Scam letter(s) from Natalia Romanova to Marco (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Marco! I am very pleased to receive your letter again. It means that I am not indifferent to you. You too are not indifferent to me. You can write to me about your problems. I shall be very glad if I can help to you something. I hope you will not be against if I shall write about that that excites me also. I am very glad that in my life the person to which I has appeared can speak sincerely about that that important for me. If you not against that I shall sometimes address to you for advice. For me very important your opinion. Certainly I do not want to tell it that I not the self-assured person. But I think that your rich life experience will prompt me how to act in some situations better.
You possess good intuition? Anyhow but I hope that we can understand each other. A free time I devote some part of mine to preparation of meal.I very much like to bakee pies with apples. Especially I like to prepare for visitors. In our family it is accepted, that when there there arrive visitors, necessary to invite All for a table. And completely not important they got the invitation or simply past passed.We consider, that hospitality - an attribute of good family.
That you think in this case. It is very pleasant to listen to words of a praise from people which eat my culinary masterpieces. But I eat very little. I try to support my figure more or less harmonous. But with increase in age to do it more difficultly. Therefore I am compelled to go to a sports hall 3 times a week. I was not married because I have been learned family experience of my girlfriends. All my girlfriends were married. And all have divorced from the husbands!
It seems unreal but it so. The reasons of divorce at all are identical. Some time after wedding my girlfriends looked happy. But aft er a while their husbands started to drink alcohol and to change the to wives with other women. My girlfriends were their hackneyed husbands repeatedly also. When I heard as they told about it I was horrified. Because I think that the man should protect and protect the woman but not beat her. It is very big problem in our country. But I read in magazines and saw on the TV also that in your country it happens very seldom. Then I also have decided to write to the man from your country. I do not know why men in our country drink now much.
They speak that they do it under weight of a difficult life. But to women to live in our country too it is not simple. But we do not drink. How you see ideal family? How you consider a place of the man and a place of the woman in family? I bring to you my apologies for such sad letter. But I only without lie have told to you about that that is now important for me. I hope you understand me. Take care.
Your Russian friend ! Natasha!!!
Letter 2
Hello dear Marco! I am very glad to receive news from you! It was interesting to me to read your letter, you are very interesting to me and I think that our friendship will be strong. How your working day today has passed? What you do? How your businesses? At me all is normal. Thank for your fast answer to my letter. It is very healthy that with each letter we study about the friend more and more and more. It means that we are interesting the friend to the friend. You agree with me ? My brother is interested in our correspondence. He is glad that in my life has appeared very interesting, good and serious the man. My brother wishes you excellent mood, strong health. I wish you it too. I think, It from us there will be the perfect pair. You see so many people Search for second half and cannot find. And us actually was Successful. You trust destiny? I hope, that you are that of whom I Search. I think, that you also so think. Yes can be to us still early speak about it now. It is necessary for us to study each other better. Though, for this purpose still early to speak, it is necessary to communicate, to study each other. It is very important for me. I hope that for you it important also. I seldom meet my girlfriends. Recently each of them is occupied a lot of time with the affairs. Recently I have caught myself on ideas that I start to get used to loneliness. It has very much disturbed me. I have decided that in my life is necessary to change something urgently. Last night I have come from work late. I have remained one. Having looked transfers on the TV set, I have gone to sleep. At the night, through dream, I have heard someone's rough deaf votes. Suddenly terrible roar has forced me jump up from a bed. In a corridor fight. The deaf rattle was heard children's weeping, shouts. drowse, I have thought, that there was a fire. barefoot, with a disarranged hair I have jumped out in a corridor and has seen such picture. Our neighbour alcoholic beat the wife, behind there was their small son and cried. To me became not on itself. God, mine, what I could make? I have run to myself home, has closed a door, and to go to bed. As are severe, there are people! It repeated not first time. The militia is already tired to them to come.
When I doze off, noise and the shouts behind a door have stopped, the house again has plunged into dead silence. This history with the order already has bothered by all. I slept then nervously. But you do not worry of for me, simply it is life, and anywhere from it to not get to. Sometimes I dream of, that we have met you of , well even on the phone. That our votes became closer to each other. You see it so is good. It seems, that I as small girl shall pay for pleasure. The truth, I do not have telephone. It shall be possible I to you to call with Post Office o city. It seems, it is worthy variant. Dear my friend, you, please, give me number of your telephone and I can to you at once call from The Post Office, at once as soon as I shall receive the salary. Well, please, I so want it, I want to hear your vote. Send to me your telephone number in the following yours letter, OK? Do not overlook about it. Wait to hear from you soon. Bye!
Best wishes, Natasha.
