Scam letter(s) from Eleonora Salmiyarova to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
I was given your mail at a dating service. I do not know if this is your email and you are still looking for a relationship? I hope you are not deceived and a person who really lives in this world.
Nevertheless, I like to write to you. I would like to get to know you. I am looking for a serious relationship and would like to start a family.
I do not know if you like me. But I would like to hear your answer, if all this is real.
My name is Eleonora. I am 47 years old. I'm not married. I'm from Russia.
I hope to see your letter.
P.S. I attach my photo. I hope you enjoy it!
Letter 2
Hi Buster
It’s good that I decided to check my mail. :)
I am glad for your answer and thank you for the photo. I am pleased to
I hope that the agency that give me your address is not a scam, and not harm you? I am a cheerful person. I try to see only the good in everything. My friends say that I am open in communication. But also I can listen to my interlocutor. I work as a teacher at school. In my free time I like to do flower gardening, meet friends, go to the cinema.
In a man, I like kindness, honesty, intelligence and a sense of humor. Tell me about you. I am interested to know more about you.
I am writing to you from the phone. Therefore, I can not quickly respond to your letters. I will wait for a letter from you. Eleonora
Letter 3
Hello Buster
Thank you for answering. Thank you for your photos !!! I was born and live in Russia. My city, Zelenodolsk. It is a small and spacious city. It has good ecology and friendly people. I heard a little about your country, but I'm interested in learning more. In my free time I like to walk in the park, meet friends, go to the movies. I have no bad habits like cigarettes or alcohol. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. To have a good figure. We have different countries, different cultures. But this makes our correspondence only more interesting. I would be interested to know about your views on life, values. I wonder what will come of our correspondence ?! In any case, we lose nothing.
Letter 4

Hi Buster Thank you for the photo. you have a cute dog, what's his name? I am glad that distance is not a problem for our correspondence. And we can continue our acquaintance. Now there is Internet and communication at a distance is not a problem. Just imagine, before people used carrier pigeons to send a letter. Now we don’t need to torture pigeons .. lol I'm 47 years old. I was married, but we divorced 6 years ago. Now I live alone. From marriage I have an adult son Lev. He is already 23, and he lives separately with a girlfriend.
Unfortunately, my father died, but my mother is alive. She lives next to me. I see her often. I also have a brother, we call each other. During the first meeting, people try to seem better than they really are. They try to hide their own shortcomings, hide under masks. But why? The truth will be found out someday. And a feeling of disappointment comes.
I want us to be honest and more open in our correspondence. I think you should not be afraid. We are all not perfect and each has its own flaws. Have a good day,
Letter 5
Hello Buster
It's nice to see "you have an unread message" in my inbox from you. I am sorry that your Buster is so early to leave you, even if it will live for a very long time, it is difficult to lose very close friends. I'm sorry. You already know that I work as a teacher at school. I teach foreign languages. I have been working here for 19 years. My working day is from 8am to 5pm. I give knowledge that I received at the university. I want the children to know and respect other languages. And that they would understand other people from other countries. It is very important for me. Our communication has just begun, but I already feel the difference. Communicating with you is different from communicating with Russians. This is unusual and interesting for me. I am already an adult woman. I have a son, work, friends. It pleases me, but I cannot call this happiness. For me, happiness is giving love, warmth and affection to a loved one. And feel the reciprocity. It would be interesting to know what you need for happiness. I will attach my photo in the letter. So I look at work. :)
Letter 6
Thank you for your letter! Our communication intrigued me. It is interesting what awaits us next. We can learn much more about each other: our daily lives, our past and our plans for the future. How was your day today? I wake up at 6 in the morning. In the morning I prefer a light breakfast. For example, today for breakfast I prepared pancakes with sour cream. Fast and tasty. Today I read a magazine. There was an article about people's habits. It was written in the magazine that habits make each person individual. But some habits annoy people. For example, champing when they chew gum.
I am neutral about people's habits. Each person is individual. You need to understand the habits of other people. For example, I have a habit too. I can’t wake up in the morning very quickly. I love to bask in bed, under a warm blanket for another 5-10 minutes.
Buster do you have any special habits? Hugs, Eleonora.
