Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Lobaeva to Gary (Australia)

Letter 1
I hope, that at you all is good also this letter will find you in fine mood.
In fact I want, that your mood did not vary and that you never longed. Certainly it is difficult to make it, but I shall try to lift your mood.
Yes I also have days when I long and when I would like a few calmness. Usually it happens because of problems on work or is simple because of bad weather.
There is no it it happens not frequently and usually I am in good mood and is full of vital forces. My friends speak, that it is easy to communicate with me and I give to them to more energy. Yes frequently my friends open to me and share with me the experiences and I try to help all with it. Therefore I spoke you, that when to you it will be bad and at you something happen, you can always trust in me. I am always ready to help you if it will be in my forces and in my opportunities. Probably I would like to become the doctor because I think that a trade the doctor the most necessary and exacting trade. In fact doctors help people to survive and feel like better. But I have gone on other line of a life and did not become the doctor. But I do not regret about it because very much I love the work.
You speak, what you have very badly understood my letter and that that seemed to you, what I have named you the bad person? It not so, I you shall never name you so because you good. Dear, yes the passport will be there are approximately 200 dollars. I am glad, that you want to help to arrive to me to you. But I want you to warn, it is not necessary to send it through a mail. Because I yesterday to you spoke, about that that it very badly works.
On work today we marked birthday at the colleague and our chief has presented her the big bouquet of colors and has given the premium for good work. It were roses, my favourite flowers and it is always pleasant to receive the big bouquets. In general it was very cheerful also all our amicable collective congratulated the colleague. We for a long time thought what to present her and have decided to present a set of utensils on kitchen. Our gift has very much liked all also ours the colleague was happy to receive it from us. Yes at us very cheerful and amicable collective and we always mark holidays on work together. Therefore I like my work and I with the great pleasure every morning wake up, knowing, that on work of me waits amicable collective. Certainly I have days off to which I like to sleep and lead well it houses or with friends. Has found a photo, colleagues at whom we today marked day a birth. Has decided to share with this photo with you.
Now probably I shall finish this letter and on former with impatience I shall wait for your letters. To me really delivers great pleasure to read your letters. Yours faithfully Anastasiya.
PS. Certainly, I can give you my full name. I thought, that I to you allowed a full name. If not allowed, then my full name. My name is Anastasiya Lobaeva.
Letter 2
How are you??? At me all is simply wonderful and not only because at me simply magnificent mood but also because you have written to me the letter. All is more than me and more simplicity of your letters surprises. You express the ideas so simply that to me easily them to read, in spite of the fact that I know the English language not in perfection. I hope that you also with ease read my letters and understand everything, that I want to transfer you. It is always pleasant and easy to speak with the person who completely understands you.
I still badly know you and I can not do any conclusions in relation to you.
But I hope, the more I shall find out you, the more I shall find high qualities in you. I wrote to you, that I should be cautious in the search, therefore I want to find out more about you, about your life and about your relation to me. Always it was pleasant to me, that other person has described me and it is always pleasant for me to listen to it. Even if me describe from the bad party and speak my lacks.
And then I draw conclusions and I try to eliminate these lacks of myself. Here speak, that each person studies on the mistakes. And I try to not do mistakes and always I study on mistakes of others. Certainly I made in a life of a mistake, but all this was not serious. In fact each person can be mistaken. You will agree with me in it?
To you there were in a life serious mistakes about which you then regretted? Tell to me about it?
Dear, I am glad that you want to send me means to make the passport. But I cannot understand, you want to send it mail? If so I speak you, that it it is very dangerous to send it, because post service very badly works for us. If you will send it this letter can not reach. I at all do not trust post services and it will go very for a long time. Dear, I know one good and convenient system of translations, it refers to the Western Union. I hope you heard about it??? If to send means through this system then I can receive it only.
Yesterday I with friends visited an exhibition of wax figures. This museum is in Saint Petersburg and sometimes they do the exhibitions in other cities of Russia.
This really fascinating show also is possible to see many well-known people, as wax figures. If to list everything it will borrow a lot of time, therefore I shall not do it. Probably I would send you a photo with these figures, but there is forbidden to be photographed with them. In general it was very amusing and cheerful.
Therefore I like to visit various museums and exhibitions. Much you find out about a life and about the past of all world. It is always interesting to know, that occured earlier. Probably you also are interested in visiting of various exhibitions?
I very much would like to know, in fact at you probably all is much more interesting?
It is a photo of me with nephews whom I frequently visit when I have free time.
