Romance scam letter(s) from Radmila Nikolaeva to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Hello my dear my happiness Steve Today my job is in the documentation, I need to fill out a lot of documents (.Prepare an invoice for the goods for the next week, it is easier to say today there’s enough work again (Steve yes of course I can give you my details, I see nothing secret about it. Radmila Nikolaevastreet: Lesnaya, 10, postcode: 422521 Republic: Tatarstan, city: Zelenodolsk country: Russia. give me time to find out exactly how I can get your parcel .We are both ready for a serious relationship.I hope you will always be caring and good with me. I will always reciprocate.I completely trust you my heart. I am open and sincere in front of you.When we meet, we can learn a lot about each other. In general, a personal meeting will decide our joint future.I think I need to know exactly when you can meet me. We need a plan for our meeting.I do not know in detail how to accurately visit your country.So I guess I need to collect a lot of documents for the trip. (foreign passport and visa and various documents)I need to know the date in order for me to be able to warn the boss in advance about the vacation.Write me the exact name of the airport where you can meet me?I believe you and in our future, I am sure that our meeting will drastically change our life with you.On this I will finish the letter. I hope you think about everything well.Waiting for our meeting. Hope to see you soon and have a good time. A kiss Your Radmila
Letter 2
My caring, my precious Steve I want to begin my letter by saying that you entered my life as a hurricane suddenly and I want to do crazy things for you.I now want to do this crazy act and come to you, I want to jump into your arms.Can someone say that such love as you and I do not happen and can not beWell, let them say. But we know with you that it is in our hearts.With these words, I want you to understand that I trust my heart and listen to it.I will be honest with you; some of my colleagues dissuaded me from my journey to you, but I decided that I wanted to be with you, this is my decision.I will send you a song, I often listen to it, this is a song in Russian, I hope to like it.)I think I can come for 7 days in February , we will get to know each other in reality , and then in the future we will organize a meeting for a longer period . My dear, we must meet if you are a gentleman, no matter small at home or big no matter . I feel that you are a kind and honest person .What about my trip, this morning was in the agency, to provide an application for a foreign passport and visa.I do not need an invitation to come as a tourist.The price of my trip comes out (all the necessary documents and return tickets) 670 euros.An employee at the agency told me that tickets can be found cheaper.I do not know exactly when to take a vacation, but I can tell you the exact date when my documents will be ready.Today I watched your photos at work, one of my colleagues took a photo, I decided to send this photo to you.My heart beats in the same rhythm with yours, do you feel it?strong kiss your baby Radmila.
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