Scam letter(s) from Galina Plyusnina to Andre (Belgium)

Letter 1
This is me again.
I shall tell more in detail about myself.
My name is OLGA.
To me of 28 years. I live in the city of Belgorod. It is the south of Russia.
I not married, was not present children. My growth of 170 sm, 60 kg.
So you will better put me. I like to travel, have a rest on the nature. I the cheerful person, gentle, opened for dialogue.
I work to teachers at school.
I teach English language to children. I love the to the robot and I wish to continue to work and study in other country.
I am going to receive the student's visa and to move. I love Russia, but I wish to live more in the developed country.
To live in Russia it became heavy.
I know, that in other country I shall make much more, than I do here.
But the most important for me find the person on which I can to rely, which me will love and be reliable.
In Russia it is very heavy to construct attitudes.
I wish to find the present love and to be happy.
I hope, that you liked my photos. I certainly not model - the usual Russian girl. I hope you will become interested in me and will answer my letter. I shall look forward to your answer.
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