Now probably I shall finish my letter to you and I hope for your fast reply. Yours faithfully and best regards Anastasiya. My address:
Republic Komi
The city of Usinsk
Street Parkovaya 13
Apartment 15
The postal code: 169710
Letter 3
I have received your letter and read it with pleasure. I like to read your letters. I am glad, that have found such friend, as you. I have understood, that when there are friends not only which are a beside, and somewhere abroad, you expand the understanding about the world. As live in other country and in general, than they differ from each other. That close friends can betray, but it with me done not happen and I do not wish, that sometime it happened. In general treachery, is such vile act. If the person so acts, it speaks that the person is weak and cannot reach something in the fair way. Only because of it, it acts so.
I of such people, at all do not understand and never I shall understand. At present, among my friends, such people is not present, can I am simple do not notice. Tell to me what your friends? I want to know about you much. So it is pleasant for me to communicate with you, I did not think at all, that so it is wonderful to have the friend abroad.
I hope, that you for yourself have drawn some conclusions on me and I have seemed to you really attractive and clever girl. Certainly, I have made for myself also, some conclusions and I present you, as decent and clever the man.
In general, remained decent men presently a little. Earlier, everyone the man achieved heart of the woman and even arranged duels. Sang songs, brought the big bouquets of colors and were ready to throw a floor of the world to legs of the woman. But now, men interests other entertainments more. And it seems to me, that women, also became entertainment for men. Certainly there are also girls for which men simply toys. They use their decency and simply use them, as a toy.
Probably some men like such reference with itself, but I think, that true the man never will allow to address as with a toy. Is guys with which there is nothing to talk and they are too rough with girls. Therefore I do not love rough and boring men. But with you to me I everything was easier also can tell to you, that I think and I know, that you will understand me in it.
Dear, I went travel agency and have found out how many the international passport will cost. The passport will cost US$243, for me it is many money. But I should make still the visa, the visa will cost US$231. I cannot present at all where I can take such quantity. At me hope only on you. Dear, you can help me???
I very strongly want to meet you. You have asked me, the phone number, but at me is not present it, but you could leave number. I would call to you when I would have opportunity. How you think?
Why I start to get used to you, to your letters and why I wait for your letter with impatience? I set to myself these questions and I can not find on them the answer. But me really pleasantly again and again to receive your letters. On this photo, I am near a fountain in our city.
I think, that this letter will find you in good mood and you with pleasure read it. Also, as I read your letters from the beginning and up to the end, understanding your ideas and words which you want to transfer me. With sincerity Anastasiya.
Letter 4

How are you? How has passed your day? What interesting has taken place at you?
Dear, I shall never deceive you, because it is not necessary to me at all. I want to live in common, I want to create the family. At me never was intentions to deceive. I began to search for the man not that him to deceive to find love.
You have asked me, will cost how many my passport??? Certainly, it is an interesting question, but all over again I should go in agency that how many will find out to cost the passport. I am very glad, that we soon shall meet you.
I shall love you eternally.
Yesterday I have met the girlfriend from whom together were leaders in camp.
But unfortunately she did not have time to talk to me. When I have come home, I have recollected about this camp and time lead by it. It was so a long time, but memoirs on it are still alive in me, it cannot be forgotten. Still when I was the student of me have directed to camp which referred to "Camomile". In this camp there were 10 leaders and 90 children. Into our duties entered, every morning to awake children, to carry out with them various games, to entertain them, to observe of them during bathing that happened nothing. To me was so interestingly that to children was very cheerful with me, I could interest them.
I in general very strongly love children.
On me has made huge impression the sea which I saw for the first time. It seemed to me such boundless, deep and very beautiful. Now I understand, why people try to carry out the holidays on the sea. When first time has gone to water, I did not want to leave therefrom. There was such warm and pleasant water. And you sometime were on the sea? If you were, what impression on you has made the sea when you the first time of it has seen? I think, what you also have been admired?
When I was small, my parents too sent me in summer vacations in pioneer camp.
But then I went in camp which was on coast of lake. In it we also spent cheerfully time, and in the evenings liked to sit at a fire: to talk on various themes, to sing songs under a guitar. But on the sea there was already absolutely other situation. If earlier I ran and played various games now I had to think out new games, competitions and entertainments. I think, that it was possible to me on all of 100 because children were very joyful and cheerful.
And that can be better than the cheerful child.
I shall not forget that summer never. All impressions from this trip cannot be transferred, all seen remained in my memory. I have got new friends with whom and now I support dialogue. I liked to communicate with children. I was transferred to the far childhood, have felt the child. Certainly it is a pity, that I could not talk to the girlfriend who has met. I hope next time we shall talk to it. With this letter, I shall send you a photo from this camp which have remained with me. I hope to you it you is pleasant also will enjoy them.
