Scam letter(s) from Olga Vladimirovna to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear jack!
I'm glad to hear from you today. How are you? I really miss you! What will you do today? I hope you are fine. Today is a hard day at work. I'm very tired!
In the last email, I said that I would talk about you with mom. I talked to mom about you. Now my whole family knows about you. You know, it was very interesting when my mom asked about you. I answered her questions and discussed them at lunch. I told mom you're a good person. If we have a relationship with you, you must meet my mother! I told my mother that I want to visit your country and see how you live. Mom asked: Did you invite me to your country or not? I said that we would be very happy if we met and spent time together. I think if you met my mother, you would become good friends. And I hope that one day it will happen.
Today I feel born again, the new world is open to me, and I also had a feeling This sun shone on others, bright smiles! This morning I remembered my childhood life Years of study, years of study at the university and years of work! I do not know that time flies so fast Most recently, I was a sweet girl, and now I'm a young mature woman, With the principles of life and vision of life! Time flies very quickly.
I always look at life with optimism, and optimism helps me in difficult moments of life! Yes, I believe, That my life will change all this and thanks to you, my dear jack Now I know that I found the person I was searching for all my life! You brought happiness and pleasure into my life. Thanks for this. I believe in the next stage of my life, and my heart longs for it. I want to have a family. I need someone who will be next to me. I want to change my life. You have become a source of joy for me. You are very dear to me. I can open my heart. My dialogue with you fills my life, makes it brighter. My fire is on fire. I think this is great. I am happy and happy to have someone like you. I mean, this is a very important moment in my life. And it seems to me that you trust me, because your emails give me great pleasure. Do you agree with me? Tell me what you think.
Very important question. I wanted to ask you for your mobile number to call you or contact via SMS, in any case write me your number and in the near future I will try to contact you. write your mobile number and write me your country code. It is very important for me. I'll wait!
My kisses and warm hugs. Yours Olga
Letter 2
Hi dear jack! I am very happy to receive your letter. Your letters warm my heart and fill my life with pleasure.
How are you today? I hope everything goes well. Yesterday I passed by the park and saw a lot of couples. I envied them.
They can be together, hold each other's hands, talk to each other, kiss each other. And I remembered.
I can't do anything that couples do in the park. Now I think you are next to me.
Hold me and say sweet words in my ear. jack Honey, when you see a pair, do you remember me?
Do you often meet friends in bars or clubs? When you are in these places, women try to meet with you?
Men often come to me and try to start a conversation, but I'm not interested.
I understand that you are serious for me. I do not look at our dialogue as entertainment,
And I write very personal words. And I want to tell you that I'm glad I found you.
I mean, I love you! I like to dream of us. You are a man of dreams. I live a dream With you, I dream of the future.
I live in the future The future of wonder and fun! I hope I can meet your expectations.
I will always be kind and gentle, but I am just a woman who loves you !!! You are the love of my life.
I found my happiness, and this is more than nothing for me. I love you !!! I love you !!! I love you !!!
I hope for mutual feelings towards me. I'm not afraid to utter these big words, this is love.
That's why I really love you. And today I decided to confess to you.
I really want to be with you. Now I have to finish this letter. I look forward to your prompt reply.
All my kisses for you. Yours Olga.
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