Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Ivanova to Richard (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello Richard. Thank you for answering my
e-mail back)) Seeing today, your answer e-mail, I was really pleased. I hope your interest is, indeed, true and sincere. Now i will tell you a little about myself. As you know my name Galina. I am 30 years old. I live in Russia, in the city of Khabarovsk. It's located almost on the border with China.
But despite that I've never been to China. I have many fun. I love life in all its manifestations. Every day is a chance for me to become better and also to learn something new. I discovered the value of each moment in early childhood. Ever since that time I enjoy every breath. I'm really a very merry woman. Jokes and anecdotes elevate mood and sincere smile is your best index of friendliness. By way of example, I now write to you these traces and smile! I smile at the fact that I was very happy to get the opportunity to get to know you.
Well... it turned out to be a small digression from my story. That's to say, the expression of my emotions) Despite my ease, I'm a really significant person. The arrangement should be in everything: in business and in the head. This type of principle I adhere to in all that relates to attaining goals. It helped me finish school with a golden trophy and the Medical Academy with honors. At the moment, my studies in the Academy have been over and I obtained a diploma in the specialization of Dentistry. In the near future I will become a full size dentist. Tell me about yourself, about the country, about town in which you live. About your hobbies, about your job, what brings you in people. Thus we can learn if we have something in common. I would also like to touch on a delicate topic. I dance a Strip of plastic. This is what enables me to sense, to sense my sexuality and beauty. I just say to you about it, since I don't not want in the future to fulfill a misunderstanding on your part. When it's contrary to your moral and ethical principles, we can conserve time to each other and also to stop communication. I can take criticism in my address. I can only expect that this isn't problematic for you. Whatever the case, write me about what that's bothering you. If you choose to continue our communication, then I would like to ask for your cell number. This will give us the opportunity to hear each other and I will be certain of your sincere intentions. On this I finish my letter with hope for your response. Thank you for read my words until the end! Do not forget me, please whenever possible to write. Gentle embrace.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Richard. How fine to receive your mail)) I am really thankful that you're learning to my fascination with Strip of plastic. I'm confident in myself and I'm not conscious of the occupation. I do not participate in prostitution and do not promote myself for money. I know my own worth and it's not measured in material wealth.
I don't have anything to hide and so I at once decided to tell you everything. Honesty is a really important facet in any relationship between individuals. In our planet a lot of lies and misunderstandings. I have experienced this several times. Several times I have experienced psychological pain and discomfort. For this reason I always try to be truthful about myself and to other men. I hate liars! Previously I communicated with a man through the Internet, but it didn't end well(( In the end it turned out that he desired from me only my foto of an intimate character. I felt great pain understanding that I was just a toy in somebody else's hands(( I'm asking you to be truthful with me and answer my query. You only want my photo or relationships with me??? Your response is quite important to me! As for me, personally, I want our communication continued and developed. Something I too delved into self-torture)) Most appropriate would be all the lousy leave behind and live in now! If you don't mind, send me some your foto. You're very nice for me and our communication gives me great joy. Unfortunately, I am not able to use modern means of communication such as Skype, Facebook, and various types of messengers, while I can only dream about them. Simple E-mail for me the most suitable and suitable choice. I use a USB ADSL modem. This system does not operate nicely, and it's very expensive. I cover each downloaded megabyte. And when downloading a high number of megabytes, the price skyrockets.
If you are not tired to see my mail, I'd love to give you more details about me) My height is 171, weight 50. My date of birth 15.05.1989. My childhood was different from most children. I had been in the orphanage and it was the saddest chapter of my own life. I have got a lot of unique experiences during the time spent at the shelter. I can say just one thing - Children are sometimes quite cruel. Maybe someday I will have the ability to tell you more about my childhood, but not today. Excuse me, but it's too sensitive and personal memories. As soon as I turned 18, I had been so insanely happy!!!! I eventually became free!!! The government gave me an apartment on the outskirts of Khabarovsk. At the moment I felt like a HUMAN! From this moment started my new life)) You're probably wondering why I composed a man from another country?! In reality, everything is simple. I received a grant for international internship in your country. I graduated from Medical Academy with honors and I had been offered an internship overseas. 6 months I'm doing my internship. If all goes well, I will have the opportunity to keep on working in your country. From the following letter I will write you more about this, ok? I thought that in a foreign country, I want a friend or cherished?!) That is how blessed )) However, in case you don't have any objection, then soon we will have the ability to see each other face to face. Write me more about yourself, about the most crucial moments of your lifetime. I would like to believe that you read my letter till the end, never not fallen asleep from boredom. Whatever the case, I thank you for the time spent on me. Gentle hugs and kisses...
Your Galina.