Letter 3
Greetings my Marco! I so am happy, that you answer on each my letter!!! I think of you all day, all night, each moment and I so need in your sincere letters. I want to be honour with you and to tell you, that I can not without you and without your warm letters. You are a beam of the sun in my present life. Now you already necessary part of my lonely life. Please, trust me, trust my words. We already know about each other and consequently you to me ever more and more like more more. Please be with me in your letters. I in it strongly need. I can not live without your letters.
It is very important for me also I hope, that it also is important and for you And how at you there weather? Warmly? I would like to be there now near to you, that the warm beams of the sun warmed our bodies. And you love to go in campaigns in a wood? I very much love. As you know probably, we in Russia have very many beautiful woods. And near to your city there are beautiful woods? And very much would want on them to look and have some fun there. And what we there would do together?
Is not present, not together and with your friends? You you see would acquaint me with them, whether not so? All my friends ask about very much to you, and I speak them, that you the very good man, that you write me very much like, that to me such remarkable letters. And your friends ask about me and what they in general ask? I very much would like it to know. It is interesting, that your friends think of me. And still to me would like to learn, how you will spend with them time? I promised you in my last letter to write slightly about my figure. So as you already know, my heigth of 168-170 centimeters. Do you like my eyes. Probably you interested by volume of my ******, waist and hips.
Ok, my ****** 96 cm, my waist 64 cm, mine hips 95 cm. If you something else interests about my figure, you can ask all that want. And now I should go. I hope, that I shall receive your letter as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. And remember that I need your letters and I need you. Your Natasha.
Letter 4

Hello my dearest Marco! Is very glad each time to receive from you your warm letters each time, each day, each moment. A thank for your messages. They help me now to live. I can not without your letters any more. Never leave me!
you to me are very necessary! As you already could notice, in each letter I write you a lot of information on myself and about the life, because I want that you knew about me absolutely all. It is very important for me. I hope and for you too. We should know about the friend the friend everything completely to trust each other. I very much want, that we trusted each other. It is the important part of the attitudes. I want, that all was sincere. I did not write to you about the work very much, and now I want that you knew, only, please, nothing speak about it then, because I very much hesitate. My salary is only 190 dollars per one month. It is the ridiculous salary even for Russia, only do not laugh it is necessary by me. This money usually suffices only on SURVIVING and no more. Sometimes I sit at home and I think, well what for to me such work?! I for a long time already want to find other work, but it is very dificult. At me good education. I studied at university. I very much love my work. It is possible to tell that I take a small part in construction of the future of my country. Because I not only teach to children Russian and the literature but I also am engaged in education of children. I very much love children. I think that children is flowers of a life. I dreamed to become the teacher still when I went to school. I always admired with my teachers. I never try to impart to children my sights.
I try to give them I peep for reflection that they studied to think more widely. It is very pleasant for me to accept gratitude from parents of my pupils. But my work has one serious lack. The matter is that the teaching profession is financed from the budget of our country. Our country very big also is rich minerals. But that is paradoxical that the budget of Russia very poor. Therefore the teaching profession very much is low paid and paid with a delay even about 2 months. It very much afflicts that to the simple people with excellent education to not find good work. Excuse, please, that I to you tell all this. But I should tell you it. Please, understand me correctly. You my unique man, with which I can inform to the mountain and happiness. Simply try to support me. I very much want, that also you also trusted to me, as I to you. I want that you now were with me right now and has supported me. Has embraced, has kissed. Has told, that I am necessary to you very strongly. be with me always. I very much want it! Excuse once again, that I to you now have told all about the work, forgive me.Tell me, please, and what you think of me? I think, we are simply created the friend for the friend. I think of you very much. And I dream, that sometime we shall be together. I want, that you never forgot me, know that on the friend to the party of ocean there is a girl which the day and night thinks of you. I so have got used to you that already I begin to miss about you. I should go, but I promise that I shall write the letter very quickly. I wait for news from you. Kisses and hugs to you, Your Natasha.
Letter 5
Greetings my Lion Marco!!!!!! I want to say to you that as usual and usual, I'm happy so much from your answer on my last e-mail !! I think about you all days. I so wait for your warm messages for me , I want to say to you that now I cann't without you and your so feelings emails my dear. You e-mails are so important for me, it are a part of my life, it are a source of my pleasure to my life, I want to say to you that the occurrence of you is a beterest part of my lonely life now, your messages give me a great happiness and pleasure in my life . Believe me , that I speak this my words with my sincere care to you , with my respect for you.
Also I want to emphasize that I thought about our feelings to you my lovely, I have come to a conclusion that we are created for each other . In last night I didn't sleep well, I couldn't do it because I thought about us my dear, about our acquaintance on Internet, about your warm messages, and in basically about you my !From your messages , I see that we aren't indifferent to each other , I hope that you will agree with me my lovely, is it for true ? I hope that you feel to me such great feelings to me my . Also in last night I was asked to God, I thank him that we found each other , I closed my eyes and have seen the God's presence. He saw on me and I saw on him, he said me that I will happiest woman, because I found you . My dear, how you see on this? I want to say to you that I miss you very much, and I want to say to you that you became on the first plan in my life than my work .
