Scam letter(s) from Maria Petrova to Barry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love.. Today I went to a travel agency to find out how I can visit your country. I wondered how much it would cost me to make a visa. They said that only an examination for a visa would cost me 45 euros. This money will not be returned even if the application is rejected. To get a visa, I have to go to Moscow, where the embassy is located. I will visit many agencies, offices and organizations in Kolomna and Moscow. (this is the usual way to get a visa) I was told that it can take up to several months !!! I told them that I can’t wait long! I said that I will have a vacation soon! I was asked to solve the problem ... I was told that it would take less time if I use the full package of services, which includes additional payments for the visa category, consular services and preparation for an interview at the embassy. A full package of services costs 360 euros. The visa agency eliminates all problems and thus increases the likelihood of obtaining a visa without undue delay. If everything goes well, I can get a visa in 5 - 7 days! I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this option is the only one for me. I don’t know if I did the right thing by paying that kind of money ??? I guess I needed to consult with you again and again. But I thought there was no other way. I agreed, and registered, a visa application, hoping that you would be happy to meet with me .. Can you imagine that we will spend several weeks together or even a lifetime! What will happen next? Didn’t you think? These long days until we meet. It has been taking so long now ... Seconds seem to be forever .. Now this is the meaning of my whole life. I can’t stop thinking about it. For me there is nothing more important than our meeting! There is nothing more important than you Curtis! Your love Maria ..
Letter 2
Hello my gentle! You have no idea how glad I am to see your letter. I think that trust is very important for a relationship if both partners want the relationship to grow. Without this, there can be no strong relationship. Thank you for being honest with me, and for my part I can say that I will be honest with you. I think we should try to tell each other as much as possible. Today all morning I did not find a place ... I was absent-minded ... and why do you think? Everything is simple. You don't get out of my head. All my thoughts are occupied with our meeting with you. I scroll them through my head a thousand times and every time I feel a lot of excitement. With great excitement, I waited for the moment when I open my mail and see your letter. Honey, the first thing I think about waking up every morning is you !!! My dear, the last thing I think about, falling asleep every night is you. you are in my every thought, in every movement and breath. With each new day, my feelings for you become more and more strong. You changed my life. I'm so glad that you wrote to me and expressed your thoughts about our meeting. I think the day of our first meeting will remain in our memory for life. It will be the best day of my life. I feel that every day our meeting is getting closer. Today was already the first prerequisite for this. In the morning I came to work, I went to the bulletin board and saw a vacation schedule there. Today I found out the exact start date of my vacation. My vacation will start from December 27th. I think that during this time I will have time to prepare my documents for the trip. I will not put everything off the bat. If I have time after work tomorrow, I will go to a travel agency and find out all the details for traveling to you. Of course, I will keep you informed of all matters. Uhhhhhhhh ........ how I would like to speed up time and be with you as soon as possible. On this note I want to finish my letter.
Forever yours Maria
Letter 3
Hi!!! Sorry.. I couldn't write you these days. My computer was broken and I managed to subordinate it only today. I had to call the master so that he could fix everything. But now everything is in order and I can write you a letter again ..

I fell asleep and woke up with great excitement in my chest. I did not know how you would respond to my question about our meeting. Thoughts about this haunted me. Today, all my thoughts are just about that. I waited with great excitement for the moment when I could check my mail. The thoughts were spinning in my head: "did you write to me .... or did not write to me." Now that I see your letter, I did this: fffuuuuuuuuuu ..... I'm so glad !!! You agreed to meet with me !!! Uuuuhhhhh .... I'm just insanely happy with everything that happens. I feel like the happiest girl in the world. Now that I know that you have a desire to meet with me, I feel even more confident in myself. My female intuition tells me that everything will be fine. Emotions of excitement and joy overwhelm me. Joy because we will be together .... excitement because this will be our first meeting. The first meeting will help us understand what our feelings are capable of and whether we are compatible with you. After the first meeting, we will plan our next steps. I think you will agree with my thoughts. If you think differently then tell me about it? Now I think that we need to discuss the date of our meeting with you. Tell me, when would you like me to fly to you? For example, I will have a vacation soon. Soon my supervisor will post a vacation schedule and then I will find out the specific date of my vacation. They will last 30 days. I think that this time will be enough for the first meeting. During this time, we can at least somehow test our feelings and our compatibility. I hope you agree with my thoughts ???
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