Letter 3
Hi my buddy Richard! Perhaps you have
noticed that between us there's some connection?? I dont understand if you felt the same, but I certainly have a craving for you. Every night I remember your letter, and try to envision your way of life, to feel your perception of the planet. I understand that nothing can replace real communication, visual and audible contact. Touch, glances, touches, voice. Without this it is impossible to acquire real joy from communication. Any one fulfilling relationship are hopeless without physical sensations, without sex. As corny as it might sound. Sex permits you to feel that the partner, to experience an emotional connection. I like sex! Rare to meet individuals who wouldn't love sex)) I expect that shortly we'll have the opportunity to find every other)) And we do not miss this opportunity! I am hoping that my candor isn't too embarrassing. Sometimes I think I'm too openly express my feelings and feelings. When it's for you is a problem, then instantly tell me about it. Now I would love to return to my internship programme. You probably have a misunderstanding about this issue. Firstly, quite shortly I will be on your country) For me it's all quite thrillingly, as I never was in other areas, in addition to Khabarovsk. I had been somewhat scared of this language barrier, but I think my English isn't so bad. Even though... perhaps only I think so)) Each year that the government of Russia gives the opportunity to the top students to get international practice. Throughout the analysis I had been the exemplary student at the Department of Stomatology, in connection with learning and attendance. As I said before the consequence of all this was that the Diploma with Honors and internship program abroad. I picked your country for the internship not by chance. You have a rather large rate of professionalism in this field and apply the most innovative technologies. While in Russia, people are still scared to go to the dentist because it is pure sadism, not a cozy therapy. Here is the paradox of Russia. There is knowledge, but there's not any chance of applying them in practice due to the shortage of modern equipment. The duration of the internship is 6 months. The first 2 weeks I am in the funds, to listen to this path of lectures. Next, I will need to pick the city where my entire practice will take place. In case I dont have specific tastes, then the place of my clinic is going to be chosen by management. Even now I am writing to you and my heart is racing with joy. I'm madly looking forward to this trip! This type of chance comes once in a lifetime! I think you agree with me. Under the arrangement, the entire trip paid by my government. A complete package that includes accommodation, food and clothes (if necessary).
I have another delicate issue for you. How do you feel about more romantic photos? If you do not mind, I'd love to send you more sexy photos. I must know your choice. I believe that we can achieve a closer connection than simply friends. You are very very appealing) We need to trust each other 100%. The more we communicate, the more understanding there'll be between us. With great trembling waiting for your letter. Kiss!
Your Galina!
Letter 4

Hi my candy Richard! More and more I become hooked on your mail. When I really don't see a new letter from you, I open the previous letters and reread them. If a year ago somebody told me exactly what waiting for me in the future, so lots of highlights, I would have just laughed and not believed it. I never was reaching for the stars and constantly strove to feel the ground under my feet. But now I'm so very happy that everything seems aparticularly beautiful and harmonious. Perhaps this is the so-called"white stripe" in my entire life. Despite all the chaos and anxiety about this excursion, I feel calm. I know that "There" at a unknown country, I have a friend is you!
Thank you for reading my letters and answering them. I believe that soon our relationship will become closer and closer. How cool would it be to talk on the telephone, but lately I'm a bit scattered. Yesterday evening I went to take a shower and took the telephone with me to shoot some photos in the restroom. When I began taking photos, my phone slipped from my hands and dropped into the water. I attempted to flip it on, but couldn't. Today I will go to fix it. I hope that they fix it to me. The most important thing is that it is not lost(( There's a great deal of private information including photos ((. Something thoughts on the telephone haunt me(( Now is not the time! Need to switch attention to something else. Today I will show you my immodest photos ) Tell me if you want it! It is essential to me I want to know am I attracting you as a woman, physically? May my photos bring you only positive emotions and a small passion In fact I try to keep my body and figure. Almost every day I run, 3 times per week, doing home workouts + compulsory stretching exercises. I believe that grace and plasticity decorate a lady. Sometimes I compare myself with a cat. Soft, flexible, graceful cat which sometimes can scratch the offender)) I Almost forgot to ask you how you feel about Smoking? I do not smoke and think it's a very bad habit! I am able to manage a little bit of alcohol. I love red wine or some champagne to relax, but no smokes! Do not know why, but now I wish to share with you something very private. I tried to conceal it from everyone and never talk about it( But I think I can be truthful with you. In my childhood I had been a very notorious child and the kids mocked me as I could. From all the bullying I received psychological trauma and shut from all stopping to talk. I spent the whole year was silent and endured all the attacks in the kids from the orphanage. But as a result of the psychologist that was there for me all this time, I slowly began to recover. This woman taught me to fight back, learned to appreciate myself. I still consider her as the primary person in my entire life. Regrettably, she no more in this world (( But I'll always remember her!!!!! I really wish we had something private that connects us to each other. Please keep my secret and open your heart to me. Looking forward to your response.
