Scam letter(s) from Natalia Churshukova to Andre (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi. I am Darya.
I wrote to you on a dating site and a few days later you received it?
I want to meet you because I think it's a good idea.
I am looking for a man who I would like to respectful a relationship.
I will be waiting for your letter.
Thank you
Letter 2
Hello André. Is this your name or is it your nickname?
I don't need your nickname. I want to know your real name.
Thank you for answering me
My full name Natalya.
How old are you?
I am 29 years old.
I hope it is not a problem for you.
How tall are you?
I'm just 1.65 meters tall.
What you do for a living?
My work is that I work in animal clinic and I am a veterinarian.
Mei Job is a lot of fun.
Where exactly do you come from?
I'm from the beautiful city.
What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are cycling, playing badminton, swimming and much more.
I am very happy that we both will communicate and we get to know each other better.
I am looking for the serious relationship and I think we both can get it.
I'll give you a kiss.
I wish you a nice evening.
Your Natalya
Letter 3
Good morning André. This Natalya.
And now I'm in such a good mood and I want to write you a letter.
How are you?
What did you do well this morning?
This morning, I feed a hungry kitten that I meet on the street when I went to work.
I like to do good deeds.
Colleagues at work call me the Minister of Good deeds!
I'm nice in everything. But in my personal life is still empty!
And the place next to me is still free!
Hinting to you André Unfortunately, I am still without a partner for life. I am lonely
I feel this loneliness all the time ... are you feeling the same?
So that I would not die of loneliness.
I was in the pool yesterday and swam a few laps.
It did me good. It made my back very relaxed. Tell me more about you.
I would like to meet you and find out more about you
where do you come from and what are you looking for?
Which city are you from? I'm from Ulyanovsk. I'm from Russia.
My city can be viewed on Wikipedia https:// Right now, I want to make a surprise for you.
Please open the attached my VideoClip is for you André.
This video was taken during my fitness training.
I hope you had a big smile.
When did you see my surprise?
Now you know that I am a real woman. Today I'm sending you my positive photos of what I'm doing, in a good mood.
I really want to have you, from viewing photos, got a lot of positive mood.
I also want to get a good-positive mood from you.
Please do not hesitate, send me your freshest photo.
If you have specific questions just ask and I will try to answer you honestly. I want to tell you that I find you very interesting and get to know you more.
My parents have educated me well.
I am a honest and sincere woman.
I am looking for the man with whom I can have the family.
I want the man to give me love and care.
I am very happy that you write me.
Tomorrow I will look at your letter. So write me.
Natalya + André = friendship
Greetings and a gentle kiss. '
Your Natalya
Letter 4

Hello André,, Good start to the evening.
Now the smile is on my face.
Because I can write to you now.
I would like to briefly tell you something about me.
I want you to find out how I live here!
my André,,
I wanted to ask you if you really have no problem with that I am only 29 years old and only 1.65 meters tall.
Please tell me.
For me, your age and your size is not a problem.
It always depends on the inner values.
Could you give me a little video of you where I can hear your voice.
That would be great. I also gave you a little video as a surprise.
I hope you like it.
I could not send the video in a letter.
Because my mailbox refuses and can not send video because the size is too big.
And I had to attach my video to the page.
I attach it to the site to download the video.
You can watch or download my video clip.
Open and watch here: Please open my attached photos.
I have green eyes and light hair (I am blonde).
You already know that I am 29years old.
I live in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk. I was born in this city.
I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and have no time to drink alcohol. And I do not have time to smoke! I live in a village house.
I am alone, I have never had any family, and I am looking for a serious relationship to live together.
I have no kids. I was not divorced. I do not know what it is. My job is that I work in animal clinic.
Where I work is called "network of veterinary clinics in Ulyanovsk".
You can even see this place with your own eyes. if you open website: http:// Because of my work, I have to give animals a lot of love.
But I dream of giving love to my husband.
If I ever have a husband!
Then I will give him all my affection and love. But no husband!
André The subtle hint !! I have a salary that allows me to live.
Buy a subscription to the gym.
Buy food for every day.
Buy clothing. And smaller household expenses.
That's how I live!
Please tell me about your work.
What you do to earn money?
Maybe an interesting case at work?
Where do you work? and what are you doing? I want to correspond with you André,
in which we get to know each other better.
What is the name of the city in which you live?
For example: I live in the city of Ulyanovsk.
You can read about my city on the official page in Wikipedia:
In my city lives only 613,786 inhabitants.
