Scam letter(s) from Natalia Stepa to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
Maybe I'm mistaken due to the fact I am actually writing this letter in the first place, i hope you do not really mind. I just simply like to talk along and possibly get acquainted with you a little more. I'm a really humble female personally, therefore you should tolerate with me. I'm in addition a tender, easy and decent girl simply pleased with staying just who I really am . Searching for a guy to adore and also have a true bond with.
Exactly where do you really live, what exactly you do in your own life?
I'm Natalya. I am now living in Russia. I'm actually twenty nine yrs.
I am looking forward to your email on my Email:
Letter 2
Austin, thanks for your attention. Maybe i am wrong because I am writing the message first. I get a lot of lessons in life. Hope i am on the right track right now.
will you help me figure this out? I thank you for that.
More than 6 months ago, I filled out a form for a dating agency. For a month, my subscription was active. I received many different messages. Among them were promotions, rude *** offers, empty messages, etc. I quickly got tired of such communication. I believe that everything will be different with you.
my name is Natalya. Iam 30 years old. I live near Belgorod, Russia. with this message, im sending my foto. I trust you with the first message, and i hope that my fotos will only see you.
Austin, first of all, iam looking for a kind and sincere interlocutor. Time will help us understand what our relationship will be. You could brighten my day by sending me some you fotos. I would like to know more about you.
Take care and hope to hear from you soon Austin.
Really looking forward to talking with you!
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