Letter(s) from Irina Panteleeva to Russell (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Russell. Today I got your leter on my inbox. I felt suprised and exsited because I enjoy reciving leters from my friends. And also because your message is not an ordinary one. I have studied your profile very well and just wanted to get to know you a bit better than a short information can say. Any way your profile seemed different, not like others. I feel it true. But as I have said my English leaves much to be desired. So could you please tell me something about yourself in a more simple way? So here is some facts you probably would like to know about me. My name is Irina I am 27y.o. I was born in Kazan. It is a small town in the central part of Russia. I mean really small. I work as a medical nurse in a local hospital. My specialisation is head-ill childrens care. Truly, I don't complain at all. I was trained for it and now faind great satisfaction in this sort of activity. In Russia people like me are called "young specialists". I can work in medicine and even get my salary - about 70 dollars per month. That's not enough but these childrens is my everything. I live in the town, in the subburb. I rent a small appartment together with my friend. She also works at the hospital. Actualy my parents was died 6 years ago it was car crash. Pity I don't have a computer. So I got to go to the nearest internet cafe. It doesn't matter as it is not too far from the hospital - just some 3 miles on foot (our local transport is always overcrowded). Anyway I am satisfied by my life. It is not boring. Realy! I got an interesting and usefull job. I got a lot of things to do. I very like to study English, especially American variant. It is more simple and beautifull. I like the way it sounds. Right now I attend special language courses organized by linguistic highschool. In adittion I enjoy classic literature, dansing and being close to nature. We got here in Russia realy briliant nature. You know, forests, fast rivers, deep clean lakes, fresh air… So exciting! I hope you like it all too. And what are you favorites? I want to know the way you are. I think that'll be enough for this time. Also I am sending you my photo. Hope you will like it. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely your friend.

Letter 2

My friend Russell. Again I have received a letter from you and I am very glad! I hope, that all the things that I write to you are clear and you understand all I want to tell you. You know, for the small period of correspondence with you have become a very good friend of mine and I feel that I can trust you. How do you think? I feel myself not very comfortable without your letters and with them my day become better and brighter. I feel myself not alone. I know that you far from me but I feel your support. You might think that it is too fast or even too stupid but believe me, I am just saying the way I feel and think. I just would like you to feel the same and if you are so it is just wonderful! You know, I really want to write you a usual letter with my own hand and then receive a letter from you in the same way. But you know, usual mail is too long and moreover, it is very often when letters are just gone I mean they are just stolen or something like that. Actually I never used Internet before, may be just couple of times. But now I realize that it is so convenient and fast. I think it is amazing that my letter comes to you from one end of the planet to another in a minute, I think it is just great. Also I am really regret that I have no phone. I really want to hear your voice. It is a real problem for me. Sometimes it is even hard to find some of my friends or they can not find me as I have no phone. You know, last days of my work during the whole work day I have very often thoughts about you. And you know yesterday I had a very rude client, after he has gone I felt myself horrible and in a minute I just remember about you and all the madness had gone. The thoughts about you filled in all my head. I also wait for a moment when I will come to the internet cafe and start to read the new letter from you. During these thoughts minutes and hours become longer. It might seem to you strange but it is the way I feel. Unfortunately my time in the internet cafe is getting to the end so I will finish my letter now. Write me. I will wait impatiently. Your friend Irina.