My city, Ulyanovsk located about 876 km from the capital Moscow. Tell me more about you? and tell me what you do every day
and please send me more photos of you with your reply mail. Today 14 December (14.12.2019).I'm at work now.
Kiss and Hug you André.
Best regards Natalya
Letter 5
Good morning André With a good start to the morning!
What did you do in the morning?
I have a video where you can see what I do at 7am in the morning.
Now you know that I'm a real woman
How good that we know each other now.
With this joyful thought I would like to tell you important things.
I am very happy that I met you. And I hope you will not disappoint me!
How much time do you have now when you write to me?
I think the time difference is low.
I have today 16 December
And right now my time 12:25. I want to share my life with you.
Therefore I would like to tell you about myself,
I do not smoke, I do not like to smoke.
Do you smoke cigarettes? Much?
Do you smoke less than 1 pack per day? or more?
Spend money on smoke and ruin your health.
Perspective - about nothing. :(
Your health will not tell you - Thanks!
for the fact that you spend (killing) your health on the air, and to destroy your lungs!
I'm sorry that I do not want to hurt you with that, but it's true!
If I stood next to the smoker.
A man who does not smoke gets a triple dose of nicotine !!! Another question. Do you drink alcohol Or did the doctor forbid you to drink alcohol?
What you drink during the celebration? Whiskey ***** **** cider?
I am not an alcoholic. But during the holidays I drink alcohol. What would be a happy mood.
Usually it is white wine, sometimes champagne and very rarely a cocktail. I have here in Russia in my city Ulyanovsk. I lived my whole life.
My city can be seen on the official website Wikipedia
I can not build a relationship here in Russia. as men love alcohol very much.
And here in Russia almost all men drink alcohol. Every day.
I can not even get a healthy family. And I miss the family in my life! I do not want to stay in Russia. I want to go to live in another country, for example in yours.
here in my city Ulyanovsk, I have no one, I have no brother and no sister. Even there are no relatives. :(
I am lonely here :( And I would like to leave my city Ulyanovsk. All my life, I dream, live with 1 man.
Aging and dying, if possible, on a single day - together.
i would like to have a solid relationship with you marrying and being happy as long as i live.
Because I want to live with her future husband in a relationship, to old age and death. I hope we start an exchange of letters.
To get to know each other as well as possible.
We need some time and we will become friends with you.
You André and me Natalya = Dear friends !! Tell me about yourself and your family?
It is very interesting for me.
Send me your photos. So that I can look at you when I read your letters.
It is important! Mentally representing you. And read your letter at the same time. Today I would like to send you some of my photos,
What did I do this summer.
You can see there that I was at work.
I hope you have a warm feeling after watching my photos.
I hug you André. I kiss on the cheek.
Wait for an answer!
Your Natalya
Letter 6
Hello André With a good start to the day.
I noticed that you liked watching my videos
I thought for a long time.
I want to make a surprise for you. I want to please you today)))))
I take a video clip This summer. When I collect honey.
I can not send the video file in the mail. The video clip is too big.
I attach it to the site to download the video.
You can watch or download my video clip.
This is for you. And you will see it.
This summer, I collect honey. I'm not afraid of bees.
I write down a video clip this summer 2019 !!!!
Please do not hesitate to send more video or photos to you personally.
I want to see you.
If you André and I'm Natalya - were together today.
I would show you how to collect honey. But we can only dream of it!
I already told you that I live in a village house.
And not far from my house there is an abandoned apiary with bees.
And from time to time I go here to collect honey for tea.
Incidentally, I drink tea without sugar.
What are you doing this morning?
I send you my video. And if you look at my video, you will have the hottest feelings about me.
Remember, when you watch my video. At the same time I think of you André.
I would like to know what you think about my surprise for you?
You have become part of my life. I am 24 hours a day, think of you.
It gives me a good mood for the whole day and morning.
I kiss you André.
Your bee Natalya
Letter 7
Hello André and have a good start to the day
I see that you liked my video. I want to continue to please you. again!!
I want to confess to you André.
Today, I do not sleep all night.
In the dream I dreamed you.
That was so nice. We are sitting in unknown room, and you touched me hand.
You touched my back, stomach, legs and bust.
I have a third ****** size.
Your hands are touching my body.
You were even in my ******* with his own hands.
Then, alarm clock called, and I woke up.
I was very wet. everything wet and raw with sweat.
When I woke up, my body trembled with excitement.
Now that I remember my dream, I have pleasant yeast, in the whole body.