On it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your letter All my warmth kisses, Warmth hugs, Your lady Natasha!!!
Letter 6
Hello my lovely Marco! I have received again your warm letter with the answers to my last message. My dear, my love, I have written in last letter on the sincere feelings to you. I thought all the day of it. I was confused, but I hope, that you will answer to me with reciprocity. I am very glad, that has written to you about it because I could not suffer, I have a lot of love to you. I hope, you understand, that it is very difficult to hide the feelings to favourite to the man. I am very happy that I at last has met such the man to which I can tell all and the more so tell that I it I love. So it is difficult to me now to describe the feelings by words..I can not without your warm gentle letters, I can not without your sincere words, I can not without you!!! Mine dear , I want sometime to see you in real life, to talk to you, to look in your perfect eyes, to feel your smell, and to remain with you … I hope, that we shall meet sometime soon or not so soon. My girlfriends are very glad, that I have found the good man because them was not lucky in a marriage, they wish to us with you all good and that the life was sweet as a strawberry … At us in Russia it is impossible to find the good man. There can be it already custom. I do not know but all Russian men drink very many alcoholic drinks. At first they speak that love and then begin to do very bad unpleasant things, therefore in Russia there are no good men. And I want that I with you had good happy future together, number for ever. I so long would search for such man to which I could tell all that it wants to know. And at last I have found you! I so am long about you dreamed ! I do not want from anybody to hide of the feelings to you! I dream of you each moment!!!! I hope that you will answer to me with reciprocity my love! I do not have words to describe the happiness. But I simply know that you understand me and love. With each minute I want all to be closer and closer to you and to feel you. My darling, at this point I finish my letter to you, I wait forward your letter with my honest love!!! You have to know, how I feel so happy myself when I read your warm messages my darling! With great love, Hugs and kisses, Only yours, Tigress Natasha!!!!
Letter 7
Greetings my love Marco!!! Very much happy to get a letter from you. You know I start catch my mind on that I miss your letters. Day by day I think if you'll write me a letter or not. If not, I will feel upset.When you read my letters you can think that I the pessimist. But it not so. I look at a life really. When I was the girl I liked to read novels about love. I thought that in a life all happens as it has been described in books.
But time went also I started to understand that in a life all occurs differently. But I become very glad that my life now is similar to that life about which I read in novels. I am grateful to you . I want to talk to you today about solitude, particularly one of soul and body. Solitude is a terrible thing. As for me, being a lonely person I have no desire for opening my eyes in mornings. I don't need a fake of love. I need real love. Solitude concerns not only soul when one gets nobody to confide to, when nobody takes care of your life, your health, your mood, when one has all the days gone by in the same way.
Only troubles. Such a person knows nothing but his soul, his senses and his body. My body suffers from solitude as well. It is deprived of making love with a desired man. From your letters I understand I draw to conclusion you are a deeply talented person. !You are gifted. You come about to be in a situation of not being understood. Such people like you and me feel the wall of estrangement stronger and more painful. Owing to your intellect you are higher than your environment.
You as well as I have some difficulty to find people of our mind for communication and mutual understanding. Even people the closest to us pretty often can't have our ideas. They try to impose their life style. But you are *****. You aren't like everyone. This doesn't always get to people's mind. You are a keen personality and make me surprised every time. You are able to occupy your head with clever thoughts. You have got nice passions filling your free time. A lonely
person is a very thoughtful person. Solitude is followed by
consideration. This is the lonely individual who may give an objective judgement of life values. Man rules all his life. Perhaps you draw a sad sense after reading of solitude? Every person is a brilliant star if he has one he shines for. Waiting for your answer. Kiss you
Letter 8
Hi my love Marco! How are you? I am doing fine, my love. I have received you answer on my last e-mail, more as usual, it was so happy for me to receive your necessary love for me your warmth words my dear. your letters are so necessary for me, you are inseparable part of my life . All days, all seconds I dream about our meeting , I can't wait a moment when we will meet in your airport my love, I so want it very much my darling. I am happiest woman in this world, because we have met each other, dear! I want to say to you my dear, that all people, who want to find a love man or woman, this man or woman will find the love necessarily, Also, before my writing to you, in my mind came a liric thinking about you my darling. I have found an Internet one liric poem too, I want to say to you that I so like this poem too, I want to show my great love and missing about you in this poem, I hope that you will love this feel and soul poem for you my darling, is "I NEVER DREAMED"
by Emily Matthews I never dreamed one smile could fill,
my world with warmth and light....