Letter 3

Greetings my best friend Russell. I hope you not against, that I call you my best friend. Simply I have attached to you very much, and I think, that you are my best friend! New feelings have born inside of me, it is very pleasant and unbelievable. You know, I had feelings like that at school when I was in the 8s grade, I thought that I fall in love with one boy from my class, but as I understand now it was just very good friendship. But now when I met him last time he has changed a lot. He drinks so much vodkda. And I think it is very big problem for Russia. As very many people drink vodka. I do not understand why. I think if someone start drink vodka or any other alcohol, his life is broken. I against alcohol very much. But of course on some birthdays parties or big hollydays I can drink, but one glass of wine not more than that, just for a pleasure. I also do not like smoking. I even never tried to do it. But if some people smoke I do not mind as it is their buisness. I was very glad to have the new letter from you today, I have some warmeness inside, some kind feelings to you, it is makes me pleasure a lot and this pleasure connected by the fact that we have found each other being so far. You are so nice and kind and it is real pleasure! With you I feel myself quiet, I know, that I can rely on you, I completely trust you and I am sure, that such a person, as you will never hurt me. I think that the trust is one of the most important part of the human character when it is all about friendship or more. Yesterday I went to the park with two of my girlfriends and I have noticed one pair there. They looked so beautiful and happy and I imagined us on their place. And after that thoughts my heart overfilled with pleasant feelings... I wait for your next letter. Your friend irina.

Letter 4

Hallo my far friend Russell. I have just finished my work. You know, tonight I had very strange and pleasent fellings and thoughts. Actually I even do not know how did I feel today. Was it sad or may be it was beautifull. All this day I remembered that pair in the park. And with every moment I realised that I am so happy for them. But at the same time one thought about us did not left my head. All the ladies that work in the same hospital with me asked the same question if something has happened to me. They said that my behaviour has changed. But I said that it is all just fine. Everything is the same. But after that words I felt like if I lied. I know that I have changed. And I think that you make me change. May be I am wrong, I do not know yet. All I know is that I need your letters... Bye for now. I hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 5

Hello my kitten Russell.
As always it was wonderful to see your letter in my mailbox. I hope you do not mind that I called you kitten. I just wanted to call you in some tender way and that was the best word I have found. My girlfriends at work say, that I became absent-minded, they say that I have fallen in love with someone. And I do not know what to tell them about it. I do not know whom I deceive. Them or myself? Since I have started receive your letters I have only one thought in my head. Is it possible? And now I want to tell you one phrase. May be you will think that it is stupid or too fast. But I love you. You are the one I looked for. You are the man that I want to spend my life with. I am sure that I have found my second half. And all I need to know if my feelings are mutual. I really need to know it. Probably you think that I am crazy. But trust me, I am not crazy. I am just saying what I feel. I am telling you the things that my heart telling. Please do not make me wait. I just want to know the true and that is it. I hope that you will answer to my letter as soon as it possible.
I will wait with all my heart.
With love
P.S. I am so sorry that I didn't write you all this time. I was extra busy with my work, and I even had no possibility to get to the Internet cafe. Sometimes it can happen as my work is very hard, I hope you not mad. I will try to write you as often as I can afford it to myself. I just wanted you to know that if I don't write for some time, it doesn't mean that I don't think about you!

Letter 5

Hi my dear Russell.
I thought a lot about me and you. I did not sleep all night. Now it is very important period of my life. I tried to find my real love for some years and now i found you. When my friend told me to try myself in the Internet i thought that it would be funny. I cant imagine that in the Internet i can find such man like you. I think it is a merical. Now every minute i think only about you my dear Russell. Now i really feel myself happy. First time i did not want to tell someone about us. I thought our feelings are not so strong. But now i understand that it is a real love. I told about us to my friends and they are really happy for me. They told me that they see it in my eyes. I can tell you what i want. Everything that i want is to be with you. With my LOVE!!!Every day i dream of having long walks with you on the beach, watching the sun set over the ocean. Listening to the sea galls call, and watching the dolphins swim up the coast into the inlets for the night. Beautiful candle lit dinners sitting by the harbor side with a good bottle of wine and wrapped up in great conversation. But now it is only a dream.... But i think that we can make this dream come true. I think that we will be the happiest people in the universe when we will be together. If you don't mind it would be great to be together and to have a lot of children. What do you think about it??? My Russell i really need you.... On this i will finish my letter. I told you what i feel ... I hope you fell the same and you will understand..
Now i have to go, it is pretty late now.
Waiting for your reply...