Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Plotnikova to Charles (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Charles! It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter! I saw that my fellow worker has communication on a dating site, and saw very nice man, you Charles there! :-)
Your page was pleasant to me, and I asked it that it acquainted me with you. For me this first acquaintance on the Internet, and me is pleasant to write you the letter.
I have no experience of acquaintance in the Internet, but I am sure that we with you will have good and interesting communication! I will tell about myself, I hope that I will interest you too :-)
I have no children, I live one in my apartment in the city of Barysh, this city is in Russia. It is not a problem for you?
I think that for our communication the distance will not be an obstacle. For true love there is no distance? Do you agree with me? :-)
I plan to visit your country for my vacation to learn about life in your country more. Do you know much about Russia? Did you sometime have acquaintances to the Russian girls?
Charles, tell me about your experience of acquaintance in the Internet. Did you already have acquaintance on the Internet to the girl from Russia?
For me this first acquaintance on the Internet, you the first man from other country with which I had acquaintance. In the relations with the loved one the trust and mutual respect is very important for me.
I to read that men from your country the real gentlemen, and it is good to look after and understand girls. It's true? :-) Tell what relations you want to find on a dating site? I am interested only in the serious relations.
I think that there is no sense to communicate just like that, you agree with me? And I do not want to have eternal correspondence, in the future I want to develop our communication,
and it is possible to have a meeting, and development of the relations. The marriage is not important for me, I want to find the man with whom I will be happy. I send you my photos, you like my photos? And I will wait for your photos, It will help us to know each other better. I hope that you will be able to answer all my questions,
It is interesting to me to know you better, and you can ask me any questions too :-) Tomorrow I want to tell you about my life and hobbies, it will be interesting to you to learn about me more?
I will wait for your letters Charles, and I will respond to each your letter with pleasure. Best regards, Anastasia.
Letter 2
Hi Charles!
How are you doing? How is your mood today?
At me everything is excellent because I received your message, you very much pleased me :-)
Thank you that told me much and themselves, it is very interesting to me to recognize you!
Thanks for your photos, I loved them, you to me is nice, send me more than the photos, I will be very happy them to see.
You have very beautiful and happy smile! I see that you the kind and cheerful man, it is pleasant to me!
I think that you are very courageous man, I see that you love extreme? It is very dangerous to ride the motorcycle, but I always wanted to drive on it, I yet never rode the motorcycle, you will roll me in the future? :-)
And how your motorcycle is called? It looks very beautifully, it is very fast? I am lonely because I do not want to have relations with the Russian man,
The Russian men are not interesting to me, I had unsuccessful relations in Russia, the Russian men rough and drink alcohol much, and do not respect women, and now I want to have family with the man from your country.
It is pleasant to me to know that I was not mistaken in you and that you the well-mannered man also are respectful to women.
It is pleasant to me that we well understand each other, I think that it is important to begin acquaintance, you agree with me? :-) I understand that we live with you in various countries. We live in the modern world.
Every day from Russia many planes fly to your country. The distance is not a problem.
I will have vacation soon and perhaps I could visit you in the future. Would you like it?
But at first we with you have to know well each other, and then think of a meeting, you agree with me? You were lucky that you traveled much and saw the world, I never was abroad Russia, but always dreamed to visit your country, there are a lot of beautiful places? :-)
It are pleasant to me sunlight and tropical beaches are pleasant, but I love mountains also, I like to ski, you love it? I see at us many identical interests, I like to read too, I like to read anti-Utopias, for example "Brave New World", "Fahrenheit 451", and you read these books? And how old are you and when your birthday? I am 39 years old and my birthday on December 24 :-)
Tell about your children, you are amicable with them? How their names and how many to them years? I long thought about volume what photos to you to send that you could know me better.
And I send you photos from my work, and the photo with my best friend of the childhood.
We often with she meet and share with she news and experiences, her name is Elena, we are on friendly terms with it since the childhood.
We studied with she at one school, lived in one house and spent all the childhood together.
Elena to me very close friend, I to it can talk about everything and share with the problems.
And you have many friends? I hope to you my photos are pleasant? do you understand my letters? It is difficult for me to write letters in your language, I hope that you could understand me correctly. :-)
I want to tell you as well as where I learned your language. I began to learn your language when studied at school, later when I grew up and went to economic institute, I continued studying, but last time I wrote and spoke into English language long ago. I hope that you will help me to improve mine English, I will be a good schoolgirl! :-) At economic institute I to study as the accountant, but I could not find work as the accountant in my small Barysh.
And then I found work in confectionery shop, I to cook beautiful cakes, Would like to ******** cake? :-) I sent you photos to mine favourite work.
Thank you that told about your work and how the company in which you work is called?
What software do you do? It is interesting to me to learn about you more,
And I will tell you in the following letter on my hobbies and hobbies :-) It will be very interesting to me to learn a lot of new about you!
All good to You Charles! Successful day!
Your friend from Russia Anastasia!
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