Thank you for the photo. I am pleased with this!
Letter 7
What is your mood today? Your letters give me positive emotions. With each new letter we will know each other better. We are getting closer with our thoughts. There are different situations at work. There are always many children at school and each child has his own unique character. Sometimes there are children with an impulsive character. It is important to find an approach to everyone. I think if people try to understand each other, then there would be more mutual respect between people. Do you think we fit together? It's very easy for me to share my thoughts with you. I love to chat with you. I do not want to look into the future, but I hope that our relationship will become more than just correspondence. Hugs, Eleonora.
Letter 8
Thanks for your letter. Sometimes I get the feeling that we have known each other for many years. Did we know each other in a past life? We are women, more emotional and inclined to listen to our feelings, intuition. lol Today, my colleague invited me to go along with a women's clothing store. She wants to buy underwear. Her husband does not like to go shopping. Therefore, we go shopping together. I am increasingly thinking about our correspondence. We met online. Perhaps we would not notice each other on the street? Or would you be too shy to get to know each other? But thanks to the Internet, we met and continue our correspondence. I take our correspondence seriously. For me, this is not a game or flirting. Each of my letters is a particle of me, my thoughts and feelings. Waiting for your letter. Eleonora
Letter 9
It's nice to receive letters from you. I noticed that I began to think about you more often. Interesting ... Is it possible to miss a person whom I have never seen before? I think your hobby for fish is wonderful, here in Russia if a man goes fishing, then he drinks a lot of alcohol. It’s like some kind of tradition. But I'm glad that everything is fine with you. Do you like fish soup ??? (Ear) I wrote to you that my lady-friend was offering me to go to the mall for shopping. There I bought beautiful curtains. I like to feel comfortable at home. And such trifles as curtains, flowers, cleanliness and the aromatic smell of dinner give a feeling of a cozy home. I think everyone wants to feel comfortable at home. We are already adults. At any age, I want to feel the warmth and care of a loved one. In addition, we are still young at heart! Do you agree with me? Hope to see your letter soon.
Letter 10
I wonder if you feel anything from reading my letters? No I never use a canoe, is it dangerous? Is that interesting??? I just sail the boat and paddle. This I consider romantic) do you ride me on a boat with a paddle? Yesterday before going to bed I turned on the TV and came across a program about Internet Dating. One woman met a man through the Internet. It was learned that the man had a wife and 2 children. For a man, communication over the Internet was just entertainment... She told about it with tears... I feel sorry for that woman… Today I went to the store and bought sea salt and bath foam. I want to make a romantic evening for myself. I'll light the scented candles. I'll add sea salt and foam to the bath. Our correspondence gives me pleasure. I like to share my thoughts with you. And increasingly I began to think about the meaning of our communication. What will our correspondence lead to? What happens next? I feel something when I read your letters. It's hard to explain. It's something inside me... I haven't figured it out yet. What exactly do these feelings mean? But I can say for sure that these are pleasant feelings. :) Eleonora.
Letter 11
Hello my Buster Nice to see your letter. I am glad that I can share my thoughts and feelings with you. Many feelings are difficult to describe in a letter. But it’s easy for me to talk about this with you. My son is going to come to me. He rarely comes to me. I did not even think that he had already grown up and became an independent man. His tastes changed. Usually I fed him with toasts, pancakes and made light salads. And today I want to surprise him so that he is satisfied. I think to cook him a juicy steak with French fries. I know that men love a hearty meal. And I realized that I hadn’t cooked for a man for a long time. For a long time I lived only for myself. And talking with you, I began to think about the role of women in the family. And you are Buster minx. Lol visit your bath with you. Interesting offer. I'll think about this offer. I’m a girl, I have to think a bit =) understand what? Thank you for the photo. You are very beautiful. I want to say that the curtains in my house are not in order to watch me, but so that I can feel comfort and beauty. It gives new feelings. Who knows how our correspondence, our destinies will develop. Any step or deed can change our life. I see changes in my life. I feel that feelings are awakening in me that I have not felt for a long time. Hugs, Eleonora.
