Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Aleksandrovna Plotnikova to Kent (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi Kent! It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter! I saw that my fellow worker has communication on a dating site, and saw very nice man, you Kent there! :-)
Your page was pleasant to me, and I asked it that it acquainted me with you. For me this first acquaintance on the Internet, and me is pleasant to write you the letter.
I have no experience of acquaintance in the Internet, but I am sure that we with you will have good and interesting communication! I will tell about myself, I hope that I will interest you too :-)
I have no children, I live one in my apartment in the city of Barysh, this city is in Russia. It is not a problem for you?
I think that for our communication the distance will not be an obstacle. For true love there is no distance? Do you agree with me? :-)
I plan to visit your country for my vacation to learn about life in your country more. Do you know much about Russia? Did you sometime have acquaintances to the Russian girls?
Kent, tell me about your experience of acquaintance in the Internet. Did you already have acquaintance on the Internet to the girl from Russia?
For me this first acquaintance on the Internet, you the first man from other country with which I had acquaintance. In the relations with the loved one the trust and mutual respect is very important for me.
I to read that men from your country the real gentlemen, and it is good to look after and understand girls. It's true? :-) Tell what relations you want to find on a dating site? I am interested only in the serious relations.
I think that there is no sense to communicate just like that, you agree with me? And I do not want to have eternal correspondence, in the future I want to develop our communication,
and it is possible to have a meeting, and development of the relations. The marriage is not important for me, I want to find the man with whom I will be happy. I send you my photos, you like my photos? And I will wait for your photos,
It will help us to know each other better. I hope that you will be able to answer all my questions,
It is interesting to me to know you better, and you can ask me any questions too :-) Tomorrow I want to tell you about my life and hobbies, it will be interesting to you to learn about me more?
I will wait for your letters Kent, and I will respond to each your letter with pleasure. Best regards, Anastasia.
Letter 2
Hi Johan!
Thank you that responded to my message, and wrote to me on my mail,
you became interesting to me, and I wanted to know you better.
I wrote you from a profile of my friend therefore there were other photos.
I hope that my photos are pleasant to you too :-)
I live in Russia, but I will have vacation soon, and I will perhaps arrive in your country.
If it is interesting to you to continue communication with me, then I will write you more about myself,
also I will take the new picture that we could know better each other,
I look forward your answer!
Your friend from Russia Anastasia :-)
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