Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, I am very gladto write a email for acquaintance.
I am very sorry if that letter is very bothered you.
I am single and weared to live.
Some of my friends advised me to using the internet to find for new love.
I'm believe it will be a very serious action that will change all my life.
I not used this method of acquaintance and so bit confused what to do and write.
If you are also might be interest ed in the continuation in our dialogue, I will be very pleased to know about you more info.
I highly doubt that is need to talk about me in the first email.
In a begin I perhaps need to talk about my name - is Anastasiya.
I acting, sociable, hardworking, open and genuine woman.
I want to find a kind ly, courageous, honest, caring and loving person.
These qualities, I think the most important, and I think it 's about you.
If you are still interested, then I think that we can begin a great chat that will do happyjoy ful both of us.
Write me quickly, because I too would like to see about you, about your lifestyle and your thoughts.
I also wish to wanna see much your different fotos.
Therefore, I send you my foto. I hope you glad it all and we can now more frequently and interest ing dialogue. write to me at this address ...
Sincerely, Anastasiya
Letter 2
Hello my dear Jack.
Happy New Year! I wish you peace and kindness, love, prosperity, warmth! May this New Year bring you success and joy! May the New Year open the doors to the world of magic, care, faith. And all good things will begin! Good luck let you smile!
Sorry I didn’t write you a letter for several days. The fact is that my family and I celebrated the New Year. I did not have time to check my inbox to answer you. But now I will try to visit my mailbox as often as possible in order to reply to your letters.
How are you there? Thank you for such an interesting and warm letter.
I should have told you why I did not have a personal life here in Kazakhstan. I already wrote to you that I was not lucky with the guys.
My story is as old as the world, this is a story of deceived love.
When a man confesses his love to a naive girl, but actually loves another. I thought we were alike, but how bitterly wrong I was! He met secretly with my school friend, can you imagine? I used to think that such a story is possible only in novels about love or women's magazines, but, alas, this happens all the time.
Of course, what happened made me more cautious. Now I am very selective about people and will not throw myself on the neck of the first comer. We have a saying: "We are all smart in hindsight", but what can we do? But now I’m not as trustful as before. Of course, everything should be treated with gratitude, because this is a certain experience, which we probably need to move on.
I have heard about dating through the Internet for a long time, but for a long time I did not dare to try something like that. And now, finally, I tried to write to you, from my friend, whom I use the Internet. I only know how to use my email, and read news on the Internet. I'm not on social networks! Honestly, I did not expect this to happen, but I really, really like you!
Jack, I get a lot of emotions from our communication, as this is unusual! I also want to ask you for a phone number, I could try to call you from the call center. I don’t have my own phone, since I never needed my own phone. Therefore, the only way to talk on the phone is if I call you myself. I'll call you when I find some free time. Sometimes I don’t have free time.
It’s easy and interesting to communicate with you. I want to know why you decided to meet on the Internet? After all, there are many good girls in the world who can be met in reality. And why did you write to me, because I’m not even from your country? Perhaps that's all for today. Write, I will answer you. Your sweet girl Anastasia. P.S. Do not forget to provide your phone number, as well as the telephone code of your country
Letter 3
Hello my favorite Jack!
I am pleased to call you just that: my beloved. Hope you like it? It seems to me that the development of our relations allows us to do this.
Yesterday, the girls and I celebrated the birthday of a friend, drank some cocktails, chirped all the fun, and I thought how great it would be to see you. I’m very interested in what you really are. Tell me, please, how do you imagine me? How often do you think of me?
Jack, I want to admit that often before going to bed I scroll through our virtual conversations in letters with you. I really want to know more about you. What was your family like? What is the main dream of your life?
Perhaps now I would like to start a serious relationship with a worthy person with whom we would have complete understanding. It seems to me that I can judge you by your letters - they contain so much interesting information, warmth and kindness! You can smile, but I feel it, and it is very difficult to deceive me. Jack, did you want to be this person? What a pity we are so far apart! Sometimes I think about how I could be a good wife to someone who cares about me and loves me.
Every woman needs a man who respects and loves her. Indeed, without this, complete happiness is impossible. I want to meet a man who will be a good father to our children, who can take care of them. Tell me, how do you feel about children? Would you like to start a family?
How happy is that woman who is confident in her life partner! The head of the family should take care of his wife both in happiness and in sorrow, roughly as the wedding vow says. And then the woman will be the happiest on Earth. And then she can always support her husband, especially when he needs it. And what is family happiness for you?
Jack, how do you feel about love? I think that it is very important for a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman. I want to love and to be loved. I wonder what your views on this matter?
Why you have not informed your phone number? I wish to speak on the phone with you, and to agree about a meeting. I hope to receive your phone number in the nearest letter. Ok?
My dear, unfortunately, I do not have a phone! I really want to talk with you over the phone, as this will be the next step in our relationship. Therefore, I can call you from the call center when I will have free time for this.
You know, I do not live in the best country, Kazakhstan, and I want my children to have a more dignified life than I have. I hope that our relationship will continue and I think that you are the person I need. Waiting for your letter, love. Yours truly Anastasia.
Letter 4

Hello my beloved Jack!
I thank you with all my heart for such a kind letter. I am so glad that we have complete mutual understanding on such important issues as attitude to marriage and family! You are so amazing, even strange, that there are still similar men with a good sense of humor, honest and caring. I see that you are not indifferent to my life, and I really appreciate it, believe me. Sometimes it seems to me, when I read your messages that I know you very, very long time ago ...
