Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Nezdanova to Tom (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear! Thank you for understanding me...
Dear, i dont know when u shall fly to Kiev,
first of all we need to figure out how to pay for hospital, as I explained to you how it is here, we are not given some loans or something like that with hospital curing and staying, we need to pay for it straight away when we are let out of it, so before come to you I will have to pay for what they prescribed to me and for my staying there, it was about 280$
I have all the documents and Im strong enough after staying so much time in hospital, I will just need to pay for hospital and to be able to travel for Kiev, so for my way there as well...
And then I think u can take ticket, when we solve this issues. I missed u sooo much as well dear!
I had so much time to think of how I misss u ans how great it will be for me to spend all the rest of my life with you, love! Tanya
Letter 2
Hello dear!
I only now got chance to write you...
Im sorry for making u worried again.
If u knew what I went through u didnt write that I hurt you.
I was in pain as I got a hard form of measles,so I wasnt able to leave my room in hospital and needed to stay under control 24/7, was taking antibiotics and analgesics, as well some of pain killers
As I was told, my first sympthoms were fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, it was all not just because of measles, but it was just sympthom which showed up after, the doctors told the that it was caused by otitis media acute.
First I started to fell earaches and then for some period it came to hearing loss.
After some painkillers and analgesics it got a bit better, and doctors could pereveil the getting worse.
They also tried to give me penicillin athibiotics and they didnt know I have alergie for them, so I got even worse first, then when edema gone, I got better...
So dear, please do not be angry at me.
I got into a ****...For a month or even more. I didnt even expect that missing of that vaccination will cause to such difficulties. Now Im more aware of it. But thankfully Im getting better, and as soon as I will be able to pay for the cheque they give me, for all the treatment I went through, I will be let out from my staying here...
Letter 3
Hello dear! I understand all u say)
I didnt assume u have that info, I thought u gonna do it with help of MoneyGram like always, so i didnt give u all full info in that case.
Okay, i will write all now, as I have(I dont know if there are some branch banks in Munich), here it is the info: BENEFICIARY:
KHRYSTYCHENKO YEVHENIIA, 83030, Ukraine, area Donetska, city Donetsk
IBAN: UA683052990005168757368920460 Dear, I'm not planning to take toooo much clothes, i really think it is not necessary and if u tell it is cheaper, then I will definitely only take all I have planned to. Also I collected all the documents like my diploma, my certificates from different spheres, diploma from courses of trainers and so on;)
And yes, I meant exit pass, my biometrical one I have at home, with the documents I collected. As u told, i will take care of it and all will be okay, i bring all needed!
I love you my dear! I wait that we are together finally, Im sure we will appear together so soon and really cant wait that time!
I hope u too!
I wish u good luck on seminar and please keep
in touch!:* Tanya
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