Your Galina.
Letter 5
Hi my sweet Richard!
How are you? I hope you're all well. I have good news, all my travel documents ready. Tomorrow I will go to Moscow to be in the area of my internship. Literally as soon as I heard the news, I instantly wrote to you about it. Each time sitting in the pc, I'm waiting for your letter. I feel that I miss you already. If I say in a few words my feelings- when I read your letters my heart starts to beat faster. It is a pleasant and sweet feeling! I really feel a warm atmosphere and I am rather glad that our communicating with you continues. I believe that you very good and kind person. I've a lengthy time not been in a serious relationship and in my heart that there was an emptiness. Perhaps I'm naive, but deep down I think that I will meet my only man, I'm somewhat embarrassed to write about it, but I trust you are not afraid of me. I see that our relations are growing quite well, and we can study each other. I want to tell you that I am very sexy woman and inside me is burning bright the flame of passion. When I come to your country and we meet, you'll be able to make me quite happy. Men in our country, a very modest, shy and insecure. I really like sex, I really like to try everything fresh and unexplored; I very like the new poses, role play and new places for sex. I like oral sex. I believe that this is one of the most gorgeous kinds of sex is a romantic moment of intimacy between a man and a woman. I want you to cum in my head. I've not felt this fantastic feeling. But I really want to experience it with you. Psychology russian guys are very conservative. I believe sex in the missionary position can very quickly become bored. It is quite monotonous. I want something fresh, I have many thoughts and I really like to experiment! I need a partner to explore my sexuality. I also want to ask you, what do you consider oral sex? We'll deal with this? But please don't think I'm perverse. You truly make me quite hot! I have a strong desire to you! To me this is actually the very first moment! I simply can't control myself! If I see attention, care and love from my men, I will give all of myself with no reserve to our relationship. I hope that person is you! I want to meet a guy who is worthy my pure and sincere love. I want to send in this letter a more romantic photograph. I'm a bit embarrassed... I hope you like my photos. I also hope that these photos will not be observed by anybody except you. These images are only for you rather than for anybody else. I also hope that you accurately understood me. I'm freedom girl! I love sex and want to explore it with you. If something is confusing simply tell me and I stopped doing this. If you want further communicating, I want to see the image that you find yourself with my photos. I believe that it's very exciting But it's only ideas. I want to see the cum in my body and face! I love sex and I will say frankly, I really want you!
I finish my letter, and I feel a great deal of excitement. Between my feet very wet and I urgently need to locate my toy!!!!!! I hope this letter brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart and trousers:))) Now I will go to repair the phones. I hope that my phone was repaired and we can talk on the phone. I truly hope to see Your new letter shortly! Hot kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my candy Richard!
It's very wonderful to feel a bit mutual attention from you in my direction. I attempt to show myself as much as possible in front of you in every next letter. The bond that's formed between us, with each passing day, becomes stronger and more stronger. I'm extremely glad that was not mistaken in you. You are very alluring and charismatic man. I can feel it in your manner of writing. In the comes the assurance and manliness! I've rarely met people with such a solid inner heart! Now I'm even more eager to meet you. I would like to read you like a novel, chapter by chapter. Now I have so many thoughts and feelings in my mind that I cannot concentrate on any 1 thought. Really discipline for me is very important. But I can get myself together and everything will be nice would you adore discipline? Or do not attach much significance? I almost forgot to tell you important information. Tomorrow I'm planning go to Moscow!!! This is my 1 flight and I have just a little nervousness. Although airplanes are considered one of the safest modes of transport. Maybe you flew on a plane and may reassure me a bit) I would be very happy to the concern), as soon as I get settled in Moscow, I will attempt to write to you from the nearest Internet cafe. For me it will be the most viable alternative, since I'm not so good situations with money. However, as soon as I'm on the place internship, then everything would be OK. Unfortunately, I don't know the cost of living in your country, but I expect that 2900$ will be sufficient? This will be my salar y as an assistant dentist during the internship. For Russia, this is unreal money, but I don't know the worth of money in your country. I even could not dream about these wages. Probably, the first time, I would be hard, as you have a different behavior, rules, different mentality, different traditions, different from our own. I can only hope for the help! If you help me, I shall certainly triumph. As I told you sooner, I will have to spend 2 weeks at the capital of your country to listen to the course of lectures. I would really like to see you in the airport on my arrival. I really don't know whether you can meet mepersonally, but I madly desire it! We might have a place to have lunch, then walk around a little and talk. And then, I'd love to get to know each other better! I hope you know what I mean? If you do not mind, I can dance to get you a lap dance! You may veeerrrryyyy hot! I can drive you crazy from want!!! Prepare, I'm coming, you get hot, wild sex, sex which you never had before! Perhaps my words made you thrilled? After 2 weeks of lectures I would love to visit your city for further practice. Please write to me, just your city, and exactly what the closest airport is to you. I'm happy from these thoughts about you! This is only a dream, but I believe that shortly they will be realized. As much as I needed to finish this letter, but I want to pack. Tomorrow will begin my trip. Even if I really don't see your letter at home, I'll read it upon arriving in Moscow. Yesterday I went into the repair business for my phone. And also the repairman said that my telephone isn't recoverable, because what sort of charge had burned down. I'm so angry that I was left with no telephone. And today I can't afford to purchase a new phone. I think that you should not become angry, you need to go further. I still have a good mood as soon we could be together. I'm asking you to answer my questions and write me something sweet.