Letter 12
Hello my Buster Reading your letters, I noticed that your letters have become more open, more kind. In writing, you try to convey a part of you, a part of your thoughts. I know that it is difficult for men to talk about feelings, thoughts, emotions. Kind or open attitude to people, take for weakness. I think openness is a virtue. I always like you to send a photo. And I can say that with you you can stay forever and not worry whether there will be food in the house, because you know how to fish. Lol so your family will always be happy and full! Now I'm sitting in a cafe and write you a letter. At another table sits a man and a woman. Apparently they recently began to communicate. From the outside you can see that they are embarrassed. ))"I wouldn't have noticed the pair before. But now... Now I noticed a change in my behavior. I'm not afraid of new feelings. No. It's just weird for me. I am pleased that I have such feelings. By the way, my surprise was a success. My son was grateful that I tried to cook especially for him. He said he hadn't felt this caring in a long time. Embrace, Eleonora.
Letter 13
Hello my cute Buster I hope that your trip will be successful, and will not cause you difficulties, and there will be no snow. I wish you a good holiday with your colleagues. It's beautiful!!! If I was around would you take me with you to this party? I want to say that I tried to call you at this number. I couldn't do anything. Don't know I need to find out from your operator whether it is possible to call to you to me.
Unfortunately my phone is an old model it can not use programs such as WhatsApp, Viper, FaceTime and Skype. I'm sorry. But I am glad that between us good communication through our letters!!! Amusing case. I saw on the first page of the newspaper the title "Distance-good or bad?". My first thought was that the article would be about long-distance relationships. I thought the article would be about a situation like you and me. I specially made tea with lemon. She settled more comfortably on the sofa. You've opened the right page. And ... Guess what that article was about? It turned out that the article is about the distance between train stations. ) It's been a long time since I laughed like that. ))) You know, lately I've been thinking more and more about our correspondence. I don't know why, but I started rereading our past letters. And I noticed that we had changed. And I like the change in me, the change in you. We have long-forgotten feelings and thoughts. All these feelings are not new, in the past I have had similar feelings. And I'm glad that those feelings are back, talking to you. I noticed I was writing you a letter with a smile on my face. It's very easy for me now. I am in a good mood and the future seems bright. Kiss, Eleonora.
PS. I don't understand the joke about maneating fish??? There are such fish? I was afraid =)
Letter 14
Hello my love Buster Tomorrow is your Christmas holiday. And it's my birthday. And so it is a pity that we do not meet these holidays together. How I want to be near you!!! How are you? How's your day?" What's new with you?
I hope that you have a festive mood and you will be happy on this day tomorrow.
What would you like me to give you for Christmas??? I would like to grant your wish. You know I'll be your Santa. Could it be? I hope that you have everything ready and you will be fine all these days!!!
I miss you so much!! Don't worry, I'm fine. Tomorrow I will decorate the tree for the holiday. It's an old tradition for me!!! I will write to you tomorrow, and I hope that because of Christmas you will still be able to answer me.
Your Eleonora
Letter 15
Merry Christmas darling Buster Today you have a wonderful day and holiday!!! And I want that in the coming new year that your health would always be good. And that you would never be sad or sick. What would your days were only the happiest!!!! And I wish you, no not just you, us!!! May our meeting be fulfilled in 2020!!!! I'm looking forward to it!!! Thank you for your kind words in honor of my birthday. I am pleased My son came to see me today. He gave me a bouquet of Roses, I was happy. He said he loved me and would never hurt me. These words were very important to me!!! We drank a bottle of wine with my son. We sat and remembered our past life. It was a day when we remember what happened before. We always do. Because every year we become older and can forget everything that was before!!!! I hope that your holidays are successful and you have a good rest and have fun!!! This will be the end of my letter to-day. once more wish you a merry Christmas!!!!
Letter 16
Hello my love Buster I hope you're all right now. How is your health?? I'm worried!!! I didn't get a letter from you. It makes me sad. I hope you don't have any problems??? And that soon you will write to me. I miss you!!! I hope that you are doing well and I will wait for your new letters.
With love Your Eleonora
Letter 17
Happy New Year My love Buster I wish you this new year that all your dreams come true. Good health and success!!!! You are very important to me and I need you. And my only desire for this new year 2020 to be with you I Hope that our desires are similar and we will be together.
