that I decided to meet someone on internet. I see that I like it and hope you enjoy our communication too. Oh. Please ask me if you can't understand something. By the way, do you have an accent? Can you tell me more about your parents? I like what you write me, when I read your letters I always have a big smile. Our conversation means so much for me. I don't know what future hold for us but I want you to know - it is very serious for me. And hope it is the same on your side Denis. Ok. I'll wait for your response. I'm sorry again that I didn't write you this days and I'll do my best to write you as often as I can.
Have a nice day! Best. Lara...
Letter 6
Hello Denis.
How are you doing? I'm ok. And I'm on my work now. I change my colleague today, because she helped me recently. So I'm here now.
I work on weekends sometime, but it is ok. That's my job. By the way, how long is your weekend? Hope you don't have to work. What are you doing today? Hope you have a good mood. I'm sorry, I didn't write you yesterday, but I hope you understand me, it's not easy to use the computer when you don't have it at home. I'm trying to write you as often as I can, but sometime I just have no chance. So hope you understand. I like to write you. And I feel joy every time I receive your letter. And when I see that you are interested in our communication and write me, it makes my day. To tell the truth, I never participated in such correspondence. Thank you. I'd like to tell you about my family, about where I came from, about my childhood.
I think it can be interesting for you. So I was born in Germany, in a small town called Gutach. It's a hometown of my grandmother. We lived there with my parents when I was a kid. My father is Russian and my mother is German on half. I was four, when my father received a good job offer from Russia, and my parents decided to move to Russia. We went to the town in Russia called Novotroitsk. It is in European part of Russia. Not far from Moscow. And my parents are still living there.
So as you see I have pretty interesting childhood. By the way I was a pretty quiet and smart kid. I finished school and university in Russia.
And I was visiting my grandmother in Gutach almost every summer, we are very close friends. I was in Germany last summer and she is still very vigorous. So do you love your grand parents? Can you please tell me more about your family? My father is a militarian, the major. He is retired now. He is 54 y.o. now. I love him very much, I can say that I have an Ideal father. And as for my mother, I love her very much too.
She is very smart, kind and beautiful woman. She is a librarian. She is 52. She is always my best friend. You know, I'm happy that I have such good parents, I would never be what I am without them. They were always proud of every my little success. That's why I have grown a very diligent child. I finished a pedagogical university, and it was a great luck to receive an invitation to the exchange program with practice in America. I agreed without any doubts, because it's a rare chance. And here I am, living and working in America more than three month and really enjoy my time here. My work provide me with the place to live, it's an apartment. It's small but cozy. I have no roommates and sometime I feel a little lonely. But it's ok. I'm really glad that I'm here in the US and especially that my first city is Miami. I like this place very much. I traveled a lot in my life. And now I want to see more of America. It's a big and very interesting country. I'd like to learn more about it. I'd like to improve my English language.
I still have an accent but it is not so terrible. If it will be all ok with my work here, I will be able to stay here further. Maybe move to another state. I'll have a chance to discover America, visit more places. I'd like to see your place, and I'm sure it would be very interesting. I work a lot now and I have not much free time so far to go out. Therefore I'm very glad that I have met you on internet. We have a beautiful conversation. I think it's a good beginning for the relations. That's my opinion, I hope you agree with me:) I think we can talk on the phone in the nearest days, I think it will be cool.
I can tell you my phone number and you can call me if you don't mind, ok? Oh, I wanted to ask you. Can you tell me more about your city, your place. Maybe you can tell me about your friends and some funny stories. Ok. I think I must finish for today. Hope I didn't bore you:)
Write me more ok? I will wait. Ok. I have go now. Take care.
Happy weekend,
Cya, Lara...
Letter 7
Hi Denis.
How is your weekend going? What are you doing today? Something interesting? As for me, mine is good and at least I have a day off :)
Today I sleep a little's always very nice to sleep a little longer sometime:) Now I am going shoping as I usually do it at the weekend. And I decided to come to Internet cafe to see if you have wrote to me. It's a pity that I didn't see a letter from you:( I hope you received my previouse letter? But anyway, I am waiting for your response and hopo you have a nice rest today. Unfortunatly, I can't to write a long letter now, because I must go. But tomorrow, I will be at work and will obligatory write to you more. And ofcourse I hope to see your letter. Well, I better go now. I wish you a good weekend and wish to see you tomorrow.
Bye, bye, Lara....
Letter 8
Hello Denis!
How are you today? I'm fine, have a good mood and glad to write you again. Waked up pretty early today and I am in really good mood. Since my child hood I remember how my mother used to say: " Who gets up early is blessed by God". It is Russian proverb. But for me it means that if you wake up early you feel good and have the power for the whole day. Do you usually wake up early? I don't need much time for sleep because I think that you can relax and rest before you go to sleep. Yesterday's evening I was alone. So I have decided to take a warm bath and relax before going to sleep. It was so amazing. I am in a warm safe place alone in my shelter with my thoughts and feelings. I like to use aroma oils ylang-ylang, citrus and my favorite is tangerine. After bath I feel just like a new born:) The body is so fresh, oils are perfect for skin. And I sleep like a child. Well, I'm on my work now in the child center, have a break to write you more about myself. You know, I feel there is always not enough time to say everything I wanted to say. I'm trying to be interesting, hope you feel it. You know I'm so glad that I have met you Denis. Our communication means very much for me. Because, you know it is hard to find a friend when you are new to the city and to the country. But I hope you will help me to understand and to learn more about America.