Until your smile made all my days
so beautiful and bright. I never realized someone
could change my life so much....
Until you shared your caring ways,
your strength, your tender touch. I never thought that love could be
this endless, deep and true....
Until the day I gave my heart
and all my love to you. My love , I hope that you will love this poem, this poem from my heart.

Thinking about you.

All my kisses for you,
Your Natasha!!!!
Letter 9
Hello my angel Marco! I am grateful to you for your last letter. With each new your letter my love to you all becomes stronger and more strongly, and finds the increasing force. I constantly think, about you and present us with you together. The world of that tenderness, love and pleasures you give to me, overlooking about all our problems and cares. Naturally it is mine only dreams, but as it would be desirable, that these dreams necessarily have come true. Please, understand correctly my passion to you. I very strongly like you. You my unique love! I do not want to hide from you anything, I trust you and consequently to me very important, that also you trusted me. It seems, what is it love letter remain in your memory, up to ours to first with you of meeting. Our meeting with you necessarily is held.
With impatience I shall wait from you of the speed letter. Strong whole, with love and caress for ever your Natasha.
Letter 10
HELLO MY PRINCE Marco!!!! I am very glad that you constantly write to me the letters. I too as well as you dream of day of our meeting. And I simply can not constrain emotions when I think of it. I want to tell to you a history which has taken place with me in the street recently.
I went on city and thought of you and the small girl has approached to me. Whether also she has asked me I that such know love. I at first very much was surprised why the small girl asks such things. But then I have thought and yes I has answered I know that such love. I certainly did not begin to speak her about that that such love and that it means. I simply have answered what yes I know. I so have told because I really know that this such and it is all due to you.
Understand when the man loves that it is as though gifted with the god. And this gift is not possible such huge that it for estimating.
But when the love leaves that it simply equivalently death. The man like alive, he works makes any businesses, but in soul at him that is not present. I speak it because I know that such complete absence of love. When you thrown by that whom you love, it is simple the end to all. I whom shall not wish to test this feeling. The feeling when love to the man turns to hatred and your soul becomes rigid. I am grateful to the god that you are at me both I can love and I know that you too love me. I love you and I want to be with you the rest of all life. I that have more in life it is not necessary because I have you. I hope that you understand me and will write to me the same warm letter. Your Natasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 11
Greetings my loved Marco! it is pleasant for me to receive from you such sweet letters, they so please me, after your letters at me on soul to become more easy.When I understand that I have such favourite prince.Your love pierces me on distance. I already feel ours with you a long-awaited meeting. My tiger so it is pleasant for me to hear, that I am necessary though for whom that in this world.When you to me do not write that to me to become very sadly, sitting at a window I would like to be with you,to feel your caress your heat of courageous hands.You for me as a beam to the sun in this heavy life. I constantly think of you. You my angel, and my love on all life. When I go on job I think of you, when I lie down to sleep I think of you.You dream of all my life. I madly like you.Today at night the dream has dreamed me,in which you dreamed.Me dreamed, that we with you went for a walk on park, which was located near to the large house.We went with you on long avenue of park.There was a warm autumn weather.When we with you
went for a walk on us the autumn sheets of different
colours,red,yellow,orange colour fell.We with you went and much talked and laughed.It was very good together. When we came to the end of avenue,you have begun me to embrace and to kiss. You do not represent,as it was perfect.Your scarlet lips concerned my lips. Your gentle hands ironed my neck and ******.It was excellent!On it my dream was finished. When I have woken up, I am very good myself felt,but me became a little sad, because it was only dream.I very much would like, that this dream has come true.This dream remain in memory on all my life.I madly like you!You mine unique liked the man, about which I dreamed all life.I too would not like to see you to embrace and strong to kiss. Today I talked to the girlfriend on the account of us.That trip abroad it so difficultly always seemed to me. The last year I had no holiday because at me was not a number of the loved person,and I had nobody to carry out the holiday. This year I have holiday.It will be prolonged more than month I would like to carry out each minute only with you, would like that you have told to me and have shown all to charm Your country.My girlfriend has informed me what not so and difficultly to leave abroad it is just necessary to go in travel agency and all to find out. My lovely tomorrow in dinner I shall try to go in agency and all to find out.How you look at it? Then I at once shall inform about it. Most of all to me I would be desirable to see you love mine onstantly I think of you my loved. From 1000 kisses yours Natasha!!!!!!
Letter 12
Greetings my lovely Marco!!! I am very glad that our relations become all more strongly and more strongly. Me so pleases that soon we shall together, we shall rally in a single whole. My tiger I so am happy that we with you so seriously we concern to our attitudes . I am at present very tired because all the day long passed. Today I have visited agency and have taken an interest that is necessary for me for arrival in your country. To me informed that I shall address in your country under the visa which does not demand visiting embassy in Moscow and by that I should not make superfluous expenses. As it is necessary for me to issue the passport for travel abroad insurance.
