Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Alexandrova to Roy (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear new friend Roy. It Tatyana. I am very glad to receive your letter. I thought you will not answer my letter. But you have answered.
Thanks you for your answer. My letter not completely clearly to you will be possible. I cannot open at once to you. But I think that it to not prevent to learn us better. I want to write about myself. And also I shall send you my photo!She is pleasant to you!To me of 30 years. I was born on December, 5, 1975 in Russia in city of Sernur. I live in the house with my mum. My father has died 8 years ago. He has gone to serve to the Chechen Republic under the contract. He was the different soldier, military. Always could protect our family. When I was offended at small age by boys. I always spoke the father, that me offend. My father always protected and helped us with mum difficult minute. Well him any more did not begin. And we with mum have remained to live one in this world. It is huge loss for us. Well all will suffice we shall not speak about it. To me and so now it is hurt to recollect. That we one with mum. I do not want that you asked me about the father!!!Because it will be hurt to me to answer your questions. Today it is the closest and favourite person for me., it is my mum. And already as 8 years of me bring up and to teach in this world one person. SHE IS my MUM!!! I have no brothers and sisters, and I have no own children!!!I want to have own family!I want to lift own children. I have been given birth also dews in Sernur city. My mum already now does not work. She cannot work any more.
As already old. In the age of. And all our charges on residing are taken by me on myself. I pay for all. And consequently I was brought up by mum so that I was the independent girl. I shall tell about mum in the following letter. Now, as I spoke, I shall write about me directly As I spoke already, I have been given birth in 1975. Till 6 years I have gone by a kindergarten. I have gone earlier as my mum spoke, that I the clever girl. Since 7 years I started to go from school. I studied very good. When I have left school with the Red certificate in 1995, and I have left in "Sernurskiy the state humanitarian university ". Faculty of pedagogics and technique of preschool education and foreign language - the English language. As I had the fine certificate about my finished school. I could study in University free-of-charge. In 2000 I have finished studying in university. Since that year I work in Sernur in one of schools of city of Sernur. It is school ?11. School settles down to the address : The city of Sernur Street of Malovo, 13. My work will be to bring up in children a sound mind. That children became educated.
Were able to read and write. That they were happy in this life. I also see off with them class hours. Where I tell it, about different cases in our city. As passes through road. My work with children compels me to be more attentive. My work with children is more difficult than with adult people. And my work is more pleasant me. And I have pleasure, that I can help children. Probably the love to children has arrived to me with my age. And now I have understood, that children - are our future.
Therefore I would like to have my own children. LIKELY IT IS NOT INTERESTING TO YOU? I shall ask me why I have chosen you?Why I shall not find the the man in own The country? I do not know as the answer you.
YOU KNOW, THAT the MAN SHOULD HELP the WOMAN. That the FIRST the MAN ALWAYS GETS ACQUAINTED. And the WOMAN SHOULD not SUIT the FIRST. IT SO IN RUSSIA. My girlfriend, my colleague has suggested me to find acquaintance to the inquiry Internet. And now I write to you from cafe of the Internet. As I have no own computer!!! It is expensive very much.
And I cannot allow this luxury. In our country not so many people have personal computers of a house. Probably the level of our life does not allow to live so that to give very much. No, I do not complain of a bad life in Russia!!! I earn what to live enough in Russia. Well, I shall finish this letter. You reading my letter and if you agree on Continue with me acquaintance. There can be I can ask to you one question:"YOU WANT TO CONTINUE WITH ME CONVERSATION ON THE INTERNET"? Thanks you THAT YOU COULD LISTEN to me. Thanks you that you are in this world. I VERY MUCH WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE our RELATIONS. I AM AFRAID, THAT YOU WILL be are AFRAID of my LETTERS. TELL to me I CAN WRITE to YOU the LETTERS?
Yours Tatyana.
Letter 2

Hi my friend. I waited back only from you and therefore you cannot even probably present as I am pleased. Write to me more about itself. I want to know you better! I hope that my letter was not so big and has not had time to bother you. The matter is that I very much would like to write to you much about myself. I want that you knew all about me. I want to tell to you about my to mum. My mum has been given birth in Sernur city in on May, 11, 1952 and her now 52 years. My mum has given birth to me in 23 years. It late whether or not? My parents have met in Sernur city, it happened when my mum came back from a garden. She went from a garden where we now raise in the summer vegetables. And mum on hands had big bags. She went home and when has approached to a stop. To her has approached young the man, it was mine the daddy. Also has asked to help to inform bags. Mum has agreed. And so they also have got acquainted. Tell a noble act has made mine the daddy? Then my parents met year. And in 1973 my parents have got married. Here they also have remained to live. After wedding I have appeared. I grew without sisters and without brothers. In family I one child. I do not know, why I was one in family, it likely the difficult economic side was. There were problems. I do not know, I at all did not ask mine of parents about it.
Because I had my favourite parents. They loved me so strongly. They preserved me the heat. When I the daddy has died.... All loading of my education has lain on my mum. Certainly I very much love mine mum. And I think, that me was very successful with parents, but I began adults,
and I should think of family. How to you my English language?I hope, what,
what, what I speak, you can understand and read without problems?
Studying of my language began at school. I very much loved this language, and I always wanted to study to speak concerning the English language easily and freely. After school I have continued to study the English language on special categories. I read many textbooks and have been occupied with teachers. I spoke it, I liked to study, and I have studied this subject with pleasure. I probably do mistakes?But I hope that them not so. Simply practice is necessary for me, and I think,
that I can speak usually. I SHALL be FAIR, I sometimes HAS DIFFICULT WORDS WHICH it WILL be HARD for me TO UNDERSTAND YOU. I SHALL USE the BOOK the TRANSLATOR. I HOLD the BOOK IN the BAG. And each time when I go to the Internet of cafe I I take the book with myself. You can not doubt of my pronunciation. Now I shall tell about myself in words. You likely already saw my picture. I sent you for the first time. But can be to you, something was not clear. My growth of 170 centimeters!!! My weight of 55 kg!!!You know at us in Russia when buy clothes the body is necessary to give the sizes. We have 3 sizes of a body: 1 size is a ****** 2 size - area of a stomach 3 size - area of buttocks Means my sizes on radius of a body. 1 size of 81 centimeters. 2 size of 65 centimeters. 3 size of 90 centimeters. NOW YOU KNOW MY BODY THE SIZES.
I want to answer you at once! In the past I have met, what the man urgently became loving. But I was silly. He has deceived me, and me was very sick. But not it I continue supervision to trust in love. It - one more reason on which I write to you. I want, will meet the he man which is worthy my clean and sincere love. Which will never deceive me. I always trusted such easy feelings as love, friendship, fidelity,
fidelity, kindness. I could not meet such the man in Russia. Because men drink ***** and beat women, when they *****. I am afraid of it. I need to trust, that you, which that the man I searched! I want to trust only to one to man. This the man YOU!!!I want that YOU spoke on the Internet only with me. I think, that YOU are written by other girls.
BUT PLEASE IF YOU WRITE to ANOTHERS the to FAVOURITE, DO NOT WRITE to me AND DO NOT DECEIVE me. My HEART ONE. And THIS HEART FOR the PERSON WHO ON LOVES me. I hope, that has not urgently tired you with a history about myself. I shall be pleased to answer your any questions, but I not always I can understand a question. Therefore I ask to not cope, if I cannot answer your question. I am very pleased, that we can to continue our acquaintance further. I ask to write to me more about myself. I shall be very pleased to study you more. It is very important for me. I SHALL WAIT FOR YOURS THE LETTER , ONLY FROM YOU! Yours Tatyana
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