Confess honestly. Do you have such wet dreams?
And what was your night a dream? At the beginning of the letter I already tell you that I want to please you.
Now I will tell you what joy is for you.
I like to do sport. You probably already noticed that I have a very slim body.
As a kid, I was ***. And always in childhood I had a nickname - greasy caterpillar. But I am tired of insults from the surrounding people.
And I decided to change my life.
I accept the choice.
Change my life and do not hear me - greasy caterpillar You have to do something for it and not sit back.
I practice sports.
I do not have to go to the gym every day, but at least twice a week.
And I'm doing various stress on my body in the gym.
Today I want to please you and your eyes.
I will send you many videos of me, where you can see what I do when I go to the gym. =) I could not send video files via email as they were very large.
But I could find a page where you can watch my videos.
I uploaded my videos.
And you can see these videos here:
Here are 3 videos with me: You just have to open and click to watch the video
or to download to your computer.
You can see on my videos.
What I can do in the gym. On video (VideoClip10.mp4) This cardio exercise machine is at home.
And in the photo (DSCF1096) I keep the cat. Behind me is this cardio trainer.
Now you know that I'm a real girl
Does it make you happy?
With this letter I send you my kiss on the cheek.
Regarding the "*** caterpillar" I can only say,
a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and that's my opinion ;)
Your Natalya
Letter 8
Good morning André and with a good start to the day
Did something new happen to you that day?
This morning I had a workout in the gym.
And now you can see my training in the gym video in person here:
Now you know what I do this morning.
And again you see that I am a real woman. Today I have the feeling that I miss you very much.
All words are not enough to describe how much I want you.
I have a big event in my life.
I am tired from work more than 10 hours. Every day, every day!
Lately, I work a lot. everything! I need a little vacation.!
And Hurray !!)) I have good news for you André =) I take my vacation. I want to come to you 24 December, On the passenger plane.
I want to spend great time with you and celebrate my birthday, together with you which will be 28 December.
And I will have an anniversary. I will be 30 years old. I miss you very much. Tonight. I had a dream again.
It was not an easy dream.
It was an ****** dream in which two took part.
you André and me Natalya.
We are engaged in a passionate love.
I want to be honest.
I often dream ****** dreams.
That's all because I do not have a husband.
I often feel very hungry for ***.
That's all because I do not have a partner I could do it with.
I have not had an intimate relationship for a long time.
Maybe if you became my man, then this happens ???
André What do you think? I understand and feel that we have a big ****** hunger with you.
André you're not alone. I feel it too.
But we have to be strong and wait patiently for our meeting.
And only when we meet. You take off all my clothes.
And give me what I've been waiting for so long.
Do you agree? I want come to your house, Where can we embrace each other as we wish.
and touch each other as we like. Even the whole body :)
Do you dream to touch me?
I want to touch your body and feel you. I want to come to you 24 December. And I will go home on 3 Januar 2020.
I want to leave my job for 10 days. And we will be with you for 10 days.
Schedule in numbers 24.12.19 - 03.01.20
We will be together for 10 days.
You André and me Natalya together for 10 days.
every night together. I would like to buy a ticket to visit you. What do you think about this?
The good news is that you will take me in your arms very soon!
It will be very soon, 24 December.
Christmas and New Year we will meet together
How do you like this idea?
I kiss you André.
Your Natalya
Letter 9
Hello André Have a nice sunny Friday.
What a wonderful mood I have on this sunny day!
How good that I have holidays. and I'm ready to fly to you. to meet you André.
I will fly to you on a plane on 24 December
And I would like to celebrate my 30th anniversary with you on the 28 December.
And from that thought, I have goose bumps on my skin.
And from this thought I have a trembling skin.
Therefore I ask you again! Write me again! The exact name of the airport where you meet me.
Write me, your name and surname and your address:
Street, house number:
Tomorrow morning on SaturdayI buy a ticket to your country.
So that right write me everything without mistakes. Today I will pack my suitcase.
I need to choose the clothes.
Tell me, how the weather right now in your city?
Your air temperature plus 2? Is it correct? I'm looking forward to see you again on 24 December.
And then, on the 28 December we will celebrate my birthday.
Christmas and New Year we will meet together
Hooray! This will be 2 Bright events in a row. This meeting will stay in our hearts for a long time.
And we will always remember our first day of meeting.
As the biggest event of the year! And maybe even celebrate this significant day every year!
I already miss you André! I know you want to hear my voice.
And today I found a video of myself with my voice.