Registration of all documents will occupy 10 days and after that I without problems can arrive to you my tiger and caress you. It will be necessary for me to have at itself 2 tickets. One up to your country and the second on a way back. I should take advantage of services of the plane company aeroflot. My lovely I did not begin to be interested how many to me it will cost. I think that I cannot allow to pay to myself all trip, therefore I do not know that to me to make. My lovely if you can help me write to me about it in the letter. I think that anyway, you in my heart on always. Such Feelings which I test to you I never tested to other person and I shall not test!!!!!!!!! I hope for your understanding and with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Your lioness wants to be with you!!!
Letter 13
Greetings my lovely Marco!! How your affairs? At me affairs go very well because I soon shall near to such person as you, my love. My tiger today I have visited once again agency and money to me has taken an interest about that how many is necessary to visit you. I informed them that the cheapest way of arrival in your country is necessary for me. To me have told, that on registration of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, insurance and two tickets 840 euro are necessary for me. So to me informed. All my documents will be to made out approximately no more weeks, therefore approximately in ten days I shall be near to you my tiger. But my lovely I have no such money at present. If you can help me write to me about it in the following letter. I hope for your understanding and with impatience I shall wait for your answer!!! P.S. I certainly would like that you have arrived, but at us heavy political conditions in Russia. You for certain heard, that Russia with Chechnei has interstate war. And they send to us terrorists that they killed our Russian people. I think, that you heard about act of terrorism in Beslan where these bad people killed children. And all this war began because of oil. And the second reason on which you will not want to arrive to our mad country is SKIN-HEAD which beat and **** foreigners. Sometimes even itself it is terrible to go home. Different ideas visit my head when I see them. Whether for example they wait for you about a house. If you want will meet me give I better to you I shall come. YOUR TIGRESS VERY MUCH LOVES YOU AND WILL BE FAST SHE WITH YOU Natasha!!!!!
Letter 14
Greetings my loved Marco, I am very happy that you understand me and support in so heavy situation for both of us. I very much love you and I do not have more forces to be in this country. I cannot without you, I want to be with you. For you I am ready on all. I so am grateful to destiny, that it has given us chance will meet. For you I am ready will turn in a small fluffy animal that you looked after me and tenderly flattered. I hope, that you will help me and I can arrive to you and we shall construct with you an ideal pair, in fact between us there is really strong love and very big feelings. So it is hurt to me to speak about this situation, but we need to solve this question and we shall be together. I shall be happy together with you. I love you and I shall wait yours for the help, in fact without it to us not as will not meet. I love you and I am ready to speak it to you always and everywhere. I so want to embrace you and hotly to kiss. Our meeting with you, it very much an important point in my life, in fact for the first time I has found which person so has strongly grown fond and is ready for it on all. I hope for your help, in fact more I have nobody to wait for it. You for me as a beam of the sun in a dark empire and for the sake of it really it is necessary to live, in fact the life is fine when you are near to the favourite person. On it I am compelled to finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
I hope you will help. Yours forever Natasha. P.S. I very much love you my dear and I want to hear as soon as possible your voice and consequently I want to call you on Thursday approximately from 19.00 till Moscow time. And consequently I want you to ask that you have again sent me the phone number. I with impatience shall expect tomorrow's evening my love.
Letter 15
Greetings my love Marco!!! How are you? At me all is good. How weather at you? At us weather today simply magic, because today at us in city very warmly, And consequently such weather very much is pleasant to me. I very much love warm weather because I like warm weather. At us in city brightly the sun today shines, the warm wind blows. And consequently it is very pleasant for me to feel a touch of a warm wind On my person and on my body. You are not present near to me, but I so would like to feel a touch Your hands on my person. I very much want, that ironed my hair, touched my hair, Caressed my body, kissed my lips. I very much would want, that we were with you together, my love!!! You would like it? I think, that my dreams will be carried out only at our meeting with you, my love. What you think in this occasion? I always think of our forthcoming meeting with you, my love.
I think that our meeting will be, as in a fairy tale. You think as well as I whether or not? I sometimes so would like you to embrace, kiss, touch your ******. But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!! I think that have found such person who is necessary for me. Which me will understand, think always of me. And this person
- you!!! I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you, my love!!! I always asked when our meeting with you will be a reality. And now I ask you, my love! What you think of our meeting with you? When our meeting becomes a reality? Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere And passionate air kisses, and also my the hottest and ardent Embraces from my loving heart. You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from My loving heart? I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces. Sometimes your kisses, both your passionate and strong embraces at night dream me, But when I wake up you was not present near to me. To me it becomes very sad!!! I so want to be with you, my love!!! You would like it, my charm? And now my time has approached to the end, and it is time to me to leave, But I leave with ideas on you, my love!!!