Miss you already...((
Your Galina.
Letter 7
Hi my candy Richard!
I'm pleased to see your new letter. Thank you for your words and kindness. Your concern gives me a fighting spirit and emotional gratification. To be honest, I'm worried that you won't answer me(( I always consider the worst, but hope for the best) You're all time beside me in my heart. In my mind you occupy an important place in my life. Thank you for everything you cheer me up. You're important to me and at this stage of my life I live just dream of you. I hope that soon our sexual desires will be satisfied. I would like to feel your cock inside me. I would like you to shoot my bum. I have never tried this kind of sex, but I believe we both have the best pleasure. You'll be the first man to whom I will allow to perform it! Now I am in Moscow. I feel fever in my body. If you were close to me, then I would have climbed into your lap and kissed you so intensely that your cock was hard and ready for action. Oooo! These sweet fantasies!!! What do you do to me?! I'm a better rather change the subject in another way, to cool my ardor. This morning I settled in a hostel at the Embassy. I have all the necessary amenities, shower, cooker to cook, a TV. By the Way, my trip went well. Although, during takeoff and landing, my heart sank from panic as well as my ears so hard to get a moment I thought I went deaf. But despite all these nuances, I am happy with the flight. Never before have I felt such adrenaline. The whole way I was thinking how wonderful that is happening to me. It was like a fairytale! But reality broke all my dreams into little bits. As it was it is not as straightforward as I thought. I had a problem where my internship is in peril(( very hard for Me to write to you about it, but I promised to be fair to you. My problem is that I have an unsettled debt for utilities bill. This debt is 39000 rubles. In us dollar terms this is $600. I had no idea that this may influence my visit. However, there's such a law and I need to pay the debt so as to release me from Russia. In the past few years a lot of Russian citizens departed abroad, leaving huge unpaid bills for utilities. Therefore, the departure from Russia, in the presence of debts, canceled. I'm asking you to not blame me with this!!! I don't wish to hear the screams and insults by the person to whom I have a warm, honest feelings. Please don't throw stones at me! My heart is broken! I'm totally perplexed and somehow accumulated all the power to write to you about everything. I barely controlled so as to not cry. I feel absolutely crushed. I feel very lousy ((((( I'm afraid you will abandon me and I lose you, never taken you! In the realization that my hands are shaking. I tried to solve the problem yourself, but I have no such amount of money. In my wallet was $100. I paid them all, but this is not enough(( I think it's a shame to ask for your help, but I don't have another choice. Maybe you refuse to help me. I understand all very well! In general, I don't know what to do!? I'm burning up with shame! Forgive me for making you read this. But, I really have no one to turn to. Understand me, please! I have no acquaintances in Moscow. I tried to request money from the internship program, but I had been denied. The state pays only those conditions that were included in the arrangement, and all the personal issues I need to solve on their own! My dear I do not know if I have the right to request your help?! But you're my hope only! As I said, my salary as assitant dentist will be enough to stay. As I understand it, 2900$ is good money and I will pay you to the debt. I will find the money within two days after my arrival. I will pay you back as soon as I get paid. I'm sure it won't be too difficult! Please help me! I must pay the remaining of 500! I will get it to you as soon as I get my first paycheck. I have almost no time! I learned from workers of the Bank on remittances moneygram or westernunion. This is the most secure and quickest way of global money transfer. Dear that the more quickly you will be able to help me, the quicker I can fly to you. This is precisely what we need at the moment. In the end of this letter I will give all the info required for transfer your help. I'm begging you don't leave me in this horrible situation. I'm in a bind! Only you, my hero, can save me. I will wait good news from you impatience. Here's my data for transfer of money:
Name - Galina
Lastname - Grigoreva
City - Moscow
Country - Russia
Street - komsamolskaya street, house 11, apartment 2
When you can send money, give me all the information on money transfers! The most sweet kisses to the most precious man in the world.
Your Galina.
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