I'll write you a short letter. Since my son invited me to his house. He said that I would not be alone, he wants to meet this New Year with me. There will be his girlfriend, the girl's parents and I. This can be called a lookout. If you know what I mean. I love you very much and once again I congratulate you on The new year 2020!!! I know it comes later for you than for us. Our time difference is there, but still our hearts are next to each other despite the distance!!! I love you Buster!!!!!!!!!!! Your Eleonora
Letter 18
Hello my love Buster How are you? How do you celebrate your New Year. I hope everything was fine and you didn't have any problems? I was with my son all these days. And was glad that I met him with him. It was pleasant to me. Since I thought I'd only be marking one. But I'm glad that I was able to be near my son and his girlfriend. And the girl's Parents. You know, I never thought that my son would become an adult and have a family. It's so beautiful. And I'm glad for him he has a beautiful girlfriend. And I only wish them happiness. I hope that they will be all right. I really love you and I want to be with you. I will wait for your answer!!!
Your Eleonora
Letter 19

Hello my love Buster
Now I have problems with the Internet. Therefore, I can’t write to you. I am writing to you now from my colleague. I am trying to solve problems with the Internet, but here is a company that is responsible for problems on the Internet, have a weekend. And I have to wait a few days, probably. I can’t say how many days this will last. But please do not lose me.
I love you and really miss you! You are very important to me!
How my internet will be restored. I will write to you right away.
I love you and miss you !!!
Your eleonora
Letter 20
Hello my love Buster
I'm glad I can write to you today. I have access to the Internet and I need to fix it. I thought I'd have to wait a long time for this. But now everything is all right and I can write to you!!! How are you doing? I hope that all is well with you? Thank you for the photo. Is the weather like this this time of year? Is it so warm in there now??? We have a temperature of -5 degrees here. And you? Yes, I saw on the news that our young hockey players lose to Canada. Are you happy about this? Did you like the game? I also heard that there was some unpleasant incident in the first meeting with you? What was that? Tonight, after 12 a.m., I'm going to Church. Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas, and I always go to such services. I believe in God and believe that he helps sometimes. So I'm going to ask that we be together soon. I'm tired of being alone without you! I really need you!!! I love you. What will you do tomorrow?
I hope that our dreams will soon come true and we will be together!!!
Letter 21
Hello my dear Buster My dear, today I was at a travel Agency, and learned about what I need in order to come to you. My dear, I now have tears streaming down my cheeks and no words, I do not know what to write to you, because all the documents I need a large amount of money. I was told that I need to make the following documents: passport, insurance, some other medical certificate of health, and all the documents I need 420 dollars . It's just the worst day of my life. It all started so well, and I had such dreams and plans for you and me. And all this collapses in an instant...
I have a lot of tears right now and heartache from not being able to afford it. My salary is too small, and I can't do all the paperwork. Please excuse me. I'm sorry I gave you hope. I LOVE you very much Jim and if I could pay for all these documents, I would soon fly to you and we would build our love and live happily ever after. I would very much like to hug your hot body and gently kiss your sweet lips, but now I understand that this is only my dreams. After all, I don't have the money to do the paperwork, so I can't come to you. Very sorry... I love you and it says my heart, which loves and waits for our meeting.
But I don't know what to do now. I'll wait for your answer. Your Eleonora.
Letter 22
Hello my love Buster
I am glad to receive your letter. And I want to say that I'm not asking you for money. I just said that it's expensive for me to go to you. Maybe you can come and see me yourself. Because I really want to be with you!!! I'm not playing with you and I don't want to hurt you. We have such a great relationship with each other!!! And it's expensive for me. Yes I you don't know my full name and don't have a personal meeting. But you have become dear to me. And I don't want to lose you!!! You are very important to me. My full name is Salmiyarova Eleonora. I even attach my passport in the letter. I just don't want you to think that I want to deceive you!!! I just want to love you and be there for you!!! So I just want to know if you can visit me here? I'll take you to my house!!! I'm asking you not to leave me because I can't come to you on my own. I really love you!!!