Remember, that I love you!!! Yours Anastasia!!!
Letter 16
Hi my love and my gentle man Marco. I have come now in the Internet of cafe to look, whether there is from you a letter And I am very glad that you have written to me, my honey. I have read all and have clearly understood.... How at you an affair and how health? It is a pity to me that now you are not present near to me, we together would send with you..... Honey, I very much love you and very much I miss you. I suffer from that that you Now not near to me. I very much worry for you.... When I you have written me the letter for the first time I have understood, that you that person about which I dreamed all life.
You that knight on a white horse. Yours words Have pierced me up to depth of my soul. I as if the bird who has escaped from a cell. You have forced to beat my heart which lives one you more often. I so would like to appear with you beside to feel your heat and to overlook With you about all on light. Each night I lie down to sleep think only about To you also I can not fall asleep. We are divided with thousand kilometers, but I feel Your presence, you, as if the angel - keeper who preserves me. When I do not receive your answer, something breaks at me in a ****** and it seems to me, That the ground leaves at me from under legs. All my life was grey and boring, While I have not found that who have changed my life, have brought happy minutes of my life. I waited for you the whole eternity and at last there was this MIRACLE!!! I am grateful for this miracle To destiny which has helped us to find each other in this huge world. I so dream of our meeting, I above all would like to meet you. For the sake of You I am ready to offer everything to be only with you. I would like to fall asleep in yours Strong embraces and to feel sweet taste of your lips and each morning to wake up with I think, that Beside that the man without which my life simply does not represent sense. I think that from the girl should not proceed what or ideas. All initiatives should proceed from the man. I very strong kiss you in your gentle lips!!!!! I shall wait from you for the letter and very to miss on you!!!!!!!! Your loving future wife Natasha.
Letter 17
Greetings my loved Marco! I am very glad that you have written me the next letter. I certainly understand you my dear that you have no such sum at present. I am very glad that you to me try in every way to help but unfortunately I too I can not type all sum. And it seems to me that a unique output for us is that as soon as possible to save up the sum which to us so is necessary. My lovely I very much love you and my heart belongs only to you, you my beam in a dark empire. My loved I am valid in a life more of nobody shall grow fond except for you and I want that we at last have met you and could create the present strong family. You too want it? I want my lovely that time of my holiday has not passed for nothing and we carried out each free minute together. My loved I hope that you will understand me correctly and will try to help me. I very much love you and with impatience I shall wait for your letter. I want that you knew that my feelings to you sincere and I shall wait for your answer. Loving you Anastasia! P.S. My loved at me the opportunity to call you today has appeared and consequently I want to hear your voice today approximately from 19.00 till Moscow time. And I hope that today you will wait for my phone call.
Letter 18
Greetings my loved Marco ! I am very glad that you have written to me the next letter. My loved I very much love you and I want to be with you understand you and in many respects agree with you. My loved I very much love you and I grieve on you my fine all my dreams it you and I would throw all for the sake of you and is ready to make it if not this distance which will not overcome only one human whim. I certainly understand you and I know that in this mad world this ***** money for some reason decide.
My dear I know that this madness to send money somewhere where even you do not know also it really the truth, but I would not ask you copecks to arrive to you if at me would be this money I at once as soon as you have invited me have arrived to you and would be with you.
My loved I want tell to you that to my regret I could not up to you it will phone also me has very much afflicted. I madly love you and I shall wait for your answer to my letter. With love yours, Natasha!
Letter 19

Greetings my dear and most favourite prince Marco!!! I am very glad to see your letter. And your letters for me as air. My dear I not absolutely understand you. Whether I have not understood you can pay for my arrival to you? My dear at me holiday already begins, whether and I yet do not know there can be we. My dear I hope, that you can send me this money and we can be together and enjoy a life. I hope for you my prince. I very much love you and my prince wants to be near to you. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Forever yours Natasha.
Letter 20
Greetings my loved Marco, I am very happy to read your fine letters, I love you my lovely. Why I feel what that mistrust, to me, for ??? it is very important, what in attitudes there would be an attitude to the partner and the full consent in everything, and you do not trust me why? My feelings to you it is very sincere, I love you my lovely tiger, and I want to be with you but as you understand without money, I cannot arrive to you. I do not want to organize our meeting in Russia because I am not sure for ours with you safely here, it is the mad country and in it it is very dangerous. I want to have a rest from all it. I want to have a rest with you in full safety, from hooliganism and acts of terrorism. I very much very much miss you my lovely, I want a meeting with you. I would ask you that you have sent me of money this week and as soon as I shall receive them, I shall attribute them in agency, that their workers would break to preparation of my documents for flight for you. Lovely as you do not understand, that if you will not send me of money that we shall lose each other. I do not want to lose the favourite person from for money, in fact money not the main thing in a life. If at me would be money I not ?????? your help and itself would arrive to you my lovely tiger, but I do not have full cost for flight at me there is only half of necessary sum, and other half you promised me to help. I hope for your help in fact I feel that our attitudes already at that stage, that it is necessary for us will meet as soon as possible. My feelings overflow me, I love you my lovely tiger. And with impatience I wait for the answer from you. On it I finish the letter. Sincerely loving Natasha.
