Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Zagaindya to John (Canada)

Letter 1

Dear John,
I sat at home all day wishing you were here with me.Today as been a long day for me.I know what i want and that is for you to be near.I can only wait . The wind and oceans is the only thing between us for now.I was sad today,all i thought about is you.I was bored knowing how bad i want you and the distances between us is for.I hurt today in a good way knowing soon you will be with me,but i felt better when i thought of the happiness you bring my heart and soul.I went to my room this afternoon and look at you and read all of your letters today. I know in my heart there is true love and trust.I want to hold you strongly and love you softly.I want you to know my love for you is very strong and passionate.My heart travels with this letter to you and my love for you.My life has not been the same since we have met in the distance.I have more happiness and energy now.Without you in my life it would not be worth living for.I want to embrace you,and softly kiss you and to love you forever.MY feeling for you are as strong as yours and maybe even strong than your. I feel like i could tell you all these thing all night and would never be bored of saying them to you.My sweets i write this letter to you from my heart and from the love i have for you.All i want is to be able to embrace you and sincerely love you .
I want say to you that I should to pay all by myself. I should come in tourist agency and pay for documents and ticket with my ID (passport). Sorry, you can't pay from there.
If you want to send me money you have to do it by Western Union for my name. My full name is Zagainova Nastya. Send me your full post adress and the MTCN(10 digits) which will give you in the Western Union. Also you have to send me how much you have sent. The bank where I'll pick up money is AK BARS BANK, AMIRKHANA PROSPEKT - 10A , KAZAN city, zip 420126.
My LOVE is true and deep for you and i will always love you no matter what.
I love you my dear,lovely and honest John!!!!!My love forever!!!
Kiss you,Love you
Your Nastya
Letter 2

Dear Buddy,
I must go to Moscow to do this visa. And in this case I need money for living in Moscow for 3 days. 3 days need to order all document, I will pass interview in embassy concerning trip in United States, also I should pass medical inspection, can be it is necessary make some inoculations.
I must show them International passport, 2 photo, information from job, package of the documents on the property and real estate, For registration of the visa in some countries we recommend to give some additional documents confirming not immigration intentions. After this, visa will be ready in 7 or 10 days. The Package of the documents are include:
1. Documents confirming a marital STATUS:
X-copies of the passports, certificate on birth of children, certificate on a marriage of the relatives, remaining in Russian Federation.
2. Documents confirming the information on JOB:
The information from job with the indication of a post and salary, Behind the signature of the chief accountant and general director (on the firm form), card, X-copy of the Authorized documents of firm, a? the promotional materials, oaoue about firm in press etc.
3. Documents confirming a FINANCIAL SOLVENCY:
Extract from bank about a condition of the bill, documents on the real estate, x-copy of a credit map etc.
What you say is part of your heart and that warms me . The day we meet will be the day that the sky and earth come together,there will be such an earth world will shake to my foundation, Our eyes will meet and our bodies will come together and our hearts will skip a beat . Our lips will come together that will be a kiss to die for I look at your picture and think live gone to heaven for such man like you. I know that heaven is missing an angel and I found him here and he is so wonderful !!!!!! I some times think I was born in the wrong country I should have been born somewhere near you. You are an answer to my prayers. I asked god for you and he has answered and his answer was YOU we have something that I will keep with me forever and no one can take from me . I will keep all your pictures and all you have sad to me close and never let them go!! Thank you for being in my world.
Kiss you
Letter 3

Dear John,
How are you?
Sorry for not writting to you yesterday. Yesterday I had difficult work and was very tired. I have gone home and has lead evening with my grandmother. I shall write to you still tomorrow. I hope that you are not too offended on me, today at night I had very good dream. I saw us of a two in the future and we had children together. We lived very happily.
You the sole man which understand me and accepts such what I is! I am sure that we shall are happy together... I want to believe in it! My perfect, you so is gentle and is attentive that I consider our meeting as a miracle. Probably it is indemnification for many years of unhappy life!? I very much love you. As anybody and never I have told about us to my girl-friends . Certainly they will miss me as much as my parents will. I think that we are already so very close to each other as a husband and a wife, But, unfortunately, separated with the long distance. But despite the fact , we should continue to love each other and to trust each other. Do you agree with me? It can be dangerous, but I'm crazy in loving you. Your letters are filled with such a warmth and care that sometimes tears of happiness drop out from my eyes. I think " My God, thank you for your help in granting me my dedicated, my sole man, and I hope that he and I shall merge and we shall be happy.
I have received your letter, and I understand, that I - only begin to live. In us with you still only begins. Now I find sense in life. I do not present more life without you Today in morning, as I spoke, I have gone to agency of the visa. I have asked concerning moving to your country, and I have received the answer, that I need in the visa, The foreign passport and some other documents for registration. We have defined a type of the visa, and it - type, which allows to marry in the future This visa allows me to be in your country within 90 days. I think, on which will know each other and in a consequence enough to marry. If we marry during legality of the visa, I can remain with you on a lot of time.
If we do not marry, I should leave your country after end of legality the Visa.
I have asked concerning the prices and was very much surprised, The visa costs approximately 230 dollars, both passport and necessary documents Cost 79 dollars. It - make me slightly suppressed and disappointed. I have no so much now. I was, do the application , but I should pay it. I have asked my mother concerning our savings, she has told, that money should not be a barrier Between two people, which love each other. I considered my sum, and I have found out, that I have only approximately fifty dollars and my wages. Will not be speed. I have asked my friends concerning the help to me, and they have told, that it has no in a gift The moment. I have asked advice my mother, and she has told, that probably you can help me, because you Love me. I have asked her, as he can help me, because he is far from me. My mother has told, that you can send money through the company, which do this service . I have asked concerning it, at my work, and I know now, which there is a reliable and fast company, Which does remittances in the world, and it - western union. I remember, that I saw advertising this company on TV. I have gone there, and I have asked them concerning service . They have told, that the sender should go to western union, give them the information: the name And surname of the receiver, country they do transfer and bring these ten secrets of figures The code to the sender. The receiver should know ten figures for reception of money. They speak, that the branches it should be everywhere all over the world. There is an information concerning me: Zagainova Nastya, Russia, Kazan Kiss you,Love you
Your Nastya
Letter 4

Dear Buddy,
HOw are you?
I want to shower you with hugs and kisses, bring you nice gifts, and spend romantic evenings with you, every day. All I' ve ever wanted, was to fall in love, and be loved, as you have made this possible, for me. Fate has brought us together, and our love will enable us to overcome any obstacle. I welcome any display of affection, which I will always return. When I am with you, I will express my true feelings for you, openly and honestly, as I do in my letters. You are very special to me, and I am grateful we have found each other. I want to make you as happy as you've made me, to see your beautiful smile, and to hear your lovely voice.
Kiss you
Your Nastya PS: As I told you I can't arrive to you until I have money to order my visa and buy my ticket.
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