Now you can hear me speak and what a gentle voice I have:
Question! What voice do you have
How are you talking ??
Do you have a short video of yourself with your voice?
So that I can hear your voice.
Please send me a short video with your voice. Your NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA
And I write you my address
Street Pugacheva 23
City Ulyanovsk
Postcode/zip code 432008
Russian Federation
My birthday 28.12.1989 To see the house where I live. Open the attached file:
Screenshot1.jpg and Screenshot2.jpg - You will see the forest where I go alone
Letter 10
Hello my André,
I have news and now - I have goose bumps, from these news.
Just back, 50 minutes ago, I bought a ticket in your airport. My flight will be 24 December :) And I landed at your airport on 24 December.
The truth is that is great the news ?? :)
Is that a surprise for you?
And I already bought a return ticket. I do this in advance.
My return flight will be on the 3 Januar 2020.
And today in the next letter I will send you the details of the flight. my good André, maybe you will not be difficult to execute?
For a long time, nobody gave me flowers.
I do not feel like coveted a woman :(
You will not be hard.
If you André buy me small bouquet.
Will it be easy for you? I'll tell you straight away that you made me the happiest woman, when 24 December, gave me a small bouquet.
My other dream is to celebrate 2 Bright events in a row, together with you.
This is 24 December - our meeting day.
and then! On the 28 December I have my birthday.
How do you like this plan?
And from these thoughts I have goose bumps.
Your Natalya
Letter 11
Hello my good André,
In a few minutes I will be going to the train station to take the train and go to Moscow at night.
I will go by train to Moscow at night, and tomorrow morning on Sunday 22 December. I will be at the Moscow station.
Tomorrow I'm going to look for an Sheremetyevo airport.
And I'm going to write to you from an internet cafe in Sheremetyevo Airport.
It's great that I arrive at your airport on 24 December. What I wear when you meet me on 24 December.
I will be dressed red warm jacket and knitted hat with the inscription - PERFECT
Blue jeans and black sneakers.
Suddenly you can not see me in the crowd anymore.
Therefore just in case. I take a selfie.
Open the attached photo Selfie.
And see how I'll be dressed when you meet me, from an airplane.
In this red jacket you will see me on 24 December at your airport. Remember that I was born 28.12.1989.
It means that my birthday will happen 28 December 2019. And we, you André and me Natalya will celebrate my 30 years - 28 December - together, hug each other on your couch. at your home Hurray)))))
I'm so happy that I'm meeting my 30 years with you.
We will celebrate 2 Bright events one after the other, together with you. Remember we'll meet you 24 December 2019 - This is the day of our meeting, and after some days, together we will celebrate my birthday 28 December.
I'm so happy that I'm meeting my 30 years with you.
Two Holidays Together, That's 2 Bright Events in a Row. Now, after 30 minutes, I'll go to the train.
I will go the train in Moscow all night.
And only in the morning I will be in Moscow.
I will write you tomorrow from Moscow!
Love and kiss you André.
Your Natalya
Letter 12
Hello my dear André,
I just opened your letter. And I realized that you didn't send me anything.
You can not imagine what my mood is right now.
I'm very angry.
Because I do everything for our meeting. And you do nothing for our meeting.
You probably think I'm going to spend your money? You should know what I need the money for just to show cash in hands.
That I have cash in your country for every day of my visit.
That's why I don't spend money.
I need your money to show it in cash. and all!
When meeting the money back to you.
And that means I will return your money to you on 24 December.
As soon as I received permission (green light). And I give you your money back in your hand. Now please! You pick up 400 dollars and go to your MoneyGram WesternUnion or RIA office and send help with money to me at Sheremetyevo airport.
Because here at the airport there are all offices.
And I can easily get your help here without leaving the airport. Please find one of the offices near you at the moment and send me help with money 400 dollars,
on my name and surname: NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA
Street Pugacheva 23
City Ulyanovsk
zip code 432008
Russian Federation
My birthday 28.12.1989 Please send help with money here to Sheremetyevo Airport.
In this office I can get your help
This is Western Union's address:
Post of Russia
Sheremetyevo Airport,
Moscow Region 141425 Here is the address MoneyGram where I can get your help
Himki, 141400
9:30 AM - 6:30 PM You can find your nearest MoneyGram office on the official website: Enter your city on the official website RIA and see where you have a RIA office nearby Try sending money to me online right now
To do this, register on the official website and send money to me. to Russia!
On the site Message about - PROTECT FROM FRAUD
Please ignore him.