On it I shall stop to write the letter. I shall look forward to hearing. Anastasiya.
Letter 5
I so am glad to see again your letter. With each your new letter, my trust to you all is more and grows more. So it is pleasant for me to find out about you.
I can trust in you and tell the ideas. Probably, even my ideas will be similar to yours. From it it will be easier to us to share the ideas. If you trust me, you also can share the ideas. Further, we can with you not only share ideas, but we can tell about what or problems, something to advise each other. Certainly, if these problems will be. Personally at me at present it is not present, if I had problems, I to you would tell. Probably, even you to me have helped something, would prompt as to act in various situations. On a life, I at all not latent person. I do not love various secrets. Certainly, I have secrets because each person should have secrets. Without secrets, it is difficult to live presently. You with me agree? I assume, that secrets are and at you. I am right?
As it is not pleasant to me when who or discusses the person. They can speak behind a back about much, can gossip. At us such people name gossips. Probably you too have such people, whether I want to find out there are they in other country.
I want to tell not much about the hobby. Certainly I already wrote to you shortly about it, but I want to tell in more detail. I like to watch a fashion because I like to put on on a fashion, but not too defiantly. To me it is itself it is not pleasant, but even if it would be pleasant, I do not know as people would look at me. It has appeared at me since the childhood and mum always named me the woman of fashion. I also like classical clothes and most of all I love evening orders. I even look on TV various transfers about a fashion. At us frequently show exhibitions of the well-known fashion designers. I even in the childhood dreamed steel the fashion designer, wanted to sew itself different a dress, but in due course, this desire was gone. Probably I simply could not find myself as the fashion designer. Certainly I go on boutiques, but there so all is expensive, that when it would be desirable to buy a fashionable thing necessarily there is no money. Tell to me about your fashion how people at you put on? And how you concern to a fashion? To me it will be interesting for finding out.
I with pleasure, would visit you on the money, but at me it is not present also I cannot borrow, because who will not give so much money. If you cannot help me, then I to you cannot arrive. Because I do not have so much means and who will not give it to me. Certainly I understand you, that you have deceived, but I am going to deceive you, I at all did not have never such intentions. So a choice for you if you cannot help me then I to you cannot arrive.
One of a photo, was since the childhood. As I spoke you, that I like to put on fashionably.
On it I shall stop to write the letter. With impatience I shall wait for your answer. It is pleasant for me to communicate with you. Anastasiya
Letter 6
I am glad to receive from you the next letter. I began to get used more to your letters and each new letter brings a smile on my person. I think, what also it is pleasant for you to receive my letters and to share with me the ideas?
Today, having received from you the letter, I have told about it to the parents that I correspond with foreign the man. They have been surprised that I correspond with the foreigner, but despite of it they have become interested in you. Therefore I want to tell to you about the parents. My mum worked at confectionery factory. Now she the deserved pensioner. She extraordinary sympathetic and kind person. Mum has learned me to much. She has brought up from me the worthy person and has learned is very tasty to prepare. The daddy works as the security guard in a warehouse. He very much likes to read, and also to watch TV, especially a channel "Sports". The daddy experiences for the favourite commands. My parents very much love me, therefore they managed to make of me the kind, cheerful and attractive girl. I hope, what you will agree with me?
They have learned me to a life and to represent a life such what she is. I frequently think of the future and I present it only from the good party. I do not want, that at me happened as well as at my sister. She 7 years was married and at her the child was born. But now she has remained one and independently brings up the fine child. My sister constantly speaks me that I was cautious in search of the man or in general even the friend. Therefore I concern to all with care. Now it is difficult for me to draw conclusions on you, but I do not lose hope and I think, that you not the bad person. I frequently think of the future and it is interesting to me to know how to develop my life, whether I shall find happiness or I shall stay one. I know, that my future completely depends only on me and I should not wait the happiness. And consequently I shall always search for a way to the happiness where it would not be. Probably the happiness will find me and only it is necessary to wait a little. But I not got used to wait and consequently I try to achieve in a life of all independently.
It is pleasant for me to hear, that you call me to yourself. It will be pleasant for me to visit you, and to be with you. But to make the passport and the visa, to me 450 dollars but at me are not present such money. You can help me with these means.? If you are ready help me I can to arrive to you. And that that you have left phone, it is very good, because when I will have opportunity I to you at once shall call.
Still some photos of me and my parents I send them only for you and I hope, that you really like it.