Letter 21
Greetings my dear and most favourite prince Marco!!! I am very glad to see your letter. And your letters for me as air. I am very much pleased with your letter and to that that you will arrive to Moscow. I am very glad, that I can to meet at last that me. I think, that we can perfectly spend together with you my prince. My dear I shall take holiday for our meeting with you. My dear we should meet in Moscow.
But for arrival in Moscow for me are necessary money. My dear I need to buy tickets to Moscow and back up to Kazan. Except for that I will need to live in hotel before your arrival. My dear I could buy tickets a museum. I should make any program of rest, that we could spend with you well. My dear what number you will arrive to Moscow? And in what airport? I need to know it what to meet you. My dear I it is glad, that we can spend together with you my prince. My dear I think, you understand, that it will be necessary for me of money for all this.
But I have no any money. I hope, that will help me and our meeting will take place also we shall spend it perfectly. My dear I hope, that you understand me and will try to help me. On it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. Forever yours Anastasia.
Letter 22
Greetings my fine Marco! I am very glad that you have written to me the next letter. I very much love you my loved but I do not understand you a little because you speak in the beginning about one and then about the friend. I very much love you my lovely and believe me that I want that our meeting has taken place in your country but I do not want that we met in Russia. My loved I very much want that we have met and could live together. My loved though we also are familiar to a few time and we do not know each other by sight but I madly love you and I want that we with you a meeting has taken place. I too think that you very clever and good person and I think that we are created the friend for the friend. My loved you think so? I want to ask you about one: we should with you there will be also I want to learn you will help me? My loved you probably think that it is the big sum and that I should for pay.
But my loved you should understand me correctly that I simply do not have such money and if at me were money that I would not began to ask them you, and simply there would arrive to you my love. I very much love you my loved and I hope that you me will understand me correctly and will help me because I do not think that money cost more dearly than love. I very much wait for your answer. With huge love yours Natasha!
Letter 23
Greetings my love Marco! I very much regret about that that could write to you only today. My loved I very much love you and I want to learn(find out) my precious you will help me whether or not. I madly love you and I grieve without your caress without your man's hand. My loved I want to tell once again to you that my holiday already lasts also to us it is necessary with you will meet. My lion I shall wait for your answer with impatience. With huge love yours Natasha!
Letter 24
Hi my love, my fine future husband Marco. I am very pleased to receive from you the letter so soon. My honey I on you very much missed and very much grieved. My lovely I it is very strong you I like. I adore you..... My sweet I very much want to be fast with you. I do dream About this day when we shall be together. I ask the god that he has more soon approached this day, day when at me and at you will begin Happy life and we shall be without mind from each other. Honey, you want this day? I each night dream of it. I present myself as we meet For the first time, when we search each other in crowd eyes. We feel Affinity each other, our hearts are beaten promptly from that that we very much Close we are. And when we find each other eyes, we is prompt We run on a meeting and my eyes are full tears, these are tears of happiness. We are thrown Each other in embraces and our lips merge in a long and deep kiss..... My sweet I wait for our meeting as the schoolgirl, expecting the first appointment. I can not live without you, I do not want to look at the sky because you are not present with me beside.... Lovely I all life waited such love which I test only to you. You my destiny and you my angel sent to me by the god from heavens. I now understand, That I only waited for you and that the love may be such strong and covering. My love to you does not give me normally to sleep, normally is, is normal itself a message. The love to you does me without mind. I can am quiet shout in the street where full to people, That I you love and that my life it you. And I am created only for you my honey!!!!!!!!! My ideas do not cease to think of you, my head is hammered by dreams of you and mine Actions only for you. For the sake of you I am ready on everything, my love. For the sake of you it is ready On all barrier which life creates to us. For the sake of our love if it is necessary, I am ready to give the life.