Your Eleonora
Letter 23
Hello my love Buster
How do you? How's your day? Today is my first working day after the holidays. And the children were so tired. All the children did not want to go to school and complain to me that they want another vacation. But these are children, they are always not very fond of learning. How are you in Florida? How is the weather now? I'm waiting for a photo from Florida)))
Yes, this is a Russian passport. I do not have a passport so that I can be abroad. What would I do and prepare the rest of the documents I need, as I already tell you to pay the agency so that they would prepare them for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have money to prepare documents. But I want to be with you!!! Today I have a terrible dream. I woke up at night and turned on the light and could not fall asleep for a long time. This makes me very upset. I hope that everything is fine with you? and are you all right ??? I worry about you. Every day I wait for the moment when I can read your letter. And it always warms my soul. Thank you my dear Jim for appearing in my life. You give me the strength to love and live on !!! And I want us to be together once and for all !!!! I am very tired today and therefore I go to bed.
Wish you sweet dreams my love Jim
Your Princess Eleonora
Letter 24
My love what's wrong with you? How are you? I have not received your letters. I worry about you?
You forgot about me and decided that you do not need me? I'm upset and miss you !!
Letter 25
My love, what 's wrong with you? I didn 't get your letter. Are you all right? I will wait for your response. Even if you find someone else just let me know!
Letter 26
My love Buster I'm glad to see your letter. Today was a full day off and I am pleased with it. Just today, Christians in Russia have a holiday "Baptism". On this day, all who believe in God go swimming in the hole in the river and cold water. And then do not get sick for a year. Uh that kind of faith. I certainly don't have to. Since I just got better after my illness. I was home. The weather was very warm here yesterday. Well, today it snowed and there is a cold. This pleases because there is no dirt on the street. It's a very strange winter here this year. What's the weather like now? How's your weekend? What are you doing today??? I so want your love and affection, your warmth and tenderness... I want you to say: "I am yours forever", I want you to passionately whisper it in my ear, touch my cheek with your cheek, burning with a hot kiss.... I want you to be with me, to let me touch you, to hug you, to kiss you, to hear your breath. You are a wonderful person in the whole world. I want to dedicate some verse to you, but they are not all written by me; I want to think of the most beautiful verse for you, but even the most beautiful words in the world are NOTHING compared to you. Let others come up with a definition for this beautiful word, and I already know it, love is a beautiful man with a beautiful name. Sometimes I want you to come in, sit next to me, put your strong arms around my neck, and I put my arms around you, and I kissed you right on the lips so tenderly, hotly, and passionately. I would wrap you in my tender, feminine arms and tell you how much I love you and that I WILL never give you to ANYONE I love you, I kiss you tenderly and passionately.
Eleonora is yours forever!!!
Letter 27
Hi my love Buster
How are you doing? How was your day? I worked for two people today. My colleague got sick and I had to take her class for a while. I 'm tired of this day very much and I really want to sleep. If you were around right now you 'd give me a massage and I 'd get a little better. But you 're not around. And it 's not too bad we 're far apart. I 'd rather hug you and kiss you! My love Buster I don 't write much today, but I hope you come to me in your sleep tonight and kiss me.
I love you!!!
Your Eleonora
Letter 28
Hello my love Buster
How do you? How's your day? What are you doing today ???
I miss you and can’t wait for the day when I can hold you in my arms and kiss you !!!! Today it snowed. And it was nice. Since the winter this year is very strange for our area. But now there is snow and a little cold. And it makes me happy. Since the street is not dirt. My Buster when can we be together? I'm tired of living without you my love !! I'm tired of sleeping without you. I need you!!!! When I sleep, I wear nightwear, it is like a wide dress is white and made of silk. You really are a good person, and I'm going crazy with you. If you truly want the benefit of living with me, then I can give you all this. I want a man whom I can kiss and love all my life. you are the one with whom I can be happy and with whom I feel like a woman. Love takes time for it to appear, but during this time something good has formed. And I'm only happy that I met you. Never leave me, I don't want to let you go You are only for me and I am also only yours !! I love you !!! And waiting for our meeting !!!
Your eleonora
Letter 29
My love is now a problem with the Internet, again and I can 't write to you, I write to you from my friend, warn you that I don 't have the Internet.
My salary at work is delayed and so I don 't know when I can pay for the Internet.
Can you help me with this problem?
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