I'm working here more than three month already, I have a work visa.
And I really hope that my bosses here will be satisfied with my work, so I will be able to continue my stay in the US. Anyway I'll be here till summer and then we'll see what it's going to be. I'd like to continue my work here. And maybe I will stay in America for living one day. We'll see. I'd like to continue work with kids here. Abandoned children that don't have their own parents have difficulties in such a young age. In the center I work there is some from Russia. They were adopted in Russia and got here to the US and then left alone for some reasons. It is sad that someone can't keep the responsibility. Kids I work with are 3-4 y.o., I love them all, and you know, it seems like they like me too. They are all so different, they ask me a million questions in a day and I'm happy that I can help them to understand this world. I usually come to work in 9 am and my work day is 8 hours long. We are playing educational games, walk with kids, watch cartoons, I feed them, get them sleep. Sometime I work on Saturdays.
Usually to the end of my day I feel tired and when I come home, I better stay, cook and watch TV. I don't visit clubs, though I like to dance and to have fun, but right now I just have no time for it. Oh, by the way I can't remember what caught my attention on your profile… I only remember that I smiled and felt that I need to write you. And I must tell you, that exept you I have correspondence with my parents and my friends in Russia. You know I feel through your letters that you have something inside that I want to know. It is hard to explain.
Most men have only appearances, but not have beauty inside, and this is where true beauty is gonna be, I think. To tell the truth, the outer beauty is not very important for me. In myself and in others I used to look for a special, individual charisma. I think you are agree with my point of view. Because I am absolutely sure that we can find that a man like an iceberg and that the most beautiful and interesting hidden under. And only when you reach it closer you truly discover what he really is. And I do want to discover. And it doesn't matter for me what anyone else see on a surface of your essence. You know for a woman in our world it is sometimes very hard to trust someone. But I am not scared. I just living my life and first of all I listen to my heart and follow my intuition. It would be great if I can participate in you. If you feel the same, if you feel that you need someone to discover and open your heart, thoughts. I want you to know that you can count on me and speak open with me. It would be great if my advice and sharing can be useful for you. Actually I never talked so open to anybody and especially with the strangers. But here in US I feel that most people here are very open, communicable and free to express themselves. I think it is great. I want to know how do you see the future of our relations? You tell me. And one more time I am glad that I have met you, I always have a big smile on my face when I read your letters and write you a reply. I want to give you my phone number. I think it would be a great to hear your voice and take another step in our relations. You can call me 17862067598. The best time to reach me since 8 a.m. till 11 a.m. in Miami time. So I will wait for your letter and call. Take care and I wish you the best, Lara...
Letter 9
Hi Denis!!!
How are you? Have some free time and I'm very glad that I can write you.
You know, I noticed that our correspondence brings some ideas to me.
I think it is just great that we have met. I'm sure that each of us experienced a painful condition of loneliness. Melancholy and hopeless, as grey autumn day. When it seems, that you are not necessary for anybody, when you see embracing couples and to feel that all the people around are completely indifferent to you. Unfortunately, we are born from love and participation, and we leave in the world in full loneliness.
Sometimes I feel so lonely in this big city. When there are so much people around, you understand that the person is necessary for the person!
Like mother needs child and kid need his parents. We are all need someone.
And we all need love and care. Isn't? Love. You know, I really think that it is not just a physical connection, it is a sensation of full unity at all levels of our existence. First of all, at a level of soul.
In such affinity you are absolutely free from social obligations and stereotypes, expectations and rules. We need to leave the fear of being rejected and offended and we can relax completely and dissolve in our mutual participation. You know I'm glad that we have Internet. For me it is a great opportunity to tell more about me and my thoughts to you, even we haven't see each other yet. And more we communicate, than more I want to see you in real one day. And when it happen you will know who I am already from my letters. So we can meet our first time, but we can feel like an old friends, or more... That's why I'm trying to tell you more about my inner world, my outlook, my thoughts now. And that's the reason why I'm asking you to be open and honest with me. I want you to know, you giving me the most important and necessary things like your interest, your dialogue and your friendship. I hope it is the beginning of something special for me and you, I would like to know you better. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you, this week I have another work schedule and I will be home at morning. So I will be glad if you call me till approximately 11 am. It is the best time to talk for me, because I will not have time later. The number I gave you, 7862067598, is my home number, so you are welcome. Will be glad to talk with you. And of course I will wait for your letters, and will be happy to continue our conversation. Maybe you will share some thoughts with me. I'd like to know your opinion about my ideas. It is very important for me. I want to understand what do you like in me.
Write me more. Ok. Have to go. Bye, bye...Lara
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