I shall be patient and I shall wait for you. I shall wait You as morning. I shall wait for you as the sun. I shall wait for you all life. I know that the god on our party and he helps us. The god has made for me most Dear gift in my life and it you my love. I shall devote all life Only to you. I am intended for you. I a key for your lock. I am simple I can not It is more to live without you. I want to see off with you my days, want to be with you in happiness and in mountain. I want to divide with you both pleasure and crying. My native if you will laugh, I shall be pleased together with you and if you will grieve I I shall cry for you... You understand me my love? I awfully want you, I want to kiss your body, I want to be given you entirely. I know that we may not To live without each other. We are necessary each other as the sun is necessary for day as stars are necessary for night.... I understand, that for our meeting it is necessary not only time, but also our aspiration, our desire And our hunt each other. Honey I very much want our meeting, our connection and our happiness. I know that my love to you will live eternally and will not be lost when. Our love will not steal who, Because I shall not allow to make it to whom. Our love can live and then when we shall be Very much far apart as now, but it so is painful for me. My native, I not iron The woman, it is not tolerant when feelings should be transferred the through these letters. For the person It is peculiar when he likes other person to feel him, to touch him, to know that this The person beside and any minute to have an opportunity to be near to him. You agree with me? Even a tree Dries up when beside there is no other tree. It for a long time is incorporated by a nature in us, in alive organisms, That the love on the present is strong then when she has two half and is than that one, the whole. My love, you understand, that I very much want to be with you beside, together. All my desires not looking On anything only also repeat that we should be together... You want it, my dear? I want to cast in the lot with your destiny faster and to begin with you to single whole. Only then We can achieve all that we want, my honey. The god appreciates that that two loving persons connect With each other the lifes and he always helps them. And it is not important for me where we shall meet you. My love if you want to come to me and to visit our country I only shall be happy to this,And if you want to invite me to yourself it too happiness for me. But our meeting should be held And it is very fast my love because if us to not meet that it will be suicide as for me And for you. I do not want to lose such pure, gentle and sincere our love. There is no our love it Means and is not present me and you. You understand me my honey? I understand, that our meeting demands many victims and time. And one of victims is money, but for me Money in comparison with our love do not mean anything. Money it is simple one of barrier, which There is between us, my love. Only one god knows what for the person has thought up and has put above Themselves what - that papers, but money should not be for our love a barrier, yes my love? We should trust each other because the trust is very important thing between two people,When at them attitudes are under construction. We should not hide from each other anything, we should trust Each other, because between us should not be uniform lies. I so hate this word,Because on light so it is a lot of people which tell lies or hurt other person to the Lies. I hate such people, I am ready to **** them..... My love, I think that I have clearly written all in this letter.
Please, re-read him some times And you will understand my feelings to you, my desire to be together and that that I want for you only happiness.
Letter 25
Greetings my dear and most favourite prince Marco!!! I am very glad to see your letter. And your letters for me as air. My dear I not absolutely understand you. Whether I have not understood you can pay for my arrival to you? My dear at me holiday already begins, whether and I yet do not know there can be we. My dear I hope, that you can send me this money and we can be together and enjoy a life. I hope for you my prince. I very much love you and my prince wants to be near to you. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Forever yours Natasha.
Letter 26
Greetings my loved prince Marco!!!!!!!!! The employee of bank has explained to me particularly how to transfer money. he has told to me about the Western union or Maney Gramm-it almost one and too, that through this firm you can transfer without problems to me of money. I have been very much tired. This company is known all over the world and its offices are in Almost any bank and in any country. This firm takes also small Percent for the services. For that what to you to transfer me a sending It is necessary to send money for
name: Natalia
Surname: Romanova
City: Kazan
Street: Chernishevskogo the house 11 apartment 29
Index: 420000
to inform me Confidential number which to you to inform in bank. After that I can receive money. For this purpose it is necessary for me to show My passport and to show confidential number. I think that in your city Too there is a firm a " Western Union " or " Gramm ?aney ".
My love yesterday to me has dreamed as you you meet me at the airport, you give me flowers and strong you kiss. I am very happy that we soon shall meet and we shall spend time together. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. My tiger at last that our old dreams will be carried out. My loved I think it easier variant for transfer of money. After that you should inform me the information: your full name, a surname, City, a home address, a phone number. My dear here all is in detail described as you can send me of money through this bank. My loved be not afraid I very strongly I trust this bank and I speak you that your money will necessarily reach me. My favourite prince if you to me will send all ?orrect numbers i.e. ten-character number that we soon shall together and if you will send me of money through Maney Gramm they should give you of 8 figures.My loved I simply adore *** with the beloved and I never shall refuse *** even if you want 10 times day that I shall not refuse. I very strongly want to be with you so make so that we were together as soon as possible though tomorrow, my dear please descend in bank make as I you I ask and soon we shall together.
When I shall arrive to you that I too where be I can find work and give you of money. My dear do not forget me and send me of money as soon as possible, it is very difficult for me to live without you.
I as a mousy which cannot get out of the kennel and find the favourite person from for what that of money, I think that in love of money it not the main thing, main in love this trust.
Trust me and we soon shall together.
Yours Natasha with 100000000 kisses!!!!!!!
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