My love, today I want to fully open my heart for you! I am a little shy to tell you this phrase, but I have gained courage and am ready. I want to confess to you, my prince. I LOVE YOU! I fell in love with you from the very first letter. I felt that we could build a serious relationship. Every day I gave you my time. After we met, I only thought about you. I love you because you are a kind, gentle, caring and affectionate man. I know that I can rely on you in the most difficult moment! You will never deceive and betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world there is exactly the man whom I can truly love.
And I found you! My love for you is the purest and most tender. I kept my feelings for you in my heart, but today I decided to open my soul to you. I hope that you will accept my feelings and reciprocate! I want to thank you very much for never having ignored my letters and walking with me towards the main goal - to build a serious relationship. Now we are as a whole, as an inextricable chain! I want our relationship to develop further. My prince, for me the word love is more than just a word. For me, love is the feeling that I live and breathe now. When I see your letters, a new breath awakens in me, birds sing in my soul, I want to live and smile! My love, I have opened my heart and soul to you and I hope that you will not reject me! Please tell me how you feel? Are you ready to tell me that you love me?
Now I have revealed my secret to you, and I can freely talk to you about love. I want to talk about *** and ****** dreams! I will do this in the following letters.
What a pity you are so far away. Sometimes you really want to talk to you in reality, for real. Go chat with you in a cafe, drink a glass of wine. And then come home together, wallow in bed, feel your tenderness on your body. I would like to fly to you in the future, at least not for long! You have become for me not just a man, but a man of my dreams.
Recently, my friend complained about her boyfriend, she forgot to cook him food after work, and he made a scandal and insulted her. This story is so ****. How can relations be normal when a man does not respect a woman? Is love possible without respect? Sure no. And what do you think?
I believe that you understand me, that you are a very sensitive person. I think you can make any woman happy if you love her. Write, I like to read your letters, know that you have a very attentive reader. Kisses !!! Your **** little thing Anastasia!
Letter 5
Hello my sexiest man in the world Jack !!!
Thanks for your message! Each of your letters brings a smile to my face. Yesterday I revealed to you not only as a person, but also as your future woman. I realized that I should share all the emotions with you. I like you, and I see you as my man. I even got excited after my letter. I could not fall asleep for a long time, because I imagined how we realize our ****** dreams. Love and *** are happiness in our lives. I see that you liked my thoughts! And you adequately responded to my letter, this makes our relationship even closer. My Love Jack, you are constantly in my thoughts, I always think about you. I love you and want to be near you!
I'm glad you enjoyed my ****** fantasies. I will have *** with you wherever you want. I want to do this with you in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the washing machine, in nature. I'm not shy about anything, since you are my man. When I come to you, I want the first days we have *** several times a day. Since it will make us closer.
Can you imagine if I flew to you! I want to share my dreams with you, I am revealing to you more and more.
I arrive at you, you meet me at the airport with flowers (a bouquet of roses). I get out of the plane the happiest. You come, I hug you and kiss you, you smell my perfume. I ask how your day went ... We are going to your house, on the way we stop by for groceries for dinner.
We are coming to your home. I am preparing a great dinner: fried chicken in the oven with pineapple and nuts, still boiled potatoes stewed in mushroom sauce. Then we go to the dining room, I light candles, and you open up delicious wine, romantic music plays. We take a sip of wine, and I serve dinner. We eat and talk about everything without taking our eyes off each other. After dinner, you invite me to a slow dance. We do not dance for long, as feelings overwhelm both of us, you begin to kiss me gently and sensually. Caress my chest, I take off your suit and shirt. I kiss your strong chest, every centimeter of your body. I go down and take off your pants, start to caress your hands ***** of love and pleasure. At this time, I continue to kiss you passionately and sensually. Then I kneel down and touch my lips, your ***** of love, I see how it begins to grow and becomes hard. I run the tongue over it along its entire length, and then put it in my mouth and caress it there until I start to feel it begin to pulsate in my mouth, I stop when I feel how nectar enters my mouth. We go to the bedroom, you undress me, we are completely *****. I go to the window and open it, it is already dark outside and there is no one, fresh air blows through my hair. You come back and start to caress me. First, *******, then lower, you touch the fingers of my petals of love, I feel the warmth that comes from you. You enter me from behind and slowly and gently begin to move there. You squeeze my ******* in yourarms. We begin to move together in one rhythm, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until pleasure comes, I feel how your nectar fills me from the inside. We move away from the window, you go to bed, I caress your body, kiss your ***** of love, then sit down on top of you. You lie and do not move, I begin to gently slide back and forth until I catch the rhythm of movement. Having caught the right rhythm, I begin to move faster, you begin to caress my ******* with your strong hands, I feel it. Every minute I move through your body faster, a few more seconds pass, and we both feel great pleasure, I fall exhaustively on your chest and lie there for several minutes until I come to my senses. Then we go to the shower, I wash your strong body, and you wash my fragile body. We go into the bedroom and fall asleep in each other's arms ... These are my dreams that I want to give you. I really want to fly to you, because I can no longer think of you! Just like the Internet connects us by letter! I think that a plane can bring me to you, and all our dreams will come true! I love you! And waiting for your reply as soon as possible. Your love forever Anastasia !!!
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