Again I should finish the letter and always I wait for your fast, remarkable answer. With sincerity and best regards Anastasiya
Letter 7
And again I see your letter and it is pleasant for me to read it. Really it is very interesting to me to read and find out little bit more about you. I am sure, that our first letter will give rise to our dialogue and the further correspondence. I am glad, that I can write about my life, about my ideas and my interests. And really I think, that we shall find much in common between us. I do not know from what to begin the letter, but I shall try to be open and sincere. In general I never wrote letters to foreigners and I do not know, that it is interesting to you to find out from me.
I shall start with the story about the life now, that I do and than I am engaged. I was born in the city of Usinsk of republic Komi. Went to school and was the honours pupil up to 9 classes. The ambassador I began to concern worse to study. It is more time to give itself, the appearance and private life. But not looking on it I have left school well and have acted in machine-building institute, at economic faculty. The student's life has passed very cheerfully, quickly and there were many remembered moments. In institute I have understood, that such the friendship and that means to help each other. But also I have found out, that such a deceit and treachery. But I at all do not want to recollect it, because it spoils to me mood. Tell to me a little about the life at school and how you spent time?
After institute I have gone to work as the manager. I like my work and I earn enough money for a life in Russia. Though for you it probably will seem a little, it makes 4500 roubles and it approximately 150 dollars. My salary completely depends on the experience of work and the more years I shall work in this firm, the more I can earn. Now I not the qualified worker also have not a full operating schedule. Basically women work for us and I the youngest among them. Collective at us amicable and me help to cope with work. After work I usually go to walk with friends and cheerfully to spend time. But sometimes there is time when I would like to be one or simply to remain at home with the family. To look together the TV, to listen to favourite music, to prepare for a tasty supper and to communicate about a life in a circle of people liked and dear to me. For me this most important because I know that my family always can understand and support me in all.
It is interesting to me, how you will spend the free time? Also what you most of all like to do in free days?
It is a photo, near my university where I studied. It is a photo it has been taken 2 years ago, but I think, that I not how many have not changed. Again I with impatience shall wait for your letter and the answer to my questions. Yours faithfully Anastasiya. I liked yours a photo. I want you to ask, she is your daughter in a picture???
She such nice. How old is she???
Letter 8
I did not expect to receive your answer to my letter. It was valid to me to receive pleasantly the letter from you. I do not know, whether I can interest you, but I shall hope, that I can draw your attention. Likely, if we and further shall continue our correspondence it will be even more interesting to me and it is amusing to find out about you... I want to find out much about you, about your life, the country..? And accordingly you also find out it and from me.
I shall start at once a little about myself that you had some representation about me. As I already wrote to you, my name is Anastasiya Lobaeva or is simple Nastya and me of full 26 years. I was born under happy is familiar zodiac Pisces, on February, 24, 1980. I live and I am glad lives. But something does not suffice me or someone and I search for it. I on former live with parents. I have loved mum, the daddy and the senior sister whom I very strongly love. But it seems to me, that I already enough adult girl and was time already to start to reflect on the future.
I want to live independently, to not depend on parents. But I certainly already independent and earn for myself. But I would like to be completely independent, to live in the apartment, to dress myself, to feed - to feel an adult independent life, without support of parents. It is necessary to achieve and to not wait for all while someone will help me with it. And if I have solved it, I shall make it by all means. And you in general that want from the future to what you aspire?
What in general it is interesting to you in this life and what you would want to change at the moment?
In general I very cheerful and modern girl. I like to visit cinemas, museums and the various entertaining centers. And in general I have such habit - to go shopping. I can go shopping, look all the day long at the goods, on show-windows, admire it and sometimes buy something to myself. I like to spend thus the free time. And you in general like to go shopping? But there are many other employment which also like me. For example, I like to read books. These are poems and verses of Russian poets. Also I willingly like to spend time on kitchen. Frequently in the evenings I like to prepare for a tasty supper for my family. I like to prepare simple, but during too time for original dishes. And during preparation of a supper, I always listen to the loved music. I in general adore music. But I do not have loved direction in music. I listen to various music which depends on my mood. I think, that you also love music. In general in my opinion there are no such people which do not love music. I am right? And you that prefer in music? Likely you have any loved musical group or the musical executor?
In general at me it is a lot of ideas, on what it is possible for you to write, tell. But it will turn out very big letter which you will be tired to read and you likely it will seem boring. Therefore I have decided to finish on it. Now I shall wait for your answer and your photos. I hope that you liked my photos which I have applied with my letter. With impatience I shall wait the answer from you. Anastasiya.
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