Scam letter(s) from Marina to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
hai my polite, fine mister Unexcelled:-) are You with me? I hope U can ideal chat, righ now I'm trying to find serious guy:-) E-mail for response I will send You my picture attach:)
thank you in advance
Letter 2
Hello ! Forgive me to answer your letter late. . But your letter There was in a basket (spam). I do not know, why it has occurred. Perhaps, These are some an error... Probably, my filter of e-mail It is adjusted incorrectly. Now all is normal. I have added your address to «To good mail», the list. And we can easy continue To communicate... If you want? I think, that you wish me to learn. If You did not want me the nobility, you would not write to me. Correctly? I am glad, that you have written to me. I hope, that in the future we will be very much Good friends, and we can also many other things...... A little I will tell about myself. My name is - Maria. To me of 29 years. . I live in Russia, in the city of Bratsk if it is interesting to you, you can look in Google pictures of my city. It is very beautiful city. I do not know what to tell In my first letter, because I the beginner in this business. It something New and unusual to me. I hope, you are not too strict to mine To errors. English is not my native language, but I consider, that I know it well. I have found your e-mail, through dating agency "Lazurite". Why I write to you and at once I give this information. The answer is simple. That further there were no questions in our communications. On it I will write to you fairly. "I do not know, how agency have found your address". I have given to dating agency of a few money and the information. After the done operation. Agency to me has given yours email. Here so I have found you. Today I will not write much. It is simply interesting to me to learn your thoughts On this question. I wish to know, what you search on this site???? Serious relations or simple flirtation? I hope, you the serious person. After all that site serves only for search of serious partners. I Wished to learn you.
Tell to me something about itself..... Also ask that You wish to learn about me? I hope, you have not got tired to read my letter..... I will send you some of my photos. I hope, you also will send
To me the photo. Your new friend Marina.
Letter 3
Hello Why don't you want to say your name? I really want to know your name!! Today I have a letter from you !!! I think we know each other now?
Gikhihihih ... I am glad that we can continue our dialogue. To me Very pleased that you took the time and wrote me your answer. You know, I was interested to read your letter. I Absolutely almost do not know you, but today during the day I was thinking about you. "I thought that you would answer me or not answer me?" Uraaaa. "Clear your answer! Now I feel better. Now I know that you have a serious Intentions. I had a little dating experience on this site.
The Internet. I will open and confess that I tried to write to you several men. But it was unsuccessful .... One man wanted only ***.
Another wanted to see my ****** photos. Of course, I stopped at Once a dialogue with them to the point - that my intentions are serious. Now i
Know that you are a serious man. Now I know that you have a desire communicate with me This is very good !!! I will be happy to
Tell me about yourself ... I do not think you need to hurry. I
I think that you need to go slow, but the right steps. Really? You do
I should not hesitate. I'm a simple girl. Ok now i'll say you about me directly. My name is Maria. My age is 29 years old. my birthday is May 28th. I was born in 1989. My height - 168 cm. My weight is 47 kg. I live in Bratsk.
Bratsk is a lot of a beautiful city. I work art the director of the restaurant of my city, the restaurant named "Ginza". I have graduated from university. My education will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. I studied for 18 years. All 18 years I have
Also studied English. I graduated from university at the age of 25. I have my own house with a small garden. I am very love to grow flowers. My garden is very beautiful and nice. I live alone in a house, I don’t have children or young man (man). I am very happy and grateful that you replied to my letter because I am determined to get met through the Internet. And it was a miracle for me when you wrote me a letter. I do not have a personal computer, but I can I am writing to you from my work computer. I use the Internet, only for my Job. But I hope that we will write to each other all the time. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue. I hope you will soon write me a letter. Sincerely. For today I will finish my letter. Marina.
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