Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Mac (South Africa)

Letter 1
Privit Max from Ukraine) It is hello in Ukrainian)Glad to get reply from you and know each other from beginning) I am Vika as all friends call me but my full name is Victoria) I live in Lugansk in Ukraine and I am 32 years old. My weight is 51 kg and height is 163 sm and I am good looking woman but I am not model at all) I am kid's nurse and I love to work in hospital and help poor children as kids are our future. Of course I dreamt to be a doctor and i still hope continue my education.What about your work? Do you enjoy your work? I haven't any kids yet but I work with kids and the health of children the most important for me. As you know about my work I haven't right for mistake and I need be always serious and attentive as from me in some way depend the life of sick kids. Here in Internet I dream to meet my second half, my soul mate as I still alone and I still not married. I dream to have family and I decided to try my luck here in Internet. Please, tell me your goals and why you try find woman in Internet? I hope we want the same things and our meeting here is fate for us. I don't need hero or superman but I need man who can care and love his woman and for me it is very important. I have good appearance and I respect myself.Here men can't care and appreciate women. Because of it I try my luck here as I want the best for me and I think in modern world I have right on this chance to be happy and be not alone anymore. Please, tell me, what kind of woman you need for your life? I hope I will suit you) I hope you will reply me soon and we will continue know each other) Warmly Vika
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Max! Thank you for your another letter and all your attention and feelings to me.Your words gives me force to be strong and I really appreciate it. I have a very bad day, I am in shock and I need share it with you because I feel you can listen me and understand as anyone else in this world. This night was terrible...I was at work when started the huge explosion ruined the hospital where i used to work. We tried to make evacuation of all workers and sick people with kids in the hospital but many people and workers died under the wall stones. Can you imagine that i was speak with them during the day and in couple of hours this explosion ruined so many is such a horror, dear..i cry, i still cry,honey.. What if it was my time ?What if it could happen to me???I can't stop think about it(( Life is so short..Nobody know what will happen next.. As you understand now I haven't work as hospital was ruined but I happy that some people were survived and I alive too.It will need time to renew the hospital building, but who knows how long it will last...I am in mess..I really do not understand what to do.My biggest desire to be next to you and not to be scared anymore..But I haven't money for coming at all and I still here in war without anything.I feel so scared and bad.Nobody can share my feelings.Friends gone from the town. In such situations you can see how people care about each other...I was hope on their help, but i was so wrong that i counted on their help. I hope you are not like my friends and you will not leave me...I wish you forgive me this sad letter, i didn't want to bother you with such a bad news.. But you are really the one , whom i can tell all..I need to go now..i wish you good day and i hope you will miss me..Kiss you, your Vika.
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