By clicking button - > ACCEPT And please keep that in mind!
What I ask you owes this 400 dollars !!!! in debt!
I'm not going to spend your 400 dollars here.
I just have to show them customs committee here.
Immediately upon arrival to you, I will give you your money back!
And you won’t lose anything!
Because i just to prove that i am a legal tourist and i have money.
And on arrival 24 December, I will immediately refund you in your hand, your money 400 dollars.
I am waiting for your help with money today
Your Natalya
Letter 13
hello my dear André,
I have the feeling that you have not seen the proof of my words.
To prove my words the truth.
I will send you a copy of my passport. Again!
Only this time I ask you to open your eyes as much as possible.
And then you will see that I am telling you the truth! Today I changed my flight to you.
I changed my flight to you on Saturday.
The same flight. The time is the same.
This flight will take off every day.
and hooray !! We'll meet with you on 28 December. I know you're nervous after these layers.
But believe me. This is the only way out!
This is a smart choice.
I act wisely! Maybe you didn't understand what I was asking for your help.
I will try to explain as clearly as possible.
I will not spend around your 240 dollars.
I just have to show the Customs Committee.
That I have cash in my hand. For every day of your stay in your country. During the 11 days.
6 days x 40 usd day = 240 dollars
Send me help with money now 240 dollars!
And I swear I'll return your money back at 28 December on meeting.
Because I don't want to be indebted to you. Please send 240 dollars today to my name and surname: NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA
Street Pugacheva 23
City Ulyanovsk
zip code 432008
Russian Federation
My birthday 28.12.1989 And only after I got your help with money. Only then can I go to the customs committee.
And only then can I get permission. To visit your country. You know what I need the money just to show ... and everyone.
After you send the money, you would be so kind to send me scan copy of the document.
Send money now through an office near you where is WesternUnion MoneyGram or RIA money transfer
And then I can get your help here at the airport
Your Natalya
Letter 14
Hello my dear André,
I will fight for our meeting with you until the end.
Even now when you spat in my face and didn't send the money.
However, I continue to fight for our meeting as a lioness who defends my family.
I'll fight for you like a lioness until the end.
But if you keep spitting in my face, nothing will come of it. If you want to meet and the second doesn't.
It will only mean that everything drowns like in the movie about the Titanic.
Let's not repeat the fate of the Titanic film.
Per lap. We will have a happy sequel.
Don't spit in my face anymore.
And throw your distrust in me in the trash can.
I am an honest woman and I am absolutely honest with you. I'm already proving to you that I'm honest.
I only hate Russians because of the country Russia that I can't meet with you.
I'll even show you my passport. I will do everything for this meeting. And because of Russia, it has become more difficult for me to come to you.
All due to the fact that I have to show cash for every day of your stay in your country
Now I have to show money of 240 dollars and prove that I have cash and that I can travel to your country as a tourist
To do this, I have to go to the customs committee and get the permit (Green light) Today I changed my flight to you.
I changed my flight to you on Saturday.
The same flight. The time is the same.
This flight will take off every day.
and hooray !! We'll meet you December 21! I know you're nervous after these changes.
But believe me. This is the only way out!
This is a smart choice.
I act wisely! Send me help with money now 240 dollars!
And I swear I'll give your money back.
Because I don't want to be indebted to you. Please send 240 dollars today to my name and surname: NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA
This is Western Union's address
In this office I can get your help:
Sheremetyevo airport
Moscow region 141425
Russian Federation
240 dollars You can try sending money to me through MoneyGram.
For that.. you have to go to the nearest Bureau MoneyGram. close to you
..and open this address: and you will automatically see the office close to you
Take the money and go there right now. Or search for your nearest office.
Enter city, or zip code or online via the official website: I saw that the official website contains a standard security message
Message about - PROTECT FROM FRAUD
Please ignore him.
Agree by clicking the -> Accept After you send the money, you would be so kind to send me scan copy of the document.
Send money now through an office near you where is WesternUnion MoneyGram or RIA money transfer
And then I can get your help here at the airport
Your Natalya
Letter 15
Good morning André Merry Christmas
Whether this morning can be described as good
I'm in tears and snot now. Because I just opened your letter.
And I didn't find a letter from you with information. You didn't send the money to me.
Apparently you won't meet me. It was a sign that you don't need me. Because you don't love me! You don't appreciate anything. I have so much to do for our meeting.
And you couldn't even see it and praise me.
Is it so hard to praise me and say how good I am? What is so difficult that we can just meet?
I want this meeting with you because I want you and me to be happy.
Why are you forcing me not to meet me?
Why are you leaving me alone here at the airport? I am very *****. I want to wash myself.
Give me the opportunity to fly to you and go to your bathroom to wash your body.
My armpits smell of sweat. My whole body is sweating.
I really need a shower and a warm bed from time to time to sleep well. I stay here at Sheremetyevo airport.
I sleep on a bench in the airport lounge.
My whole body hurts from sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Stop torturing me. Give me a chance to come to you. Send me financial aid
Use an office near you
This is an office near you WesternUnion MoneyGram or RIA money transfer and when you are inside send on my name and surname: NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA
Street Pugacheva 23
City Ulyanovsk
zip code 432008
Russian Federation
My birthday 28.12.1989
240 dollars And then as soon as you have the opportunity
Take the receipt in your hand and make a copy of the document for me and send me this copy of the document
I want to see with my own eyes that you sent me money.
I need a high quality photocopy in which I can read every word.
Did you understand me I want to see every word.
And only after that will I go to the office.
Don't waste time, take money and go to the office right away!
Your Natalya
Letter 16
Hello my dear André,
Please forgive me for always asking you to send me money.
I just have no other choice.
For this reason alone, I keep asking you to help me.
Please don't be angry with me and my situation.
Because you too can be hostage to this situation - just like me.
Thank goodness you weren't in such a situation. Write it in your head. I never don't want to do anything wrong for you!
But on the contrary!
I want to be happy with you!
happy - together with you!
Together. You André and me Natalya.
Don't ruin our plan to meet on 28 December It seems to you that I'm not being honest with you. No! It's not like that! I want you to be convinced that all my words are true!
There! As proof of my words!
A copy of my ticket. to you. to your airport
Try to keep your eyes open.
Open your eyes as often as possible!
What can you see my ticket as proof that I am telling the truth!
And you will see that I am telling you the truth!
Our meeting took place on 28 December! In your airport! I know there are people who cheat. But I'm not like that.
I personally hate lies. I am for the truth!
I can't stand someone lying for the truth!
I don't understand when someone is trying to fool me.
I don't want to immediately communicate with someone who tried to deceive me.
I will not lie!
And that's why I don't want you to be deceived.
Because I don't like lies myself. I am a respectable woman. And if you meet me
You can be sure of it personally. And I will wait for your help in the amount of 240 dollars on my name and surname: NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA
through any office
Which is near you
It is the Western Union / MoneyGram or RIA money transfer
Make a translation as soon as possible
I'm waiting
Your Natalya
Letter 17
Hello my dear André,
Today I felt like I was ******* my head against a closed door.
And that locked door, this is you André.
My head hurts already.
How much more should I hit my head?
You probably want me to break my head?
That's not funny. What do you do with me?
I'll even send you a copy of the ticket and a copy of my passport but you're still laughing at me I'm like the last fool to drop everything
I go to the airport to get on the plane and fly to you
And now the only thing left to show is that I have cash in the hands.
for every day of your stay in your country
In other words, I still have to get permission even if you leave me with difficulties
I still need to get permission (Green light)
You have decided that you can take it and leave me alone with problems here at Moscow airport. I didn't mean to say that, but I will say it.
You are not acting the real man.
You don't give me anything
Show what a man you are! And how do you solve a problem if it is!
You just took me and threw it away like a garbage bag! Outwards! Get out the door
Your inaction shows how you feel about me now. And the fact that I'm going to meet you will show you how I feel about you.
My act states that I would like to get to know you personally.
Why are you pouring mud out of the trash can over me?
Really, I deserve it.
Why are you doing me so cruel? What else has to happen to me?
What would you take and feel sorry for me?
Do you want the worst for me? I only write to you about money for this reason.
Because this is the only question I have to solve in a short time.
If I had another opportunity. I wouldn't ask for anything.
I personally would solve this problem if I could.
But now I'm alone. In a big city. And I just don't have anyone asking for help.
Only you are with me, so I ask you to help me now.
You're welcome
If you have any pity for me at all!
Pick up 240 dollars and go to the nearest office
Use WesternUnion MoneyGram or RIA for this and send this money 240 dollars
On my name and surname: NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA. Just take the money and go to the nearest WesternUnion MoneyGram or RIA office.
I will wait for a translation of your name and surname NATALYA CHURSHUKOVA.
Along with this letter. I send you my kiss.
Your Natalya
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